Welcome 2 Life Episode 2

Welcome 2 Life Episode 2 Recap

After dying when thugs purposely rammed his car on the order of rich Mrs. Seok who he’d threatened….

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) wakes in a comfortable bed. He thinks he’s in heaven. Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) enters the room in a nightgown. He can’t believe his eyes. Shi On calls him honey. Jae Sang sees their wedding picture. He can’t believe it. She tells him they’ve been married 6 years. When his daughter, Lee Bo Na, rushes into the room and hugs him Jae Sang runs into the living room. He finds family photos and a wedding ring on his finger. He gets agitated and demands his car keys. Shi On gives them to him and Jae Sang runs out of the house. He’s horrified to find his car isn’t sleek and sophisticated but a family sedan. He drives away. Shi On yells at him wondering what is going on with her husband.

He drives to the law firm. No one knows the man in the pajamas. He burst into the conference room and asks Lawyer Kang Yoon Ki to recommend a detective.  Lawyer Kang looks at him puzzled. Prosecutor Min from the other universe stares at him. Jae Sang declares he woke from a car accident to find Detective Ra claiming they were married, and they have a kid. Lawyer Kang chuckles. PM tells Jae Sang he has a child because he married Shi On. PM asks if he’s crazy. Jae Sang asks why a prosecutor is at the law firm. Jae Sang recalls telling PM in the other universe, he chose his profession based on Jae Sang’s choice. PM confirms he’s a lawyer. Jae Sang asks Lawyer Kang to confirm this. Fed up, Lawyer Kang asks why Jae Sang is doing this and on the day of questioning. He asks if Jae Sang has decided to stop being a prosecutor and join his law firm. Jae Sang can’t believe he’s a prosecutor.

Guards get ready to throw him out of the building. Shi On arrives shocked to see her husband in the lobby with two guards on either side. She pulls him aside and demands to know why he came here. Jae Sang can’t understand why everyone says he’s a prosecutor, not a lawyer at this firm. She reminds him that Mrs. Seok is coming in for questioning today. She can’t believe he went to meet with Mrs. Seok’s lawyers. Shi On says they’ve yet to find Mr. Seok’s secretary’s body. Jae Sang counters they found the body. She hits him, the lead prosecutor shouldn’t be uttering nonsense.

In the car Shi On confirms he’s the lead prosecutor and Mr. Seok’s secretary went missing 12 hours ago. Shi On says he has a target on his back after he got Mrs. Seok’s son convicted of assault.

Flashback…Prosecutor Lee tells the police team to search the area for Mr. Seok’s secretary. He tells his boss it doesn’t matter if the Seok family is upset, justice must be done. He puts his job on the line and requests an open criminal investigation.

Shi On can’t believe he’d make such a request. Shi On asks why her husband seems to amnesia.

Flashback…The police demand to search the Seok family’s corporate offices. Mrs. Seok is livid to see the news reports of the missing secretary.

Shi On tells Jae Sang that the open investigation led them to the suspect’s car and threatening messages from Mrs. Seok to the secretary. She tells him to get a grip, they haven’t finished with the case and his actions can’t endanger it. Jae Sang’s mind races as she drives him home.

Prosecutor Lee arrives at the prosecutor’s office. Shi On tells him to go in. She escorts him to the office. The police team is there. Shi On takes a seat at her desk. Prosecutor Lee stares at Detective Koo Dong Taek (Kwak Si Yang) unable to believe they work together. Prosecutor Lee enters if inner office. He sees pictures of Mr. Seok’s secretary on his desk and the security firm pen. Detective Koo rushes in with video of the secretary being taken by thugs. Jae Sang mind screams he’s in the opposite universe as his self-imposed punishment for his actions. Jae Sang tells himself this time he can stop the secretary from being killed. Prosecutor Lee tells Detective Koo to assemble the team.

Prosecutor Lee tells the team they’ll search a warehouse for the secretary. They don’t understand why. Prosecutor Lee declares the security firm acted on Mrs. Seok’s order and that where the secretary was taken. He claims to have gotten a tip to the warehouse location though he won’t recall the tipster’s identity.

They obtain a search warrant and arrive at the warehouse. The thugs aren’t happy to see them. They search the warehouse. Prosecutor Lee leads them to the room where the secretary’s body was found in the other universe. There’s no blood on the walls of floor. Prosecutor Lee walks to the can in the center of the room flashing back to finding the body with Detective Ra. He lifts the lid and finds the can empty. The police report the secretary isn’t on the premises. Prosecutor Lee can’t believe it. He realizes Mrs. Seok took a different course of actions just like he did. Detective Koo states Mrs. Seok will leave the country after giving her statement. He orders the forensics team to go over the warehouse for evidence of the secretary. He gets a call from someone in his contacts dubbed “think twice before answering”. Turns out the person the team’s boss, Chief Oh Seok Joon. At the office Chief Oh yells at Prosecutor Lee, grabs his ears and swears he’ll replace him. Prosecutor Lee pushes him away and tells him to back off. Prosecutor Lee tells himself this is only a dream. He tells Chief Oh exactly what he thinks. Everyone is stunned. Chief Oh yells that Mrs. Seok leaves the country in a couple hours. What is Prosecutor Lee’s plan? Jae Sang smiles and declares he’ll gamble during the questioning.

The forensics team arrives at the warehouse including Detective Ra’s friend, Forensics officer Ha Min Hee. She calls Detective Ra and asks what is going on with her husband. Shi On admits she doesn’t know. They learn Mrs. Seok will be there shortly.

Mrs. Seok arrives flanked by Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min. Lawyer Lee gets plenty of verbal jabs before beginning with the questioning.

Prosecutor Lee taunts Mrs. Seok about her husband’s affair with his secretary. He’s tactic shown in flashback with Chief Oh is to get her to explode in anger. It works. He suggests that the secretary embarrassed her and the security firm was dispatched to teach her a lesson. Mrs. Seok claims she has no knowledge of what the security firm did. Prosecutor Lee scoffs that proves her lack of control in the company. Lawyer Kang defuses the situation by admiring Prosecutor Lee’s skills and claims he’s improved since they worked together. Lawyer Kang calls to Chief Oh behind the mirror and states he knows there is no physical evidence so his client will not say anything more.

Lawyer Min tells Prosecutor Lee that they’ll be suing in civil court. But the smug smiles of team Seok are wiped when Chief Oh gets a call and tells Detective Koo to arrest Mrs. Seok. He announces the forensics found evidence the man bringing the class action suit was beaten in the security firm’s warehouse.

Flashback to Mrs. Seok’s secretary telling Lawyer Lee in the other universe that the security team beat the man at the warehouse.

Flashback to Chief Oh asking Prosecutor Lee how he’s sure the man was beaten at the warehouse when the man was blindfolded and can’t identify the location. Prosecutor Lee is sure that’s where the security team did their physical business and tells Chief Oh he’ll drag out the questioning to give the forensics team time to gather evidence.

Mrs. Seok is arrested. She’s outraged and yelling as they take her away. Chief Oh smiles at Prosecutor Lee and claps his shoulder in approval.

Shi On takes Jae Sang aside and asks how he got that information. She’s worried if he’s playing fast and loose, he might lose the trial. Jae Sang declares he won’t lose and he can’t let the secretary die this time. She looks at him and approaches. He flinches believing she’ll hit him. Instead she straightens his tie. She admits he looked cool taking on Ms. Seok. She chuckles and say the first time he asked her out he acted angry.

Flashback…Jae Sang stares dreamily at Shi On while she studies for the police academy test. She thanks him for tutoring her and promises when he passes the bar, she’ll treat him to a meal.

Flashback…Jae Sang waits for Shi On to arrive for the promised meal. She enters. He’s all smiles. Then all her fellow female graduates join her. His smile fades a bit. They all drink and celebrate. But when Shi On tries to put Jae Sang in a cab home he refuses. He’ll take her home. She points out they live in opposite directions. Fed up, Jae Sang yells that she doesn’t have to be formal with him. He orders her to call him by his first name. She assumes he’s drunk. He grabs her shoulders and tells her to call him by his first name. She won’t. He takes her cap and won’t give it back. She grabs at the hat. He grabs her and pulls her close. He tells her he likes her. He leans in for a kiss.


Forensics officer Ha Min Hee reports they have sufficient evidence to prove the assault on the man but found nothing none for Mr. Seok’s secretary. The team discusses the news. They wonder where the secretary was taken. They go through phone records. Jae Sang realizes Mr. Seok was having an affair with someone else. Then he realizes who it was.

Prosecutor Lee interviews Mrs. Seok’s secretary. He cuts to the chase and states she’s Mr. Seok’s mistress. He tells her how he figured it out. He states that she used Mr. Seok’s secretary’s phone to Mrs. Seok wouldn’t figure out she was the mistress. She tries to deny it but Prosecutor Lee says there isn’t time. He orders her to call the security firm and get the location of Mr. Seok’s secretary. She claims she can’t break company policy. Prosecutor Lee firmly states if she doesn’t make the call, he’ll tell Mrs. Seok everything. He points out she’ll be killed. He describes how the other secretary was killed in the opposite universe.

She calls the security firm boss who is with the tied up but still alive secretary. He won’t tell her how he’ll kill the secretary but confirms she’s alive. He hangs up. An officer rushes in stating they were able to trace the phone. The police and Prosecutor Lee leave to find the secretary. As she and Jae Sang drive, Shi On wonders if the secretary is near the port where Mrs. Seok was going to depart from. With the open investigation she couldn’t have her killed in country but could transport her out of country and kill her. Shi On drives to the port.

They drive among the containers and ships. Jae Sang and Shi On spot someone communicating with a ship via lights. They creep close and observe the secretary and a boat coming near. As Jae Sang starts to call for backup, Shi On screams at the security firm goons. She rushes forward. Jae Sang calls for backup urging them to hurry. He can’t believe Shi On’s facing down a gaggle of goons solo. She orders the goons to let the secretary go and surrender. Jae Sang walks up and shows his prosecutor id. The goons laugh. Shi On takes on the bulk of them and orders Jae Sang to run. He does and two goons follow. He dispatches them. He finds the secretary’s shoe. He enters a building and hears her cries for mercy. He sees a good loading a shotgun while she begs for her life. Jae Sang knows he must intervene. He knocks containers on the goon, takes the secretary, and tells her they must go.

Shi On valiantly fights but there are too many goons.

The goon with the shotgun catches up with Jae Sang and the secretary. Jae Sang won’t move away from the secretary. The goon raises his gun. Jae Sang vows he’ll die again to save the secretary. A shot rings out. Jae Sang assumes he’s been shot but it is Shi On, Detective Koo and Detective Yang. Shi On tells the goon the next shot will hit his head. The goon is down. Detective Yang grabs him. Jae Sang sees the goon has been shot. He faints.

At the hospital Detective Yang reports the secretary is fine. Detective Koo reports Mrs. Seok has been arrested.  They visit the secretary. Her father is there too. He thanks Prosecutor Lee for saving his daughter. The secretary adds her thanks. Prosecutor Lee flashes back to how the secretary died in the opposite universe and Shi On’s harsh words to him. He begins to cry and apologize surprising everyone.  He falls to his knees and sobs.

Jae Sang wonders if everything is over. Then he remembers his wife. He rushes to find her. When she sees him, she rushes into his arms and kisses him.  Startled he pushes her off him. He’s not happy her face was marked. She brushes that off. She declares he was brave and she’s glad she saved him. She’s thrilled everything worked out. She throws her arms around him. He hugs her back. He thinks he wants to rectify losing her.

At home they talk while lying in bed but Shi On is overcome with sleep. Jae Sang watches her sleep; grateful she loves him. He touches her face and thanks her. He tells her goodnight and goodbye.

But when Jae Sang wakes, he’s still in there. His daughter and wife greet him. He grabs his head in dismay.

My Thoughts

Satisfying episode.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong allowed Jae Sang’s choices to save the secretary this episode. And we learned it was Mrs. Seok’s secretary NOT Mr. Seok’s secretary that had the affair with Mr. Seok. Nice twist. I enjoyed Mrs. Seok getting hers. She’s so smug you want to knock the smirk off her face. Jae Sang adapted to his circumstances and accepted his role as Prosecutor Lee versus Lawyer Lee. It was good to see all the primary and secondary characters in the same or different roles (Prosecutor Min is now Lawyer Min).

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) felt the guilt of his actions from the opposite universe when he visited the secretary’s hospital room. His sobs and apology startled everyone in the room but Jae Sang was overcome and couldn’t stifle the grief over his actions in the opposite universe. When Shi On hugged him the second time, he let himself feel it and hugged her back. But he wants to return to the opposite universe and NOT break up with Shi On. How will he get back to the opposite universe to right that wrong? What’s next now that Mrs. Seok has been arrested?

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) is feisty. She and Jae Sang kept it professional at work. I enjoy her zest for life. When she’s happy, she’s effusive. When she’s mad, watch ou,t she’ll use her firsts. I liked Shi On more this episode. I enjoyed seeing their backstory and beginning of their romance. Shi On is a good fit for Jae Sang. They argue, they banter, and they care. I like them as a couple.

The first song of the OST “Welcome 2 Life” by Min Kyung Hoon has been released:

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My rating chart is below:

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9 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 2
  1. beezrtp says:

    kjt, I really like how you manage Rain’s personalities by calling his true persona “Jae Sang” and when it’s the actions of his alter ego, or Jae Sang is acting in his alter’s shoes, it’s “Prosecutor Lee”. That makes it easier to keep track while reading.👍

    Part of me hopes we’ve seen the last of Madam Seok, but another part of me loves seeing her frustrated spitting and hissing.😁


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur the distinction of calling Rain the different names, does help clarify, which reality is being discussed.

      I suspect we will see more of the unhinged Madam Seok at least for a few more episodes as the hit she ordered on Jae Sang was the catalyst for him coming to this world…maybe through the entire series❓⁉️ Where is the real Prosecutor Lee … in a coma in Jae Sang’s world❓⁉️


    • Not sure I was that clever, just using the different names when he was acting as the Lawyer/Prosecutor, and/or individual.

      Madam Seok, but another part of me loves seeing her frustrated spitting and hissing
      Look in the dictionary under entitled, you’ll see her photo.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I gotta say, I loved Si On 👮‍♀️👊💢 clobbering the gangsters. She was amazing to hold out as long as she did against all the gangsters.

    It had to be very satisfying for Prosecutor Lee ⚖️👨‍💼💼 to save the victim he couldn’t save as Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼.

    Which was the ruder awakening for Prosecuter Lee ⚖️👨‍💼💼 at the end of the episode: A fart in the face (parents who teach their kids to do that, deserve it right back) or still being in that existence❓⁉️ Has Prosecutor Lee figured out he’s not in “Kansas” anymore or does he think he’s still dreaming❓⁉️

    Thinking he was in a dream, Prosecutor Lee ⚖️👨‍💼💼 was much reckless than Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 would have been. Once he figures out his current existence is reality, although not the one he came from, will he continue to have the confidence to continue to push the boundaries❓⁉️


    • She was amazing to hold out as long as she did against all the gangsters.
      Her fighting skills weren’t as bad ass as Jo Soo Ji in Lookout, she had enthusiasm and zeal.

      Which was the ruder awakening for Prosecuter Lee ⚖️👨‍💼💼 at the end of the episode: A fart in the face (parents who teach their kids to do that, deserve it right back) or still being in that existence❓…Thinking he was in a dream, Prosecutor Lee ⚖️👨‍💼💼 was much reckless than Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 would have been. Once he figures out his current existence is reality, although not the one he came from, will he continue to have the confidence to continue to push the boundaries
      I ignore body humor, so it was waking up in the opposite universe. It was naive to assume job done, he’d wake up in the primary universe. Good point about how bold he was. Now he’s going to have to deal with living in the opposite universe instead of the “get in, get out” mindset he had.


      • beezrtp says:

        I, too,am repelled by body/bathroom humor and bodily functions/excretions of any kind from anywhere …but … she is just so cute. I don’t know how Rain’s character can resist her for too much longer. lol

        Liked by 1 person

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