Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7 Recap

Part 2: The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land

The Wahan great mother, Tanya (Kim Ji Won), spies a man (Saya) in the mirror.  She approaches. She’s stunned to see that he looks like Eunseom and falls to her knees.

Eunseom (Song Joong Ki) orders the two Wahan to run while he deals with Yang Cha and his trademark chain. They fight. Two others warrior arrive. Eunseom flees. They pursue.

Tanya walks to the Eunseom look alike, sees the blue blood and asks who he is.

Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) and his brother Dan Byeok watch as Asa Ron (leader of the Hwinsan tribe) is taken away on charges of collusion. Asa Ron promises there will be repercussions. Tagon thanks his brother for supporting him. Kitoha reports to Tagon that Mi Ho cannot be found. Tagon guesses the bronze workshop could be his location.

Hae Mi Ho (leader of the Hae tribe) enters the bronze workshop. He kills all the workers except two. He tells the father and son that relocating the tribe to Arthdal hasn’t worked out. He declares they must undercover Arthdal’s secrets. Father and son accept the mission and leave. Mi Ho burns the “how to make bronze” handbook. Tagon and his warriors arrive and see the dead bodies and burning handbook. Mi Ho declares now he’s the only person that knows how to make bronze. Tagon points out that an apology to his daughter would have sufficed and the workers won’t be dead. Mi Ho is taken away. Kitoha finds Tanya’s father Yeol Son (leader of the Wahan tribe). Yeol Son starts to figure out the bronze making process. Tagon allows him to continue.

One by one the Wahan are captured. Tagon realizes that some could have fled to the tower where he keeps his secret, the Igutu, Saya.

Tagon’s warrior finds Tanya in the tower. But he’s transfixed by the blue blood on Saya’s lip. He gasps Igutu. He draws his sword. Tagon arrives. His warrior declares there’s an Igutu. Saya calls Tagon father. Furious, Tagon kills his warrior. He stalks over and drags Tanya away. Saya calls father. Tagon pins Saya to the wall. How many warriors has he killed for Saya, Tagon demands? Tagon releases the stunned Saya, smacks Tanya unconscious and leaves with her.

Moo Baek arrives at the Fortress of Fire.

Eunseom is captured and lifted into the air by Yang Chan’s chains. He manages to disentangle himself and escape. Tagon’s warriors can’t believe it. They wonder the Wahan warrior is an Igutu. They pursue Eunseom who is hiding in a building. They spread out. Yang Cha enters the building where Eunseom is hiding. Eunseom charges. They fight. Yang Cha draws Eunseom’s blue blood. Yang Cha realizes Eunseom is Igutu. When Eunseom leaves the building. Moo Baek sees him. They stare at each other. Moo Baek realizes this is the Wahan warrior on the horse that could not be caught. He runs to Eunseom who flees. Yang Cha exits the building. Moo Baek demands to know what is happening. Recall Yang Cha does not speak. Other warriors arrive and explain that the Wahan warrior they are pursuing is believed to have killed Sanoong, the former Arthdal leader. They all pursue Eunseom.

Loved seeing Yang Cha unmasked.

A wounded Eunseom outruns his pursuers who fan out again to find him. Moo Baek Runs to the cliff and sees the telltale blue blood. He realizes Eunseom is Igutu. Eunseom grabs him from behind.

Two fleeing Wahan run into Doti and another man. Doti demands to know where Eunseom is.

Eunseom tells Moo Baek he did not kill Sanoong. Eunseom considers telling Moo Baek that Tagon is Igutu but realizes Tagon would retaliate by killing the Wahan.  Moo Baek spins and gains the upper hand pushing Eunseom to the cliff edge.

Taealha (Kim Ok Vin) and Hae Tauk are surprised to see Tanya’s unconscious form. Tagon orders Hae Tauk to dispose of the warrior’s body in Saya’s chamber. Tagon point to Tanya and states she saw Saya.

Moo Baek and the warriors stare over the cliff. They know the man that jumped was Igutu.

Tanya wakes, recalls seeing the Eunseom look alike with the blue blood. She wonders if this is Eunseom’s twin from Eunseom’s dream (though Eunseom thought he was dreaming about himself). Tanya starts when she hears Taealha’s voice.

Taealha can’t believe that Tagon hasn’t killed Tanya because she knows Saya is Igutu. Tagon points out his promise to the Wahan warrior including not hurting Tanya. Taealha recommends either cutting out Tanya’s tongue or killing her. Tanya yells that if they kill her, the boy in the tower will die too. They enter the room where Tanya is. Mustering her courage for Eunseom, she repeats the boy in the tower will die too. She claims the great white wolf came to her in a dream and she knows her death means the boy’s death too. Tagon chuckles at her bravado but clearly doesn’t believe her. Taealha puts her hand around Tanya’s throat. Tanya recalls Eunseom telling her about a woman he dreamed about. Tanya says the woman’s name, Saearae, and gets an instant reaction from Taealha. Tagon and Taealha demand to know what Tanya knows. Tanya recalls more of what Eunseom remembered and tells Taealha not to hurt the boy. That gets Tagon’s attention. Taealha orders Tanya to keep going. Tanya recalls more of what Eunseom remembered and states there is a blood smeared bracelet.  Taealha pulls away in shock. Tanya declares that when Saearae died, she and the boy became entwined and therefore her death will mean the boys. Taealha is gobsmacked. Tagon demands to know why. Taealha states that Tanya is referencing a past event that only she and Hae Tauk knew about.

Bravo Tanya, your creative relaying of Eunseom’s dream just saved your life.

An announcement is made to the citizens that Mi Ho and Asa Ron were arrested. The citizens are upset Arthdal’s spiritual leader was arrested and begin to pray for mercy. In the crowd Chae Eun wonders why the Wahan still live and why the arrests were made.

Asa Mot, Asa Ron’s right-hand advisor, demands Dan Byeok release Asa Ron. He reports that the truth about Sanoong’s death will be revealed soon. Mi Ho’s right-hand advisor points out that Dan Byeok’s warrior failed to protect his father and can’t catch the accused Wahan warrior. Tagon and his men enter promising to find the warrior. Tagon reports the warrior is wounded and jumped into the river to avoid capture. Tagon declares they’ll find him soon, and the truth will be revealed.

Dan Byeok hears the whispers as he walks through the town. His advisor warns he’s now a target.

Tagon stares at the city. He recalls Moo Baek and his warriors stunning him with the news the Wahan is an Igutu. He can’t believe he didn’t realize the truth. Gil Sun reports the people are uneasy with the arrests.

Tagon’s reaction to the news Eunseom being an Igutu, had to be made into a GIF

Dan Byeok visits Mi Ho and shows him Taealha’s note where she asks her father for direction after he receives it from Mr. X. Mi Ho knows this is Tagon’s scheme and demands to see his daughter.

Tagon observes Asa Ron’s shaking hands when he declares that the Wahan warrior must have witnessed Tagon kill his father. Tagon admits he killed his father. Tagon pushes Asa Ron back, leans in close and asks Asa Ron to partner with him as he rules Arthdal. Tagon warns that refusing this offer is certain death. Asa Ron declares that Tagon is the devil’s spawn. Asa Ron states his murder will make Tagon a fugitive. Asa Ron is willing to die to save Arthdal from Tagon’s rule. Tagon summarizes, they’ll either both die or both live. He promises Asa Ron’s return to his home if he sides with him.

Asa Ron’s shaking hands must indicate drug withdrawal. Was the smoke utilized similar to opium?

Tagon and Dan Byeok compares notes. Tagon states Asa Ron wants proof. Dan Byeok states Mi Ho wants to see his daughter but she can’t be found. Tagon lies that he hasn’t seen Taealha in many days. Dan Byeok asks if “shoot to kill” is acceptable when they pursue Taealha.

Taealha doesn’t believe what Tanya said. Saya says his father is upset with him. Taealha asks if he’s upset with her over Saearae’s death. Saya admits he was but no longer. Taealha holds out her hand. Saya kneels and kisses her hand. She lifts his face to hers.

Flashback…Saya tells Saearae to meet tonight and they’ll run away together. He slips his bracelet on her wrist. They smile believing their love will triumph. Before Saya can make his escape Taealha arrives to check on him. She asks where Saearae is. Saya claims she’s sleeping. Taealha wishes him a good night but turns around. She puts a blood smeared bracelet on Saya’s wrist. He gasps knowing he gave it to Saearae only hours ago. Taealha leaves.  Saya’s hands shake.

Taealha apologizes to Saya. She claims to be sorry. She calls to Hae Tauk who brings in Tanya. She states Tanya is his new maid. Tanya doesn’t know what a maid is. Saya stares at Tanya.

No doubt Taealha is putting them together to cause trouble.

Hae Tauk is not happy she must train Tanya. Taealha is unconcerned about that and more concerned about the success of Tagon’s actions.

The couple that schemes together, stays together.

Tagon recalls Asa Ron’s demand he marries a Hwinsan. He sighs knowing this won’t make Taealha happy. His warrior report they couldn’t find the Wahan warrior. Tagon barks at them to claim they have the Wahan warrior’s body after they killed him. Tagon says the Wahan warrior couldn’t have survived the wounds from the fight. He leaves the shocked warriors.

Doti asks if her mother is dead. The Wahan don’t deny it. Chae Eun spies the pendant Eunseom gave Doti. She tells Chae Eun that it was Eunseom’s mother’s pendant. Chae Eun is shocked to that the pendant is the crest of the Asa Clan. The Wahan confirm it belonged to Eunseom’s mother. Chae Eun doesn’t believe it and demands to know Eunseom’s mother’s name. Doti tries to remember.

As Moo Baek searches for Eunseom he wonders how Eunseom could be Igutu if the Wahan are descendants of the Asa clan. He wonders about the first heavenly object, the sword. He visits the home of young woman training with the sword. Nun Byeol knows him. As he enters the hut he tells her the sword play is decent. Eunseom lays on the bed. Moo Baek asks Harim if he’ll live. Harim admits he has no experience healing Igutu, so he doesn’t know. Harim reminds him that mixed blood is a no-no in Arthdal. Moo Baek knows that Igutu are mixed blood, part Saram and part Neanderthal. Chae Eun enters the hut. She shows them the pendant from Eunseom’s mother. Harim stares in shock at the crest of the Asa Clan. Moo Baek declares this was Asa Hon’s pendant. Chae Eun shares the wounded man’s name is Eunseom. She states he is part of the white mountain tribe. Harim and Moo Baek stare at Eunseom, stunned.

Flashback…Moo Baek finds Asa Hon and notices her pendant is broken. They touch hands. Asa Hon murmurs she was clumsy and quickly leaves.

Flashback…Moo Baek isn’t happy to learn that Asa Hon has left. He was to be her escort.

Pretty cool that the pendant is the BROKEN pendant making it irrefutable that it was Asa Hon’s. Moo Baek continues to intrigue me.

Hae Tauk attempts trains Tanya. The concept of master and slave isn’t embraced by Tanya. Saya watches. Hae Tauk is frustrated with Tanya’s attitude. The two women get physical. Hae Tauk hits Tanya. Taealha sighs listening to the altercation. She’s surprised when a warrior arrives to tell her Tagon wants meet in the Bandi Forest.

Hae Tauk complains about Taealha as they walk to the forest. She does giggle when she recalls Tagon and Taealha got physical in that location.

Taealha meets Tagon. She’s pleased he chose a place with lovely memories. Tagon tells her she will be the head of the Hae tribe tomorrow.  Taealha realizes that Tagon made a deal with Asa Ron. She asks the terms. Tagon announces he must marry from the Asa clan. Furious, Taealha puts a knife to Tagon’s throat. He doesn’t flinch and states this is the only way to avoid civil war. She reminds him long ago Asa Sin and Risan eloped for love ignoring duty. Tagon asks if she’d be willing to give everything up. Tears streaming down her face, Taealha lowers the knife. She murmurs he knows her too well. Tagon states he’s losing his only love by marrying another. Taealha says they have much to accomplish and must keep their eye on the prize. Tagon wants them to remain lovers. They embrace. She pours wine on his head. They both chuckles. She asks how he’ll make love to his wife. Tagon says as an Igutu he’ll ensure darkness and he’ll never get naked. Taealha wants him to get caught by Asa Mot one day, so she’ll have to die. She flounces away. Tagon smiles.

These two are perfect for each other and I never like to see love matches dissolved by duty.

Taealha is enraged and decides to kill Asa Ron. Hae Tauk is horrified. Taealha retorts she won’t stop pursuing her dream even if Tagon tells her to. Taealha declares she’ll pin Asa Ron’s death on Dan Byeok.  She knows the white mountain tribe will want Dan Byeok’s head. Taealha muses this will avoid the civil war threat Tagon is afraid of. She smiles, then her marriage can proceed. Saya walks by overhearing her plans.

Saya ponders what he overheard. He murmurs she wants Asa Ron to die and Dan Byeok to live.

Gil Sun reports to Taealha as directed. She asks how much he’s willing to sacrifice for Tagon. Gil Sun is will do anything if it helps Tagon in the long run. Taealha puts the poison and the table and says Asa Ron must die. Gil Sun blanches.

Asa Mot warns Dan Byeok that civil war may erupt. She leaves. Dan Byeok tells his advisors he’s going to make a speech.

Gil Sun confirms with Dan Byeok’s advisors the speech will be soon.

Gil Sun sends the guard for Asa Ron out of the room. He poisons the drink. He brings the food to Asa Ron. He tells Asa Ron Tagon will be there soon. Asa Ron guzzles the poisoned drink.

Dan Byeok eats at the marketplace. But first, his advisors check to see if the food is poisoned. Walking after the meal, a woman puts a flask in his hand when she walks past. The flask reads you’ve been poisoned and here is the antidote. Dan Byeok shakes his head, the chickens had his food. He rushes back to the marketplace…the chickens are dead. He stares at the flask. He wonders if Mi Ho poisoned him.

Dan Byeok makes his speech. He tells the people that Asa Ron is in prison. That doesn’t go over well with the crowd. Dan Byeok reminds them his father was killed by Asa Ron’s machinations. Blood spurts from his nose. The crowd murmurs. Dan Byeok gushes blood and falls to the ground. The crowd yells that he is cursed. Dan Byeok chokes on his own blood.

Gil Sun runs through the halls.

Tagon has delivered the drug to Asa Ron, who is blissfully smoking. Gil Sun bursts in the room clearly surprised to see Asa Ron upright. Tagon asks why he’s here. Gil Sun recovers and claims to be there to report Dan Byeok’s collapse. Tagon is surprised.

Gil Sun runs through the city not understanding how Asa Ron wasn’t affected by the poison.

Hae Tauk reports to Taealha that Dan Byeok has collapsed. She doesn’t understand why that would happen. Hae Tauk worries about the ramifications if Dan Byeok dies. How can he be blamed for killing Asa Ron if he’s dead? Gil Sun rushes in and report the plan went awry. He describes Dan Byeok’s symptoms. Taealha knows this is what her poison would cause. Then Gil Sun says Asa Ron is alive even though he put the poison in the cup and saw Asa Ron drink it. Taealha is gobsmacked.

Taealha strides past Tanya and into Saya’s room. He sees her state and asks what is wrong. She stares at him. A tear rolls down her face. He asks if she’s okay. She asks if he did it. Saya hesitates then giggles and declares it was him.

OMG!!!! Did not see that confession coming. I figured it was him, but the chuckle of glee….

Taealha stares at Saya in disbelief.

Flashback…Saya wonders what would happen if the opposite to Taealha’s plan occurred. He smiles. He stares at the flask.

Flashback…the chickens are poisoned AFTER Dan Byeok leaves the table. Saya is revealed to be the person that gave Dan Byeok the flask.

Taealha asks Saya to confirm. Saya smiles and declares now they are even. As Tanya listens, Saya points out that Taealha killed the person he loved. Taealha can’t believe Saya did this because she killed Saearae. Saya says his father will marry into the Asa tribe and she will lose the man she loves.

My Thoughts

Shocking moments throughout this episode…what character didn’t get a jolt?

Saya (Song Joong Ki) executed a plan for payback that hit the mark. Writers Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon didn’t have Saya be clueless. Oh no, he’s just as crafty as those around him. The smile when he confirmed to Taealha this was a tit for tat moment…was THE moment of the episode. Terrific ending!

Asa Ron (leader of the Hwinsan tribe) avoids death by poison. Asa Ron suffered withdrawals from the opiate-like smoke. Tagon made a deal to marry into Asa Ron’s clan to gain his support after revealing he had killed his father. Asa Ron had to been shocked when Tagon admitted the truth without a care in the world, then turned the screws on Asa Ron.

Hae Mi Ho (leader of the Hae tribe) torched the bronze making experts and manuals. Little did he know that that Tanya’s father is an inventor and might figure out the bronze making process.

Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) agreed to marry someone other than Tanya to become ruler. We saw clearly that Tagon is willing to shock those that support him to reach his goal…ruler of Arthdal. He told his soldiers to lie that Eunseom had been killed. He told Taealha he’d marry another woman. He didn’t know that Taealha would invoke a counter plan to eliminate Asa Ron and frame his brother. If Dan Byeok dies, Tagon loses a gullible powerful supporter. He won’t be happy when he learns what really happened. I loved Tagon’s shock when he learned Eunseom was Igutu.

Tanya (Kim Ji Won) became Saya’s slave. I loved it when she resisted Hae Tuak’s training. I loved it when Tanya leveraged Eunseom’s dream to gain an advantage with Tagon and Taealha. She has brains.

Eunseom (Song Joong Ki) was injured and in a bed fighting to recover. Eunseom’s gymnastic ability to get out of Yang Cha’s chain pulley was amazing. I loved seeing Yang Cha unmasked. I thought it was realistic that Eunseom was injured. Moo Baek knows that Eunseom is Igutu. But even more surprising was Moo Baek, Chae Eun, and Harim caring for Eunseom in the hut. Are they family?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My rating chart is below:

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7 comments on “Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Mi Hol 👤⚙️ decided to keep bronze making a secret to ensure his own life. I’d like to like to find out what happened to his birthplace, Remus, how it was destroyed, and who destroyed it. Father Yeol Son 🛠️🏵️ looks like the next best candidate to figure out how bronze is made, this is good for Father Yeol Son 🛠️🏵️.

    “Loved seeing Yang Cha unmasked.” -KJT and bleeding purple❗ There was something kind of hot about him wearing the mask, by it was nice to see his face. Was it his punishment for letting his purple lips show❓⁉️ Snow Flower was right, Tagon 🦊⚔️ has rescued other Igutus and then made them members of Daekan ⚔️ Force. Tagon’s 🦊⚔️ closest soldiers are Igutus and probably have seen him bleed purple. Being an Igutu is what Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ must have meant last episode when he said to brother Moo Gwang 🐊⚔️ they owed their lives to Sanoong 👤⚔️.

    I concur that Tagon’s 🦊⚔️ reaction to Eunseom 🐯🏵️ being Igutu was GREAT … being from Iark it wasn’t even a consideration. Color 🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 that Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ hid Eunseom 🐯🏵️ from Tagon 🦊⚔️. Chae Eun’s 🌻⚕️ father, Ha Rim 👤⚕️, is probably treating Eunseom 🐯🏵️ and keeping it a secret out of his guilt for his part in the Neanthal 🐯 genocide. As an Igutu, Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ needs the world to be destroyed for him to exist. Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ became the lynchpin by rescuing Eunseom 🐯🏵️. I concur that Eunseom 🐯🏵️ having possession of Asa Hon’s 🐯🏔️ broken pendant is irrefutable proof. For the first time I have hope that Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ may team up with Eunseom 🐯🏵️.

    Asa Ron’s 👤🏔️ shaky hands were maybe not so much from fear, but withdrawal from the “sacred smoke”. Yep, it probably is like opium. But since this is a FANTASY, it could be anything.

    Tanya 🌸🏵️ was BRILLIANT in using the information from Eunseom’s 🐯🏵️ dreams to save her life. I 💗 that Tuak 🥋⚙️ got exasperated “training” Tanya🌸🏵️. I wonder how Tuak 🥋⚙️ would feel if she were captured by unknown people , enslaved and then “trained” to be a servant; I suspect she might be downright belligerent❗ Tuak 🥋⚙️ had pretty good reflexes, do you think she is a Igutu too❓⁉️ I concur that Taealha 🎭⚙️ put Tanya 🌸🏵️ on duty with Saya 🐯⚔️ to find an excuse to kill her.

    Dan Byeok 🐱⚔️ was poisoned by the “antidote” and not the food❓⁉️ OMO Taealha 🎭⚙️ raised Saya in HER IMAGE … scheming and diabolical. So … Saya 🐯⚔️ is the evil twin … I thought he was going to be meek and mild the way he cowered behind the curtain at the beginning of the episode. I’m okay with that as long as Saya 🐯⚔️ keeps busy scheming against Taealha 🎭⚙️ and doesn’t mess things up for Eunseom 🐯🏵️. It serves Taealha 🎭⚙️ right, it’s unfortunate that there is collateral damage to innocents in the carnage. I’m not sure who is the scariest, Taealha 🎭⚙️, Saya 🐯⚔️ or Tagon 🦊⚔️.


    • Father Yeol Son 🛠️🏵️ looks like the next best candidate to figure out how bronze is made,
      I like the writers tapping into his inventor/inquisitive nature.

      Snow Flower was right, Tagon 🦊⚔️ has rescued other Igutus and then made them members of Daekan ⚔️ Force.
      Yep, I originally thought Tagon was operating under the “there can be only one” Igutu, but that clearly isn’t the case.

      For the first time I have hope that Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ may team up with Eunseom 🐯🏵️.
      I’d be happy to see that.

      Tanya 🌸🏵️ was BRILLIANT in using the information from Eunseom’s 🐯🏵️ dreams to save her life.
      When Tanya is given the opportunity to flex her brain, she shines. She’s damsel in distress simply waiting to be rescued.

      Saya 🐯⚔️ is the evil twin … I thought he was going to be meek and mild
      Yep, he quickly established he has his own agenda and will work for it.

      I’m not sure who is the scariest, Taealha 🎭⚙️, Saya 🐯⚔️ or Tagon 🦊⚔️
      It is a powerful evil trio.


  2. Snow Flower says:

    Oh my, so many new things happening in this episode. I continue to root for Moo Baek. I also liked Tanya’s father reacting to the new tools. I am sure he will figure out the bronze technology. Tanya is awesome! I admire her quick thinking. I like the “evil trio” description.

    This show made me think about how power is acquired. The one who wields it must have both technology/resources and spiritual authority. The same idea was explored in other kdramas (Jumong, Queen Seondeok) and also Dune books. The conflict between having power and having personal happiness is another major issue addressed in this drama and the other dramas I mentioned.

    Having twins in a show almost always means that one will get killed off. More likely it will be the bad twin. I hope that he finds redemption before he dies…


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Fortunately, the evil trio of Taealha 🎭⚙️, Saya 🐯⚔️ and Tagon 🦊⚔️ seems to be undermining each other for their own purposes. They will be formadable if they actually work together.


      • They will be formadable if they actually work together.
        I don’t see Saya doing so based on his history with Taealha, I don’t see Tagon seeing Saya as an equal, perhaps Tagon and Taealha would…but each wants to control the other.


    • I continue to root for Moo Baek…liked Tanya’s father reacting to the new tools…Tanya is awesome! I admire her quick thinking
      Agree on all 3 counts.

      how power is acquired. The one who wields it must have both technology/resources and spiritual authority.
      Spiritual authority is especially important in the time frame of this series.

      conflict between having power and having personal happiness is another major issue
      The writers certainly promote this as an issue, as you note they aren’t the first to do so.

      bad twin. I hope that he finds redemption before he dies
      I’d like that too. I can envision (if he does reform) the great white wolf being his escort to the afterlife.


  3. Snow Flower says:

    I am happy that Dan Byeok is not dead! He seems like a good guy caught in the schemes of his brother. I am waiting for him to make a dramatic re-appearance. The evil trio members have their own agendas. For now the agendas do not align, but who knows what will happen….I am also curious about the new female character, Nun Byeol.


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