My Country: The New Age Episode 7

My Country: The New Age Episode 7 Recap

1st year of the King’s reign, 1392…

Nam Sun Ho (Woo Do Hwan) marches into the courtyard of Lee Bang Won (Jang Hyuk) aka Prince Jeongan. He sees the bloody Seo Hwi (Yang Se Jong) on the ground. He tells Bang Won he’s there for Seo Hwi. He draws his sword. Bang Won’s men draw their weapons. Bang Won allows Sun Ho to continue. Sun Ho demands that Seo Hwi divulge who ordered him to kill General Jung. Sun Ho and Bang Won lock eyes. Seo Hwi grabs Sun Ho’s sword and refuses to tell. Sun Ho promises Bang Won there will be consequences. He leaves. Seo Hwi asks to be killed or given water.

Jang Hyuk’s fan skills are impressive.

Sun Ho’s aide, the death squad leader, isn’t happy that Sun Ho acted on impulse to save his friend. Sun Ho declares their plan regarding Bang Won’s storehouse of weapons continues and he’ll handle the ramifications.

Bang Won tells his aide, Tae Ryeon, that Seo Hwi couldn’t be acting solo. They must find out who Seo Hwi is working with.

Bang Won asks Seo Hwi why he approached him. Seo Hwi wanted to rise above his lowly station is his response. He notes that Bang Won’s storehouse of weapons and Bang Won aren’t solid as he hoped. Bang Won asks about the weapons. Seo Hwi relays they are flimsy and inferior. Seo Hwi asks Bang Won what would happen if Sun Ho and the office of the inspector general seized his weapons. Over a protesting Tae Ryeon, who declares this is a trap, Bang Won says they’ll go to the store house and bring Seo Hwi with them.

Sun Ho and the office of the inspector general guards arrive at the weapon storehouse. Bang Won and his men along with Seo Hwi arrive at the weapon storehouse. Bang Won promises Sun Ho he and his men will die if they open the storehouse. Sun Ho counters that private weapon stores guarantee death for treason. Sun Ho strides to the storehouse doors and open. The storehouse is empty save one sword stabbed into a bench. Bang Won stands next to Sun Ho. He complements Sun Ho’s bravery in killing his horse and coming to his house uninvited. But this action will have consequences. Sun Ho tells Bang Won to bring it. He glares at Seo Hwi and orders his men to follow him as he leaves. Bang Won extracts the remaining sword and smashes it, breaking it. He chuckles. Seo Hwi states the material is iron but not cast iron with subpar tempering.  Bang Won asks Seo Hwi where the weapons are.

The doctor, Mun Bok, and Jung Beom dump the weapons at the office of the inspector general. They claim Bang Won sent the weapons as proof of his loyalty to the King.

Seo Hwi informs Bang Won that the weapons were dumped at the weapons at the office of the inspector general. Bang Won says that Seo Hwi’s actions just made Sun Ho look bad and provided proof of his loyalty to the King. Bang Won asks what he should do with Seo Hwi.

Bang Won and his men along with Seo Hwi arrive at Ihwaru’s Kisaeng house. Bang Won remarks that Seo Hwi has been here before. They enter. Hwa Wol sees them and rushes to tell Han Hee Jae (Kim Seol Hyun). She rushes to intercept Bang Won. Hee Jae tells him she knows Seo Hwi. She asks if more bloodshed will occur. Bang Won assures her they are only drinking tonight.

Bang Won watches Seo Hwi eats and drink with zeal. They verbally spar. Bang Won is amused. Tae Ryeon appears. Bang Won asks Seo Hwi how to capture a tiger. Seo Hwi offers his opinion. Bang Won says he has his own methods.

Seo Hwi follows Bang Won to the landing where Mun Bok, Officer Park, and Jung Beom are tied up in the courtyard. They look at Seo Hwi who begs for their lives. Bang Won has Seo Hwi tossed on the courtyard. Hee Jae and Bang Won can only watch.

Bang Won yells that lying guarantees death. Bang Won asks who sent them. No answer. A sword is put to Mun Bok’s throat. Bang Won asks the question again. The four men look at each other and leap to their feet, fighting Bang Won’s men. They end up back to back. Seo Hwi points his arrow at Bang Won and states they were part of the abandoned advance force.  Seo Hwi declares the country abandons men like them. He wants to see the country Bang Won would rule. Bang Won walks to Seo Hwi’s arrow’s point and asks if Seo Hwi really wants to see the country he’d establish. Seo Hwi confirms this.  Bang Won stares at Seo Hwi. He declares that just saved Seo Hwi’s life. Bang Won looks to his men. They lower their weapons. Seo Hwi, Mun Bok, Officer Park, and Jung Beom lower their weapons. Bang Won tells Seo Hwi to visit him later.  Bang Won and his men leave.

Even though this was a calculated to garner Bang Won’s trust, I believe Seo Hwi truly wants to see Bang Won’s country. He knows the country ruled by the current King doesn’t offer him an advantage.

Seo Hwi collapses. Everyone rushes to him. Hee Jae orders him taken to a room.

Tae Ryeon asks Bang Won why he spared Seo Hwi. Bang Won states Seo Hwi’s planned actions were impressive and merited leniency. He sees Seo Hwi, Hee Jae, et al rushes to a room. He murmurs there’s a background story that he doesn’t know. He orders Tae Ryeon to find it out.

Hee Jae tends Seo Hwi. Tears rolls down her face.  She holds his hand as he groans.

Mun Bok tells Jung Beom that he took a sufficient dose of paralyzing powder to guarantee a painless death. Officer Park chuckles. Mun Bok says Bang Won is scary. Jung Beom declares Bang Won reeks future King. Hwa Wol enters the room. Mun Bok lays on the flowery phrases. He asks her to extract the antidote in his chest pocket. She knows it’s a ruse and throws water in his face. Sure enough, Mun Bok sits upright.  She states Mun Bok’s medicine helped her. Officer Park asks how Seo Hwi is. Hwa Wol notes he’s sleeping and exits.

I’ll take lighter moments in this series whenever I can.

Seo Hwi wakes to see Hee Jae sleeping next to him. When he goes to gently touch her, she murmurs that they need to make memories in every season of the year. The summer was too short. Seo Hwi murmurs that he remembers everything about every moment they’ve ever shared. He sees Hee Jae has fall back asleep and gently kisses her forehead.

Seo Hwi dresses and runs into Seo Seol (head of Ihwaru’s Kisaeng house) in the courtyard. She reminds him of his promise to stay away from Hee Jae and not hurt her. Seo Hwi confirms his actions will prove he’s keeping his promise. He leaves.

Hee Jae wakes to find herself alone.

Seo Seol tells Hee Jae to keep her distance from Seo Hwi. Hee Jae points out that Seo Hwi’s father is crucial in her past. She vows to find out why the information about her mother. Seo Seol declares the information went to someone that needed it more than Hee Jae. Shocked, Hee Jae demands to know who needed the information. Seo Seol retorts Hee Jae wants revenge where this man is working to save a life. Seo Seol coughs and is unable to continue the conversation. Seo Seol orders her out of the room as she struggles to deal with her illness.

Seo Hwi tells Sun Ho that his actions were designed to follow Sun Ho’s order that he get close of Bang Won. Sun Ho points out that Seo Hwi’s choices put him at risk. Seo Hwi retorts Sun Ho’s choices always put him at risk. Sun Ho hits Seo Hwi. Sun Ho warns that if Seo Hwi does something like this again, Sun Ho will kill him. Sun Ho declares he’s sorry he saved him. After Sun Ho leaves, Seo Hwi tells himself survival is all that matters.

Sun Ho’s poor me speech didn’t sway me at all. He is self-centered.

The King scolds Nam Jeon (Sun Ho’s father) for his actions and his son’s actions. The King claims he wants to kill them to set an example but will be lenient due to past performance. He strips Sun Ho of his position. The minister asks the King to discipline Nam Jeon. The King refuses.

In private the King tells Nam Jeon that he’s proven again and again, that he’s the only one that the King can trust. He knows the clock is ticking and Bang Won is gunning for his throne. He tells him to disband the private armies. If that isn’t successful, then Prince Uian (aka Lee Bang Seok) won’t become the next crown prince.

Nam Jeon eyes Bang Won after the discussion. Bang Won tells Nam Jeon that Sun Ho’s faults stem from his father. Bang Won reminds him of his past statement that the country belonged to his father and him. Nam Jeon scoffs that Bang Won is arrogant. He moves close and tells Bang Won the country does not belong to the King nor him. Bang Won asks whose country it is. Nam Jeon declares it is the people’s country. He promises that Bang Won will never be King. Bang Won asks why he can’t be King but young Prince Uian can be made crown prince.  Bang Won tells Nam Jeon to watch who becomes the next king.

Wow, Ahn Nae Sang elevates and Jang Hyuk said so much in soft tones and controlled expressions.

Sun Ho fingers his uniform and badge on the table. Sun Ho sends his servant to go home and protect Seo Yeon stating he’ll be away for a while. He’s arrested for his actions.

Sun Ho is beaten for his actions. He declares he worked alone. He’s beaten more.

Seo Hwi watches his sister from afar. She puts on the shoes he bought her years ago. Seo Yeon sends clothing to Sun Ho via his servant then decides she should deliver it personally. Nam Jeon reminds her that she can’t leave the compound. Seo Yeon claims she wants to see her brother. Nam Jeon snaps Sun Ho isn’t her brother and his troubles stem from her.  He menacingly grabs her face and warns her to do nothing but breathe. He orders her locked in the shed. She stumbles and hits her head on the steps. The servants drag her inside. Seo Hwi can only watch.

Seo Yeon is thrown into the shed. She begs to be let loose. She sinks to her knees and cries.

Nam Jeon and Seo Hwi face each other in the street. Nam Jeon angrily tells Seo Hwi his actions have stripped Sun Ho of his position and caused him arm. Seo Hwi retorts that Nam Jeon isn’t harmed, Bang Won’s weapons are seized, and he’s closer to Bang Won as ordered. Nam Jeon tells him Bang Won must be killed by his own man. He orders Seo Hwi to keep his cool until he can kill Bang Won. Seo Hwi reminds Nam Jeon that he promised to treat Seo Yeon like his daughter. He asks if Nam Jeon is keeping his word. Nam Jeon counters that Seo Hwi’s job is to live and die as he orders. He asks if Seo Hwi is keeping his word.

Wow, terrific scene. Ahn Nae Sang elevates scenes like Jang Hyuk does.

Seo Hwi looks at the papers with the symbols. Recall one paper he got him his father’s armor and the other from Seo Seol.

Seo Seol visits the Queen and offers information. The Queen scoffs that Seo Seol’s information isn’t good quality. Seo Seol surprises the Queen by knowing about her medical challenges. They both look at Hee Jae, the obvious source of the information. The Queen sends Hee Jae out of the room. Seo Seol provides the Queen two pieces of information. The Queen reads the first and declares Nam Jeon would kill Seo Seol if he knew about this. Seo Seol tells the Queen to use it when needed. She knows the information will protect Hee Jae. The two women stare at each other.

Hee Jae walks with Seo Seol and tells her how not to box in an opponent but delivering the blow. Seo Seol notes the Queen doesn’t have total faith in Hee Jae. Nodding, Hee Jae agrees that Queen revealed that. Seo Seol tells Hee Jae the Queen is fire and Hee Jae is firewood. Hee Jae asks for the utilization of private investigators. Seo Seol grants her request. Hee Jae hears Seo Seol’s scoffs as she leaves. The investigators appear. Hee Jae orders them to find out what Seo Hwi is up to but not tip him off.

Bang Won replays his conversation with Nam Jeon. Tae Ryeon arrives confirming Seo Hwi and his friends were the four survivors of the advance force and that Seo Hwi’s father was killed by being boiled alive. Bang Won reads the information offered.

We know Seo Hwi’s father killed himself to save Seo Hwi and Seo Yeon from being declared illegitimate but he was screwed by someone, assuming Nam Jeon, who changed his action to “cowardly” boiled alive.

Seo Hwi, Mun Bok, Officer Park, and Jung Beom stare at Bang Won’s compound ready to report.

Recall how Bang Won’s men are organized in three groups: Group A is led by Bang Won, Group B is led by Tae Ryeon a great swordsman and Group C is led by Cheonga who uses sickles. Group B guards Bang Won’s house. Group C is outsourced soldiers.

Tae Ryeon leads them into the compound. Cheonga warns Seo Hwi that he’ll kill him one day. Seo Hwi retorts that Cheonga better learn how to dodge arrows better or he’ll be the dead one. Cheonga draws his sword. Tae Ryeon draws his. Cheonga yells at Tae Ryeon that he’s still a lead even though his birth origins aren’t noble.  Tae Ryeon counters that fighting in the compound isn’t allowed. Cheonga promises Seo Hwi he’ll kill him and leaves.

Bang Won tells the foursome they will become his weapon and will bury someone for him and another for themselves. Seo Hwi states he “died” as part of the advance force. Bang Won asks Officer Park about his past military service. Officer Park states that was long ago and Bang Won is who he serves. Bang Won tells Mun Bok he’s a mortician that pretends to be a doctor and Jung Beom is a slave that killed his master. He notes they are an interesting foursome. He tells them to follow him. Seo Hwi does so. Officer Park, Mun Bok, and Jung Beom are blocked. Officer Park nods at Seo Hwi to go on.

As they walk, Bang Won states Seo Hwi’s father was boiled alive. Seo Hwi states his father stole rations.

Bang Won pours memorial wine at a bridge. He states he killed Poeun, a faithful servant, here to save his family. That action caused his family to reject him. But it allowed the country to evolve. Bang Won states he can’t kill like that again but Seo Hwi can. Seo Hwi states the only way Bang Won will become king is to kill the King. Seo Hwi can take the blame and allow Bang Won to take the throne. Bang Won promises if he gets stained by Seo Hwi’s actions, he will kill him and his friends. Seo Hwi is firm. He knew the risk in supporting Bang Won and he’s ready to do his bidding. Bang Won stares and walks away.

Nice scene!

Seo Hwi prepares his arrows. He stares at the King and Bang Won on his organization wall of evidence.

The music!

Seo Hwi takes a position overlooking the archery area.

The King and Bang Won shoot arrows. Bang Won compliments his father. The King retorts that Bang Won achieves whatever he set his sights on. Bang Won points out he got that from his father. The King retorts he didn’t want to revenge against former Left Chancellor General Choi but rather Poeun. He states Bang Won murdered him before he had the chance to handle the matter. As the King shoots an arrow, Seo Hwi shoots his arrow and it lands next to the King’s. Bang Won declares it is an ambush. The King scoffs the archer is too far away. He shoots again and Seo Hwi’s arrow lands next to the King’s arrow. This time there is a note attached to the arrow. The King sends his man to retrieve the note.  The King looks at the arrow with the note and states the arrow is just like Bang Won’s arrow. The note contains a date November 23, 1380. That gets the King’s attention. He crumples the note and demands Nam Jeon be brought to him. He orders Bang Won to follow. Bang Won looks at the arrow and up to where Seo Hwi stood.

The King tells Nam Jeon and Bang Won that four assassins tried to kill him in 1380 and that Nam Jeon identified them and had them executed. The King reminds Nam Jeon that supposedly no one but them knew about this. Nam Jeon confirms this. The King tosses the note and states someone else knows. Nam Jeon states it is just a random date in 1380. The King orders Nam Jeon to shred the note.  Nam Jeon does so. The King asks Bang Won to confirm the archer’s skill. Bang Won replies that only the King has sufficient skill to make those shots. That gets Nam Jeon’s attention. Bang Won suggests someone is trying to frame him. He confirms the King must kill the archer. The King states anyone that tears at his power will be killed.

Loved the subtext.

Nam Jeon stares at Sun Ho lying in the cell. Sun Ho struggles to sit up. He asks if Nam Jeon is there to mock him. Nam Jeon declares he’ll get Sun Ho released because someone is trying to kills him. Sun Ho retorts it is likely that more than one person is trying to kill him. Nam Jeon declares this person will kill and ruin the entire family. Nam Jeon declares they must fight side by side. Nam Jeon unlocks the cell. He promises that if it is Bang Won, they must kill him. Nam Jeon walks away.

Flashback…Sun Ho begs his mother to run away with him. She shakes him and orders him to become powerful and allows for low origin people to have status in the country.

Sun Ho staggers out of the cell. The guard notes having a powerful father has perks.

Sun Ho leaves the jail.

Seo Yeon sits in her jail. She manages to loosen a board in the wall, then another. She escapes. She stumbles and loses a shoe. She arrives at the jail and asks to see Sun Ho. The guards look at her.

Seo Yeon walks home thinking about what the guards said happened to Sun Ho.

Seo Hwi posts a notice. He spies Seo Yeon’s shoe on the ground.

Seo Yeon walks to her old house. She stares at.

Seo Hwi searches for Seo Yeon in the village.

Seo Yeon enters the yard of her old house. She looks around. Her head hurts. She clutches it and sits down. She spies the blood on the corner of the table. She remembers the guards and hitting her head on the table.

Seo Hwi arrive at the house. He sees Seo Yeon clutching her head. He says her name. She looks at him, stands order him not to come close. Seo Hwi orders her not to tell anyone that she came here, especially Nam Jeon. He yells at her to promise. Crying she agrees. Seo Hwi releases her. Seo Yeon runs away. Seo Hwi follows with her shoe. A neighbor sees them.

Sun Ho finds her. He sees the blood on her hands. He asks if his father did this.

Seo Hwi holds the shoe.

Nam Jeon arrives home. He sees the notice on his front door.  He stares in shock. Sun Ho and Seo Yeon come up behind them. Seo Hwi watches from a distance.

Flashback…the two papers with 5 symbols.

The notice states General Yi (aka the King) was a traitor to the current (previous) regime and conspired to overthrow it. The notice vows to eliminate the King and return the country to the people on November 23, 1380. The pledge was made by Kim Yeong Su, Park Seon Min, Noh Gyeong Cheon and Nam Jeon.

Sun Ho reads the notice.

Flashback…the three men that made the pledge are killed by Nam Jeon. After killing each man, Nam Jeon finds the paper with the pledge and their signatures and shreds it. But one of the men doesn’t have the paper with the pledge on him. Nam Jeon shakes the still alive man and demands to know where the paper is. The man asks if he’s afraid General YI will find out he is a traitor. Nam Jeon demands the man tell him where the paper is. The man vows that Nam Jeon will die from having his blood drained from his body. Nam Jeon stabs the man dead.

Nam Jeon rips the notice from his door. Sun Ho states 1380 was 12 years ago. Sun Ho asks if his father made a pledge to kill General Yi. Sun Ho declares if he did, their family will be destroyed. Nam Jeon tells his son “he” is involved.

“He”, Seo Hwi, watches from afar. Looks like the notice hit the mark.

My Thoughts

Seo Hwi works his plan and unnerves Nam Jeon.  Writer Chae Seung Dae finally gave Seo Hwi the edge. We’ve waited for Seo Hwi to rise up, use his wall of evidence to form a plan to bring down Nam Jeon, the man that undoubtedly killed his father ruined his family. It’s logical that Seo Hwi’s father knew about Nam Jeon’s traitorous ways and Nam Jeon silenced him. The question is how was Hee Jae’s mother involved?  Did she find out about Nam Jeon and the other 3 traitors? Was she silenced because of that?

Seo Hwi (Yang Se Jong) gained traction. He “gained” Bang Won’s trust, got Sun Ho ousted, hit a bull’s eye getting the King’s attention, and called Nam Jeon out with the notice on his door. Here’s the problem, that was a declaration of war. Nam Jeon can and will gather Sun Ho to him. Nam Jeon can and will hurt Seo Yeon. Nam Jeon earns the number one spot on team evil. Was Seo Hwi too bold by letting Nam Jeon know he knows about the pledge? Is Seo Yeon in danger if the neighbor reports to Nam Jeon that she was seen at her old house? We want Seo Yeon to get her memory back and call Seo Hwi brother once again. This was Seo Hwi’s best episode so far.

Nam Sun Ho (Woo Do Hwan) got tossed in jail and tortured. Sun Ho took the licking and kept on ticking. His father got him out of jail for his own selfish reasons. Let’s be real, Nam Jeon cares about saving himself first and foremost…family is a distant second. But Sun Ho read the notice. He understands that his father plotted treason against General Yi. Unfortunately, Sun Ho won’t abandon his father because that would ruin himself and he cares about saving himself first and foremost.

Han Hee Jae (Kim Seol Hyun) continues to work in the minor leagues. Hee Jae can’t play on the same level as Sun Ho and Seo Hwi. Her goal is to protect Seo Hwi. I shake my head at her presumption. Hee Jae was taken aback when Seo Seol admitted that she gave Hee Jae’s mother’s secret to someone else that needed it more. If Hee Jae knew that person was Seo Hwi, she might not be as upset. Hee Jae and Seo Hwi had a semi-awake sweet moment. I must say that Hee Jae’s ministrations to clean up Seo Hwi were a bit lackluster. He was still bloody when he woke. Hee Jae said she wanted more moments with Seo Hwi, one for every season and that their summer moment wasn’t enough. I agree!

Lee Bang Won (Jang Hyuk) was helped by Seo Hwi. Bang Won didn’t fully trust Seo Hwi. Good. Bang Won’s men didn’t fully trust Seo Hwi. Good. Bang Won’s trust must be hard earned if he ever bestows it to Seo Hwi.  The spotlight was taken off Bang Won and put on Sun Ho. That had to make Bang Won happy. The confrontation scene with Nam Jeon (Ahn Nae Sang) was top notch. Jang Hyuk elevates any scene he is in and brings out the best in the other actors.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My rating chart is below:

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12 comments on “My Country: The New Age Episode 7
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Hwi is quite the strategist! I was impressed. He is no longer innocent, but he is not a victim either.
    The fan in the hands of Bang Won looks more threatening than a sword. Jang Hyuk makes every gesture count.
    The interaction between the main characters is terrific. All actors deserve praise.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hwi is quite the strategist! I was impressed.
      I’m loving Seo Hwi grabbing the stick and steering events.

      The fan in the hands of Bang Won looks more threatening than a sword. Jang Hyuk makes every gesture count.
      Jang Hyuk could give fan lessons, he uses the prop to perfection and looks masculine welding it. Everything Jang Hyuk does is top notch.

      The interaction between the main characters is terrific. All actors deserve praise.
      This an ensemble cast and they are doing a fabulous job.


      • Snow Flower says:

        I am curious about whose idea it was to use the fan as a prop, the writer’s, director’s or maybe JH himself suggested it?


  2. Drama Fan says:

    This was Hwi’s best episode! Jang Hyuk and Ahn Nae Sang are both mesmerizing in this. Still enjoying this drama a lot!


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Sun Ho🧖‍♂️⚔ didn’t do so well “handling the ramifications of ‘saving’ Hwi 🗡🛡, thanks to Hwi’s 🗡🛡 strategy to gain Bang Won’s 🧨🗡 favor. While Hwi’s 🗡🛡 plan to turn in the faulty weapons did put Sun Ho🧖‍♂️⚔ at risk, BUT it wasn’t even close to the mortal peril Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔ has put Hwi 🗡🛡 into time after time. Yet, despite all of Sun Ho’s 🧖‍♂️⚔ bad actions, Hwi 🗡🛡 cheered him on to survive when Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔ was out of earshot; another measure of a good man.

    I was glad to see that Hwi’s 🗡🛡 actions helped him to gain some trust with Bang Won🧨🗡. Unfortunately, Hee Jae’s 🦋📜 swift action to take care of Hwi, 🗡🛡 got Bang Won’s 🧨🗡 attention and interested in their 🛡🦋 backstories. Bang Won 🧨🗡 already determined Hwi’s 🗡🛡 cadre, Do Chi 🐍🗡, Mun Bok 😬⚕ and Jeong Beom 💪🗡, were a weakness to him and now Hee Jae 🦋📜 revealed that she is another one of Hwi’s 🗡🛡 weaknesses. I hope Hwi 🗡🛡 can continue to protect his love, cadre and sister with the additional pressure from Bang Won 🧨🗡. I’m afraid Hee Jae’s 🦋📜 actions will bring more help than harm.

    I agree “Hee Jae’s [🦋📜] ministrations to clean up Seo Hwi [🗡🛡] were a bit lackluster”. Yep, Hwi 🗡🛡 was still bloody, plus if Hee Jae 🦋📜 missed him that much, how could she fall asleep so easily❓⁉️

    I like the analogy Seo Seol gave Hee Jae🦋📜 about her being like firewood, that would easily consumed by fire (the Queen 👸). I concur that as time passes Seo Seol is softening to a point where I now like her.

    I was incensed Nam Jeon 👨⚔ blamed Yeon👡🎀 for Sun Ho’s🧖‍♂️⚔ problems and had her locked up. It looked like Yeon 👡🎀 got part of her memory back, but she still doesn’t remember Hwi🗡🛡❓⁉️ Yeon 👡🎀 seemed to be scared of Hwi🗡🛡.

    Hwi🗡🛡 asked if Nam Jeon👨⚔ is keeping his word about treating Yeon👡🎀 as his own daughter. Based on how Nam Jeon👨⚔ treats his son Sun Ho🧖‍♂️⚔, I’d say he is treating her as his own child, unfortunately, it is not the way Seo Geum#️⃣1️⃣🗡 would have treated his family.

    I 💗 that Hwi🗡🛡 rankled Team Evil’s Nam Jeon 👨⚔, but I fear what he might do in retaliation to Yeon👡🎀 and possibly Hwi🗡🛡. It rankled him enough to be the impetus for freeing Sun Ho🧖‍♂️⚔. “Let’s be real, Nam Jeon [👨⚔] cares about saving himself first and foremost…” copy that KJT ❗

    Do I understand correctly that the paper with the family crests found tucked in Seo Geum’s #️⃣1️⃣🗡 armor was the pact to eliminate Yi Seung Gye 🤴🗡❓⁉️ How did Seo Seol end up with half of it❓⁉️ Did Hee Jae’s mother have the pact❓⁉️ Is that why she was killed❓⁉️ Is Hee Jae the daughter of one of the pact signers❓⁉️

    Liked by 1 person

    • While Hwi’s 🗡🛡 plan to turn in the faulty weapons did put Sun Ho🧖‍♂️⚔ at risk, BUT it wasn’t even close to the mortal peril Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔ has put Hwi 🗡🛡 into time after time. Yet, despite all of Sun Ho’s 🧖‍♂️⚔ bad actions, Hwi 🗡🛡 cheered him on to survive when Sun Ho 🧖‍♂️⚔ was out of earshot; another measure of a good man.
      Agree. Sun Ho was whiny about the situation.

      Gotta know…do you like Cheonga’s hair?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I don’t love Cheonga’s hairstyle, but I don’t hate it. I’m not fond of Cheonga’s long bangs covering his eyes, but his unique hair style makes his easy to pick out in a crowd, which is not good if you are trying to be stealthy. Who would have thought the Big Hair ’90s was the 1390s. Oh wait, that was the ’80s. Cheonga was nearly 600 years ahead of his time.

    Liked by 1 person

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