Melting Me Softly Episode 5

Melting Me Softly Episode 5 – The Destiny of 31.5C


Upset over learning Director Son didn’t alert the police about his disappearance due to the cryogenic experiment and didn’t try to find him, Dong Chan goes to Ha Young’s office. Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) asks Na Ha Young (Yoon Se Ah) if she didn’t try and find him too. She counters there was nothing she could do and it was his fault for participating in the experiment. She declares she was sick with worry and alone. She waited for news but none came. Dong Chan counters he thought she’d search for him. Dong Chan says in the police report she didn’t mention the cryogenic experiment. Dong Chan thought because she loved him, she’d be honest. Ha Young confirms she pretended that she knew nothing. She’s suffered guilt for 20 years due to that choice. Dong Chan asks if she’s sorry he came back. She’s shocked. Dong Chan murmurs this is all his fault because he participated in the cryogenic experiment. He starts to walk away. Ha Young asks what she can do. She points out she’s not married because of him.

Good start to this episode. Ha Young made valid points but I can’t accept that Ha Young sold out and didn’t try to find him.

On the rooftop Ha Young remembers moments with Ha Young.

Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) dreams the people pod falls from the sky.

Hot, Mi Ran sticks her head in the fridge.

Hot, Dong Chan sticks his head in the fridge.

CEO Kim and Director Son don’t know what to do to meet Mi Ran’s demands. They look to Dong Chan for help. He provides a litany of actions that Mi Ran could take, none of them good. He offers to meet with Mi Ran.

Dong Chan offers Mi Ran a 3-month internship so she can finish college while she works. Mi Ran wants to become a variety director because her life was ruined by one. She claims the work will help her work through the trauma. Dong Chan agrees. She must bring him 3 ideas for variety shows. She agrees. Business over, Dong Chan asks if Mi Ran is feeling sick. She shares she’s hot all the time. Dong Chan shares that if they don’t maintain the 31.5C/88.7F temperature they thawed at; they could be in fatal danger. Only Doctor Hwang can help them and he must get his memories back to do so. Dong Chan assures her he’ll think of something but they must be careful. Mi Ran tells Dong Chan to be careful too.

CEO Kim and Director Son complain about the situation. Director Son points out that hiding the truth created the situation.

The production team tries to understand how Dong Chan can look the same after 20 years.

Mi Ran’s mother and father worry about their daughter. She’s cold, she has to have fans, and know the air conditioner has broken. Father suggests they meet with Dong Chan’s family.

At the family home, Dong Chan cleans up the other’s mess.  He’s impressed with the stick vacuum. Drunk, his sister doesn’t believe he’s really her brother. Dong Chan heads to work. She wonders if a DNA test should be administered.

Dong Chan notices two guys in a van following him. He turns the tables and blocks them. He asks why they were following him. They claim they weren’t. They claim they were making a delivery. Dong Chan doesn’t believe it. The man can’t believe Dong Chan is so old when he looks at his license.

The men call the assistant and tell him Dong Chan knew he was being followed and his license says he’s 52 years old. The assistant tells his boss that they need to hire professionals. The boss disagrees. The assistant asks if finding Director Lee Seok Du’s people pod would be a better path. The boss believes they can find and kill Doctor Hwang or find the people pod and destroy it. Either way forcing Director Lee to talk is the key.

Dong Chan arrives at the lab. He tells Doctor Hwang’s assistant he was followed but lost them.

Doctor Hwang walks around the lab and looks at the empty people pods. He remembers Dong Chan and Mi Ran in them. Dong Chan says they need to move Doctor Hwang. The assistant asks if he knows of such a place.

Mi Ran’s parents tells Dong Chan’s family what they know. Dong Chan’s mother doesn’t take it well. Mi Ran’s mother counters they didn’t know if their daughter was alive. Mi Ran’s father points out Dong Chan persuaded to do the experiment. Dong Chan’s sister takes offense. She declares their family went broke while they made money. Dong Chan’s sister is adamant they had hope while they had none. Dong Chan’s brother agrees. Mi Ran’s father says they should discuss the current health of Dong Chan and Mi Ran. Dong Chan shows up with the amnesiac Doctor Hwang.

Professor Hwang isn’t happy when Mi Ran doesn’t show to his class. His assistant reminds him that students drop classes all the time. When he sees her walking towards him, he asks his assistant to ask if her mother’s name is Go Mi Ran. The assistant approaches Mi Ran. He returns to Professor Hwang and reports the girl said she’s Go Mi Ran. Professor Hwang clutches his chest. He wonders if she’s a time traveler or reincarnated.

Professor Hwang daydreams that Mi Ran reincarnated just so she could meet him. She declares he is the only man she’ll every love. She tips over frozen.

Mi Ran’s friends, Park Kyung Ja (divorced) and Oh Young Sun (married to Mi Ran’s ex-boyfriend, now Professor Hwang), discuss Professor Hwang indictment at school. Kyung Ja wonders if what will happen when Professor Hwang sees Mi Ran. She knows Mi Ran won’t know Professor Hwang due to the name chance and plastic surgery. Young Sun realizes this could be the cause of the incident her husband just suffered. Kyung Ja suggests they check out the college.

Mi Ran tells the freshmen boys she dropped Professor Hwang’s class because it was boring. She doesn’t understand what a chat room is.

Dong Chan’s mother says they don’t have room to house Doctor Hwang. Mi Ran’s father is willing but her mother doesn’t want him there. Her husband points out they need Doctor Hwang to restore Mi Ran to normal. The families agree Doctor Hwang will sleep at Mi Ran’s family’s house and spend the day with Dong Chan’s family.

Dong Chan asks CEO Kim why he didn’t look for him. CEO Kim explains that the former CEO made the choice for political reasons. He suggests Dong Chan forget the past and let the station compensate him. He offers his car. Dong Chan asks what strings are attached. CEO Kim asks Dong Chan to lie that he was fed up with life and left. Dong Chan protests he wouldn’t do that. He returns the keys. CEO Kim points out his family isn’t wealthy and he’s turning down money.

Dong Chan tries to cope with the push start and new car tech. He gets a new cell phone.

Mi Ran struggles with the technology and the freshmen boys, Hwang Ji Hoon and Baek Young Jun, help her out. Dong Chan says he’ll come to her college. The boys ask about her future plans. She states she’s interning at the broadcasting station. They agree to be friends and be casual.

Dong Chan arrives on campus. The men from before follow him. He spots Mi Ran talking to the students. He stares and her and finds her happy and wonders why. The students split when Dong Chan approaches. He remarks she’s old enough to be their mother. An older man that knew Dong Chan years ago approaches. It takes a moment but Dong Chan remembers him. The man can’t believe that Dong Chan looks the same. He tells Dong Chan he’s married with a grandchild. He gives Dong Chan his card. He doesn’t understand how Dong Chan hasn’t changed.

Dong Chan gives Mi Ran a new cell phone which pleases her. She tells him she has the 3 ideas for variety shows. But that’s interrupted when Kyung Ja and Young Sun call and say they are at the college and want to meet. Mi Ran tells Dong Chan her friends are pretty. He agrees to meet them. But once they fawn over him, he beats a hasty retreat.

The police investigator Young Tak (his sister’s ex-husband) tells Dong Chan the men following him are thugs.

Young Tak eats and she drinks. He tells her to slow down on the alcohol. Dong Chan’s mother tells them to get remarried. Young Tak declares the divorce gave him a better life. She doesn’t like that. Dong Chan’s sister shares that Doctor Hwang the cryogenic experiment doctor is living with them. That gets his attention.

Doctor Hwang’s task is to peel onions.

Kyung Ja and Young Sun share the difficulties of their lives. Young Sun’s conversation with her husband isn’t gentle. She tells Mi Ran he’s a pain. Kyung Ja starts to tell Mi Ran who Young Sun’s husband is but Mi Ran breaks in with what a psycho her ex-boyfriend was. She pities the woman he marries.

The thugs wonder if Dong Chan is really 52 years old. Their mission is to find Doctor Hwang by following Dong Chan.

Kyung Ja and Young Sun agree keeping who Young Sun is married to a secret is best for now.

At the broadcasting station Mi Ran sends Dong Chan emojis that make him smile. Ha Young asks if Dong Chan will be able to get through the interview tonight. He says he must. He declines her dinner invitation.

Dong Chan watches Mi Ran playing with her phone. She draws close to show him what can be done with a phone. The pull between them is palpable. She pulls away.

Finally! A spark!

Dong Chan reviews and rejects Mi Ran’s 3 ideas for variety shows but accept her internship. He points out that now she is his staff. He gives her an assignment. He tells her Doctor Hwang is staying at his family during the day and hers at night. That gets her attention. Ha Young watches them walk out together.

The man following Dong Chan accosts them with a knife in the parking lot. They are placed in a freezer truck. The thugs report they’ll soon know where Doctor Hwang is after applying the cold technique. Little do they know that the cold is welcome to Dong Chan and Mi Ran. Believing they must be frozen the thug enters the freezer. He demands to know where Doctor Hwang is. They claim they don’t know. The thug gets cold. Mi Ran declares she must relieve herself. She and Dong Chan bicker. The thug and Dong Chan fight. Dong Chan pulls off his wig. Mi Ran kicks him where it hurts. They exit the truck. The other thug drives away.

Dong Chan and Mi Ran start walking. They get hot. Mi Ran struggles to stand. Dong Chan gives her a piggy back. She passes out. Dong Chan gets to the main road. He stops a car and asks to be taken to the hospital.

Dong Chan rushes into emergency room and directs the doctor to lower her temperature. Dong Chan cools off too. He watches Mi Ran sleep.

Outside the hospital Dong Chan recalls moments with Mi Ran, her smile, and his concern for her. Ha Young calls Dong Chan. She tells him its time to come to the station. Doctor Hwang’s assistant shows up.

At the broadcast station, Dong Chan gets ready. CEO Kim wishes him well. Ha Young joins him at the interview table. He removes her hand and says he’ll be fine. CEO Kim and Director Son watch from behind the camera.

Ha Young introduces Dong Chan to the audience. She asks where he’s been for the last 20 years. Dong Chan stares into the cameras. He declares he’s the first person to survive a cryogenic experiment.

Mi Ran wakes.

My Thoughts

The story engaged and the camp didn’t annoy this episode. Writer Baek Mi Kyung set the stage for Mi Ran and Dong Chan to feel their first pull of attraction and both actors delivered. Thank goodness. Episode 5 and Dong Chan feels the tug towards Mi Ran and away from Ha Young. Dong Chan was pressured by CEO Kim and Director Son to tow the broadcast station’s line that he disappeared 20 years ago of his own accord. Ha Young interviewed him expecting Dong Chan to declare he got fed up with his life and left to reassess and reappeared after a 20-year absence. But no, Dong Chan couldn’t lie. He claimed he was a survivor of a cryogenic experiment. That will surely have repercussions.

Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) almost lied but couldn’t do it. CEO Kim laid it on thick. Save your family and let the broadcasting station compensate you…if you lie. But when the moment came, Dong Chan had to tell his truth. I respect that. I was thrilled to see a glimmer of chemistry between Dong Chan and Mi Ran. This series needs to deliver romance as a prime part of the storyline for this series to work. I was glad to see Dong Chan pull away from Ha Young. Her lame excuse should not and did not absolve her in Dong Chan’s eyes.

Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) fell prey to the heat. The best moments of this episode were the interactions between Dong Chan and Mi Ran. She was oblivious but felt drawn to him when they locked eyes over her phone. I want their attraction to be mutual. I hope it continues that way. Why shouldn’t they pursue a romance? What’s stopping them? Mi Ran’s interactions with her friends, the boys at school, and Dong Chan have a fun easy vibe. Mi Ran is a bright spot in this series.

Na Ha Young (Yoon Se Ah) had to admit she didn’t look for Dong Chan. I liked that the show opened with Dong Chan’s displeasure with Ha Young for not searching for him. It wasn’t made clear that she accepted a better position to keep her lips shut about Dong Chan’s disappearance. I want him to know that.  Ha Young felt rejection when Dong Chan declines her dinner invitation and pulled away from her touch. She deserves his rejection.  Ha Young felt jealous of the easy rapport between Mi Ran and Dong Chan. Will she make trouble for Mi Ran and Dong Chan?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My rating chart is below:

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3 comments on “Melting Me Softly Episode 5
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was glad Dong Chan 🥶🎬 was indignant at Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 for her playing a role the the coverup of his disappearance. It seemed like Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 skated out of her culpability in the coverup of Dong Chan’s disappearance a little too easily with a lame excuse … I think Dong Chan 🥶🎬 is not aware that she traded her silence for an anchor job … yet.

    It seems the discovery of Ha Young’s deceit did have a detrimental impact on their relationship or was that me, just wishful thinking❓⁉️ SIDE 🎵: If Dong Chan 🥶🎬 cringed at Mi Ran’s 🌬❄ ahjumma friends, wouldn’t he also cringe at Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 as she is older❓⁉️ Even though Ha Young has a professional look, she has to have 6+ years on Mi Ran 🌬❄ and her ahjumma friends. Am I bad if I like seeing Ha Young’s 👩‍⚖🎙 consternation and jealousy 💚 watching Dong Chan 🥶🎬 interacting with the young, vibrant Mi Ran 🌬❄❓⁉️

    I concur that the spark 🌟 between Mi Ran 🌬❄ and Dong Chan 🥶🎬 while they were playing with her phone was palpable AND far more spark 🌟🌟🌟 than we have EVER seen between Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 and Dong Chan 🥶🎬.

    I 💗, 💘, 💖 that Dong Chan 🥶🎬 admitted to being a subject in the cryogenic experiment. I really HATED CEO Kim ♨️💩 bribing Dong Chan 🥶🎬 to lie with CYA motivation. It seemed to me Dong Chan 🥶🎬 made the decision to tell the truth out of his concern for Mi Ran 🌬❄ … “The Truth will set you Free” . . . I just hope it doesn’t put any of them in more danger. CEO Kim ♨️💩 and Director Son 📢💩 now have a better chance to take responsibility for their complicity in the coverup.

    With chemistry between our leads, I’m starting to be excited about the next episode❗


    • Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 skated out of her culpability in the coverup of Dong Chan’s disappearance a little too easily…I think Dong Chan 🥶🎬 is not aware that she traded her silence for an anchor job … yet.

      Am I bad if I like seeing Ha Young’s 👩‍⚖🎙 consternation and jealousy 💚 watching Dong Chan 🥶🎬 interacting with the young, vibrant Mi Ran 🌬❄❓⁉️
      Nope. Ha Young wasn’t vibrant 20 years ago. She’s a subdued woman. Opposite of Mi Ran.

      I concur that the spark 🌟 between Mi Ran 🌬❄ and Dong Chan 🥶🎬 while they were playing with her phone was palpable AND far more spark 🌟🌟🌟 than we have EVER seen between Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙 and Dong Chan 🥶🎬….With chemistry between our leads, I’m starting to be excited about the next episode❗
      I want romance. Give me romance Writer Baek!

      It seemed to me Dong Chan 🥶🎬 made the decision to tell the truth out of his concern for Mi Ran 🌬❄ … “The Truth will set you Free” . . . I just hope it doesn’t put any of them in more danger.
      I agree that his concern for her was a driver. Of course it will put them in danger.


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