Melting Me Softly Episode 11

Melting Me Softly Episode 11 – Family, After All


Damp from their make out session in the cold shower, Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) asks Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) if they can live like normal people. Dong Chan shakes his head explaining Doctor Hwang is being blackmailed. He sees her worried expression. She tells him not to take the burdens alone, rather share them with her. Mi Ran states she wants his happiness. Dong Chan states he wants her happiness too. If she’s happy, he’s happy. They stare into each other’s eyes. Dong Chan bids her goodnight.

Flashback…Doctor Hwang teases Dong Chan that if he’s fallen for Mi Ran, they are like Adam and Eve. Dong Chan finds a spy cam in the phone. Doctor Hwang believes the culprit is the same person that called him 20 years ago to lure him out of the lab to kill him. Doctor Hwang won’t forget the voice, but didn’t see the face because he was blindfolded.

Doctor Hwang and Nam Tae (Mi Ran’s brother) discuss the book he’s “reading”. Doctor Hwang hopes to make Nam Tae a drug that will make him smart. But he’ll have to use go in the cryogenic pod. Nam Tae declares he couldn’t live without his parent and sister. He admits Mi Ran’s 20-year disappearance was the most painful thing he’s endured. Doctor Hwang admits he doesn’t have a family, and never considered the ripple effect. Nam Tae hugs Doctor Hwang and declares they are family now.

Nam Tae is a sweetie.

At the broadcasting stating Dong Chan tells Na Ha Young (Yoon Se Ah) that CEO Lee is behind his wife’s death. Recall CEO Lee is Lee Hyeong Du, not Lee Seok Du and that Seok Du’s wife (now dead) recruited him to stand in for her husband who was cryogenically frozen. Dong Chan says another CEO Lee is in a people pod cryogenically frozen. Ha Young asks if the men are twins. Dong Chan believes the present-day CEO is a twin that hid his existence. Ha Young asks if Doctor Hwang is alive. Dong Chan confirms this.

CEO Kim gets a call from CEO Lee. He asks to meet. CEO Kim agrees. Ha Young tells CEO Kim to find out what CEO Lee wants.

Mi Ran and Dong Chan are all smiles when they see each other. Director Son inserts himself in Dong Chan’s view to inform him the new intern begins today. Dong Chan asks if Director Son posted the unflattering article about Mi Ran. He denies it. The new intern Hwang Ji Hoon arrives. Mi Ran greets him warmly. Dong Chan doesn’t like it. He calls a team meeting.

At the team meeting, Dong Chan asks Mi Ran to sit next to him. He holds her hand during the meeting. She likes it. One team member spots them.

CEO Kim apologizes to CEO Lee for not attending his wife’s funeral. CEO Lee is understanding. CEO Lee states the anonymous voice on the news report sounded like his wife. CEO Kim admits someone pointed this out. CEO Lee asks CEO Kim to honor his wife and bury the story. CEO Lee states CEO Kim’s political aspirations could end if he doesn’t do as he asks. CEO Lee points out the political position is worth it.

CEO Kim calls Ha Young and tells her to bury the story. She asks what he’ll do for her if she agrees.

Dong Chan tells Ji Hoon to keep a respectful distance from the female members of the team. Ji Hoon asks if he should train with Mi Ran. Dong Chan suggests Ji Hoon learn from Director Son. Ji Hoon admits he’s a fan of Dong Chan and consider him a role model.

Dong Chan pulls Mi Ran into the editing room. He asks if she wants to go out tonight. She mentions they still have the issue of Doctor Hwang. Dong Chan points out Doctor Hwang is a separate issue from their relationship.

Director Son enters the editing room talking on the phone. He slams Dong Chan as difficult and untalented. He’s ready to join another station. Dong Chan can’t believe it.

Mi Ran is surprised when Ji Hoon tells him Dong Chan recommended he learn from Director Son. She doesn’t think Director Son can teach Ji Hoon anything.

Dong Chan talks to Assistant Jo (Doctor Hwang’s former assistant). AJ looks at the people pods.

At the Ma family eatery, Dong Chan’s mother invites Doctor Hwang to enjoy a meal with her. She asks him to help her son get back to normal before she dies. She shares how hard it was when Dong Chan disappeared. She apologies for her past angry words. She tells him if he needs another test subject, she’ll volunteer so Dong Chan isn’t put at risk again.

Dong Chan’s brother runs into Director Son at the broadcasting station. Both men realize they’ve met before. Dong Chan’s brother identifies him. Director Son admits Dong Chan used to be his boss. Dong Chan finds them talking.

On the roof top, his brother says their sister stole their mother’s jewelry and moved in with a man. Dong Chan tells his brother to follow him.

Their sister tries to stop them from entering her new apartment but they prevail. Dong Chan and his brother introduce themselves to their sister’s boyfriend. He admits his sell items from roadways. He brags he isn’t taxed on his earnings. He says he used to run an eatery. Dong Chan ask his intentions. The boyfriend says they get along and he enjoys being friends with benefits. Dong Chan doesn’t like that. His sister declares he can’t tell her what to do. She points out he was missing 20 year and has no right to tell her what to do. Dong Chan’s brother declares she’s failed again and again. Dong Chan declares they should all go home. Her boyfriend calms her and she agrees to leave with her brothers.

Dong Chan’s sister declares she only wants to be loved. He points out she needs to love herself. They argue. He’s not happy when she declares she wants to marry her boyfriend.

Mi Ran meets with Professor Hwang and reviews his role on the new variety show. He’s surprised to learn his son is an intern at the broadcasting station. He wonders if Ji Hoon knows about his relationship with Mi Ran. She scoffs there is no current relationship. Professor Hwang protests and declares his love. She turns him away.

Professor Hwang and Ji Hoon meet in the hallway. Professor Hwang suggests they get coffee.

Ji Hoon asks about his past relationship with Mi Ran. Professor Hwang declares Mi Ran is his first love. Ji Hoon isn’t happy about that. Professor Hwang realizes his son likes Mi Ran.

Ha Young struggles with CEO Kim and Dong Chan’s requests.

Mi Ran arrives and thanks Ha Young for her thoughtful reporting. Ha Young states she only reported the facts. Mi Ran points out not all reporters do that. Ha Young tells Mi Ran to go. She recommends that Mi Ran protect Dong Chan because many women want him.

Ha Young struggles with the reality that Dong Chan likes Mi Ran.

Dong Chan tells Director Son he knows about his job search. A team member declares that she’s leaving the new variety show. She snaps at Director Son.

Dong Chan suggests they work together. She agrees but wishes that she didn’t like him.

Mi Ran finds a cute cartoon from Dong Chan. She writes something in return.

I like the notebook communication method.

Ji Hoon suggests dinner to Mi Ran. She declines. When she pats his head like a friend, he’s dismayed.

Professor Hwang feels bad about Ji Hoon. He packs his belongings.

Dong Chan finds a cute cartoon from Mi Ran. She suggests they go on a date.

When Dong Chan arrives, he sees Mi Ran interacting with Nam Tae. Dong Chan is all smiles to have Nam Tae join them ice skating. Dong Chan smiles at how Mi Ran bundles her brother before he heads out to the ice.

Dong Chan and Mi Ran smiles at each other. She states she’s evolved and better now than ever. She looks at her brother and declares she wants someone special in her life. She wants Dong Chan to look after Nam Tae with her. He accepts her request with pleasure. She smiles.

Our couple ice skates together.


Dong Chan finds his sister drinking when he returns home. She claims she can’t sleep. Dong Chan reminds her how he protected her when they were younger. He declares he cherishes her. He says her boyfriend isn’t the right man for someone as precious as her.


The next morning Dong Chan finds his brother complaining about his aching joints. Dong Chan suggest they go on field trip together.

The production team gets ready to board the bus. Park Kyung Ja (Mi Ran’s divorced friend) arrives at tells Director Son she’ll be terrific on the variety show. Dong Chan’s brother sits next to Director Son. Dong Chan sits next to Mi Ran and smiles. Director Son decides to sit next to Kyung Ja. The bus trip is filled with fun. Dong Chan and Mi Ran hold hands and smile.

Dong Chan’s sister tells her hair stylist to update her style to someone that cares about herself. When she gets home, she cleans up her empty bottles.

At the filming location, Dong Chan tells the team, they’ll travel back in time for this show and prove age doesn’t matter.

The contestants love the throwback items, drinking games, and sporting activities. They end the evening singing around the bonfire. Dong Chan loves watching his brother happy. Mi Ran loves watching her friends happy. They imagine them as they were 20 years ago.

Nice moment.

Dong Chan walks Mi Ran to her home. She admits she’s not tired but agrees to go inside.

Mi Ran can’t sleep. She texts Dong Chan. He suggests they meet.

Dong Chan is surprised to see Director Son and Kyung Ja getting along.

Dong Chan wonders what they’ll look like when their bodies are 20 year older. Mi Ran teases that he’ll be crochety. Dong Chan wants them to be adults that overcame. Mi Ran wonders if they’ll overcome their temperature restriction. Dong Chan assures her they will. They hug.


Ha Young meets CEO Lee. She reveals she knows his true identify. He pretends not to understand. She states that Lee Hyeong Du was pressed to secretly substitute for the injured Lee Seok Du. He isn’t happy with her. She points out that she’s investigated the cryogenic experiment for a long time. She knows he wants to kill Doctor Hwang and the real CEO Lee. He asks what she wants. Ha Young declares she wants Dong Chan.

Dong Chan puts his hand on his chest as he walks through the broadcasting station.

Ha Young looks pleased with herself as she stands in her office.

Nam Tae gives Mi Ran a note that Professor Hwang wrote before he moved out.

Professor Hwang tapes his segment for the variety now declaring age is number. Dong Chan arrives and watches. He believes Professor Hwang’s natural flair will work for their audience. Professor Hwang tells Dong Chan he’ll make his show better. Professor Hwang asks if Dong Chan is dating Mi Ran. He doesn’t believe that Dong Chan would do that. Dong Chan startles him when he pretends to flirt.


The camera man from 20 years ago shows Dong Chan the footage from that fateful day.

CEO Lee and his men enters the lab. Doctor Hwang blocks them. CEO Lee declares he must find someone. If only Doctor Hwang had cooperated. CEO Lee looks at the people pods and doesn’t find his twin. He demands to know where Doctor Hwang put him. CEO Lee’s man points a gun at Doctor Hwang.

We see the real CEO Lee sleeping in a hospital room.

Dong Chan calls Mi Ran and asks where she is. She asks why he called. Dong Chan suffers from a ringing noise in his head. His heart beats fast. Mi Ran asks what’s happening.

Assistant Jo looks at reports and bloodwork. He declares the protein in Dong Chan’s blood has a variation.

Dong Chan falls to the ground.

Assistant Jo calls Doctor Hwang. He says Mi Ran and Dong Chan will suffer a reaction soon. He tells Doctor Hwang to come quickly. Doctor Hwang tells AJ to exercise his brains and gives him a coded message.

Mi Ran realizes something is wrong with Dong Chan and rushes out of the broadcasting station.

CEO Lee grabs the gun and points it at Doctor Hwang’s head. The inference is clear…cooperate or die.

My Thoughts

Dong Chan and Mi Ran amp up the cute. Writer Baek Mi Kyung toned down the sizzle and gave our couple several cute moments together. The sci-fi plot intensifies as Dong Chan guesses and Ha Young confirms the truth about CEO Lee. He finds Doctor Hwang and the secret labs but his twin brother has been spirited away by Doctor Hwang. CEO Lee’s method for getting the truth is to put a gun to Doctor Hwang’s head. Doctor Hwang appears ready to die when he gives a code to AJ. Will they kill Doctor Hwang and leave AJ to figure out how to elevate the spiked body temperatures Dong Chan and Mi Ran cope with.

Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) had a reaction. Dong Chan’s body had fluctuations that he shrugged off. But at the end of the episode, Dong Chan’s head rang, his chest hurt, and he collapsed on the ground. Will Mi Ran find him in time? Our couple continues to grow their relationship. Ji Chang Wook seems so genuine in sweet scenes. He makes me fall for him again in these type scenes. Dong Chan’s interacts with his siblings tipped from mostly annoying to decent. I’ve struggled with the over the top antics of his family. Finally, they are less caricature and more substance.

Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) has a sweet spark. She is nice but not boring. I love her interactions with her brother Nam Tae…tender and caring. I felt empathy for Ji Hoon. He likes Mi Ran but she only sees him as a friend. His interaction with his father was a good scene. I like the young actor that plays Ji Hoon. Even Professor Hwang was more toned down this episode. Nice to see the characters achieve balance.

Na Ha Young (Yoon Se Ah) made a deal with the devil. If you were on the fence about Ha Young, her approaching CEO Lee with the truth only to gain Dong Chan, proved her decisions are focused on gaining what she wants without respecting others. Dong Chan CANNOT be any clearer that he’s not into her. Ha Young seems to accept that he’s temporarily smitten with Mi Ran but believes she can turn his heart towards him. She couldn’t be more wrong. Will her deal with CEO Lee cost Doctor Hwang his life?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My rating chart is below:

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5 comments on “Melting Me Softly Episode 11
  1. Love the episode recap! Ugh! This Ha young is so dense and annoying! The evil ceo might kill her for fun cause she knows his secret.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur that enjoy scenes with Nam Tae 🍭🙋‍♂️ and MiRan 🌬❄. Nam Tae’s 🍭🙋‍♂️ simple logic convinced Dr Hwang 👨‍⚕️🧫 that he had not considered the implications of a family paradigm in his research.

    For the first time it seemed Hwang Byeon Sim 👓📚 acted like an adult and parent when he realized his son, Ji Hoon, liked Mi Ran 🌬❄. I was pleased to see that Byeon Sim 👓📚 moved out of the Go family rooftop apartment. Does Byeon Sim 👓📚 actually care more for his son, Ji Hoon 🙋‍♂️🎒, than himself❓⁉️ I do feel bad for Ji Hoon 🙋‍♂️🎒 and his one-sided crush 💞. Mi Ran 🌬❄ has already given her heart 💗 to Dong Chan 🥶🎬 … besides the circumstances with Ji Hoon’s 🙋‍♂️🎒 parents 👩👒/👓📚 and Mi Ran 🌬❄ simply makes makes their pairing aWKwArD.

    I cannot figure out how Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 can justify giving away the real cryogenic lab location … ✳SHAKING MY HEAD IN DISBELIEF✳ … fake CEO Lee would gladly add her to his hit list to clean things up. Fake CEO Lee cannot honestly keep his promise to Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 as he “needs” to eliminate Dong Chan 🥶🎬 as proof of experiment failure. She is stupidly putting Dong Chan, Mi Ran, Dr Hwang and herself in mortal peril. 바보

    I’m a little worried for Dr Hwang 👨‍⚕️🧫 with a gun 🔫 to his head after he 👨‍⚕️🧫 woke up the real CEO Lee. The way Dr Hwang 👨‍⚕️🧫 gave his research notes to Dr Jo 👨‍⚕️📋 for safe keeping indicated he was ready to die for his research.

    Of course I’m extremely concerned 😟 about Dong Chan 🥶🎬 collapsing with a blood anomaly … NO BUENO❗ I’ve been enjoying the sweet 🍭 romantic 💞 moments between Mi Ran 🌬❄ and Dong Chan 🥶🎬 … get him well so they can continue on their merry way.


    • I cannot figure out how Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 can justify giving away the real cryogenic lab location … ✳SHAKING MY HEAD IN DISBELIEF✳ … fake CEO Lee would gladly add her to his hit list to clean things up.

      I’ve been enjoying the sweet 🍭 romantic 💞 moments between Mi Ran 🌬❄ and Dong Chan 🥶🎬 … get him well so they can continue on their merry way.
      Is that merry or marry 👰🤵💒?

      Liked by 1 person

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