Welcome 2 Life Episode 5

Welcome 2 Life Episode 5 Recap

Lawyer Kang reports the arrests of Pastor Park, the political crony, the doctor, etc. to Mr. Jang. He makes a call to cut those people loose.

Detective Koo and Detective Yang watch the political crony walk away due to immunity that was granted.

The political crony is upset his son (heart transplant recipient) is not doing well.

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) wakes. He’s naked. He can’t believe he slept with his wife. He steps into the breakfast but Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) only smiles. When his daughter sports the hairpin, he tries to get it from her. Bo Na runs behind her mother. Shi On sees the hairpin and takes it out of her hair. She sends Bo Na to her room. Jae Sang is worried he bought the pin for another woman (mistress). But that clearly isn’t the case when Shi On hugs him declaring his thoughtfulness and that “she’ll love it.”

Jae Sang and Shi On arrive at the Charnel House.  Shi On says hello to her niece. Jae Sang is shocked the little girl looks just like Bo Na. Shi On smiles and states Se Rin and Bo Na look more alike the older Bo Na gets.  He remembers the note to Se Rin.

The political crony is found dead in his car.

Shi On tells Jae Sang Se Rin would be 17 years old today and she’d promised her a hairpin when she started high school. Shi On apologizes for not finding Se Rin’s father and the person that killed her. She promises that person will go to jail. She promises when that happens Se Rin’s father can come home. Jae Sang realizes Shi On’s brother has been accused of murdering his daughter Se Rin.  Detective Koo calls Jae Sang and reports the political crony is dead.

This is a needed layer to Shi On and the series. So far Shi On hasn’t drawn me in. Nothing like the search for justice to help.

Prosecutor Lee and Detective Ra arrive. Ho Forensics officer Ha Min Hee gives them the suicide note that states the unforgiveable was done while trying to save his son but because that’s failed, life is over.  Officer Ha reports Ms. Jo died last night too.

Flashback…at the police station someone poisons Ms. Jo’s food. She dies.

Officer Ha states Ms. Jo was allergic to something in her soup. Detective Yang points out there’s no one to indict. Detective Ra declares this is Mr. Jang’s doing.

Mr. Jang thanks Lawyer Kang to helping release Pastor Park and ensuring the doctor won’t talk. Detective Ra bursts into his office. She declares a gangster shouldn’t become mayor. She says the deaths of Ms. Jo and his political crony are suspiciously helpful for him.  Mr. Jang claims people die when fate calls them. She laughs and warns him his luck will run out. Mr. Jang warns her she could die too.

Detective Koo is surprised when Prosecutor Lee asks for details of Se Rin’s death. Why doesn’t he remember? Prosecutor Lee claims the since the accident, he’s had memory issues, but hasn’t told anyone about this.  Detective Koo accepts the lie. He states Se Rin is victim of the orphanage mass murder case. This is a case Prosecutor Lee worked when he was a newbie. Se Rin’s father is Ahn Su Ho, orphanage’s director and accused murderer.

Shi On stares at a picture of her brother, wife and young Se Rin.

Detective Koo states Su Ho is Shi On’s older brother.

Flashback…Shi On is thrilled she and Jae Sang will be working near each other.

Flashback…Shi On and Officer Ha watch Mr. Jang deny all the charges of the citizens. Shi On’s brother clearly states that Mr. Jang sent thugs and is lying. Mr. Jang calls him the angel doctor. Shi On’s brother demurs that he runs a small orphanage. He demands that Mr. Jang bring a fair proposal or he’ll block the development by refusing to sell. Mr. Jang warn him not to do that. Shi On’s brother points out that Mr. Jang is at a financial pivot point due to the dollars he’s committed to this development. Mr. Jang is clearly displeased.

Flashback…Shi On teases her brother about his stellar performance. SH teases they have different mothers but the same father. In a serious turn he vows to walk her down the aisle when she marries. Shi On smiles that she might be marrying sooner rather than later because she’s dating someone special.

Flashback…Shi On and Se Rin have a special bond and her brother smiles watching his daughter and sister interact. Se Rin admits she wants a pretty jeweled hairpin. Shi On promises to purchase her one when she starts high school.

Flashback…Shi On finds her brother in a trashed orphanage. He tells her Mr. Jang sent thugs to make trouble so he’d sell. He worries that worse things may happen. He begs her to investigate if something bad happens. Walking back to the orphanage she sees a sigh for a self-defense course. Arriving at the orphanage she smells gas. A masked man exits the house. They fight. He knocks her down. She enters the orphanage. She’s bleeding.  She enters the bedroom. Every child in their bed is dead. Another building goes up in flames. She screams for him and Se Rin.

Jae Sang watches Shi On in the kitchen recalling Detective Koo’s words that she must find her missing brother.

After support he takes her for a walk. He tells her she doesn’t have to be so strong; she doesn’t accept his comfort. Believing he’ll return to the normal universe when the man in the hospital wakes in 2-3 days, he offers Shi On anything she wants. She only wants to walk with her husband and hold hands. He takes her hand and they walk. Jae Sang says he’ll be different in a couple of days and she’ll need to remind him she likes walks holding hands, and she needs him. He calls her pretty. He kisses her forehead and says it was nice meeting her. They hug.

I’d find it odd that my husband of many years would say it was nice to meet you.

As Pastor Park is released, he viewed a news report about the young CEO Yun arriving in Korea. He smiles.

CEO Yung is greeted by reporters at the airport. He smiles and answers their question. But when Mr. Jang arrives CEO Yung’s smiles becomes forced as Mr. Jang tells the reporters he’s sponsored CEO Yung for a long time. He infers they are co-planners of the company.

Mr. Jang chastises his wife for her looks while CEO Yung can only watch. Nervously his wife apologizes for taking the stylists’ advice. Mr. Jang warns her to do better.

Later CEO Yang tells Mr. Jang he didn’t appreciate the blind side at the airport. Mr. Jang hands over the invoice for the construction and tells him $35M is also expected.

What leverage does Mr. Jang have over CEO Yang?

Moon Ji Ho teases Detective Yang about his age.  Detective Yang isn’t thrilled.

Prosecutor Lee arrives at work with the trash bag not his briefcase. Ms. Bang watches as he feels the pull of the vortex. He falls to his knees. He sees the man in hospital bed being jolted. He’s pulled back and falls onto his back. He faints.

Prosecutor Lee wakes in the emergency room. Ms. Bang, Ji Ho, and Detective Yang are there and report the doctor says he’s fine. Prosecutor Lee wonders why he felt a jolt. They visit their co-worker in a coma and learn CPR was administered recently. The wife says the doctor doesn’t have a positive outlook. Mr. Kim may be brain dead.

Prosecutor Lee can’t believe it. Will he be stuck forever in this opposite universe? Shi On finds him and hugs him relieved that he is physically okay. She’s concerned.

A woman waits for her daughter to come home on a dark rainy night. The young girl meets a man. He looks menacing.

Jae Sang compares his current life to the normal universe life of quiet and comfort. His dismayed to learn he is expected to wear a superhero costume at Bo Na’s fair. He snaps he’s not interested. He and Shi On snipe at each other. That ends when Shi On gets a call her brother may be back.

At the field, the team examines the body of the young girl. Detective Ra states the body is positioned a similar manner to the bodies at the orphanage. Officer Ha states the blunt force is similar to the orphanage. Detective Koo states the young girl lived at an orphanage. The woman arrives and is grief stricken.  Jae Sang realizes he’s seen the mother but can’t place where. Someone from the crowd throws an egg at the woman.

Detective Koo states the woman, Ms. Yak, is the director of the orphanage. One of the orphans serves the team. They notice she has a tick. Ms. Yak states this is her first orphan. The girl leaves. Detective Koo asks why someone would throw an egg at her. She explains she won’t sell to her property and therefore the town sees her as blocking progress. Ms. Yak states Mr. Jang considers her an enemy. She admits she’s been threatened.

Flashback…Mr. Jang warns her that she’ll be swept away once he wins the election. He reminds her that those that opposed him 10 years ago were also swept away. He doesn’t want the same to happen to her and the orphans. He advises her to give into his demands.

Officer Ha reports that the victim wasn’t killed in the field. There was sand similar to that used at construction sites on the victim.

Lawyer Kang text Prosecutor Lee pictures of the men Ji Ho hired to attack Ms. Jo and tells him to come to the law firm.

Detective Ra and Detective Koo visit the construction site of the development. She says everything is similar to the past.

Flashback…Arriving at the orphanage Jae Sang finds Shi On with her head bandaged. He asks what she knows. She decides not to tell him the suspect is her brother to avoid bias. She is emphatic the director didn’t kill everyone. Jae Sang points out the director’s body isn’t there and he is missing. Shi On declares Mr. Jang, the one who gains from this incident is the perpetrator. She explains about the pivot point Mr. Jang is at.

Flashback…Mr. Jang admits he sent men over but not that day. He offers the bill of sale the director signed. He chuckles the director made a tidy sum in the sale. Shi On can barely restrain herself. As Mr. Jang leaves the police station, Shi On says he’s the killer. Mr. Jang says she’s not even a detective. Shi On promises to prove it yelling it wasn’t her brother.

Pastor Park and CEO Yang approach Detective Koo and Detective Ra stating they aren’t allowed on the construction site. CEO Yang asks what’s the problem. Detective Koo explains a murder was committed nearby and they are visiting all the business in a radius. CEO Yang states he’ll ensure they can look around and offers his card if they have questions.

Liking the potential for CEO Yang to help team good.

Prosecutor Lee arrives at the law firm. He flashes back to being made partner. He meets with Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min. He’s unapologetic about his tactics. He insults Lawyer Min’s abilities. Lawyer Kang declares he isn’t the same man. He offers Prosecutor Lee a job. He declares he avoid respectable people but embraces those that intimidate.

Later Jae Sang stares at his badge, family picture, and possibility this could be his life permanently. He tells himself to decide what he wants.

Chief Oh chews out the team for letting Ms. Yak get hit by the egg. Officer Ha explains (using Detective Yang) that the victim was hit on the back of her head. Chief Oh points out that the method the victims were killed 10 years ago was never revealed. Detective Ra points out that Mr. Jang could be behind this. Once again he needs the orphanage director to agree so he can continue a development. Chief Oh doesn’t believe it is a strong motive. Officer Ha points out they’ll have to search the nearby construction site to match element on the victim.

Prosecutor Lee is distracted throughout the meeting. He recalls Lawyer Kang telling him that his future will be to take over Chief Oh’s thankless role. He looks at Chief Oh when asked his opinion. He tells himself to decide what he wants to do with his life. Prosecutor Lee declares he doesn’t care either way. He’s decided to quit…today.

My Thoughts

Mr. Jang is so evil but the police can’t prove it.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong provided a ton of flashbacks to Shi On’s backstory with her brother who was accused of murdering the orphanage occupants. Now the current orphanage director is being threatened but Chief Oh doesn’t see a strong connection? Really?! CEO Yang wants to free himself from Mr. Jang’s hold, will he be willing to help team good? Will team good recognize his implicit offer?

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) decided to join to team evil for the money. Believing he’d be returned to the normal universe in a couple days, Jae Sang worked like a demon to do all he could. But when the man’s body went into a potentially permanent coma, Jae Sang realized if he went back he could be trapped in a comatose body. Lawyer Kang’s timing of a lucrative offer to join his law firm was perfect. Tired of the underpaid fight with team good, Jae Sang decided to join the other side. My problem with Jae Sang is this…using his tactics helped not hurt team good, so he’s learned nothing there. He’s falling in love with his wife and daughter, but he can’t give them the lifestyle they want, so he’s accepted the job offer, so he’s learned nothing there either. Bottom line – Writer Yoo has yet to open Jae Sang’s eyes that the way he was living before wasn’t morally optimal and unsatisfying. This move to the law firm should do that, but watching him leave team good won’t be fun.

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) finally had her backstory with her brother revealed. I’m feeling a little nitpicky that Writer Yoo employed so many flashbacks in a single episode, dumping the backstory on the viewers versus spreading it out (and starting in an earlier episode). That nitpick aside, I’m glad to understand what the central issue is between Mr. Jang and Shi On. It’s a compelling one. Mr. Jang framed and potentially kidnapped/killed Shi On’s brother for a bunch of murders including his own wife and daughter. I’d hate Mr. Jang too. This series does not lack for a central villain. Mr. Jang is the opposite universe’s villain where Mrs. Seok was the normal universe’s villain. Switching plot points, I enjoyed the moments of couple bliss for Shi On and Jae Sang. We got to see the softer side of Shi On.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My rating chart is below:

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4 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 5
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO … Shi On’s 👮‍♀️👊💢 backstory was compelling and Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 was completely oblivious to it, eventhough they were dating at the time, based on the assumption that both “worlds” are had similar things happen. No wonder Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢 considers Mr Teflon Jang 🛢👿 to be public enemy #1 … murdering innocents is simply the worst! I concur with KJT’s nitpick regarding the multitude of backstory flashbacks 📸 that should have been revealed earlier.

    “he’s [Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼] learned nothing there. He’s falling in love with his wife and daughter, but he can’t give them the lifestyle they want, so he’s accepted the job offer, so he’s learned nothing there either.”-KJT

    After Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 learned Si On’s 👮‍♀️👊💢 backstory, color 🖍 me baffled 🤔🥺 that Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 thinks money 💸, from the corrupt law firm, that represents Shi On’s 👮‍♀️👊💢 arch nemesis, is the solution to making life better for his family. That decision will become a HUGE wedge between him and Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢. Why can’t Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 see that going back to the behavior of his own reality separated him from Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢, which will repeat the cycle❓⁉️ Does Jae San 👨‍💼💼 think he will not be tainted by the corruption of the law firm and the stench of Mr Jang 🛢👿❓⁉️

    I was also glad to see the softer side of Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢. I think that side will disappear when she realizes what he is doing❓⁉️ I suspect Mr Jang 🛢👿 is Shi On’s nemesis in Jae Sang’s 👨‍💼💼 reality as well…we haven’t seen her perspective in his reality.


    • No wonder Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢 considers Mr Teflon Jang 🛢👿 to be public enemy #1 … murdering innocents is simply the worst!
      Nothing worthwhile about Mr. Jang as far as I can see.

      I suspect Mr Jang 🛢👿 is Shi On’s nemesis in Jae Sang’s 👨‍💼💼 reality as well…we haven’t seen her perspective in his reality.
      Yes, I’m surprised there hasn’t been shifts between the universes (ala W or Tunnel).


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I read something about th his drama before I started it that led me to believe he would be going back and forth between th he worlds.

        The question is are there really two worlds or is Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 on a coma dreaming what could have been ala It’s a Wonderful Life❓⁉️


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