amusings is 5!

I was surprised (again) when WordPress sent the notification that amusings is 5 years old. Wow! Time goes fast!

Blog background…
I watch Asian dramas and love them. I started watching when I cut the cord to cable TV. The pluses of Asian dramas – series are short (16-20 episodes) but can pack an emotional punch, any genre you want is available (action, revenge, historical, romantic comedy, etc.), catchy kpop songs (some series OSTs are stellar), and yummy actors – keep me entrenched. There are wonderful drama blogs out there, many which I read. I’ve evolved to “blog as I watch” recaps, series videos, series reviews, and articles that ponder which hot male character I’d date and kiss. I also opened this up to the compelling ladies…would they be worthy to date my brother? This single person blog has enriched me.

The 5th year of blogging has been another enjoyable one.
* Nutshell recaps. These recaps take less time as I write a nutshell recap and concentrate on the “My Thoughts” section. Frankly, work pressure increased this past year and I often found myself struggling to blog at the same pace as past years. I plan to focus on one drama at a time and return to timely recaps.

* My Cadre of Cuties (aka favored male stars) updates:
* Jang Hyuk is still number one and delivered a morally challenged character in Bad Papa and suffered subpar writing in Wok of Love. Next he is filming My Country which is slated for a September release on the JTBC network.
* Ji Chang Wook completed his mandatory service in April. His next drama is Melt Me a sci-fi romantic comedy as reported by Korean news website Sports Seoul. It is slated for a fall release on TVN network.
* Rain gave a stellar performance in Sketch. His next drama is Welcome 2 Life, slated for July on MBC. He plays a lawyer who cares only about winning. He’s drawn into a parallel world.
* Joo Won completed his mandatory service in February. He has been offered the male lead of SBS’s upcoming drama Hotel Alice (literal title). as detective named Park Jin Kyum.
* Eric was in talks for a new kdrama but that fell through. Not sure what’s next for him.
* Song Joong Ki is starring next in Arthdal Chronicles, which starts June 1 on TVN. I will be blogging this drama.
* Lee Joon Gi last kdrama was Lawless Lawyer, a terrific role for him. In 2018, he participated in another web series Secret Queen Makers. Recall he was in an episode of 7 First Kisses, a 2016 web series.
* Gong Yoo is filming the sci-fi movie Seo Bok, an action thriller that will tell the story of the world’s first human clone, Seo Bok, and the many different forces who want to capture him in order to uncover the secret to eternal life.
* Jung Il Woo completed his military service in November 2018. His “comeback drama” Haechi hit the mark. He was a superb in the lead role in Haechi.
* Woo Do Hwan is filming My Country which is slated for a September release on the JTBC network. His last kdrama was the Great Seducer.
* Yoo Ah In  starred in 2018’s movie Default, which got good reviews. I have not seen this film. His last kdrama was the superb Chicago Typewriter.
* Lee Min Ho completed his mandatory service in April. His is slated to star in The King: The Eternal Monarch which will focus on the story of a Korean emperor and a detective living in different worlds.His last kdrama was Legend of the Blue Sea.

Here’s my guys:

Here’s to the next year of amusings!
KJT (aka kjtamuser)

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on

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10 comments on “amusings is 5!
  1. studiomarie says:

    Congrats on your 5 years. I have enjoyed your musings. I look forward to more. I cut the cable and was so lucky to find kdrams,


    • Thank you studiomarie. You are part of what makes this blog work! Cutting the cord to cable and finding kdramas was a win for me too. I remember the article that intrigued me…“K-dramas can appear simplistic and downright campy to an American viewer, but they’re also fascinating and weirdly comforting in a “movie-of-the-week” kind of way — they’re not afraid to whack you over the head with an important moral lesson or social critique.”


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    🎊CONGRATULATIONS🎉 on 5 glorious years of Amusings❣️

    During 2018 you also added “Would I want My Brother to Date Her” to cover awesome female characters to embellish the “Would I Date Him” articles.

    I agree with your cadre of cuties, but would add Sung Hoon to my list.


    • Good point about the “Date Her”, I tweaked the post.

      Holy hotness🔥…that photo of Sung Hoon, he is more than cute! I see he’ll be gracing our TV screens in July in MBC’s kdrama Level Up.


  3. Kay says:

    Congratulations! 5 years is definitely a wonderful achievement. You do great work, and I’m glad you found kdramas just like I did 🙂


  4. swati says:

    Congrats amusings 🙂
    May u achieve many many more milestones in years as we watch Asian dramas 🙂

    PS: so happy to hear u will be recapping arthdal chronicles:*)


  5. Table122000 says:

    Congratulations on 5 years! I always enjoy reading your posts, and reading the comments from everyone. I can always count on your blog for insightful views. Real life has intervened in my dramawatching for about this past year, but I hope to become more active again soon. I also got interested in K Dramas after reading an article about them in Entertainment Weekly magazine. (I wonder if it was the same article that you read) The article included a list of recommended K Dramas, and I watched Vampire Prosecutor on Dramafever. I was hooked from then on. I’m looking forward to seeing my baby Woo Do Hwan in My Country later this year. I just hope that the drama will be interesting as I’m really not a fan of historicals. Also can’t wait to see Song Joon Ki this summer. I’m hoping the actual drama will be worth it as I haven’t been too impressed with the trailers I have seen. They remind me of Clan of the Cave Bear, and I was not a fan of that film. Here’s to many more years of continued success!


    • Interesting that EW piqued both our interests in kdramas. This is the article (which focused on Boys Over Flowers (my first kdrama)) that first informed me that kdramas existed:
      EW has other articles with recommendations:
      I’m looking forward to seeing my baby Woo Do Hwan in My Country later this year. I just hope that the drama will be interesting as I’m really not a fan of historicals.
      I plan to blog My Country as it has Jang Hyuk and Woo Do Hwan, a double shot of actors I follow.
      can’t wait to see Song Joon Ki this summer. I’m hoping the actual drama will be worth it
      I’m looking forward to the drama too and hope it is worth all our time to watch it. There’s one thing about dramas, they can start out slow but take a turn for the positive in the latter half of a series.
      Here’s to many more years of continued success!
      Thank you! Hope you find the time to enjoy more dramas in this year.


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