My Country: The New Age Episode 10

My Country: The New Age Episode 10 Recap

1st year of the King’s reign, 1392…

Brother and sister see each other. Seo Hwi (Yang Se Jong) and Seo Yeon rush towards each other. One of Nam Jeon’s men appears on horseback. He draws his sword on Seo Yeon. Seo Hwi shoots him dead with an arrow. Then another appears and Seo Hwi grimaces in pain (due to the chest injury), shoots, but it isn’t enough the kill the man. Nam Jeon’s man stands and runs his sword through Seo Yeon. She stares at Seo Hwi while she staggers from the blow. She falls to her knees. Seo Hwi screams his sister’s name.

Seo Hwi cradles his sister’s head. Seo Yeon tells him she’s not in pain. Seo Hwi urges her not to talk. But Seo Yeon knows her time is short. She tells Seo Hwi to not get injured. She doesn’t want him to suffer any more because of her. She looks to Han Hee Jae (Kim Seol Hyun) who nods her assent that she will take care of Seo Hwi. Seo Yeon asks were Sun Ho is. Seo Hwi assures her he’s fine. Officer Park, Jung Beom and Mun Bok arrive and understand the situation. Seo Yeon tells him that she was happy, truly happy, being his sister. She dies. Seo Hwi yells his pain. His face changes and it is clear vengeance his need. Hee Jae tries to stop him, stating he’ll be killed. Seo Hwi shrugs off her hand and strides away. Seo Yeon’s bag with the precious single slipper given to her by Seo Hwi lies unnoticed.

Awk! Tears! That was a moving death scene. Perfectly paced. Seo Yeon was a touchstone for Seo Hwi. Her grounding influence in his life was immeasurable.

Seo Hwi steels a horse and rides to extract vengeance.

Nam Sun Ho (Woo Do Hwan) finishes off the last of his father’s men.

Seo Hwi arrives at Nam Jeon’s house and yells his name. The guards draw their swords. Nam Jeon across the courtyard. Seo Hwi charges and dispatches Nam Jeon’s guards.

Seo Hwi stands before Nam Jeon with a bloody sword. But Seo Hwi is overcome and falls to his knees. Nam Jeon informs Seo Hwi that the poison is spreading through his system. Nam Jeon states that Seo Hwi will die while his sister’s body decomposes. Seo Hwi yells his pain. Nam Jeon twists the knife and states Seo Yeon’s death is Seo Hwi’s fault. Seo Hwi demands to know why Seo Yeon had to die. Nam Jeon smiles with malice and declares Seo Yeon’s death hurts Seo Hwi more than anything else he could do. Nam Jeon declares that Seo Hwi dosen’t know him; what he’s done, and who he’s crushed and killed to get to where he is today. Nam Jeon sneers that Seo Hwi cannot defeat him. He picks up Seo Hwi’s sword and puts it to his throat. He mocks that once Seo Hwi brought his father’s body to him for burial, why didn’t he bring his sister’s body today? Nam Jeon asks who will bury his sister once he’s dead. He raises his sword to kill Seo Hwi.

A voice rings out ordering Nam Jeon to stop. Lee Bang Won (Jang Hyuk) aka Prince Jeongan walks into the courtyard. Nam Jeon stares. Bang Won draws his sword and promises to kill Nam Jeon unless he stops. Nam Jeon asks why Bang Won cares about Seo Hwi. Bang Won retorts that Seo Hwi protected him and now he is protecting Seo Hwi.  Nam Jeon scoffs that Bang Won’s luck being born the King’s son is what spares Seo Hwi’s life today. Bang Won promises Nam Jeon that if he lays a hand on Seo Hwi he’ll kill him. Bang Won declares he protects his people and it drives his life. Bang Won pulls Seo Hwi up and away.

Outside Nam Jeon’s house, Tae Ryeon puts Seo Hwi on the ground and checks his pulse. He nods at Bang Won.

Flashback…Seo Geom (Seo Hwi’s father) teaches Bang Won how to fight with swords. He is hard task master. Bang Won is arrogant and young. Bang Won yells that he chooses his teachers. Seo Geom counters he does as well, while bringing Bang Won to his knees. Bang Won admits that Seo Geom is “pretty good”. Seo Geom chuckles and states he’s the greatest swordsman in the land. Bang Won asks if his archery skills are good too. Seo Geom laughs. Bang Won learns lesson there too. Seo Geom helped Bang Won to his feet. Bang Won asks if he’s his first student. Seo Geom states his first student is his son. Bang Won declares his son is a lucky lad. They both smile.

Awk! Tears! I don’t know why that moved me. Maybe because Seo Hwi’s father touched both Seo Hwi and Bang Won and now his guidance and wisdom only lives in their memories.

Officer Park, Jung Beom and Mun Bok arrive. Bang Won tells Officer Park to makes sure Seo Hwi lives. They take Seo Hwi away.

Nice to see Officer Park and Bang Won in the same scene. I really like these two characters and do NOT want them to die during the course of this series. I’m more worried about Officer Park than Bang Won.

Mun Bok is shocked the wound. He recognizes the signs of poison.

Sun Ho arrives to find Hee Jae cradling Seo Yeon’s dead body. Hee Jae tells Sun Ho that Seo Yeon waited for him as long as she could. Sun Ho sobs.

Awk! Tears! I believe Sun Ho loved Seo Yeon.

Hee Jae arrives to find Mun Bok tending Seo Hwi’s wound. Mun Bok informs her Nam Jeon put poison on the dagger. She asks if he’ll live. Mun Bok states it up to Seo Hwi now. Hee Jae holds Seo Hwi’s hand.

Sun Ho arrives at his father’s house.

Seo Hwi groans in pain. Hee Jae helps him sit up. He sees his sword and goes for it. But his hands won’t grip it. He screams in rage. Hee Jae says they need to bury Seo Yeon.

The next morning, Seo Hwi enters the room where Mun Bok has laid out Seo Yeon. Seo Hwi kneels next to his sister’s body. He sobs as he gently touchers her face. He remembers the piggyback ride and her keeping the shoes. He puts shoes on her feet. He tells her the shoes will take her to a good place, somewhere where she’ll see more and live more.

Awk! Tears! The shoes got me.

Seo Yeon’s body burns. Seo Hwi and Hee Jae watch. Mun Bok, Jung Beom, and Officer Park are chief mourners. Sun Ho watches from afar. Seo Hwi and Hee Jae spread Seo Yeon’s ashes in the river.

Awk! Tears! Seo Yeon was beloved by our core trio of characters.

Sun Ho walks through Seo Yeon’s room. He remembers seeing her in this room. He touches the embroidery with his name she was doing. He remembers moments with her and how she supported and love him. Sun Ho sobs.

Awk! Tears! The embroidery with Sun Ho’s name got me.

The Queen is told her illness has advanced. The doctor won’t give her a window that she will live.

The Queen’s tea party is bust. All invited the ministers don’t come. She tells Nam Jeon to fix it. Nam Jeon says the King ordered him to keep his distance from her and the crown prince. He says many have are on Team Bang Won. She offers dirt of those that spurn her. Nam Jeon declares the only way gain time for the crown prince to grow up is to kneel before Bang Won. He states he’ll be able to gain power in small window of time she has left to live.

Nam Jeon’s advice is solid.

The Queen stands outside waiting to speak with him. Tae Ryeon allows her to enter. The Queen approaches Bang Won. He asks why she’s there. She claims she wanted to pay her respects to the first Queen (Bang Won’s mother). Bang Won points out his mother was never an official queen, unlike her. Pasted over in life, only a courtesy title remains. The Queen states she was only following tradition. Bang Won asks if it is fair for the the King’s lover to be Queen and an illegitimate son to be the crown prince. The Queen states she’s asked the King to make Bang Won a founding contributor, that she’ll attend his mother’s memorial every year, and swears to be a good mother. Bang Won asks why she tried to kill him. He points out a good mother wouldn’t try and kill her son. The Queen kneels before Bang Won and begs him for a chance. Bang Won tells her to publicly admit her wrong doings, step down as queen, and take her son with her. She doesn’t like that suggestion. Bang Won kneels and says she only care about her son but he cares about the country. Bang Won declares he’ll endure anything to solidify the country. He tells her not to denounce him. The Queen asks if he’ll kill her son in the end. Bang Won doesn’t answer.

Holy smokes! The non-answer that was the Queen’s worst nightmare. Great scene. But the Queen created the situation by pushing her son into the crown prince position and thereby putting a target on his back.

The Queen exits Bang Won’s house. She stares back.

Hwa Wol packs Hee Jae food. Hee Jae sees the Hwa Wol is troubled and tells her to spill.

They rush to Ihwaru’s Kisaeng house to find Seo Seol at death’s door while the household holds vigil. Hee Jae kneels before her mentor. Seo Seol tsks that Hwa Wol could never keep a secret. Ha! Hee Jae chides her for trying to leave without allowing her to say goodbye. Seo Seol holds Hee Jae’s hand and states where she’s going is a beautiful place without worries. She says Hee Jae’s mother waits for her. She promises to her that Hee Jae is fine women. Hee Jae sobs. Seo Seol apologizes. She asks for help to sit up. She gives Hee Jae a paper. Hee Jae reads the declaration that Hee Jae is the head of Ihwara and everyone is to support Hee Jae. She tells Hwa Wol to watch her tongue. Seo Seol falls over and dies. The room erupts in sobs.

Awk! Tears! Seo Seol was an excellent mentor and cared for her employees, it truly was a family.

Sun Ho spends time in the opium den to forget the one woman that loved and trusted him. The death squad leader arrives and tosses Sun Ho’s sword with the embroidery with Sun Ho’s name attached to the sheath.

Sun Ho visits his father sword in hand. Nam Jeon approve to Sun Ho digging himself out of his grief. Sun Ho says that Nam Jeon’s world is impressive. Sun Ho draws his sword. He wants to live in a world where death is meaningless. Sun Ho vows to rise above his father and feel nothing when he dies. Nam Jeon declares Nam Jeon’s low born mother’s ways have finally left him. Sun Ho points out that he’s the last person to carry on the family name.

Awesome!! I want Sun Ho to rise and battle his father AND crush him, crush him, crush him.

Hee Jae arrives to find Seo Hwi gone. He’s left his bow with her silk scarf.

Seo Hwi sits by the river and cries. He stands and walks into the water. As he walks to his death, he stops and looks around. A white butterfly flies around him and lands on his shoulder. It flies away. Seo Hwi nods and tells Seo Yeon he’ll live a bit longer. He walks back to the shore. Hee Jae runs down the river bank looking for Seo Hwi. She looks out into the river.

Awk! Tears! The butterfly representing Seo Yeon got me.

7th year of the King’s reign, 1398…the first strife of the princes…

At the palace, Nam Jeon gathers the key ministers. They tells him Bang Won has disbanded his private army and Nam Jeon is worrying about nothing. Nam Jeon points out that the crown prince’s heart continues to weaken and Bang Won could attack at any time. He believes that if the King isn’t willing to step down, they will be killed when Bang Won makes his move. Nam Jeon adds his seal to their pledge to the crown prince. He declares they will dethrone the king. Nam Jeon vows the country will be ruled by the people.

I can’t fault the concept of a country that care about the people, but I doubt Nam Jeon’s implementation plan. Plus we know his pledges mean nothing.

Cheonga attacks a group of men in the night. He retrieves light bulb shaped gold.

Am I the only one that likes Cheonga’s hair?

Bang Won, the crown prince, and Nam Jeon have an audience with the King. The King notes that Nam Jeon is still called the King with the gat. Nam Jeon demurs that is not worth thinking about. Bang Won states many have joined Team Nam Jeon for the throne. Nam Jeon counters that many have joined Team Bang Won for the throne. The King states Bang Won wants him to die. The King declares he will NOT abdicate and anyone that tries to dethrone him will be destroyed.

Bang Won tell Nam Jeon he wants the King to stay on the throne. Nam Jeon claims to want the same. Bang Won chuckles at the lie. A minister approaches and Bang Won leaves. Nam Jeon’s eye’s widen at what the minister tells him.

Nam Jeon learns their plan was thwarted again. Guards have been killed. He guesses the leak is the assistant director of the privy council.

Sun Ho slaughters the assistant director of the privy council and his men.

Sun Ho bursts into his father’s chamber and tosses the assistant director of the privy’s council ID on the table. They realize Sun Ho killed him. Sun Ho declares asks where the meeting point with the Chinese is because he’ll handle it. Nam Jeon tells him not to involve himself. Sun Ho states all that matter is dethroning the king. He’ll kill anyone that thwarts that. He walks away.

Bang Won waits for Sun Ho who demurs Bang Won need not wait for someone like him. Bang Won says Nam Jeon’s power came from betraying his partners from the pledge and Sun Ho’s power came off the backs of Seo Hwi and his sister. Bang Won says Sun Ho is a dog like his father. Sun Ho counters that he and Bang Won are alike, they both have tried to harm their fathers. Sun Ho points out Bang Won worked for point his father on the throne and now works to remove his father from the throne. Sun Ho says he’ll do the same. Bang Won calls Sun Ho and interesting adversary…finally. Sun Ho asks if Bang Won would kill his father to get what he wants. Bang Won declares he would not. Sun Ho states that’s their major difference.

Great scene! Writer Chae is killing it this episode!

Sun Ho learns the guards were killed by an expert swordsman.

Seo Hwi cleans his sword.

Women are bound for trade as slaves for China. They beg the trader not to do this. He shuts the door in their face. The trader is told the gold vase has been secured, so they need to provide the silk and women. The trader chuckles no one would attack them in the pouring rain. Seo Hwi approaches and states he’s wrong about that. He draws his sword and states they will all die. They rush Seo Hwi but he is the expert swordsman and dispatches all of them. The trader declares he’s the minister of affairs. Seo Hwi doesn’t care. They fight. The minister dies. Seo Hwi throws the women a knife to free themselves. Seo Hwi retrieves light bulb shaped gold.

Seo Hwi realizes he’s not alone and douses the lights. Sun Ho enters the room. They fight. Seo Hwi nicks Sun Ho and leaves with the gold.

The music! Seo Hwi is on Team Bang Won and Sun Ho is on Team Nam Jeon.

Nam Jeon is livid to learn his gold has been stolen AGAIN. He needed the money to bribe the nobles before the blood ceremony to pledge allegiance. He orders the culprits found.

Mun Bok offers his own form of Viagra to his male patients. Jung Beom arrives and teases him. Jung Beom is now a leader in a private army. Cheonga arrives and tells them he is still watching both of them. Their exchange ends when a Bang Won’s brother Bang Gan arrives and knows all about Jung Beom and Mun Bok. He asks about their other friend, the skilled swordsman and archer. Mun Bok and Jung Beom claim ignorance. He tells them he wants to talk to Seo Hwi. When Bang Won arrives, his brother leaves Mun Bok and Jung Beom and follows him. Jung Beom asks about Officer Park. Mun Bok says he’s the busiest man in town. They both laugh.

Took me a second to recognize Jung Beom. Loving Mun Bok’s white teeth. That was important to Hwa Wol.

Officer Park tests those that want to join the army. One boy makes the same plea for admittance for rice for his family just Seo Hwi did years ago. Officer Park counters the boy would die in battle which would crush his family.

Bang Won isn’t impressed with his brother’s gift. He knows the ginseng isn’t real. His brother says someone is stealing from Nam Jeon. His brother says Bang Won hides thing. Bang Won tells his brother to reveal his private army. He points out the King will kill him for having it. His brother scoffs death by father or brother is all the same to him. Bang Won holds his hand out and tells his brother to kneel before him if he wants to survive.

Mun Bok arrives at Ihwaru’s Kisaeng house and reintroduces himself to Hwa Wol flashing his white teeth. She’s surprised and pleased. Mun Bok displays the tooth brush he used. She compliement his breath. Mun Bok dazzles her. She tells herself to get a grip. As she leaves she says she likes a man that tries hard.

Hwa Wol finds Hee Jae talking to women about Nam Jeon. Hee Jae says she’s eliminated his supporters. Hwa Wol points out that Hee Jae also deflected gossip and paid their gambling debts. The women ask what Hee Jae wants. Hee Jae states she wants to control the post that lights signal fires and communicates. The women note that isn’t an important post. Hee Jae counters it will be.

Hee Jae ties a ribbon on Seo Yeon’s lantern. She says before the Queen died she used to make wishes. She hopes that they are resting in peach.

Hee Jae waits in town. Seo Hwi walks towards her. They lock eyes. He passes by her without a word. She watches him with longing. Tears fill her eyes.

The death squad leader asks Sun Ho if he knows the swordsman. Sun Ho claims not to know the man. The death squad leader brings one of the women that was going to be sold.

Nam Jeon finds a case with the missing gold in his office. He removes the note. It directs him to come to a location at 4pm.

At 4pm Nam Jeon and his men arrive.

The artist makes a drawing based on the woman’s description. It’s Seo Hwi. Sun Ho looks at the woman and asks if she’s sure. He warns her if this is wrong, she will be killed along with her family. He asks to her confirm.

Nam Jeon is told he must come alone. His men are held back. A man waits for him.

Sun Ho stares at the drawing. It’s Seo Hwi!

Nam Jeon approaches the man. He turns to face Nam Jeon. It’s Seo Hwi!

My Thoughts

If you didn’t cry this episode, you don’t care about these characters.  Writer Chae Seung Dae delivered one emotion laden scene after another. Most stemmed from Seo Hwi’s sister, Seo Yeon. While she may not have had a ton of dialog in this series, this character tied our trio together. Her loss affected them though it devasted Seo Hwi. Here’s what got my tears flowing: 1) Seo Yeon’s death, 2) flashback of Seo Geom training Bang Won, 3) Sun Ho crying over Seo Yeon’s death, 4) Seo Hwi paying homage to his sister’s body, 5) river burial scene, 6) embroidery with Sun Ho’s name, 7) Seo Seol’s death and 8) the butterfly scene. The time jump 6 years was welcome. It’s a new chapter. I enjoyed meeting our more mature cast. It had an epilogue vibe. Lucky us, we’ve got 6 more episodes to go…we are 63% through this superb series.

Seo Hwi (Yang Se Jong) couldn’t save his sister. Seo Hwi’s body, affected by the poison from Nam Jeon, did not have the lightning reaction speed. He was unable to dispatch Nam Jeon’s henchman. Seo Yeon was killed right in front of Seo Hwi. The death scene was perfect. It wasn’t rushed, it felt genuine. Seo Yeon’s concern for Seo Hwi and her concern for Sun Ho was spot on. The nod to Hee Jae to care for Seo Hwi was subtle and lovely. Seo Hwi’s grief was palpable. And then there was the time jump. Seo Hwi is the master swordsman working his own agenda. Nam Jeon’s surprised face when Seo Hwi was the mystery man pleased me. But Nam Jeon is a terrible excuse for a human being and I worry for Seo Hwi and those he cares for. It must be why Seo Hwi keeps his distance from Hee Jae. Foolish man, “never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present”.

Nam Sun Ho (Woo Do Hwan) grieved Seo Yeon. He cared for Seo Yeon. She cared for him. His grief was real. But it comes down to his actions. I’m ready for Seo Yeon to take on Nam Jeon and defeat him. But will he do that? Is his position and power more important? After the time jump, Sun Ho’s relationship with Nam Jeon was still strained. Nam Jeon didn’t want Sun Ho to solve his problems. But Sun Ho engaged and found himself fighting a mystery master swordsman in the dark. The artist’s rendering showed his opponent was Seo Hwi. Did anyone else find it interesting that Seo Hwi fought with his hair down but had it up otherwise?

Han Hee Jae (Kim Seol Hyun) supported Seo Hwi while he grieved Seo Yeon. Hee Jae is the best girlfriend. She’s there for him and she waits for him. Her mentor Seo Seol died and Hee Jae is now the head. After the time jump, we see Hee Jae working to eliminate Nam Jeon’s cohorts so she can strike him down when he stands alone. Nam Jeon is wily, crafty, and smart. Hee Jae can’t defeat him by herself. Unfortunately, Seo Hwi has pushed Hee Jae out of his life. Her longing was clear but he walked past her without acknowledging her. Has Seo Hwi’s new path changed our couple’s chances of happiness?

Lee Bang Won (Jang Hyuk) saved Seo Hwi. I was thrilled to see Bang Won stop Nam Jeon from killing Seo Hwi. Jang Hyuk does one-on-one confrontations better than another other actor. Bang Won’s interaction with Nam Jeon, the Queen, his brother, showed his power, his will, his drive. He will be king. It’s only a matter of time.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as excellent. My rating chart is below:


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14 comments on “My Country: The New Age Episode 10
  1. Drama Fan says:

    This was the Awk, tears! Episode for sure! I cried! Sunho made me cry the most but I felt everyone and everything. At the same time, got super excited at all the Bang Won scenes and confrontations but the one I’ve repeated on a loop is him rescuing Hwi! Soooooo HOT!!!! I know they are not the official BrOTP but I’m soooo hoping we get more Bangwon-Hwi bromantic moments 😍 Btw, I think we only have 6 more episodes left my friend.


    • Glad I wasn’t alone feeling this episodes.

      Bangwon-Hwi bromantic moments 😍
      Officer Park and Bang Won would also work for me. I’ve got a soft spot for the man that protects Hwi out of respect for Hwi’s father.

      Btw, I think we only have 6 more episodes left my friend.
      Wishful thinking on my part. I had it right then saw a website that stated 20 episodes and made the change. I’ve fixed it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉, but PLEASED that Bang Won 🧨🗡 was the one to come to Hwi’s🗡🛡 rescue. I concur with DF, I want more Bangwon-Hwi 🧨🛡💙 bromantic moments❣

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Rosalynn Wong says:

    1. I watched this epi with tears streaming into barely dried tear stains. Both the boys are excellent cry-ers.

    2. So excited by the time jump and the progress – I do hope we don’t run out of episodes – I would hate a rushed ending to such an excellent pace so far.

    3. I was confused by the gold ornament thingies, so thanks so much for clearing that up!

    4. As Drama Fan stated, I too need more BW-SH scenes. Their scenes are always both funny but tension-filled at the same time. How is that? Must be the magic fan and magic curls.

    Now, off to binge on Money Flower between MC episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Snow Flower says:

      I am binging on Empress Ki while waiting for MC episodes.

      I agree about Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan crying scenes. Jang Hyuk should be proud of their acting abilities!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Many moving moments in this episode.

      2. So excited by the time jump and the progress – I do hope we don’t run out of episodes – I would hate a rushed ending to such an excellent pace so far.
      Good point, I think Writer Chae can wrap it up effectively.

      Enjoy 💰🌺!


  3. Snow Flower says:

    An excellent episode indeed. The final act of the play has begun.


  4. baytsab says:

    This episode truly delivered Sunho’s feelings for Yeon. I like to think he had always had feelings for her (he remembered her immediately when they talked about flying kites), but bypassed it due to Seohwi. I mean yes, he liked Seol, but I think it was because she was pretty to him, and was fearless (and he liked that). But for Yeon, she cater to him, and genuinely liked him, but he found out about his feelings too late (obviously).

    I almost fell in love with him again when he was going to just let go of everything and run away with Yeon after thinking that Seowhi died. He literally almost dropped everything he worked for just to save Yeon, and if that isn’t him loving her then I don’t know what it is. Sadly she had to leave him and Seohwi so soon, though. My heart freaking ache for them.


    • This episode truly delivered Sunho’s feelings for Yeon…I almost fell in love with him again when he was going to just let go of everything and run away with Yeon after thinking that Seowhi died. He literally almost dropped everything he worked for just to save Yeon, and if that isn’t him loving her then I don’t know what it is.
      You make your point well and I agree. Woo Do Hwan makes me want to believe Sun Ho could turn away from the quagmire, but then he gets pulled back into the pit.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Yeon’s 👡🎀 death was tragic and staged perfectly. My heart 💗 went out to Hwi 🗡🛡 and Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔.

      Clearly Sun Ho🧖‍♂️⚔ loved Yeon 👡🎀, but did he love Yeon 👡🎀 as a sister or as a woman❓⁉️


      • Clearly Sun Ho🧖‍♂️⚔ loved Yeon 👡🎀, but did he love Yeon 👡🎀 as a sister or as a woman❓⁉️
        I never got the romantic vibe. He took over for Seo Hwi in the brother role. Yeon called him brother and loved him as she loved Seo Hwi. I’m guessing she was the best thing in Sun Ho’s life…unconditional love…will he ever have it again?


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    This was an EMOTIONAL EPISODE 🥺😢😭❗ Death of endearing characters, separation and longing that could not be slaked.

    “the Queen 👸 created the situation by pushing her son into the crown prince position and thereby putting a target on his back.” -KJT. My understanding of royal succession of kings, is that EVERY potential heir is a threat to a crown prince (think back to Haechi, Scarlet Heart, Moon Embraces the Sun, etc). Eliminating potential heirs is the only way to mitigate the threat. The queen 👸 pushed her son to be crown prince in hopes of keeping him alive and maybe to give herself the power of being the dowager queen. Whatever happened to her older son❓⁉️ Would the queen 👸 allow her older son to be killed to consolidated power for her younger son❓⁉️ The queen 👸 was certainly willing to bow down to Bang Won 🧨🗡, but that didn’t seem to pay off the way she intended. Since Bang Won’s 🧨🗡 birth mother has passed away, would she 👸 be the dowager queen if she lived to see Bang Won 🧨🗡 enthroned❓⁉️ When it is succession time ALL princes have targets 🎯 on their backs.

    “I want Sun Ho to rise and battle his father AND crush him, crush him, crush him.” -KJT. I want to see Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔ crush Nam Jeon 👨⚔ as well, but I’m not sure he will do it when the time comes, as Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔ seems to have a love-hate relationship with Nam Jeon 👨⚔.

    “I can’t fault the concept of a country that care about the people, but I doubt Nam Jeon’s implementation plan. Plus we know his pledges mean nothing.” Yep his promises ARE MEANINGLESS, we will forever remember Nam Jeon’s 👨⚔ order to kill Yeon 👡🎀, RIGHT AFTER Hwi 🗡🛡 agreed to kill himself in exchange for Nam Jeon’s promise to take good care of Yeon 👡🎀. When elitist Nam Jeon 👨⚔ said he wanted a nation ruled by the subjects, I think he meant that the ministers rule (REALITY CHECK: HE 👨⚔ RULES), Nam Jeon has NO INTENTION of giving power, let alone ANY CONSIDERATION, to the common citizens. Nam Jeon 👨⚔ wants hegemony, essentially to have the power of the king without the crown. Hmm … does “King with a Gat” (black, translucent horsehair hat) sound familiar❓⁉️

    “Am I the only one that likes Cheonga’s hair?” I kind of like Cheonga’s hair because it is a distinctive hair style … you can spot him in a crowd, which is a double edge sword … the sight of him may cause terror with his fearsome reputation proceeding him, but it makes him not such a great candidate for a stealthy endeavor.

    What was the minister of military affairs doing taking women to Qing to trade as slaves❓⁉️ That task doesn’t seem to fit his job description. Why did this Nam Jeon 👨⚔ cohort have the gold vases to bribe members of the royal family to join the fray to get the king to abdicate❓⁉️ Was it simply because the minister of military affairs was part of Nam Jeon’s 👨⚔ “Get Lee Seung Gye 🤴🗡 to abdicate Team”❓⁉️ Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔ recognized Hwi’s fighting style, even though he didn’t see his face❗ There was still enough friendship that Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔ didn’t rat Hwi 🗡🛡 out to his father or subordinate Sung Rok 💀🗡 (death squad leader). Is there hope for Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔ to be redeemed❓⁉️

    I found it interesting that Hwi’s 🗡🛡 people worked separately during the last half of the episode. I suppose Hwi 🗡🛡 is keeping his distance from Hee Jae 🦋📜 in attempts to keep her from being leverage from Nam Jeon against himself like Yeon 👡🎀 was … I’m sure Hwi does NOT want to lose anymore of his people, especially the woman 🦋📜 he loves. Does he plan to die once he avengers Yeon’s 👡🎀 death❓⁉️ Did Hwi 🗡🛡 wear his hair up simply as a disguise❓⁉️


    • The queen 👸 pushed her son to be crown prince in hopes of keeping him alive and maybe to give herself the power of being the dowager queen. Whatever happened to her older son❓⁉️
      With all the adults in this series, I wonder about underlying motivations in using their sons. Good point about the crown prince’s older brother, I don’t recall an explanation of his fate.

      Nam Jeon 👨⚔ wants hegemony, essentially to have the power of the king without the crown.
      Exactly, though if he could sit on that throne, he would.

      Does he plan to die once he avengers Yeon’s 👡🎀 death❓⁉️
      That would be unsatisfying.


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