Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6 Recap

Part 1, The Children of Prophecy

Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) basks in the accolades of his warriors and people.

Eunseom (Song Joong Ki) thinks that if Tagon harms the Wahan, he will reveal the big secret that Tagon is Igutu, just like he is.

Tagon continues to pretend he is the reincarnated Araman Haesulla and declares he will lead to the skies. He urges believes to join him to form an even stronger Arthdal. The crowd goes wild. Tagon is overcome and falls to the floor. Everyone is concerned except Hae Mi Ho (leader of the Hae tribe) and Asa Ron (leader of the Hwinsan tribe) who realize Tagon wants to be king and vault over them.

In the crowd, Moo Baek watches and recalls the mother of the white mountain, Asa Sakan, telling him that a son had killed his father.

Moo Gwang is thrilled to find Moo Baek. He chortles with glee about Tagon. Moo Baek is angry that Sanoong is dead. Moo Gwang says the Wahan warrior killed Sanoong. Moo Baek begs to differ citing the weapon that killed Sanoong and the single lethal cut to the neck. Moo Baek points out that a warrior that didn’t know weapons couldn’t inflict that cut. He calls Moo Gwang stupid. Moo Gwang counters that if Tagon killed, so what. Moo Baek points out what Sanoong did for both of them. Moo Gwang retorts that Tagon is the reincarnated Araman Haesulla. Moo Baek strides away.

Moo Baek’s chiseled face appeals. I wonder if he has the capacity to see Tagon’s true evil and not blindly support him.

Tagon walks thorough throngs of people shouting the he is the reincarnated Araman Haesulla. He demurs he doesn’t remember what happened. They take that as proof he was taken over by Araman Haesulla.

Hae Tauk regales Taealha (Kim Ok Vin) about the ceremony. Tagon enters. Hae Tauk gushes. Taealha orders her to leave. Hae Tauk rushes out. Taealha hands Tagon the arm wrap with his blue blood. She tells him the Wahan warrior came to her and knows what an Igutu is and this is a negative in Arthdal. Tagon is instantly concerned.  Taealha repeats the meeting place Eunseom dictated and that the Wahan must not be touched.

Chae Eun asks what Eunseom knows that makes him believe that Tagon will meet with him. Eunseom (Song Joong Ki) thinks that knowing Tagon is an Igutu is sufficient. Eunseom asks why Chae Eun isn’t bothered that he is an Igutu. She claims he looked familiar and isn’t afraid. Eunseom asks why Mi Ho’s daughter was at Tagon’s home. Chae Eun murmurs Taealha. Eunseom wants all the details on Tagon.

Taealha advises Tagon to meet with the Wahan warrior as requested then kill him. Tagon wonders how the Wahan warrior knows so much and who is helping him. They worry whoever is aiding the Wahan warrior knows his secret too. Tagon realizes he must stop the beheading of the Wahan tribe.

Tagon’s men gather, ready to cut off the Wahan heads.

The Wahan await their fate. Their great mother, Tanya (Kim Ji Won), stares at the drawing of the great white wolf. Her father and tribe leader tell everyone the time has come. Will they choose to kill each other to keep their heads intact (crucial to meet the great white wolf in the afterlife) or be beheaded? A father whose son was killed by the Arthdal states he must be able to reunite with his son in the afterlife. He asks to be choked to death. Tanya says the leader must decide for all of them. Her father decides each must choke the one next to them. They cry. Tanya cries. Her father reverses himself and states each person must decide for themselves. A Wahan (the one that doubted Eunseom) declares he doesn’t care; he only wants his family’s killer (Moo Gwang) dead.

Tagon enters and demands to know about Eunseom. Tanya stares at Tagon after pocketing a sharp rock. He walks to her and scoffs at her drawing of the great white wolf. Tanya surprises her tribe when she offers to go with Tagon. She’s grabbed and taken away much to the consternation of her tribe.

Tanya is brought to Tagon. He shows her the city skyline pointing out the Fortress of Fire that always burns and smokes. She thinks if she dies then the spell, she put on Eunseom will be broken. She wants Eunseom to run far away after the spell is broken. Tagon asks if Eunseom had been to Arthdal before. Tanya says nothing. Tagon asks how Eunseom knew his father was the Arthdal leader. Tanya says nothing. Tagon asks how Eunseom learned to ride a horse. Tanya says nothing. She holds the sharp rock and thinks it must be a lethal blow. Tagon comes closer and asks if she knows what an Igutu is. She stares at his throat where she plans to slash. Tagon demands to know about the blue blood. Then he tells her what an Igutu is (mixed blood person that is part Saram and part Neanderthal). Tagon declares Saram is the blessing and Igutu is the curse. Tagon says Igutu are killed when recognized. Tanya goes to strike but Tagon grabs her throat and chokes. Tanya calls Arthdals cowards for fearing those that are different. She declares Wahan respect all life. She tells him to kill her. Tagon orders her to leave. Tanya asks why he won’t kill her. Tagon says he can’t kill her using the phrase Eunseom dictated. Tanya realizes those words came from Eunseom. Tanya is taken away.

Isn’t it ironic that the Wahans would accept Tagon but own tribe would not because he devised a plan to hate and eradicate the Neanderthal?

The Wahan are happy when Tanya is returned unharmed. She shares they won’t die. She states Tagon said he cannot kill them. She uses the words Tagon use. The Wahan realize those words came from Eunseom. Hope springs among them.

Eunseom went from zero to hero.

Tagon stares at Arthdal.

Eunseom prepares a rope.

Hae Tauk is taken by the guards. She “accidently” drops the note Taealha gave her to pass on when she told Hae Tauk they would be arrested soon.

The guard delivers the note to Dan Byeok (Tagon’s brother). In the note Taealha asks her father for direction after he receives it from Mr. X. Dan Byeok wonders who is giving Mi Ho direction now that his father is dead.  He knows Mi Ho lied that Taealha was sick in bed.

Mi Ho tells Asa Ron thanks to his declaration of Tagon’s gift of psychic powers from the gods Tagon is on the path to becoming king. Asa Ron states he’ll receive an oracle from the gods tomorrow. Mi Ho warns this could be their last chance to derail Tagon.

Mi Ho asks Dan Byeok if his father wanted someone dead would it be Tagon or Asa Ron. Turns out this is a rhetorical question. Mi Ho is sure that Tagon would be the choice. He presses that Tagon must be eliminated because he is wicked and smart.  Dan Byeok reacts when Mi Ho mentions Asa Ron declaring his father never wanted that clan to control Arthdal. Mi Ho states they can deal with Asa Ron after Tagon is eliminated. Mi Ho declares Tagon killed their father. Dan Byeok won’t believe it. Mi Ho tells him to arrest Tagon and the Wahan warrior will confirm to contradict when they catch him. Dan Byeok asks who Mr. X is. Mi Ho claims not to know. Dan Byeok doesn’t believe him.  He declares Mi Ho must bring proof that Tagon murdered his father.

Mi Ho tells his aide they’ll have to send in their troops.

Dan Byeok believes Mi Ho and Asa Ron are in cahoots.

Gil Sun reports that her father and Dan Byeok argued. That pleases Taealha. Gil Sun asks where Tagon is. She hopes all goes well with Tagon’s mission.

Tagon enters the room where he killed his father. He finds rope laid around the chair and other items. He calls to Eunseom who tells him to sit on the chair. Eunseom reminds himself that Tagon is Igutu, just like him. Tagon sits in the chair. Eunseom tells him use the ropes on his arms. Tagon complies. Eunseom tightens the ropes. Tagon breaks the chair arms. He tells Eunseom that he’s strong. Eunseom tells Tagon he’ll leave if he plays games. He asks where the Wahan are. Tagon assures him they were not executed per his order. Eunseom tells Tagon to release them and promises to return with them to Lark. Tagon doesn’t believe him. Tagon states he is the tribe’s dream and will keep his word. Tagon points out that he could follow and massacre them all. He promises the Wahan will have decent jobs as slaves. Tagon declares if his secret is shared, he’ll massacre them all. Tagon states the only way this will work is if he keeps the Wahans safe and under his control to force his secret be kept. Tagon says killing him won’t guarantee his secret hasn’t been shared. Eunseom notes Tagon has no trust in others, therefore he is trustworthy. He agrees to keep the secret. Tagon agrees not to kill the Wahan. Tagon promises to find and kill him. Eunseom promises to rescue the Wahan. Tagon points out that Arthdal’s expansion is just beginning and there’s no place to hide. Eunseom declares he’ll figure that out after he rescues his people. He leaves.

My takeaway from that conversation – Sooner or later Tagon will kill the Wahan and Eunseom. Not much to work with, but a pause in the Wahan execution is a start. I had to shake my head when Eunseom told Tagon because he wasn’t trustworthy, he could trust him.

Eunseom wills Tanya to stay alive so he can rescue her.

Tagon tells Taealha the meeting went as well as possible. She asks why he loses his composure when Igutu enters a conversation. She asks what’s next for the Igutu child, Saya, she raised for Tagon. She assures him that even though he occasionally leaves the Fortress of Fire at night, Saya is well behaved and knows the danger if others discover he is an Igutu.

The Wahan are transported to the Fortress of Fire.

Tagon isn’t happy to learn the Wahan were transported without his approval.

It gets worse, word is spread that if the Wahan warrior that killed Sanoong doesn’t come forward, the Wahan will be massacred. Chae Eun is dismayed.

Mi Ho tells Asa Ron by snatching the Wahan they will force the Wahan warrior to come forward. Mi Ho agrees that the Wahan warrior must state that Tagon killed his father. If necessary, he’ll hire someone to pretend to be the Wahan warrior.

Chae Eun tells Eunseom. He assumes Tagon broke his word. He recalls Sanoong telling him that Tagon wanted him dead and that he had tried to kill Tagon. Eunseom observes that friends and enemies coexist in Arthdal. Eunseom admits trust issues arise from this. He states he’ll use Tagon’s enemy Mi Ho to eliminate Tagon so he can rescue the Wahans. Chae Eun is impressed with Eunseom’s strategy skills.  Chae Eun shows Eunseom letters and states a message to Mi Ho will eliminate the risk of meeting him in person. Eunseom is fascinated with the concept of the written word. She asks if Eunseom is enjoying himself. Eunseom recalls Tanya asking him the same question. Eunseom admits he is.

Pleased to see Song Joong Ki in decent lighting with no war paint.

Tanya’s father realizes the Fortress of Fire isn’t burning live materials. A light from the tower shines on Tanya’s face.

We are all wondering…is the Igutu named Saya who is kept in Fortress of Fire Eunseom’s brother and more to the point, Eunseom’s twin brother?

Doti gives Eunseom’s message to Mi Ho’s aide.  Mi Ho reads the message which states there is a weapon that will destroy Tagon and a meeting place. Even though it could be a trap, they decide to take the meeting.

Tagon isn’t happy to find the empty cell where the Wahan were kept. His men believe Asa Ron took the Wahan. Tagon worries this will force the Wahan warrior to announce his secret.

The Wahan can’t believe it but they hope Tagon finds and saves them. Tanya believes the great white wolf will help.

Tagon stares at the Tanya’s drawing on the cell wall. He recognizes the Fortress of Fire drawn next to the white wolf. He smiles knowing what Tanya drew. He declares they’ll enter the Fortress of Fire in secret.

Tanya, you go girl!

Mi Ho gives his aide the task of bring the Wahan warrior to the Fortress of Fire.

Moo Baek believes Asa Ron moved the Wahan, Tagon is planning something treacherous, and the Wahan warrior is still in the city. He wonders if the mother of the white mountain, Asa Sakan, was referencing Tagon’s patricide and fight to save the world. He recalls his warrior Kitoha statement that Sanoong’s killer was the Wahan warrior they couldn’t catch. Moo Baek wonders if that warrior is the reincarnated Araman Haesulla and the horse is the reincarnated Kanmoreu. He wonders about the three objects – sword, bell, mirror – that will end the world.

A man holds a mirror and shines it in Tanya’s face. She wakes and believes the man is Eunseom. The man says nothing but points to the tower then he’s gone.

Eunseom has a twin brother!?

Tanya tells her father Eunseom appeared to her wearing the necklace and bracelet from hard stones. He believes she DREAMED this. They wonder what the dream means. Tanya stares at the ground.

Mi Ho’s aide goes to the meeting place. Eunseom asks where Mi Ho is. She tells they needs what he knows and he should follow them.

Dan Byeok isn’t interested in Asa Ron’s belief that Tagon killed his father. He wonders when Asa Ron and Mi Ho aligned themselves. Gil Sun enters and reports that Tagon’s warriors are at the Fortress of Fire.

Mi Ho’s aide leads him to the Fortress of Fire.

Mi Ho, Asa Ron and Dan Byeok arrive at the Fortress of Fire. Mi Ho guesses Tagon is coming for the Wahan. Mi Ho orders the Wahan moved inside the storage room and the gates blocked. Tagon’s men arrive and bash the gate open. Tagon follows his men inside.  Tagon announces they want the Wahan. Asa Ron says the Wahan are bait to catch the Wahan warrior the last thing Tagon wants. Tagon declares the Mi Ho can’t be trusted because he tried to kill Tagon and frame him. Mi Ho denies this. Tagon declares the Mi Ho ordered his daughter to poison him. Mi Ho feigns ignorance. Dan Byeok wonders if this is more proof of collusion between Asa Ran and Mi Ho. Asa Ron orders Tagon arrested. Dan Byeok’s men don’t comply. Dan Byeok asks who Mi Ho is taking orders from. He points his finger at Asa Ron and orders his arrest as well as Mi Ho’s. Tagon can’t help but smile. Mi Ho can’t believe it. He declares this is his home. He gives the signal and the lights are doused and the doors are locked.

The Wahan hear the commotion. One of them overpowers a guard. They are cut free from their bindings. They want to fight but Tanya’s father shakes his head no. He states Wahan doesn’t exist anymore. He states none of them are tied to Wahan anymore. Everyone cries when he states they will each make their own choices and will meet one day…dead or alive.

Mi Ho’s aide hears the commotion. Eunseom follows. When the Wahan enter a melee occurs. Tanya makes her way to the tower the man from her dream pointed to. She’s holding a rock from his necklace. She knows it wasn’t a dream. She heads up the stairs.

Two Wahan scale the wall and drop to the ground. Eunseom and Mi Ho’s aide walk by. The Wahan recognize and greet Eunseom. Tagon’s warrior Yang Cha drops next to them. Mi Ho’s aide splits. Eunseom puts himself between the Wahan and Yang Cha.

Finally, at the top, Tanya enters a room. It is filled with light. She sees a bed, a desk, a map, etc. Tanya recalls Eunseom telling her about a dream where he was locked up. The walls had drawings, there were cylinders, etc. Tanya realizes she’s in the location Eunseom dreamed about.

Mi Ho’s aide, Yeobi, runs into Moo Baek. She says the Wahan warrior that killed Sanoong is near. Moo Baek runs.

Yang Cha spins his trademark chain. Eunseom orders the Wahan to run.

Tanya is startled to see her image in a mirror. She picks up a bell.

Moo Baek thinks about the heavenly objects as he runs.

Tanya stares at one of the heavenly objects, the mirror while holding another, the bell.

Eunseom holds the third heavenly object, a sword.

Eunseom’s twin brother Saya stares at Tanya from behind a curtain.

My Thoughts

Another good episode. Writers Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon kept pushing the story forward. I’ve watched plenty of kdramas where the action of an episode can be summarized in a sentence. Not so with Arthdal Chronicles. But if I were to summarize this episode…Mistrust is the norm for the leaders of Arthdal; the Wahan are pawns used by multiple leaders; the prophecy of three objects materializes; and Eunseom negotiates, communicates, and meets the chain welding Yang Cha once again…little does he know his twin brother Saya is kept in the Fortress of Fire.

* Asa Ron (leader of the Hwinsan tribe) and Mi Ho team up. But things don’t go well for this duo. Dan Byeok doesn’t trust them and his soldiers ignore Asa Ron’s order to arrest Tagon.

* Hae Mi Ho (leader of the Hae tribe) can’t get any traction with his schemes. Dan Byeok’s mistrust of Mi Ho was apparent. Why didn’t the wily Mi Ho realize it? That didn’t quite ring true. His aide, Yeobi, knows Eunseom’s name and face.

Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) (Sanoong’s son) has a simple plan when it comes to the Wahan…kill them all after they are no use to him. Tagon calmly told Eunseom that even if they escape, he will kill all the Wahan. There’s only one option with this kind of threat, kill Tagon. I was surprised when Tagon easily snapped the chair rendering the rope restraints useless. I love that Tagon doesn’t know what Eunseom looks like. I love the Tagon (Igutu) asked Taealha to raise is Eunseom’s twin brother (Igutu). Imagine all the possible plot points from that! We have a triple Igutu threat in this series. Is this like the movie Highlander…there can be only one?  I love that Tagon pretends to be the reincarnation of Araman Haesulla, but Eunseom is the real deal.

Tanya (Kim Ji Won) caught Saya’s eye. Even though her father said the white robed Eunseom was a dream, Tanya learned that it was real. I loved when Tanya realized that Eunseom’s dream was actually the chamber of the Fortress of Fire. Can’t wait to see her reaction when Saya is spotted. I loved that the three elements of the prophecy have been revealed. Props to Tanya for the drawing of the Fortress of Fire. That tipped Tagon where the Wahan had been taken. Tanya’s father made the choice that everyone had to do what is best for them. As a group they are doomed to either slavery or death in Arthdal.

Eunseom (Song Joong Ki) elected to trust Tagon but wasn’t surprised when he believed Tagon broke his word. Eunseom is getting smarter as he assimilates the Arthdal leadership tugs and pulls. I don’t see a survival path for the Wahan or Eunseom unless Tagon dies. I was thrilled to see Song Joong Ki in decent lighting. So much of the series he’s been in paint, dark, behind a mask, etc.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My rating chart is below:

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11 comments on “Arthdal Chronicles Episode 6
  1. Snow Flower says:

    So the lost brother did make a dramatic appearance! I am just curious how he managed to survive in the Fortress of Fire without being detected? His living quarters appeared quite spacious and comfortable.
    I like Moo Baek. He seems thoughtful and honorable. I hope he will play a larger role in the story.


    • So the lost brother did make a dramatic appearance!
      I like that the appearance and soon to be reveal occurred in the first half of the series. So many possibilities…

      I like Moo Baek. He seems thoughtful and honorable. I hope he will play a larger role in the story.
      I like him too. He doesn’t seem as blindly devoted to Tagon and appears to have a brain. But he was the leader when they attacked the Lark and other tribe, killing, burning and enslaving.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Color 🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 Saya 🐯⚔️ made an appearance in part 1, I though we might have to wait until at least part 2. I could not be more pleased that Saya 🐯⚔️ is Eunseom’s 🐯🏵️ TWIN❣️

      Does Tagon 🦊⚔️ know what the adult Saya 🐯⚔️ look like❓⁉️ Eunseom may be able to hideout longer with his identical twin in Tagon’s 🦊⚔️ care. I only hope the brothers will end up as each other’s ally. Tanya 🌸🏵️ could be the catalyst that brings them together OR pulls them apart, as this situation is ripe for a love 💗🔺 triangle. Will Tagon 🦊⚔️ be interested in Tanya 🌸🏵️ too or will Taealha 🎭⚙️ be enough for him❓⁉️

      I think Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ will play a larger role. Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ is more mature, intellectual, thoughtful and independent of Daekan soldiers. Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ had the curiosity and took the time to investigate the Wahan 🏵️ village and shrine. The first thing he did upon his return to Arth was to discretely seek out Asa Sakan 🙏🏔️to delve into the origin and meaning of the byeoldaya he found at the Wahan 🏵️ shrine. After Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ mulls over the significance of the byeoldaya, will he reveal it’s existence to Tagon 🦊⚔️ or anyone else❓⁉️ Will he continues to be loyal to Tagon 🦊⚔️❓⁉️ I potentially see Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ as that either continue to be loyal to Tagon 🦊⚔️ and his quest to be King/god OR the catalyst for breaking away from “civilization” and starting fresh.

      I believe the byeoldaya was the object her mother Cho Seol 🙏🏵️ described and told her to retrieve, if possible, as it was important to their people. I wonder if Tanya 🌸🏵️ had seen the byeoldaya or any of the contents of the sacred pouch.

      I see the Wahan 🏵️ tribe as the original peaceful people that the progenitors of Arth were before they became greedy. ✳️ They probably still have the true religion of the Great White Wolf 🐺 or are closer to it than the White Mountain 🏔️ tribe. I remember the Wahan 🏵️tribe being the peacemakers of Iark when the first discovered dead warriors from another tribe (slain by the Daekan army).


      • Jane Tilly says:

        My comment posted while I was editing it … I know we’re grammar issues. I was about to rant:

        ✳️RANT ALERT✳️ When I talk about being the people of Arth 🏔️⚔️⚙️ being greedy I am referring to subjugation of people into slavery or using nefarious means to gain wealth. I don’t take any issue with gaining wealth honestly through commerce, their own efforts or developing technology to make life easier.

        I’ve had enough of Mi Hol 👤⚙️ and Asa Ron’s 👤🏔️ schemes .. they are getting what they deserve. Dan Byeok 🐱⚔️ is naively trusting of Tagon 🦊⚔️ … when will he he be awakened to the fact he and the Daekan ⚔️ forces are being used as pawns ♟ by Tagon 🦊⚔️. Will Dan Byeok 🐱⚔️ wake up 😴😱 before it is too late to do anything❓⁉️

        The Wahan 🏵️ tribe were the prime ♯1️⃣ pawns ♟ this episode. They lost all their child, except Doti 👧🏵️, in the initial raid on their village. The injured were executed on the way to Arthdal 🏔️⚔️⚙️. Last episode a mob of angry citizens were allowed to beat and kill Wahan 🏵️ tribe members in retaliation of Sanoong’s 👤⚔️ death, now Tagon 🦊⚔️ and Mi Hol 👤⚙️ are taking turns using them as bait 🎣 to catch Eunseom 🐯🏵️.

        I think the Wahan 🏵️ tribe will be paramount to the future of Arthdal 🏔️⚔️⚙️ … be it the reformation or destruction of “civilization”. This importance will continue to put the Wahan 🏵️ tribe in mortal jeopardy.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I’m just having a grammar challenged and stinkin’ autocorrect day.

        ✳️SHAKING MY HEAD✳️


      • I could not be more pleased that Saya 🐯⚔️ is Eunseom’s 🐯🏵️ TWIN❣️
        You called that plot point.

        Tanya 🌸🏵️ could be the catalyst that brings them together OR pulls them apart, as this situation is ripe for a love 💗🔺 triangle.
        Saya may dig Tanya but she has Eunseom in her heart.

        Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ is more mature, intellectual, thoughtful and independent of Daekan soldiers…Will he continues to be loyal to Tagon 🦊⚔️❓
        I like Moo Baek and find his flowing locks and face appealing. This the first series I’ve seen Park Hae Joon. He’s brought a depth of character to Moo Baek.

        Wahan 🏵️ tribe as the original peaceful people that the progenitors of Arth were before they became greedy. ✳️ They probably still have the true religion of the Great White Wolf 🐺
        Yep, the longer they last, they have a chance to avoid massacre.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jane Tilly says:

          I’m not as concerned about Saya 🐯⚔️ after seeing him interact with Tanya 🌸🏵️ episode 7 … but you never know what might happen in Kdramaland.

          I concur with your thoughts on Park Hae Joon adding depth to the character … I’m finding him appealing in looks and character … he is insightful and uses his brain. I’ve seen “My Mister” and “Dr. Stranger” … he was not in lead roles and didn’t stand out to me. He’s in “My Beautiful Bride” as one of the main characters, which I think Beez recommended. I’ll move it a bit higher on my watch list.

          I find that the more I watch Kdramas and get to know the actors, the more I noticed them even if they are in less substantial roles.


          • Secondary characters can intrigue, numerous ones come to mind. The kentertainment industry churns out so much content, I don’t always know actors because my drama watching is a small subset.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    This was such a good episode that I watched it twice and had more to say.

    When Tagon 🦊⚔️, in his name of glory with his firefly halo and arms outstretched said to board the vessel, I couldn’t help but recall Father Baek, played by Jo Sung Ha (Mi Hol 👤⚙️), in the drama “Save Me” fervently inviting his New Sovereign cult congregation to board ship to heaven. ✳️SHUDDERING AT THE THOUGHT✳️

    Then I laughed at Tagon’s 🦊⚔️ resemblance to Jesus, complete with a firefly halo, as this is supposed to be PRE-Goguryeo. Goguryeo started 37 BCE or BC … ah that would be BEFORE Jesus was born. Then I had to remember … this is a FANTASY, so visual reference to Jesus doesn’t matter … along with the set-in sleeves. Taealha’s 🎭⚙️ wardrobe would be much less sexy without fitted garments … which would have been impossible to make with iron-age technology and simply was not done in that part of the world until the END of the Joseon era. UGG, the costume historian in me keeps coming out. ✳️IT’S A FANTASY JANE, A FANTASY✳️.

    Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ deduced Tagon 🦊⚔️ killed Sanoong 👤⚔️ based on the depth of the fatal blow. Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ is insightful, which is a far cry different from his impetuous brother Moo Gwang 🐊⚔️.

    In the morning after the Wahan 🏵️ tribe was moved to the fortress of fire🔥 it seemed to me that Tanya 🌸🏵️ seemed to read Father Yeol Son’s 🛠️🏵️ thoughts. Is she developing spiritual or supernatural gifts❓⁉️

    Ît seemed to be a watershed moment when Father Yeol Son 🛠️🏵️ that the Wahan 🏵️ tribe no longer existed, meaning each person made their own decisions going forward. Did Father Yeol Son 🛠️🏵️ want to relieve himself of the responsibility of making the decision for tribe or did he truly believe this was the best way to survive❓⁉️ I suspect a little of both, but more emphasis on individual survival and freedom; they have a better chance as individuals or smaller groups blending in, especially since the speak the same language as the people of Arth 🏔️⚔️⚙️.

    Moo Baek🎖️⚔️ came to the conclusion that Tagon 🦊⚔️ is doing something treacherous to the Arth 🏔️⚔️⚙️ union. Will his loyalty be to Arth 🏔️⚔️⚙️ or Tagon 🦊⚔️❓⁉️ I think Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ is the lynchpin that will determine Tagon’s 🦊⚔️ success or failure. I think it depends on whether or not Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ believes in Tagon 🦊⚔️, the Arth 🏔️⚔️⚙️ union or that Eunseom 🐯🏵️ is the reincarnation of Aramun Haesulla.

    I find it fascinating that Tanya recognized Saya’s 🐯⚔️ quarters from Eunseom’s 🐯🏵️ dream.

    They flashed back to Asa Sakan 🙏🏔️ recalling three heavenly objects, a sword 🗡️, a bell 🔔 and a mirror 🔍. I think they were trying to tell us Eunseom 🐯🏵️ is the sword 🗡️ to slay the world, Tanya 🌸🏵️ the bell to echo throughout the world … does that make Saya 🐯⚔️ the mirror 🔍 to illuminate the world❓⁉️ These three were born in the world 20 years ago just after the blue comet ☄️. It must have been so hard for Asa Hon 🐯🏔️ to let Tagon 🦊⚔️ take her other son and not follow.


    • Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ deduced Tagon 🦊⚔️ killed Sanoong 👤⚔️ based on the depth of the fatal blow. Moo Baek 🎖️⚔️ is insightful, which is a far cry different from his impetuous brother Moo Gwang 🐊⚔️.
      Moo Baek has brains and a measured approach. Moo Gwang is all impulse. I didn’t realize they were brothers.

      Did Father Yeol Son 🛠️🏵️ want to relieve himself of the responsibility of making the decision for tribe or did he truly believe this was the best way to survive❓
      His declaration surprised me but you can’t argue they were sitting ducks ripe for the picking as a unit.

      Tanya recognized Saya’s 🐯⚔️ quarters from Eunseom’s 🐯🏵️ dream.
      What I find fascinating is how she recalls everything Eunseom told her yet she can’t remember the dance steps. It shows how much he matters.

      It must have been so hard for Asa Hon 🐯🏔️ to let Tagon 🦊⚔️ take her other son and not follow.
      Agreed. A bitter pill.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        “What I find fascinating is how she recalls everything Eunseom told her yet she can’t remember the dance steps” KJT, you crack me up 😂❣️ Yep, I can’t argue with your reasoning. I guess that was one of the reasons Mother Cho Seol 🙏🏵️ was worried about Eunseom 🐯🏵️ distracting Tanya 🌸🏵️.

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