Welcome 2 Life Episode 14

Welcome 2 Life Episode 14 Recap

At the hospital where CEO Yun’s mother (Ms. Ji, the mural house victim) is staying (the connection between mother and son is not known) Detective Koo Dong Taek (Kwak Si Yang) asks the nurse who pays for the patient’s room and care. Detective Yang spots a picture on the wall of Mr. Jang and CEO Yun.

Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon)  doesn’t believe his claim there is a parallel universe in which they were married. She scoffs that after the accident, he’s got a screw loose. Lee Jae Sang (Rain) points out his hypnosis, and things he couldn’t have known from this the normal universe but got from the parallel universe.Shi On calls him an accomplished liar. Jae Sang begs her to search through all their interactions for the proof that is there.

Detective Koo asks the nurse about the photo. She explains Mr. Jang and CEO Yun are supporters of the hospital. Detective Koo asks if the woman they just visited has her expenses covered by the Jang/Yun foundation. She won’t divulge that information.

Detective Yang informs Chief Oh, Ms. Bang and Ji Ho that the Ms. Ji said her son’s father named a company after him. Ji Ho agrees to dig for companies called “Sun Woo”. Detective Yang wants them to identify that song Ms. Ji was humming. He hums it to them over the phone.

Shi On thinks back to moments with Jae Sang. She tells herself she’s foolish for considering his story.

At the team meeting, Ms. Bang states Ms. Ji gets double the going rate of support from the Jang/Yun foundation. Ji Ho reports the company named after the child was Sun Woo financial. Ji Ho also produces the song which is from Mr. Jang’s favorite film whose female character is abused but only sees it as love. The name of the character is the name Ms. Ji went by when she was a prostitute. Everyone agrees she was Mr. Jang’s mistress. The problem is where is the child Sun Woo?

Mr. Jang meets with Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min. Lawyer Kang tells him his biggest ally and weakness is CEO Yun. Soon it will be revealed the immunization CEO Yun’s company has worked on is not real. Then everyone will know that the money was syphoned for personal use. Mr. Jang shrugs that Pastor Park will handle the matter. CEO Yun will commit suicide after the guilt of his actions overtook him. Lawyer Kang reminds Mr. Jang that CEO Yun is his son. Mr. Jang retorts that his wife’s child is his only son and it’s time to get rid of the wolf in their midst.

What they don’t know CEO Yun has a bug planted and is listening to their every word. Shaken CEO Yun asks his security man if Pastor Park has been away from the office to find a suitable place to kill him. The security man believes that is the case. CEO Yun realizes his father’s promise to become CEO of the construction company after inauguration was a lie. CEO Yun says his father needs another lesson to remember who his greatest ally is.

Detective Koo finds Ji Ho and Detective Yang enjoying noodles with mayo. Detective Koo assumes they learned it from Detective Ra. Ji Ho informs him, he learned to from Prosecutor Lee.

Detective Koo asks Detective Ra how the hypnosis visit went yesterday. She tells him it was fruitless.

In the search for Sun Woo, they locate a man that worked in the orphanage administration office. Detective Koo and Detective Ra bring him in for questioning. They ask about the 2 high school boys that lived at the orphanage. The administrative assistant corrects there were 3, one of them super smart. One of them registered after his mother was killed.

Flashback…Shi On’s stepbrother Ahn Soo ask Sun Woo why he wants to stay at the orphanage. Sun Woo says he feels an infinity with him because he lost his family too. Ahn Soo promises to be a mentor to Sun Woo who smiles.

Creepy to know CEO Yun was a murderous schemer at this scale from the beginning.

The administrative assistant says after Sun Woo arrived, dead animals with their heads bashed in started being found on the property. That gets everyone’s attention.

Flashback…Ahn Soo and the administrative assistant find another dead animal with his head bashed in from a hammer.

The administrative assistant states that Sun Woo saw a psychiatrist that prescribed medicine. Detective Koo notes the victims were drugged. The administrative assistant states it escalated from animals to children that were injured.

Flashback…Ahn Soo and the administrative assistant are at the hospital emergency room with the injured child. The administrative assistant tells Ahn Soo the child was injured while in Sun Woo’s company. In a stair well Ahn Soo confronts Sun Woo. The Sun Woo claims he couldn’t hurt another but then he changes. Sun Woo smiles. He steps back and falls down the stairs. People assume Ahn Soo pushed him. No one knows the administrative assistant watched it all unnoticed.

The administrative assistant says Sun Woo’s legs, arms and eyes were hurt. Detective Ra recalls the drug, eye drops, the killer dropped when she fought with him. The administrative assistant says Ahn Soo subject of rumors that he was abusing not loving the children. Ahn Soo was worried Sun Woo would do something terrible one day.

Flashback…Ahn Soo tells Shi On that something terrible could happen at the orphanage one day.

Shi On realizes it wasn’t Mr. Jang that murdered her stepbrother, but it was his son, Sun Woo. The team digests what they learned.

Back at bio research lab hell, a humming CEO Yun approached the two women who are chained human lab subjects  One dies in front of his eyes. He sighs. The other lab subject who did not have a negative reaction to the drug, screams in horror.

As the team discusses, Detective Koo suggests that Mr. Jang kept the hammer in his safe to prove he wasn’t the murderer. Detective Koo believes Sun Woo committed the murders for his father and to advance in the company.

CEO Yun and his security men find the campaign headquarters being packed up. In the conference room Pastor Park states Mr. Jang’s first act in office will involve CEO Yun. An event will be held at the mountain where all the bodies were found. Mr. Jang wants to remove any suspicion he had anything to do with the murders. CEO Yun realizes that the mountain is where he’ll be killed. Pastor Park suggests they go to the mountain together to scout suitable hiking trails. CEO Yun agrees. Pastor Park smiles.

Detective Koo shows Chief Oh the complaints filed against Prosecutor Lee by Yulgaek Law Firm. Chief Oh grips his shoulder and says he’ll be the next target then the rest of the team.

Chief Oh ponders in his office. Ms. Bang arrives with items to approve. Chief Oh apologizes for the bad luck of following him to this job. Ms. Bang says that’s for another day, now is the time to work. When Chief Oh opens the folder, he finds a note written by Ms. Bang with his name and hearts all around it. Ms. Bang asks if he wants her declare her love. He’s taken aback. Ms. Bang orders, date me or die.


Jae Sang wonders if Sun Woo will visit his mother and if he should go visit her. He’s surprised when Shi On arrives. She tests him on knowledge. She wants to know what happened in the other universe. She asks if she was killed. Jae Sang won’t confirm this. She believes he is schizophrenic. Jae Sang declares the time in the other universe with her as his wife and Bo Na as their daughter was the best time of his life. He declares he’d give anything to go back.

If it was a coma induced dream, wouldn’t he have to be put in a coma to return to the other universe?

Shi On arrives at Jae Sang’s place. She tests him on her favorite things. He tells her he’d give anything to go back to that time. He offers details on the cases he handed will in the opposite universe, just in case.

Will Jae Sang be in a coma at the end of this series?

Ms. Bang isn’t happy with Chief Oh’s incomprehension. She leaves the office in huff.

The next morning Chief Oh wonders why Ms. Bang is acting strange. He finds Detective Yang, Ji Ho and Officer Ha playing a lie detector game. When he claims he doesn’t like anyone on the team, he’s zapped. Ms. Bang breezes in with homemade macaroons. Everyone takes one. Chief Oh’s green filling is wasabi.

Detective Yang and Ji Ho visit Prosecutor Lee as requested. They tell him at the private hospital, only a skeleton staff remains when the VIP visits Ms. Ji. Prosecutor Lee believes the VIP is both Mr. Jang and Sun Woo.

Detective Ra tells Detective Koo that the work locations of the women victims were all owned by Pastor Park, Mr. Jang’s right-hand man. They wonder if he’s the culprit.

Detective Yang stands guard while Ji Ho infiltrates the computer system. Prosecutor Lee gets their reports via wireless earbuds. Detective Yang rushes in telling Ji Ho someone is coming.

Then he hears it…the humming of THE song. He tracks the humming and sees CEO Yun. He approaches then pretends to be thrilled to see him. He asks why CEO Yun is there. CEO Yun says he’s there on business. As CEO Yun steps towards the elevator, Prosecutor Lee says the name Sun Woo. CEO Yun stops. Prosecutor Lee asks if he’s there to see his mother.

Prosecutor Lee tells CEO Yun he wondered why he joined forces with Mr. Jang. He asks if he killed for his father. Prosecutor Lee lists all the murder victims. CEO Yun feigns confusion. Why would he kill these people? Prosecutor Lee retorts that some people will do anything for a goal. He states he’s got skin in the game because he has someone he must protect. He smiles and bids CEO Yun adieu. But CEO Yun isn’t done with the conversation. He asks Prosecutor Lee if he knows what happens when the human skull upon impact. He describes it. Prosecutor Lee asks for the point. CEO Yun states Prosecutor Lee should find the real killer as he’d hate for something to happen to the person Prosecutor Lee wants to protect. Hearing the direct threat, Prosecutor Lee grabs CEO Yun by the lapels. He assures Sun Woo he’s not Ahn Soo Ho and can’t be manipulated that easily.

Bold move Jae Sang. Not a smart move though.

CEO Yun rages to his security guard that Prosecutor Lee knows who he is. His security guard confirms the police have been investigating him. The security guard says ever since Prosecutor Lee woke from the coma, he’s been a different man – quit the law firm, joined the prosecution, and moved next to a teammate. CEO Yun wants to know who that teammate is.

Jae Sang just put a target on Shi On. 

Prosecutor Lee tells Detective Yang and Ji Ho he’s confirmed CEO Yun is Mr. Jang’s son and Sun Woo. He asks Ji Ho to investigate CEO Yun.

The security guard shows CEO Yun a picture of Detective Ra. He remembers fighting with her outside the orphanage. He laughs. CEO Yun tells the security person is it good to see this person again. He guesses she’s Prosecutor Lee’s Achilles Heel.

Using Prosecutor Lee case notes, Detective Koo pulls the files and Detective Ra is shocked these are all real cases. Officer Ha bursts into the room declaring she has bad news.

When Prosecutor Lee, Detective Yang and Ji Ho arrive the team is gathered. They pretend bad news but Officer Ha smiles and declares Detective Ra will receive an award tomorrow. Prosecutor Lee remembers her receiving the award in the opposite universe and that’s the day she was killed. Only Prosecutor Lee doesn’t share the joy.

Shi On asks Jae Sang why he wanted to see her. Jae Sang claims he can’t make the award ceremony. He tells her to leave town after the ceremony. Shi On scoffs she can’t do that. Jae Sang hugs her and says this one-day mini vacation is his gift to her for not making the award ceremony.

Chief Oh and Ms. Bang meet the arriving officials that will give the award. Officer Ha puts makeup on Detective Ra. Detective Yang has advice on trends.

Jae Sang and Ji Ho work to find what they need on CEO Yun, but they aren’t making progress as hoped. Jae Sang notices Mrs. Jang dropped off a bag for repair on the day she died. He calls the store and asks if anything was found in the bag. A USB drive is the answer.

Jae Sang calls Dong Taek to stick to Shi On like glue. Remembering Jae Sang’s hug of Shi On last night, Dong Taek asks what he’s about. Jae Sang only wants her to have a happy day.

This is looking like the episode one ending where Ji Ho and Jae Sang get in a car crash.

Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min tell Mr. Jang the three potential puppet CEO candidates will arrive shortly.

CEO Yun’s security man informs CEO Yun about the candidates. He notes Prosecutor Lee will make a move soon. He asks what CEO Yun’s plan is. CEO Yun tells him it is time to take care of the problem.

Unable to find a parking spot, Prosecutor Lee gets out of the car telling Ji Ho to park and follow. When he gets on the elevator, a man with a spider tattoo and black cap enters and stands behind him. It’s CEO Yun’s security man.

Shi On gets her award surrounded by the team. Dong Taek remembers Jae Sang’s request he not leave Shi On alone.

CEO Yun’s security man takes a picture of a bound and unconscious Prosecutor Lee.

Mr. Jang, Lawyer Kang, and Lawyer Min interview the three potential puppet CEO candidates. CEO Yun enters and sits at the head of the table. He states this shouldn’t happen without his knowledge. CEO Yun tells him to clear the room. Mr. Jang can’t believe his audacity. CEO Yun sends his father a text. Mr. Jang looks at it. He tells Lawyer Kang the meeting is cancelled. CEO Yun smiles.

Jae Sang wakes to find himself surrounded by men with CEO Yun’s security man staring at him. He recognizes the tattoo and knows this man was there when Shi On was killed in the opposite universe. He nods and the men put a plastic bag over Jae Sang to asphyxiate him.

Mr. Jang demands to know why Prosecutor Lee is being held at his campaign headquarters.

CEO Yun tells his security man to begin. The plastic is sealed around Prosecutor Lee’s neck. The security man live streams. Mr. Jang, Lawyer Kang, and Lawyer Min watch. CEO Yun tells his father that Prosecutor Lee will be dead soon. CEO Yun knows new tenants will arrive in 2 hours. CEO Yun states they will be distressed to find Prosecutor Lee’s body. Mr. Jang demands to know what he wants. CEO Yun says CEO. His father has a choice – let him bury Prosecutor Lee quietly or he’ll bury his father’s honor.

Truly, I don’t mind CEO Yun messing with Mr. Jang.

Dong Taek tells Shi On that Jae Sang called him and asked that he keep an eye on her today. He asks why. The moment is interrupted when Ji Ho calls Shi On and reports that Jae Sang was abducted by a man with a bat tattoo. Recalling Jae Sang’s hypnosis, she knows this is a fact he identified about an evil man.

As Prosecutor Lee gasps for breath, he focuses on Shi On. He thinks “Shi On died in the opposite universe and now I must die in the normal universe. I protected you, that’s enough”.

My Thoughts

Stupid move costs Jae Sang.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong gave CEO Yun all the power in this episode. The flashbacks showed from the start, he was a master manipulator. He made life hell for Shi On’s stepbrother, first by killing his family, second by living at the orphanage and hammer killing animals, hurting other children, then he killed them all. Wow…nothing redeemable about this psychotic slime. In the present, CEO Yun rolled over his test subject victims, his father and Jae Sang. I am IRKED that Jae Sang revealed he knew CEO Yun’s secret. It was a stupid, stupid choice.

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) couldn’t follow a basic rule “All War is deception”. Yes, I understand that Jae Sang is working on borrowed time. But there were a bunch of other ways Jae Sang could have called CEO Yun by his birth name Sun Woo to confirm his identify. Then the intimidating talk delivered by Jae Sang was quickly turned around to CEO Yun intimidating Jae Sang. I couldn’t believe Jae Sang admitted he had to protect someone…target established on Shi On. Jae Sang wants to return to the opposite universe and going into another coma or dying may be his ticket. His last thoughts were of Shi On and how he protected her. But did he really?

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) couldn’t deny the information Jae Sang gathered parallel universe was a valid. Jae Sang hugged her again and she stood there allowing it. She can’t wrap her head around his claims. She knows there is some truth in what he says.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My rating chart is below:

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3 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 14
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m getting a kick out of the bromance 💙 between Detective Yang and hacker Ji Ho.

    I agree JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 tipping his hand to CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ was done out of the overwhelming desire to confirm the whistler was the missing young man they were seeking. I agree with KJT “I am IRKED that Jae Sang revealed he knew CEO Yun’s secret. It was a stupid, stupid choice.” The dark side of me relishes that CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ is blatant about playing Mr Jang 🛢👿, unfortunately JaeSang’s 👨‍💼💼 life is in the balance, it just a matter of where the body will be found (but JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 NEEDS TO LIVE). Yun ⚗👨‍💼 knows that he either succeeds or faces his own death by Mr Jang 🛢👿.

    I concur that JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 admitting he was protecting someone, just blew away all his other efforts to protect ShiOn👮‍♀️👊💢. I believe ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 is convinced about JaeSang’s 👨‍💼💼 sincerity, she is having a hard time wrapping around her head the parallel universe 🌌theory.


    • The dark side of me relishes that CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ is blatant about playing Mr Jang 🛢👿, unfortunately JaeSang’s 👨‍💼💼 life is in the balance, it just a matter of where the body will be found (but JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 NEEDS TO LIVE). Yun ⚗👨‍💼 knows that he either succeeds or faces his own death by Mr Jang 🛢👿.
      I was wondering if they’d put Jae Sang in a coma so he could go to the opposite universe. Father versus son on team evil is fine with me too. CEO Yun is so evil.

      I concur that JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 admitting he was protecting someone, just blew away all his other efforts to protect ShiOn👮‍♀️👊💢.
      To be fair Jae Sang has imploded his progress with emotionally reactions before. He claims protecting Shi On is his number one priority. He undercut all his efforts in a single conversation.


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