Welcome 2 Life Episode 4

Welcome 2 Life Episode 4 Recap

The team gathers to review the latest on the case. Prosecutor Lee Jae Sang (Rain) has a different idea of what puzzle the pieces create. He suggests the father and Ms. Jo are working together. He believes the daughter isn’t dead, as they only found her hand. Therefore, the father and Ms. Jo AND the daughter are working together. The others gasp.

Bo Na, Prosecutor Lee’s daughter, schools her fellow students that their behavior could get them locked up. They cry. The teacher sighs.

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon), Chief Oh, Detective Yang struggle to understand the motive. Prosecutor Lee suggests that the trio did it to free themselves from the loan sharks. Detective Ra doesn’t believe the father would do such as thing. Prosecutor Lee counters the team needs to be open to the possibility. Chief Oh agrees. He wants severed wrist patients searched for in small hospitals. He wants Ms. Jo considered a suspect. The team breaks to do his bidding.

The police search but don’t find anything. Prosecutor Lee tells Ms. Bang to direct them to search nearby rivers and open areas. She hands over a jewelry box. He opens it. Ms. Bang states Detective Ra knows nothing about this gift per his directions. Prosecutor Lee asks who the gift is for. Ms. Bang doesn’t know. He wonders who he wanted the hairpin for.

I’d bet money it is for Bo Na.

At home, Jae Sang asks Shi On if she is planning on growing out her hair. Shi On scoffs that short hair is optimal so criminals can’t pull it. Jae Sang wonders who the hairpin is for. Shi On notices Jae Sang is nervous. She sends Bo Na to her room. She tells him to admit it. He wonders what she knows. Shi On wants him to come clean that his theory that the trio worked together for insurance fraud is bogus and shows he doesn’t have enough heart.

In bed, Shi On frets about the heavy workload. Jae Sang asks if she’s happy with their marriage. When he starts a litany of things, she may not know about him, she falls asleep and snores.  Jae Sang is taken aback when she snuggles. He thinks about other things so keep his mind off her body and his natural reaction.

Lawyer Kang (head of the Yulgaek law office Jae Sang worked at in the normal universe) is unnerved to find Mr. Jang waiting for him late at night. Mr. Jang suggests it is time to do some good works.

The next at the police station Prosecutor Lee tells CO that not having a family is actually wonderful. CO hits Prosecutor Lee with a rolled-up paper. Detective Ra and Detective Koo Dong Taek (Kwak Si Yang) arrive and reports Ms. Jo won’t be questioned alone, she’ll have a lawyer from Yulgaek with her.  That surprises everyone.

Lawyer Kang, Lawyer Min, and Ms. Jo arrive for questioning.  Prosecutor Lee and CO watch while Detective Ra and Detective Koo question Mr. Jo. Though Detective Ra and Detective Koo point out her past convictions and coincidences in the current case, Lawyer Kang counters that the daughter wouldn’t dessert her father. He tells them to gather evidence before bothering his client again. Prosecutor Lee enters. He asks how they became Ms. Jo’s lawyers. Lawyer Kang asks why he wants to know. Prosecutor Lee points out that high powered lawyers for a petty criminal isn’t normal. Lawyer Kang counters this is a pro bono case. Prosecutor Lee suggests they were hired by someone with an avid interest in the case. Prosecutor Lee tells Ms. Jo that her lawyers don’t have her needs as their priority. He ends the questioning.

I hate to say it, but I like Prosecutor Lee when he’s in suspicious snarky mode.

Prosecutor Lee tells the confused team he ended the questioning because their strategy must change. Lawyer Kang isn’t working this case pro bono. Instead he’s protecting a client behind Ms. Jo. He reminds Chief Oh that Lawyer Kang manipulates public sentiment. He declares they must find someone.

Detective Yang and Prosecutor Lee arrive. Jae Sang is happy to see Moon Ji Ho (his paralegal in the normal universe). Ji Ho doesn’t have the same reaction and flees. After giving chase, Detective Yang trips Ji Ho. Jae Sang smiles and waves at the caught man.

Detective Ra doesn’t understand why Ji Ho is someone they need. We learn that Ji Ho is an ex-digital forensics police office that went to the dark side and hacked information for businessmen and politicians, which sent him to prison. Prosecutor Lee states Ji Ho will be joining their team. Everyone is aghast. Ji Ho declares he won’t work for the man that put him in prison. Prosecutor Lee denies doing this. They stare at him in shock. Prosecutor Lee realizes he put Ji Ho in prison. Now he’s the surprised one. He remembers he was the defense attorney that got Ji Ho off in the normal universe. Prosecutor Lee covers by stating Ji Ho is still doing illegal things.  Prosecutor Lee assigns Ji Ho the task of bugging a private club and providing video. He states this is where Lawyer Kang makes secret deals. Detective Ra reminds him they follow the law. Prosecutor Lee counters that time is of the essence. He sells Detective Koo they won’t use the video as evidence.

Ji Ho gains access to the private club.

Lawyer Min reports to Lawyer Kang they successfully bribed the journalist. Mr. Jang calls Lawyer Kang livid about the video of his law firm attempting to bribe journalists is on the news. The video shows Lawyer Min telling the journalists to bury the story of the corpse because it would devalue the land for development. Instead Lawyer Min provides details on an affair. Mr. Jang demands to know what Lawyer Kang is going to do to resolve this. He promises Lawyer Kang in spite of 10 years of association, if his name is tainted, heads will roll.

Detective Koo asks Detective Ra how Prosecutor Lee knows Lawyer Kang’s tactics. Detective Ra admits her husband isn’t acting like his normal self these days.  She’s not happy to see the news report that Mr. Jang has been selected as the mayoral candidate.

Forensics officer Ha reports the daughter’s hand was professionally sawed off. Detective Koo hypotheses that with her rare blood type she was sold for organs by the loan sharks. The team agrees to check the loan sharks and escort bar for ties to organ trade.

Detective Koo and Detective Yang leave Ji Ho to act as guard as they head upstairs to confront the loan sharks.

The loan sharks aren’t responsive to Detective Koo and Detective Yang’s request to come with them. A fight ensures. Detective Koo and Detective Yang dispatch the thugs but the leader runs.

Detective Koo chases the leader and it looks like he’ll get away but his car doesn’t go anywhere because Ji Ho has removed the tires.

Ji Ho provided his worth there. Detective Koo’s “do I really have to chase this guy” attitude was amusing too.

At the escort bar, Prosecutor Lee and Detective Ra learn the daughter only worked there two months. The offer of a foundation to pay her debts changed everything. They learn the daughter couldn’t bear the thought of her father being hurt.

Flashback to the loan sharks bothering her father and her.

They learn the daughter ate leftover food and had a rare blood type. Detective Koo calls that the loan sharks are in custody.

Detective Koo interrogates the leader. He denies being part of the organ trade. He counters what he does isn’t illegal. Detective Koo counter he threatened the daughter. The leader scoffs the penalty is less than 5 years in prison and fine. He knows that will be reduced because ownership is king in Korea. Prosecutor Lee promises he won’t lose.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence against the loan sharks that they were involved in the daughter’s disappearance. They focus on Pastor Park, the director of the welfare foundation sponsored by Mr. Jang. That gets Detective Ra’s attention. She knows there is more to the story of the welfare foundation helping the daughter.  She remembers running into Mr. Jang at the hospital to visit a political crony slated to have a big operation. She declares the organs were sold so Mr. Jang could garner the nomination for Mayor.  She explains the political crony ‘s son Mr. Jang was visiting was likely having an organ transplant. Ms. Bang confirms the son had a weak heart. Detective Ra believes Mr. Jang provided the heart and gained the nomination. Ji Ho confirms the son had a heart transplant AND has the same rare blood type as the daughter.  They don’t have the evidence to back up their hypothesis. Prosecutor Lee points out Ms. Jo will be cast aside soon.  Detective Koo, Detective Ra, and Detective Yang leave to find her.

Ms. Jo doesn’t answer her phone. She walks home and senses she’s being followed.  She’s abducted. She manages to run. Luckily, she runs to where the police are. The men flee when the detectives swarm Ms. Jo.

Lawyer Kang asks Mr. Jang if he ordered the attack on Ms. Jo. Mr. Jang denies it. He’s not happy to learn Ms. Jo has been taken into police custody and didn’t call Lawyer Kang.

Ji Ho pays the thugs hired to frighten Ms. Jo. He assures the Prosecutor Lee will keep his word and they won’t be indicted.

Nicely played!

Ms. Jo wants Prosecutor Lee to protect her. He makes her beg and agree to tell all. She states she followed Pastor Park’s orders to can the trust of the daughter and father, to keep her close, to make her vulnerable, to ensure she’d agree to their plan to harvest her heart with her consent.

Flashback…the daughter agrees to sell her organs to Pastor Park while Ms. Jo looks on approvingly. The daughter requested part of her body to be found. That way she’d be reported as dead.

Ms. Jo states the daughter didn’t want the loan sharks to bother her father. Ms. Jo takes a tongue lashing from Detective Koo for her greed with the life insurance. She admits regretting that.

Detective Koo and the others arrive to arrive Pastor Park.

Prosecutor Lee and Detective Ra arrive at the hospital.

Meanwhile the political crony ‘s son body is having issues with the new heart. The man grabs the doctor and order him to save his son.

Prosecutor Lee tells the man to value all lives, not only his son’s. Detective Ra announces the man and the doctor will be arrested. She wishes his son to suffer for his father’s sins.


Lawyer Kang reports the arrests to Mr. Jang. He makes a call to cut those people loose.

Does Lawyer Kang wonder if Mr. Jang will do the same to him one day?

Jae Sang and Shi On visit the room where the daughter died and gave her organs up. Detective Koo arrives and states the father’s surgery is over. His corneas were donated by his daughter. They wonder if they should tell the father. Shi On volunteers to tell the father.

Shi On goes to tell the father as gently as she can. He can’t wait to see his daughter. Shi On cries. He cries. He tells her to be blunt. He asks if his daughter is dead. Shi On sobs. He cries knowing he’ll never see his daughter again. Prosecutor Lee, Detective Koo, Detective Yang, and Ji Ho listen to the man’s sobs in the hallway. They can’t help but be affected.

Nice touch having the team in the hallway.

Jae Sang and Shi On walk to pick up Bo Na from the babysitter. Jae Sang carries Bo Na. Shi On says it must be hell on earth, never being able to touch your child again.

Jae Sang puts Bo Na in her bed. He tells her to go to sleep. She tells him Mom said the scar on his forearm is from him hitting a kettle out of the way so she wouldn’t be hurt. Mom declared him a superhero. Jae Sang promises to protect her from monsters. She closes her eyes.

Later he feels the scar. Shi On tells him he’s a superhero in his daughter’s eyes. Jae Sang muses this is how he is in this universe. Shi On tells him in this universe, family is everything to him. Jae Sang thinks he has people in his life that he’d die for. He kisses his wife.

My Thoughts

Good episode.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong gave the story an emotional hit that touched every character. The team is growing on me. I like Chief Oh, Ms. Bang, Detective Koo, Detective Yang and the addition of Ji Ho was a winner. I enjoy their humor and group vibe. Mr. Jang is the big evil in this opposite universe. What is his past connection with Shi On?

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) fell in love with his wife and daughter. He has been holding them at arm’s length. But this episode, he realized they loved him and he returned the feeling. Now he’s vulnerable. I’ve enjoyed the less than saintly Prosecutor Lee. It’s been surprising the team hasn’t remarked more about his different behavior. Will Jae Sang help Shi On resolve her demons and thereby save himself?

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) told the father his daughter died and donated her corneas to him. That had to be a crushing conversation. Having the team in the hallway was the perfect way to show each one of them was affected by this moment. I am intrigued and want to know…what is the history between Shi On and Mr. Jang? Shi On didn’t realize it but her husband just fell in love with her. Jae Sang and Shi On worked well together this episode. They were in accord and Shi On didn’t hit him. I liked the change.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My rating chart is below:

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2 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 4
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “Mr. Jang is the big evil in this opposite universe. What is his past connection with Shi On?” -KJT I suspect Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢 connected Mr Jang to her missing loved one’s disappearance. Mr Jang seems to be an excellent teflon antagonist.

    This story of the missing girl was heart 💔 wrenching. The loan sharks, scam artist and priest were her down to the point of suicide … voluntarily giving up her organs … disgusting 🤢. The only saving grace was that the victim’s dad got his daughter’s corneas.

    I 💗 that Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 grew closer to his family. If he goes back to his told life, he is going to miss the little fart and wife.


    • Mr Jang seems to be an excellent teflon antagonist.
      Perfectly put.

      This story of the missing girl was heart 💔 wrenching.
      It was a hard life.

      If he goes back to his told life, he is going to miss the little fart and wife.
      “Little fart” is the perfect moniker for Bo Na.


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