Would I Date Him? Kill It

This time on “Would I Date Him?”…
I reflect upon the leading man from the series Kill It.
Our candidate: Kill It’s Kim Soo Hyun, portrayed by Chang Ki Yong, a killer for hire that searches to unravel his past and stop it from repeating.
Background. Kim Soo Hyun wants to break free from his killer for hire profession but threats to harm those he cares for ensures compliance. He is drawn to police officer Do Hyun In (Nana) who wants to catch what appears to be a serial killer. Little does she know it is Soo Hyun. They also share a past.

His pluses
PROTECTIVE. Soo Hyun wants to quit the killing profession and live a simple life. But those that hired him threaten those he cares for and mine this Achilles heel for their benefit.
BADASS. Soo Hyun can fight, fire, and flee like a master. His father figure, assassin for hire, Pavel, trained him well.
KEPT HIS DISTANCE. Soo Hyun cared for Hyun In in a more than friendship way. But his life couldn’t blend with hers. So he wisely kept their relationship on a friend level though moments of longing were apparent. By NOT getting romantically involved, he showed his love, selflessness and desire to protect Hyun In. If he’d gotten involved, crushed her heart at the end, that would have been selfish.

His minuses
KILLER FOR HIRE. Soo Hyun killed when hired. He was skewing to a more normal life as a veterinarian, but couldn’t break away completely.

Is he my next date?
I wouldn’t date a killer. I applaud Soo Hyun for wanting to change and working towards that goal. I appreciate that his caring heart. But the swirl of violence permeates his life. NO, I would not date him. 👎

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3 comments on “Would I Date Him? Kill It
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Yep, being a hired killer is a DEAL BREAKER for me. I concur with you on applauding his efforts to change.

    IF … killer for hire was not on his resume, I would consider dating this sweet 🍭 quiet man. I 💗 his caring and protection of his people, it is a huge plus, but he hardly says a word … this makes communication difficult and ultimately hard to build a relationship 💞. I wonder if it would be worth the effort. Besides I question his choice of a friend, Philip 👨‍💻.


    • IF (not)… killer for hire…I would consider dating this sweet 🍭 quiet man….his caring and protection…is a huge plus…but he hardly says a word …I wonder if it would be worth the effort.
      You would probably get the last word every time. He would be a challenge.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Ha ha ha TRUE❣️ It would be challenging just to develop a relationship 💞, let alone nuturing and maintaining it.


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