Welcome 2 Life Episode 9

Welcome 2 Life Episode 9 Recap

Mr. Jang pushes CEO Yang against a wall and starts to choke him. He demands to know why he should let CEO Yang live.  CEO Yang tells Mr. Jang to kill him. He calls him father. Mr. Jang calls him scum. CEO Yun points out that when he dies, the autopsy will reveal that are biologically related. Mr. Jang gives CEO Yun until the inauguration to make the biotech work or he will die.

Mr. Jang’s security (who works for CEO Yang) watches over a woman in a hospital. She may be CEO Yun’s mother. As he exits, he passes Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon). They both know who the other is. The security guard cringes when a nurse calls to him. Detective Ra looks at the name on the hospital room.

The team grapples with the apparent reality that Lee Da Som assumed Chae Hee’s mother’s life after murdering her. Detective Koo Dong Taek (Kwak Si Yang) and Detective Ra confirm other heard Da Som direct Chae Hee to call her mother and she emulated Chae Hee’s mother in every way. The why escapes them. Having a lifestyle in the normal universe that shames him, Lee Jae Sang (Rain) declares that Da Som hates her former life and must start over. They worry about the child’s safety and put out an amber alert.

Mr. Jang decides if CEO Yun can’t make the biotech work by his inauguration, he’ll commit suicide. Pastor Park promises to take care of the details.

Detective Koo and Detective Ra theorize that Mr. Jang is using the country hospital as a cover for other activities.

Jae Sang and Bo Na discuss an anniversary gift. Bo Na suggests they take a family hike. The babysitter assures Jae Sang she doesn’t mind staying when Detective Ra has to work late. She declares Jae Sang is a wonderful father and husband.

As he waits for Shi On to return home, he understands that he and Da Som aren’t dissimilar in their need to start over. He hears Shi On talking and assumes she’s having a conversation with a lover. He snatches the phone but the man turns out to be a criminal threatening his wife. She chides him. Jae Sang asks why she loved him. Shi On admits she knew he was afraid of being hurt and worth the effort. Jae Sang gives her a back hug and thanks her for loving him. Shi On gives him a hug.


Ji Ho and Detective Yang snipe at each other but hit the jackpot when Ji Ho spies Da Som’s boyfriend in a website for a play. Chief Oh agrees with their assessment. Detective Yang reports that Da Som’s attacker were Chae Hee’s mother’s ex-husband and brother.

Chief Oh calls Jae Sang with the news and directs him to go to the theater to Da Som’s boyfriend.

Detective Koo and Detective Yang interrogate Chae Hee’s mother’s ex-husband. He’s surprised to learn his ex-wife is dead. He explains that he and Chae Hee’s mother’s brother made a mistake when they accosted Da Som, they meant to accost Chae Hee’s mother.

Flashback…Chae Hee’s father declares his wife was pleased when Chae Hee took video stating her mother and Da Som looked like twins.

Chae Hee’s father declares his ex-wife was plotting something nefarious by making Da Som over in her image. He wonders why Da Som killed his ex-wife.

Prosecutor Lee and Detective Ra go to theatre and confirm Da Som’s boyfriend used to work there but left when he broke up with his girlfriend. They learn that his girlfriend was a business woman and paid for his lifestyle.  But when he went to propose to Da Som he came back without that event occurring. After that he avoided Da Som, refusing to see her, even though she’d come to the theatre and beg to see him. He once shared that he was tricked. He thought he loved one woman but it was really another. Detective Koo texts that Chae Hee’s mother used Da Som’s identity to secure loans. Shi On compares the writing on notes by the two different women and realizes the handwriting is identical. Jae Sang shows a picture of Chae Hee’s mother, Chae Hee and Da Som. Chae Hee’s mother is identified as Da Som.

Flashback…Chae Hee’s mother nudges Da Som’s body while Chae Hee watches unseen. The neighbors assume Chae Hee’s mother is the victim but it was really Da Som.

Jae Sang declares Chae Hee’s mother stole Da Som’s life and identity.

Chae Hee’s mother goes to see Da Som’s boyfriend (the one she had the affair with but he thought she was Da Som).

Ms. Bang determine Chae Hee’s mother was deep in debt with criminal counts against her. They get a tip she’s buying a large suitcase. They know she can’t flee the country and wonder if she plans to kill Da Som’s boyfriend (who was actually her boyfriend).

Detective Koo calls Prosecutor Lee and Detective Ra with the news. They realize based on her last location, Chae Hee’s mother might kill him at the flower shop he’d planned to propose to Da Som.

The boyfriend makes tied to a chair. Chae Hee’s mother, Sook Hui, comments that she would have loved it if he’d proposed to her there. He scoffs that she’s Sook Hui not Da Som. She snaps that she’s Da Som. He calls her crazy. She grabs his throat and bends down. She repeats that she’s Da Som. She reminds him he loves her. He calls her crazy. She promises to do anything for him. He orders her out of his life. She states he’ll never have to see her again. She fills a needle. The team arrives. Now he begs her not to do it. The team bursts in. Detective Ra tries to connect with her saying she’s Bo Na’s mother.

Jae Sang thinks back to all the ways he disappointed Shi On and how she still loves him. He tells Sook Hui he understands that she’s only trying to make the one she loves happy. But she’s made mistakes and is destroying herself with the stress of being someone she isn’t. Sook Hui cries. She screams she doesn’t know who she is. Jae Sang counters that she’s Chae Hee’s mother and her daughter needs her. She drops her hands. The team grabs and handcuffs her. Shi On stares at her husband. The team packs up the boyfriend and Chae Hee’s mother.

Mr. Jang campaign involves meeting and eating with the locals. Later he complains about the dreadful food. He yells at Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min for the idea. Pastor Park calls him and ask him to come to the center.

At the police station, officer Ha tells Shi On that the women in the hospital was a bereaved member of the mass murder at the orphanage. Shi On states she needs to go visit. officer Ha tells her not to. What if Mr. Jang catches her? Detective Koo asks what they are talking about. Shi On claims officer Ha has fallen behind with her work. Detective Koo chides her and walks away. officer Ha glares at Shi On.

Shi On enters the woman’s room. Mr. Jang arrives outside. Shi On hears Mr. Jang. She hides.  Mr. Jang enters the room and asks how she’s doing. He tells Pastor Park the woman can’t stay the same. He tells the woman to make his life easy and die. Pastor Park promises they’ll move the woman this month.  He asks if CEO Yun should be informed. Shi On makes a noise. Just as she’s about to be discovered a fire alarm goes off. Mr. Jang and his entourage leave the room. They learn the fire alarm went off. Shi On exits the hospital. Detective Koo pulls up and order his foolish partner to get in.

Shi On thinks about Sook Hui and his wife. He wonders who he really is.  Bo Na interrupts showing him pictures and the letter she wrote for the upcoming anniversary. She declares she’s happy with her parents. Jae Sang tears up, puts his daughter on his lap, and they cuddle.

Detective Koo isn’t happy with Detective Ra’s solo actions. She gently states she wanted to go alone because he’s already done so much for her. Unfazed Detective Koo retorts the Detective Ra putting herself in danger isn’t the way to repay him. He wonders if he means anything to him.

Da Som walks slowly home. She wonders if she made her husband feel the same as she made her partner.

When she arrives home, she hugs Jae Sang. She apologizes for making him worry about her. He tells her their daughter is happy with her parents. That makes her smile. Jae Sang believes he isn’t worthy. Shi On tells him it will be fine. He admits the world seems dreamlike since the accident. But now he knows this is the life he wants. She is the wife he wants. Bo Na is the daughter he wants. She feels the same. He asks for her help. She agrees. He kisses her. She kisses him.

Nice moment between our couple. Jae Sang knows what he wants. Does that mean he’ll lose it?

Detective Ra receives her service award. Everyone is there.

Jae Sang cooks dinner for the family. They love it. Everyone is thrilled it is tasty too. After dinner gives shoes to them. He declares tomorrow they’ll go on the family hike he promised long ago. They have a family hug.

Detective Koo looks at the new gun holster he got for Detective Ra. Ms. Bang spots him and asks if it is a gift. He lies and says it is for himself. Ms. Bang surprises Detective Koo with the observation that one-side love is hard. She admits to personal experience. Her kindness allows Detective Koo to admit that he wishes when he’d had the chance, he’d pursued her with all his heart.

Sweet moment between these two characters.

Mr. Jang isn’t happy to learn that Detective Ra was at the hospital from security. He warns that people that make mistakes tend to have short lives. Pastor Park is troubled by the fire alarm. CEO Yang suggest they move the patient. Mr. Jang counters that it is time for Detective Ra to be reunited with her brother. CEO Yang protests but Mr. Jang says this needs to end. He warns security not to fail.

While Jae Sang sleeps, Shi On prepares for tomorrow’s hiking. She gets a text from an unknown person with an image that is sure to lure. She’s told to come and tell no one.

Shi On arrives alone as instructed. She fends off the attack of one man, but is felled and drugged by two others.

Jae Sang realizes his wife isn’t in bed. He calls to her but no one is there. He wonders where she went.

Shi On is tied up. When Jae Sang calls, the men turn off her phone.

Jae Sang tracks her location. He calls Ji Ho to stay with Bo Na while he goes to his wife’s GPS marker in a rural location. Ji Ho agrees.

Jae Sang sees Shi On’s car and drive behind it. He searches the building and call to his wife. He sees her tied up. He’s struck from behind. Jae Sang is tied up. Shi On and Jae Sang wake to find themselves tied up with their masked captors. Jae Sang asks if Mr. Jang sent him. One of them caress Shi On’s face. He draws a hammer. He steps behind Shi On. Jae Sang begs him not to kills his wife. They both sob. The man swings. Jae Sang screams her name.

Jae Sang wakes in the hospital. Paralegal Moon Ji Ho can’t believe his eyes and rushes to his side. He calls for a nurse and rushes out of the room to get help. Jae Sang gasps his wife’s name.

My Thoughts

Jae Sang loses his wife and wakes up in the normal universe.  This series has stayed in the opposite universe for 8 of the 9 episodes. Originally, I’d imagined we’d have two parallel stories, one in the normal universe and one in the opposite universe showing the kind Jae Sang coping with the normal universe while the selfish Jae Sang coped with the opposite universe. Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong sucked Jae Sang back to the normal universe at the traumatic moment when his wife was likely murdered in front of him.

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) found the life he wanted, then lost it. Jae Sang has struggled for eight episodes with the opposite universe. The soul searching and questioning himself hasn’t stopped. I like that. There wasn’t a flip the switch moment and Jae Sang never doubted his former life. He was able to relate to Chae Hee’s mother for stealing Da Som’s life because she wanted a do-over. He was getting the same opportunity, although it appears it was borrowed time.

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) does not always make smart choices. Shi On was saved during the hospital visit by Detective Koo pulling the fire alarm. Mr. Jang assigned security to get rid of her. This confirms the answer to the question, what happened to her brother? Is he dead or alive? Mr. Jang clearly stated Detective Ra needed to join her brother. I don’t want to get into how completely stupid it was for Shi On to go alone and tell no one. This dumb choice that cost her everything.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My rating chart is below:

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2 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 9
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    When Mr Jang 🛢👿 said to let ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 meet her brother, I initially thought Team Evil had him hidden somewhere … now I realize he must be dead and Mr Jang 🛢👿 wants her dead too.

    ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 had a big warning about working solo when Detective Koo 🕵️‍♂️💔 came to the rescue pulling the fire alarm 📛 … I suppose the curiosity to find out what happened to her brother will be the death of her. I couldn’t help but sob, thinking about poor little BoNa 🚴‍♀️💨, becoming an orphan in that world … who knew JaeSang ‘a 👨‍💼💼 original world, where he is estranged from an alive ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 would be the preferred place to be. Yikes, just when JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 finally figured out what he wants his life to be … maybe that was the purpose of his visit to a parallel universe or dream.

    I wasn’t sure if Chae Hee’s mom or So Dam was the dead doppleganger. I was saddened that JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 was able to relate to the despair of the murderer so well. But recognition of a problem is the first step towards solving it. At least now JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 has a potentional of a loving wife 👮‍♀️👊💢 and daughter 🚴‍♀️💨 to be his incentive. He’ll need it as Jaesang 👨‍💼💼 will have A LOT of work ahead of him, just to gain ShiOn ‘s 👮‍♀️👊💢 trust, let alone love. Having a clear goal helps you overcome hardships.

    Will Detective Koo 🕵️‍♂️💔 be in love with ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 … will it be unrequited or are they already an item❓⁉️


    • When Mr Jang 🛢👿 said to let ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 meet her brother, I initially thought Team Evil had him hidden somewhere … now I realize he must be dead and Mr Jang 🛢👿 wants her dead too.
      I went through the same thought process.

      I suppose the curiosity to find out what happened to her brother will be the death of her…just when JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 finally figured out what he wants his life to be … maybe that was the purpose of his visit to a parallel universe or dream
      I was tense when Jae Sang found her then the terrible moment they realized her death would be the end result.

      Will Detective Koo 🕵️‍♂️💔 be in love with ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 … will it be unrequited or are they already an item❓⁉️
      I wondered the same thing.


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