Arthdal Chronicles Episode 2

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 2 Recap

Part 1, The Children of Prophecy

Eunseom (Song Joong Ki), now a man, dreams as the villagers watch. The leader demands to know if he just woke from a dream.

At the village gathering everyone talks about how Eunseom can have dreams without formal training. They accuse of stealing the next great mother’s dreams. Eunseom explains what dreams are to the best of his ability. Some villagers declare Eunseom stole the dreams because he was born on the same day. The villagers accuse Eunseom of being able to memorize quickly, stealing horses, and not being human in his ability to heal.

Not a good meeting for Eunseom.

The next great mother, Tanya (Kim Ji Won), defends Eunseom where the “stolen” horse is laying. Eunseom claims he was trying to learn how to ride the horse. He points out the advantages if everyone could ride a horse. The villagers laugh. Tanya declares that banishment isn’t the answer. He’s given the challenge to ride the horse by the next full moon or be banished.

The village leader, Yeol Son, and the current great mother, Cho Seol, recall Tanya’s first and last dream when she saw the Eunseom was in the forest. Cho Seol tells her husband to have faith in their daughter. He wonders about the comet prophecy that states the tribe will never be the same again when the one that breaks the shell appears. Cho Seol tells him to take life as it comes. Yeol Sol impresses with his inventions. He chuckles that Eunseom’s idea to ride a horse isn’t a bad one. Cho Seol thinks that she can’t let him succeed.

Tanya accuses Eunseom of trying to leave the village. She chases him. When she catches him, Tanya sees his blue scab is gone. She recalls Asa Hon telling Eunseom to return to Arthdal when the scab dissipated. Eunseom admits he was trying to leave the village. He admits he dreamed of his mother. Tanya wonders why her mother told him to return. Eunseom shares that his mother never gave up trying to find Lark but when they got there, she told him to return. Tanya wishes she could have dreams so she could understand what he is feeling. She agrees his destiny is to leave and says she won’t stop him. She leaves.

Cho Seol appears and reminds him that he promised to leave when the blue scab fell off. Eunseom asks why she hates him. Cho Seol says Eunseom could bring the tribe misfortune. Cho Seol tells him the three things people should never do. 1. Cross the Cliffs (which Eunseom did). 2. Learn the wisdom of seed but don’t plant them (Eunseom planted an acorn) 3. Commune and tame animals (Eunseom tamed the horse). Cho Seol declares he can never be one of them. Eunseom complains he doesn’t have a tribe like everyone else does. He demands to know where he belongs. Cho Seol states he must find that answer himself. She leaves.

Tanya cries at the thought of Eunseom leaving.

Eunseom jumps in the lake and tells himself he’ll stay until Tanya passes the spirit dance. He hears Cho Seol’s voice that he must leave directly after that.

Tanya and Cho Seol practice the spirit dance. Tanya messes up. Cho Seol declares Tanya will never progress and dream until she learns the spirit dance. Eunseom watches from afar.

The warriors go the edge of the cliff where an elevator is being utilized. Tagon declares this is how they will reach Lark.

Cho Seol finds a frustrated Tanya who admits that she can’t memorize the spirit dance, she can’t dream, and wishes she could run away with Eunseom. Cho Seol states her destiny is to become a member of the tribe because of her name. Cho Seol states Eunseom won’t leave right away. Hope springs in Tanya.

Eunseom tries to get the horse to stand up so he can try and ride it. Tanya finds him struggling with the horse. Eunseom wonders if sitting on a seated horse would qualify as riding a horse. Tanya warns him to take the challenge seriously.  She hears a voice as she turns to leave. She turns and mentally asks the horse if she heard him. She asks Eunseom what the horse’s name is. She touches the horse and speaks to the horse silently. She names the horse helper. She asks the horse to help Eunseom. She unties the tethered horse. The horse stands up. Eunseom is surprised. Tanya tells him the horse’s name is helper. She leaves.

The warriors cross the salt lake.

Blissfully unaware, the village celebrates a special day.

Eunseom struggles to ride the horse. He asks the horse to allow him one ride.  The villagers watch and laugh. They notice the horse doesn’t run away from Eunseom. The see him manage to get on the horse but he’s immediately bucked off.

The village men head to another village expecting to return with a wild boar.

Cho Seol can help but notice the glances between Eunseom and Tanya. She agrees that Eunseom can join the ceremony.

Tanya paints Eunseom’s face and body. He moves in for a kiss but she warns him he’ll die. They practice the spirit dance. She warns him not to practice in front of anyone else or he’ll get in trouble. Eunseom knows his time to leave is coming soon. He tells Tanya there’s only a small scab remaining. He shares last night’s dream was being held captive in a room. Tanya wonders why he easily dreams. Eunseom gives her a necklace. Tanya likes it and smiles.

The warriors are shocked to find dead members of the tribe. They don’t understand what kind of weapon can make wounds so deep.

While chasing the horse Eunseom finds a warrior in the words. He struggles to tells Eunseom that someone wants to steal their land. An Arthdal warrior spies Eunseom. He shoots an arrow at Eunseom who doesn’t realize what the weapon is. He ducks but is grazed. He runs. The warrior calls out he’s found another. Eunseom runs and ducks but runs into another warrior. This warrior has a knife and draws blood…blue blood. The warrior can’t believe his eyes and declares this is an Igutu. More warriors come. Eunseom fights them off. He takes a sword and stares at it in wonder.

The Wahan warriors report what they found to Cho Seoul. She doesn’t believe it was a neighboring tribe that recently agreed to peace. The crowd is stirred up to retaliate. Eunseom arrives and declares it wasn’t the neighboring tribe.

The Arthdal warrior find their comrades. They wonder who killed them.

Eunseom states he found a dying neighboring Anja warrior who said others were there to steal their land. He displays the sword from the warrior he found. He says the other warriors speaks their language. They don’t believe him. He goes to bring the wounded warrior back to the village.

As Eunseom runs, the horse runs next to him.

Back at the village, the naysayers declare Eunseom is a horse stealing liar who should be banished…or else he’ll leave the tribe.

The Arthdal warriors enter the village. The Wahan tribe stares at the men on horseback. The children declare Eunseom was right, you can ride a horse. The Arthdal warrior are shocked to hear their own language. A child approaches a warrior. He draws a sword and strikes the child down.  The Wahan scream. Moo Baek orders his men draw their arrows. They light the arrows. The Wahan don’t understand but know this isn’t good.  The arrows are released and the village begins to burn. It’s a massacre as the Arthdal warriors attack the Wahan who can’t fight back due to limited weaponry.

The women shepherd the children into huts and orders them to be quiet. The Arthdal attack the women. Cho Seoul is sliced by a sword. Tanya is drug away. She watches the brutality as the warriors decimate the village.  The warriors yell in blood thirsty lust.

The remaining Wahan are tied up to be taken away (likely to become slaves).

Previously at the cliff, Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) stares at the map. His aide admits he was hoping that going to the Lark they’d find the glorious horse Kanmoreu ridden by Araman Haesulla.  Kanmoreu is the direct descendant from a long line of first-born horses. He can’t be beaten by other horses.

Tanya, Cho Seoul, and the remaining Wahan are taken away. They cry as the walk past the burning village and their dead kinsmen.

The Arthdal and their Wahan prisoners walk through the field. Tanya spots a man on a horse. She watches the horse and man descend the hill. Everyone calls to Eunseom. Cho Seoul and Tanya watch him gallop to them. Eunseom leaps from his horse and kills an Arthdal. He frees Tanya and hands her a knife to free others. A melee erupts as the Wahan are cut free. Moo Baek orders his men to restore order.

Cho Seoul pushes Tanya to go with Eunseom. A warrior attacks. Eunseom is almost done for but the Wahan naysayer kills the Arthdal warrior.

Eunseom runs to his horse and mounts. He holds his hand to Tanya. She hesitates but gives her hand. Eunseom pulls her onto the horse.

A masked Arthdal warrior readies his chain to fell the horse but Eunseom nudges the horse to jump the warrior.


But it’s not over…

The masked Arthdal warrior flings his chain and snags Tanya’s ankle. She’s pulled off the horse and towards the warrior. Eunseom leaps from the horse and yanks on the chain. It’s tug of war!

Tanya tells Eunseom to leave…she can’t leave her people.

They watch the Arthdal warriors recapture all the Wahans (the ones they didn’t kill).

Tanya urges Eunseom to save himself.

Eunseom tells her to give him a name so he can go on living.

The masked Arthdal warrior pulls the chain and drags Tanya away.

Tanya calls out that Eunseom’s name is dream because he’s her dream as well as Wahan’s. She thinks please come and save me.

Moo Baek orders the Arthdal warrior to aim their arrows at Eunseom.  He runs and jumps on the horse. The Arthdal warrior pursue him. They almost catch him put the horse realizes he’ll be killed. He kicks it into overdrive. Moo Baek and the Arthdal warriors can’t get their horses to pursue at a fast-enough speed. Moo Baek can’t believe it…is the horse the mythical glorious horse that can’t be caught Kanmoreu? And if so, is the man riding him Araman Haesulla?

Voiceover “In the ancient times when man came from the trees, they learned to make tools, wheels, roads, and plant food. But they didn’t have a government system. Saenyeok do not dream and have not reached the peak of the pyramid of nature. This is the ancient place of Arth.”

My Thoughts

The second episode sets up the struggle between the conquering Arthdals and Eunseom who is left alone again. The Arthdal (Saenyeok tribe) finally descended to Lark then killed and enslaved. While you and I know that an arrow pierces and that a knife cuts, the native tribes did not. Eunseom didn’t know either. He had to learn quickly. But he couldn’t save the Wahans and Tanya, the woman he loves, from capture and enslavement. My favorite part of the episode was when the horse jumped the masked warrior. That was unexpected and awesome.  Last episode I wondered does Eunseom even know what he’s capable of? The answer is no. Undoubtably we’ll watch him grow into his abilities throughout this series. Moo Baek suspected that Eunseom is more than a common man and was gob smacked by the lighting speed of the horse who could be Kanmoreu.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as good. My rating chart is below:

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3 comments on “Arthdal Chronicles Episode 2
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I am confused about the name of this place (Iark?) below the black cliffs. I’m not sure if the first letter is in lowercase “L” or if Wikipedia is correct with its spelling with an uppercase “i” as in “Iark”; I think Wikipedia may be right as the actors seemed to pronounce it as “E-ark”. I find it interesting that Arthdal is supposed to predate Kogoryo, but so many names/words seem to be Romanized English names/words.

    It seemed that the Wahan 🏵️ tribe was the peacemaker tribe in Iark.
    The Wahan 🏵️ tribe being peaceful coupled with the the fact that there was dual recognition that they spoke a common tongue with Arthdal ⚔️ soldiers, I was aghast that the first thing the Arthdal ⚔️ soldiers did was NOT to set forth their demands, but slay a child, set the village on fire 🔥, slaughter the people and wreck havoc. It just seemed like there was excessive collateral damage, that could have been mitigated with at least announcing their demands. I suppose the element of surprise with brutal force was an effective strategy for minimizing their own casualties, but was brutal and cruel. We’ve had two episodes that spanned 20 years and the Arthdal ⚔️ soldiers annilated the Neanthal 🐯 people and are now conquering the tribes of Iark. I truly dislike the conquest of lands and people; conquest brings death, destruction and the subjugation of people.

    I concur that the horse jumping the masked warrior was thrilling and unexpected. My heart 💔 wrenched as Tanya 🌸🏵️ was dragged away from Eunseom 🐯🏵️. However, that was also the moment when Tanya 🌸🏵️ revealed that Eunseom 🐯🏵️ was her “dream”, giving him hope and encouragement to rescue them.

    I can’t wait to see how Eunseom 🐯🏵️ will come to see his own abilities and that of his horse Helper 🐎. Moo Baek speculated Helper 🐎 was Kanmoreu, making Eunseom 🐯🏵️ Aramun Haesulla. Eunseom’s 🐯🏵️ mother, Asa Hon, called him Aramun too just before she died … is Eunseom 🐯🏵️ a descendant or the reincarnation of Aramun❓⁉️ Is Helper 🐎 a descendant or reincarnation of Kanmoreu❓⁉️

    • I was aghast that the first thing the Arthdal ⚔️ soldiers did was NOT to set forth their demands, but slay a child, set the village on fire 🔥, slaughter the people and wreck havoc
      Enjoying cruelty seems to be a sport for Arthdal tribes.I was shocked at the brutality.

      Tanya 🌸🏵️ revealed that Eunseom 🐯🏵️ was her “dream”
      This episode set the stage for a potential romance. It was evident he digs her and that line showed she digs him too.

      Moo Baek speculated Helper 🐎 was Kanmoreu, making Eunseom 🐯🏵️ Aramun Haesulla. Eunseom’s 🐯🏵️ mother, Asa Hon, called him Aramun too just before she died … is Eunseom 🐯🏵️ a descendant or the reincarnation of Aramun❓⁉️ Is Helper 🐎 a descendant or reincarnation of Kanmoreu❓⁉️
      Because this is a fantasy, I’m opting to be believe in reincarnation. That should shake things up in Arthdal nicely.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        The cruel people of Arthdal, leadership and soldiers at the very least, NEED shaking up. They seem to be humans who have a SCARCITY of humanity.

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