Welcome 2 Life Episode 8

Welcome 2 Life Episode 8 Recap

It’s family bliss for Lee Jae Sang (Rain), Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) and daughter Bo Na.


Prosecutor Lee overhears Detective Yang and Ji Ho discussing how Detective Koo Dong Taek (Kwak Si Yang) stopped the internal investigation that Mr. Jang wanted to get him fired. They note that Detective Koo did it for Detective Ra not Prosecutor Lee. They worry Prosecutor Lee might return to his old ways.

Prosecutor Lee wonders why he’s still a prosecutor when he considers it a thankless role. He stares at picture of his family and tells himself; this isn’t who he really is. Ms. Bang interrupts to report detective on the raid where stabbed. Prosecutor Lee is immediately worried about his wife.

CEO Yun visits a woman in the hospital. He’s not happy with the news reports that state Mr. Jang’s association with him, is helping him in the campaign for mayor.

Was that his mother?

Prosecutor Lee overhears two nurses discussing how the female detective died. He doesn’t realize they are talking about a character on TV. He’s shocked to find his wife alive. She feels terrible Detective Koo was hurt protecting her.

Flashback…Detective Koo and Detective Ra are fighting criminals. He grabs a criminal who intends to stab Detective Ra from behind. His hand is cut.

Prosecutor Lee orders her not to leave him and Bo Na behind. She cradles his face and smiles. She sees Detective Koo watching and rushes to him making sure he’s okay. He chides for being too slow. She steps asides to take a phone call. Prosecutor Lee thanks him for saving his wife. Detective Koo shrugs that partners protect each other.

Mr. Jang isn’t happy with the less than positive answer CEO Yang gives regarding the biotechnology under development. He slaps CEO Yang in the face ordering him to only give the correct answers or be prepared to die. He reminds CEO Yang that if the truth is revealed, they’ll both go down in flames. CEO Yang declares he’ll make the biotechnology work. He asks for 4 more products. Mr. Jang orders Pastor Park to provide them. Unbeknownst to them, Detective Koo and Detective Ra are watching and taking pictures. One of the guards hears something but Pastor Park calls them back. Detective Koo and Detective Ra slip away. Detective Ra’s police badge is left behind.

Detective Koo and Detective Ra wonder what Mr. Jang has on CEO Yang. Detective Koo urges her to be honest with Prosecutor Lee about their secret surveillance of Mr. Jang. He tells her secrets aren’t good.

Unrequited love…never going to happen Detective Koo…sorry about that.

A woman takes an earring off a woman’s body. She doesn’t know a little girl watches her.

Jae Sang wakes to a note from Shi On stating she’s on a take out. He worries about Detective Koo. He finds a text Detective Koo sent in code.

Ms. Bang arrives at the bullpen to find a mess on the table. She sees the back scratcher and asks if Mr. Galileo was there. Ji Ho confirm it and relates he was crabby. She picks up a brochure on wine and counters he was frustrated.

Detective Koo tries to decode the code. Bo Na “helps”.  He admits her mother is close to someone. Bo Na knows that’s Detective Koo. That doesn’t make Jae Sang feel any better. Bo Na shares a friend, Chae Hee, has been missing school and she doesn’t know why.

When Prosecutor Lee drops Bo Na off at kindergarten, one of her teachers reports Chae Hee needs to be reported as missing. He recognizes the name as his daughter’s friend. The teacher admits the mother sent a text claiming they were moving but she later learned the mother was dead, so someone else sent the text. The teacher guesses it was a woman that might have caused problems previously.

Detective Yang goes to visit the apartment where Chae Hee lived. He’s surprised to run into officer Ha who lives in the neighborhood. They find the apartment but no seems to be there. It smells bad. A lady assumes the are newlyweds viewing the apartment. They recoil in horror. Detective Yang identifies them and asks who is who in a photo. The woman identifies the mother, Chae Hee and Lee Da Som. They woman complains that Da Som sent a text she moving then left everything a mess. The woman reports if the mother is dead, Da Som is the beneficiary of the life insurance. Detective Yang and officer Ha stop the men who arrive to clear out the space.

Certainly, Da Som has motive as the beneficiary.

Back at the police bullpen, they learn that Da Som meet the mother while volunteering at the company CEO Yun runs. Detective Ra suggests they contact him for access to records. Jae Sang doesn’t like the comradery between Detective Koo and his wife.

Jae Sang’s jealousy does add levity.

CEO is livid to learn his research team is failing. He orders them to make it work. He gets a phone call from Detective Ra.

Jae Sang isn’t happy to hear Shi On describe herself as Detective Koo’s work wife. She praises him for investigating Chae Hee’s disappearance. He recalls not do this in the normal universe.

Prosecutor Lee and Detective Ra meet with CEO Yang and Ms. Jo who knew both Chae Hee’s mother and Da Som. They are described as two lonely people that formed a friendship. Chae Hee’s mother approached Da Som first.

Flashback…we see the friendship form. Knowing she’s quitting the company; Da Som begs Chae Hee’s mother to allow her to work at her startup business.

Ms. Jo reports Chae Hee’s mother allowed Da Som to move in with her. CEO Yang states Da Som used to live in the homeless shelter funded by Mr. Jang’s Welfare foundation.

Ji Ho is surprised to find a man’s motorcycle helmet among the apartment’s belongings (moved to the roof of the police station).

Detective Koo and Detective Yang interview a neighborhood shopkeeper that reports Da Som became Chae Hee’s mother duplicate in dress, hair, and makeup. She remembers Da Som being taken away by two thugs. She assumes Da Som owed them money.

I had chuckle when she said Detective Yang looked like a thug.

While Jae Sang takes a call from Detective Koo reporting what they found, she says goodbye to CEO Yang. She asks why he associates with scum like Mr. Jang. CEO Yang shrugs that the end goal of helping others is his focus. Detective Ra remarks that Mr. Jang could tarnish his image. She guesses Mr. Jang is blackmailing him into a relationship. CEO Yang claims she’s wrong.

It’s photo time for the Jang family. He becomes irked when a male assistant blots the sweat off his wife. She looks uncomfortable about what that could forebode. Back at his office, Mr. Jang yells at his wife for her slutty outfit. His son points out that the stylist picked their clothes. Mr. Jang yells at her to strip or he’ll tear the clothes from her.

Being married to him must be a living hell.

Pastor Park presents Detective Ra’s badge and reports she’s been spying on them. Mr. Jang is shown photos of Detective Ra and Detective Koo from their surveillance cameras. Mr. Jang worries they may have discovered the operation site. His security man doesn’t believe the police know. Mr. Jang yells at Pastor Park for letting this happen. Pastor Park suggests Mr. Jang use his influence to get Detective Ra relocated or fired. Mr. Jang yells that will only make matters worse. They need to eliminate Detective Ra. He can’t risk his connection to CEO Yun becoming public.

The team reviews the mens items found. Da Som had a boyfriend who viewed her as beautiful. The insurance company stated Da Som received $1M 3 days ago. They wonder how Da Som murdered Chae Hee’s mother. officer Ha remembers finding empty bottles of nicotine in the trash. She notes one drop in the eye causes blindness. Everyone believes Chae Hee’s life is in danger now that Da Som has the money. Prosecutor Lee notes Da Som seems to be a ghost that can’t be found.

After watching Detective Yang, officer Ha and Ji Ho leave for dinner, Detective Koo sends a text to Detective Ra. Jae Sang can’t ignore the beep on his wife’s phone and reads the coded text from Detective Koo. When Shi On returns to the home, he watches her read the text. He suggests a family dinner. She declines stating police business. She tells him not to wait and leaves.

No surprise but Jae Sang follows and sees Detective Ra and Detective Koo meet. He continues to follow them.

When they enter a dark eatery, Jae Sang has to follow. He’s startled when the team yells surprise. It’s a party for the boy the rich kid beat. He just got out of the hospital. Recall Jae Sang defended the rich kid in the normal universe but in this opposite universe he prosecuted the rich kid and won. He asks how they knew he’d follow them. Shi On states Bo Na knew her father would follow her mother if she met with Uncle Koo.  Jae Sang grouses his daughter betrayed him. The boy and his parents are grateful that Prosecutor Lee won the case. Jae Sang recalls how he brought up the boy’s father’s past in court in the normal universe. Everyone drinks and eats.

Tipsy and happy the team heads home. Ms. Bang sees Chief Oh staring at his phone.

Jae Sang and Shi On walk home. He says he didn’t deserve the meal. Shi On reports she’s getting an award next week. She holds out her hand and says they must live happily ever after. Jae Sang worries he’s not worthy. She tells her husband he can explore the world as he needs to.  She declares she and Bo Na will always be by his side.

Ms. Bang finds Chief Oh thinking about calling his daughter. She urges him to overcome the fear and do so. She gives him tickets to BTS to give to his daughter. She shows him her daughter’s wish for these on social media. Ms. Bang tells him to call and follow her directions. Following Ms. Bang’s script, he does well initially but then things go awry.

The next morning, Jae Sang finds a note Bo Na wrote to her parents. He smiles. She finds him and orders him not to tell Mom. He agrees. Ji Ho calls to report he found the hospital that declared Chae Hee’s mother dead.

Pastor Park reports that the biotechnology experiments didn’t succeed. This isn’t good news for Mr. Jang. He won’t be able to provide the documentation to garner the funding and all his money is tied up in the project.

Jae Sang and Shi On arrive at the hospital Chae Hee’s mother was brought to. It’s the hospital funded by Mr. Jang. The doctor that produced Chae Hee’s mother dead states she died of angina. He recalls two injection marks on her arm when Shi On asks about injection sites. He recalls the woman that brought her in wore a black cap and cried. He states the child acted oddly. She seemed to mixed up if the woman she was with was her mother or aunt.

Flashback…Da Som yells at Chae Hee to call her mother not aunt. The doctor sees this.

Shi On wonders if Da Som forced Chae Hee to call her mother.  Jae Sang realizes something.

Mr. Jang arrives at CEO Yang’s company. CEO Yang sends his workers out of the room.

Jae Sang declares Da Som stole Chae Hee’s mother’s identify and life.

Mr. Jang breaks a glass beaker, pushes CEO Yang against a wall and starts to choke him. He demands to know why he should let CEO Yang live.  CEO Yang tells Mr. Jang to kill him. He calls him father!

My Thoughts

Mr. Jang is a nonredeemable villain.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong has created a villain that has anger issues, esteem issues, bullying issues, is power hungry and violent. There is nothing likeable about this man. Not a glimmer that paints him as a decent person. He is evil. All roads lead to Mr. Jang in this series. We don’t know exactly how all these stories will connect with him, but I’m betting they will. Today the biological connection between Mr. Jang and CEO Yang was revealed.

I’m enjoying the team. Chief Oh and Ms. Bang have an interesting dynamic. Detective Yang and officer Ha keep getting paired. Detective Koo likes Shi On but he’s honorable and longs from afar. And what team doesn’t need a hacker like Ji Ho?

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) suspected Shi On and Detective Koo. Bo Na’s assumption that Jae Sang would follow her Uncle Koo and mother was spot on. Shi On is completely in love with her husband and would never stray at this point in their marriage. But Jae Sang felt the green-eyed monster of jealousy swell and he couldn’t help himself. It was fitting that he was lured to the party to celebrate the victory and life he gave to the boy that he’d destroyed in the normal universe. Jae Sang couldn’t sweep his actions away. It bothered him. Yes, he is changing and evolving.

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) kept secrets. Shi On and Detective Koo are secretly surveilling Mr. Jang. She didn’t tell Jae Sang. She doesn’t know that Mr. Jang knows this. That is a bad combination. Shi On has grown on me these last episodes. The sometimes shrill and physical Shi On has toned down. She’s secure in her love for Jae Sang and he’s acting normal again. They are a solid couple and family. Enjoy it while you can Shi On, it won’t stay like this forever.

The fifth song of the OST is a ballad titled “From Here” by Hong Seok Min:

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My rating chart is below:

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2 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 8
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “They worry Prosecutor Lee might return to his old ways.” Did JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 in the current world have the same proclivities for walking on the dark side as the JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 , who has now come to love ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 and BoNa in this current reality❓⁉️

    I think the hospitalized lady is CEO Yun’s 👨‍💼⚗ mom and the bombshell at the end of the episode informed us that Mr Jang 🛢👿 is his father … was his paternity supposed to be a secret from the CEO❓⁉️ I concur Mr Jang 🛢👿 is a non redeemable villain. Mr Jang’s 🛢👿 violence, especially with his family, is REPREHENSIBLE. Despite family ties, CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ needs to run and hide from Mr Jang

    Yep, i feel bad for detective Koo’s 🕵️‍♂️💔 unrequited love … was it unrequited in the reality that JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 came from❓⁉️ I’m having a hard time trusting Detective Koo 🕵️‍♂️💔, as I can’t seem to get actor Kwak Shi Yang’s portrayal of the plagiarizing villain from “Chicago Typewriter” and betrayer from “Mirror of the Witch” out if my head.

    Who died … Chae Hee’s mom or Da Som? The survivor of the two is the scammer/murderer, should not be Chae Hee’s guardian. What concerns me is one of the insurance policies might be for Chae Hee.

    JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 started the episode saying “this life is not mine” and ending with him wishing it was his life … will he get too comfortable there … when will he return to his own reality❓⁉️ How much lonelier will JaeSang👨‍💼💼 be when he faces his own reality WITHOUT ShiOn👮‍♀️👊💢 as his wife and BoNa 🚴‍♀️💨❓⁉️


    • Mr Jang 🛢👿 is his father … was his paternity supposed to be a secret from the CEO❓⁉️ I concur Mr Jang 🛢👿 is a non redeemable villain. Mr Jang’s 🛢👿 violence, especially with his family, is REPREHENSIBLE. Despite family ties, CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ needs to run and hide from Mr Jang
      CEO Yun lost in the parent lottery.

      I’m having a hard time trusting Detective Koo 🕵️‍♂️💔, as I can’t seem to get actor Kwak Shi Yang’s portrayal of the plagiarizing villain from “Chicago Typewriter” and betrayer from “Mirror of the Witch” out if my head
      I like Detective Koo more than I thought. He is not a schemer and not a whining “can’t get the girl” second lead.

      JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 started the episode saying “this life is not mine” and ending with him wishing it was his life … will he get too comfortable there … when will he return to his own reality❓⁉️
      He’s definitely comfortable…it can’t last forever.


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