Welcome 2 Life Episode 7

Welcome 2 Life Episode 7 Recap

The man that killed the orphan Ban Ji, that may have killed another, and could possibly be connected to the orphanage murders 10 years ago, steps to the edge of the multistory construction site. He tells Detective Koo, Detective Ra, and Detective Yang he’ll show them his faith in the god. He deliberately falls backwards to his death.

Ms. Yak, the orphanage director, weeps over Ban Ji’s body at the morgue.

Forensics officer Ha Min Hee reports the man had his will and cyanide on himself when he did. In other words, he planned to kill himself.

Ms. Yak prostrates herself with grief in front of the reporters. Detective Koo and Detective Ra notice her shirt is inside out but it wasn’t at the morgue. Prosecutor Lee realizes that Ms. Yak is playing to the reporters. He’s right. Ms. Yak smiles to herself as the reporter swarm her.

Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min detail the creative tactics Prosecutor Lee used to get the dash cam video. Mr. Jang looks at Prosecutor Lee’s profile with interest.

The team gathers to discuss the possibility that Ms. Yak orchestrated the murders. Detective Yang believes Ms. Yak may have controlled the man through religion. Ms. Bang reveals the man and Ms. Yak knew each other from school days. Ji Ho finds negative comments about Ms. Yak accusing her of murdering children when she was a nurse. Chief Oh orders the team to start fresh and investigate the case with a different perspective.

Detective Yang’s guess that Ms. Yak controlled the man with religion is correct, but what did he base that on?

In bed, Jae Sang tells Shi On he understands losing the man, a potential link the murders 10 years ago must hurt. Jae Sang assures Shi On she doesn’t have to be strong all the time. He’ll support her when she’s not strong. Shi On cries and Jae Sang cradles her against his chest. She admits she’s tired of the fight to solve the murder and fears she’ll never solve the crime. Jae Sang comforts his wife.

Nice scene. Strong people have a difficult time being vulnerable.

The next morning Bo Na is hopeful her dad will win her a bicycle in the games at school. Jae Sang gets a text from Lawyer Kang stating they have unfinished business.

Detective Koo and Detective Yang talk to the man’s sister, specifically about Ms. Yak. The sister admits that Ms. Yak is scary and loves attention. She details that her brother had chronic pain and Ms. Yak welded religion and illegal drugs to control him. The sister is sure her brother murdered on Ms. Yak’s orders.

Prosecutor Lee meets with Mr. Jang, Lawyer Kang and Pastor Park. They offer a generous compensation package to act as Mr. Jang’s construction firm’s lawyer. Prosecutor Lee points out his wife hates Mr. Jang. Undeterred Mr. Jang points out that if Prosecutor Lee doesn’t accept his offer, he’ll provide the evidence so that his wife will be forced to arrest her husband. Lawyer Kang states the evidence has been sent to the police and if Prosecutor Lee declines the offer, it will be utilized.

Detective Ra and Detective Koo interrogate the woman that wrote the negative comments about Ms. Yak while Prosecutor Lee and Chief Oh watch. The woman was a nurse at the same hospital as Ms. Yak. She describes Ms. Yak’s flair for dramatics including practicing to be grief stricken and drugs likely used to kill the young patients. Detective Ra is dismayed the hospital management elected to fire Ms. Yak versus bringing the matter to the police. After Ms. Yak was fired, she went to work for another hospital, the same hospital the orphanage victims were brought 10 years ago. Prosecutor Lee recalls running into Nurse Yak the night of the orphanage mass murders.

Ms. Yak relishes the condolences of everyone. She agrees to speak with a reporter that evening.

The team discusses why Ms. Yak became a murderer. Detective Koo puts it simply; her upbringing made her a love starved monster. Detective Ra points out that Ms. Yak won’t stop killing because the attention is addictive.  Ji Ho hacks Ms. Yak’s credit card records to find she’s buying baby formula. Prosecutor Lee puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Ms. Yak makes ice cream and will feed it to her lactose intolerant orphan Yoo Rim to kill her. Detective Yang reports Ms. Yak is going live with the targeted orphan.

Sure enough, Ms. Yak goes live with her and cries that Yoo Rim gets sick when she eats. Her performance earns her accolades from the viewers.

Chief Oh points out they need evidence. Prosecutor Lee states they need more than that.

Ms. Yak screams at Yoo Rim for NOT throwing up during the live show. Ms. Yak makes the baby formula and forces it into Yoo Rim. Then she rushes to the street screaming the Yoo Rim is sick. The reporter and camera crew arrive, catching it all on tape. The reporter surprises Ms. Yak demanding to know why she gave Yoo Rim dairy when she can’t handle it. The crowd is displeased. The police and ambulance arrive. Detective Koo puts Ms. Yak under arrest for murder and abuse.

Flashback to earlier in the evening…Prosecutor Lee tells the team Ms. Yak needs to live in hell for her actions. Ji Ho turns the computer camera on and records Ms. Yak’s interaction with Yoo Rim AND broadcasts it live. The public is outraged and the reporter quickly heads to Ms. Yak’s home.

Ms. Yak claims she didn’t do anything wrong. Detective Koo arrests her and puts her in handcuffs. They take her away.

Prosecutor Lee is impressed with the negative feedback on the internet and shows Ms. Yak. He asks if she likes negative attention. He asks how she could kill those dependent on her. Ms. Yak doesn’t care. Prosecutor Lee points out she’ll be remembered as the murdering nurse and orphanage director. He declares she’s an attention junkie. Ms. Yak screams. She says Prosecutor Lee is the same as her. She points out he used her for the same purpose during the press conference. She laughs and says she remembers him.

Flashback…Nurse Yak tells Officer Ra that the last victim of the orphanage murders died. Officer Ra happens to overhear Prosecutor Lee say he lied to Officer Ra about the thug with the drug to get her off that point. Nurse Yak realizes Officer Ra is the woman the two men are discussing. Officer Ra hands tighten as Prosecutor Lee comments that she’s too emotional but should calm down as she matures.

Ms. Yak makes the point that Prosecutor Lee isn’t without issues in handling things. Jae Sang realizes Shi On is watching and listening. He stares at where she must be standing behind the two-way mirror.

She made a good point.

Forensics officer Ha Min Hee takes Detective Koo aside and shares the news that an investigation into Prosecutor Lee is underway and those instigating it work for Mr. Jang.

Jae Sang is forced to look at how he behaved and it isn’t a pretty picture. Shi On finds him. They walk and hold hands. Jae Sang asks why she took him back when he was such a jerk. Shi On admits his sincerity over his actions won her over.

Flashback…Jae Sang asks Shi On to take him back. He promises to change his ways. He asks her to teach him how to be a better man.

Jae Sang asks if he was good student. Shi On admits he was an excellent student. He shared her pain. He supported her. She says taking him back was the best decision she ever made. She tells him to put today’s incident behind them. She holds his hand. He covers her hand. They smile.

Best scene this couple has had. I liked both of them in that moment.

Lawyer Kang calls asking what Prosecutor Lee will do. Lawyer Kang provides a 5pm deadline or else they’ll ramp up the investigation.

Jae Sang considers. Shi On reminds him that today is the family sporting event, the one Bo Na hopes they’ll win the bike for her. She tells him to be there by 5pm. Jae Sang states he’s joining Yulgaek Law Firm and if he doesn’t meet them by 5pm, everything will implode. Shi On is not happy with her husband’s decision.

Jae Sang walks with Bo Na. She’s excited about her parents winning her the bike. Jae Sang doesn’t tell Bo Na per his agreement with Shi On. He states he’ll buy her another bike if things don’t work out, but Bo Na doesn’t want another. She tells him help Mom be happier.

Detective Yang and Officer Ha bicker about how they smell.

Romance in the offing for these two?

Ms. Yak pretends to struggle to eat her lunch in the police bullpen. An officer undoes her handcuffs. She snatches a gun she saw put in the desk drawer, grabs a hostage, and put the gun to her head. Detective Yang pushes Officer Ha out of the way then points his gun at Ms. Yak. She demands he drop it, reminding him that she’s a killer. Detective Yang drops his gun. Ms. Yak demands his car keys.

Detective Koo is notified Ms. Yak has escaped. Detective Ra and Ji Ho look up at the news.

Bo Na’s babysitter leaves her alone in the grocery store for a moment. Someone approaches Bo Na.

Just as Jae Sang arrives to talk to Mr. Jang, he receives a frantic call from Shi On that Ms. Yak has kidnapped Bo Na.

Ms. Yak calls him to say he’ll remember her forever now. She promises to kill Bo Na in 30 minutes. Jae Sang vows to find her first. She laughs. He vows to destroy her if she hurts Bo Na.

The team tries to locate Bo Na. Jae Sang arrives and barks out orders. Shi On cries.

Ms. Yak tells Bo Na she’s taking her to kindergarten because her parents are busy.

Ms. Bang traces the phone call to a public phone. They try and guess where Ms. Yak went.  They deduce that she’s heading to her deceased father’s site with construction materials. Shi On realizes that’s where the orphan must have been killed and now Bo Na is being taken there.  They head to their cars.

Ms. Yak arrives at the site and takes Bo Na out of the car. She tells Bo Na she’s to play in the sand. Bo Na realizes this lady is not friends with her mother.

The team speeds to the location.

Ms. Yak looks threatening at Bo Na. The little girl backs away.

The team has the sirens blaring.

Ms. Yak puts an unconscious Bo Na on the table.

The team arrives. They disperse. Shi On finds Bo Na’s shoe. They rush to the building.

Ms. Yak flips Bo Na and raises a hammer. The team bursts in the room. Detective Koo and Detective Yang aims their guns and order her to drop the hammer. Shi On screams at the sight of Bo Na on the table. Ms. Yak yells they’ll have to watch their daughter die. Jae Sang laughs. Ms. Yak is stunned. He taunts her the table legs will collapse with the blow and his daughter won’t be hurt. He asks Detective Koo isn’t that true. Ms. Yak yells they’ll find out. As she goes to hit Bo Na, Detective Yang and Detective Koo fire at the table legs which collapse. Bo Na rolls to the floor. Shi On and Jae Sang are there in an instant. Ms. Yak is enraged. She rushes to Bo Na. Shi On decks her. Detective Yang and Detective Koo handcuff the screaming woman.

Bo Na wakes in her father’s arms. Mom and Father are relieved. Bo Na starts to sob. Jae Sang hold his daughter tightly and assures her everything is fine.

In the ambulance Bo Na asks what time it is. She wants to win the bike with her parents. Shi On refuses stating the hospital is where she’s going. Jae Sang puts his hand in his wife and shakes his head no.

The family arrives at the event with determined looks on their faces.

LOL, the music in the background and the slow-motion struts!

Detective Koo meets with Mr. Jang and Lawyer Kang. He tells them to stop the investigation. He has some evidence that isn’t favorable to them. He offers to destroy the evidence is they stop the investigation. Mr. Jang wants to know why Detective Koo is getting his hands dirty to protect Prosecutor Lee. Detective Koo retorts you protect your family.

At the family day, Jae Sang and Shi On compete to the cheers of Bo Na. It’s time for the 3-legged race. Shi On and Jae Sang are in costumes. They vow to fight to the end. They win! The bike is theirs. Bo Na is over the moon with joy.

At home, they all nestle in bed and look at the hard-won bike. Bo Na wants it on the bed with them. She relents at her mother’s face. She nestles between her parents to sleep. Jae Sang kisses the women he loves. He internally vows to protect them no matter the odds.

A drunk woman staggers home in the dark of the night. She is accosted.

Someone stares at an evidence board with pictures of Jae Sang, Shi On and Bo Na.

My Thoughts

Best episode of the series so far.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong made it personal when Bo Na was kidnapped. Ms. Yak was a dreadful person. I’m going to overlook that she wasn’t in a cell when she was eating. Color me surprised that Detective Koo went to Mr. Jang and Lawyer Kang. I doubt Prosecutor Lee confided in him, so he must have heard about it via Detective Yang, Officer Ha and the grapevine. Did he do it to protect Shi On because he’s in love with her? Ms. Yak had to be a copycat killer. Who is the real orphanage killer?

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) was ready to acquiesce to Mr. Jang’s demands but fate stopped him. Bo Na’s kidnapping the incident that made Jae Sang fully commit to his family. It was a bitter pill when Jae Sang got a taste of his own medicine. He’s less than ethical ways put him in the position to be blackmailed. Ms. Yak hated him for exposing her in the public spotlight. Jae Sang seems to like waving red flags in front of bulls. But that tactic almost cost him his career and daughter. I’m assuming that Detective Koo stepped into the situation with Jae Sang’s knowledge. What will Jae Sang think when he learns of the turn of events? While you’d prefer Team Good to be circumspect, sometimes you have to get dirty to beat Team Evil.

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) almost lost her daughter. Shi On went through the wringer when Bo Na was kidnapped. I appreciated that she and Jae Sang arrived at the site and starting yelling for their daughter like real parents would. No silent approach, they were in full on panic mode. The actress that plays Bo Na is growing on me. Her scene with Jae Sang, with her parents in the ambulance, and the family strut into the kindergarten were well done.

The fourth song of the OST is a pretty ballad titled “I Know It’s You” by JeA:

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My rating chart is below:

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2 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I think Ban Ji’s killer was the orphanage contract killer, contracted by Mr Jang 🛢👿. Ms Yak finished off the survivors for her own pleasure.

    Holy Cow the way they exposed Ms Yak by hacking her computer and live streaming the mistreatment of the little girl. It may not have been legal, but it sure seemed right.

    Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 was jarred hearing from child murderer, Ms Yak, that Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢 overheard how he slopped through the orphan home case, where her niece was a victim. He realized what a jerk he has been and that Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢 knew too. Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 was just lucky Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢 was swayed by his words to take him back.

    It was truly terrifying to have Ms Yak kidnap Bo Na 🚴‍♀️💨 and plan to kill her as revenge.

    I believe Dective Koo 🕵️‍♂️💔 went to bargain with Mr Jang 🛢👿 because he is in love with Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢 … enough to do the thing that would Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢 happy, even if it wasn’t with him. I’m afraid it will come back to bite him.

    Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 wants to protect his family, can he straighten up and fly right❓⁉️ I don’t want Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 in Mr Jang’s 🛢👿 hands.


    • It may not have been legal, but it sure seemed right.
      Sounds like a slogan for a tshirt!

      It was truly terrifying to have Ms Yak kidnap Bo Na 🚴‍♀️💨 and plan to kill her as revenge.
      Bo Na has definitely grown on me.

      Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 wants to protect his family, can he straighten up and fly right
      That’s THE question.


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