Kill It Episode 11

Kill It Episode 11

Do Hyun In (Nana) sees AND hears the dashcam recording of his encounter with Soo Hyun. She hears her adoptive father Chairman Do tell Soo Hyun, number 88, that he is his biggest mistake. She’s shocked her father knew about number 88. She goes to her evidence board. She stares at the prime suspect’s name Hyun Woo. Hyun In recalls the Prosecutor’s suggestion that Hyun Woo has an accomplish. She calls her colleague and asks for more videos from the dashcam of her father’s missing secretary Ji Hye. Hyun In stares in the clinic windows. She hardens her face knowing Soo Hyun isn’t being completely truthful. She decides to drive herself to work. As she pulls away, Tae Soo (Chairman Do’s enforcer) watches.

Kim Soo Hyun (Chang Ki Yong) thinks about Hyun In’s abrupt departure last night. Seul Ki, building owner and girl he saved years ago, calls and asks if his former friend Phillip can stay.

Seul Ki tells Phillip Soo Hyun doesn’t want him around. She urges him to apologize. Phillip claims he did nothing wrong. When she asks for the sketch her tore out of her notebook he claims ignorance and walks away. They continue their argument in front of the clinic. Soo Hyun enters the fray. He tells Phillip to return the drawing and follow him. Tae Soo calls Chairman Do confirming he’s found number 88. Chairman Do states the building has two orphanage alumni (Soo Hyun and Hyun In). He tells Tae Soo attacking first is an option.

I KNEW Hyun In’s mother talking about him to Chairman Do was trouble for Soo Hyun.

Ji Hye releases herself from the ropes about her wrists and feet. The unlocked door out of the room leads into the operating room where the organs are harvested from the numbered children. Horrified she rushes to the exit only to have to doors open revealing Chairman Do and two henchmen. Chairman Do declares that number 88 nor Hyun Woo are coming to her rescue. She asks if this is THE operating room. Chairman Do doesn’t answer. Ji Hye declares one day he’ll pay for his sins though she won’t be there to see it. Chairman Do states the word sin does not apply to him because his power allows him to change sin to virtue. He declares he doesn’t need her anymore. One henchman grabs her and another approaches with a syringe.

Yikes! Doesn’t look good for Ji Hye. Interesting that Chairman Do is watching. Typically the big bad and powerful aren’t around when the deed is done.

Another excellent opening. Tension is ratcheted up!

Still not realizing the Soo Hyun is number 88 she stares at the dashcam but it doesn’t clearly capture Soo Hyun’s face. She thinks about other incidents with him.

Soo Hyun removes a pistol and considers his next move.

You get the feeling if he’s going to go kill someone (assuming it is Doctor Joo), he is considering his actions.

Soo Hyun tells Phillip to learn if three numbered children’s sponsors are alive and if they’ve had recent medical illnesses or surgeries. Phillip assures him he’ll get the information. Soo Hyun states he’s found why the numbered children were killed.

At the nursery Ko Hyun Woo (orphanage’s chief researcher) thinks about his partner Ji Hye and how she urged him to complete the mission no matter what. Phillip arrives and declares their relationship is severed. Hyun Woo states that if Soo Hyun doesn’t kill the last two targets (Chairman Do and Doctor Joo) those around him will die. Phillip reminds Hyun Woo that Soo Hyun is a trained assassin and can kill him. Hyun Woo shows Phillip a current picture of Seul Ki and says if number 88 doesn’t do his bidding, she’ll die. Shocked Phillip claims he’ll kill Hyun Woo if he hurts Seul Ki.

That’s the first time Phillip has done something I approve of.

Hyun In and her colleague arrive at the CCTV room. He comments Chairman Do asked for that video too. They watch the video. They see a man (Soo Hyun) walk away just as Chairman Do enters the room to have the last dinner with Ji Hye. Hyun In buys a clue and rushes out telling her colleague to keep looking.

Hyun In learns Soo Hyun never went to vet school and his license is forged. She arrives at Soo Hyun’s clinic and studies the forged license. She searches and finds the door ajar to the basement lair.

No doubt Phillip left the door open. He’s back in the dog house.

Stunned she sees the stash of weapons…all the types used to kill the recent victims.

Flashback…Young office Hyun In meets her reporter boyfriend for coffee after graduation from police academy. Hyun In brings pizza to her reporter boyfriend when he’s working late. The burned notebook she’s been using present day is a work in progress. She finds her boyfriend dead at Seul Ki’s Grandfather’s home.

Hyun In searches the lair. She finds his stash of paper airplanes from the orphanage. She hesitates calling the Prosecutor and cries.

The worst part is she assumes Soo Hyun killed her boyfriend but it was Pavel. Can she turn in Soo Hyun?

Soo Hyun arrives at the clinic and sees Hyun In’s car. He enters just as she exits the hallway so it isn’t clear she found his lair. Hyun In tells him there were no abandoned dogs on the night they independently went to find Ji Hye. She recalls he never questioned who Ji Hye was because he knew. She asks if he was at the house where the murders took place 9 years ago. She asks if he killed her boyfriend. He stares.

Finally Hyun Ji realizes who Soo Hyun is. She directly asked if he killed the man she loved.

Tae Soo and two henchmen arrive blocking Soo Hyun’s car. Seul Ki walks out and asks why he’s blocking a car. They stare at each other. Seul Ki backs away in fear. Tae Soo grabs her and throws her on the car. A henchman approaches the clinic. Soo Hyun sees him and pushes Hyun In into an alcove telling her to stay put. Soo Hyun exits and a superb fight scene ensues. Soo Hyun liberates Seul Ki from Tae Soo. Hyun In tries to take on the two henchmen but with her wounded arm it isn’t easy. Soo Hyun executes a two leg airborne punch to take them down. He tells the women to go into the clinic. Then the fight between Soo Hyun and the two henchmen ensue. Phillip sees it and ducks behind the corner. He know Soo Hyun will be angry about his confrontation with Hyun Woo. The fight ends when police sirens sound. Tae Soo glares at Soo Hyun as he and the henchmen leave. Hyun In stares at Soo Hyun. His capabilities were fully on display. He stares back. He leaves.

I love a good fight scene…that qualified.

At the hospital Seul Ki worries where Soo Hyun is. She says he may fight like a demon but he’s a good man. She cites his care of her and his tolerance of Phillip. Hyun In states an officer will be there soon to watch over her.

Nice caring between these women. Seul Ki is pro Soo Hyun no matter what. But Hyun In’s brain can’t ignore the facts she’s uncovering.

Seul Ki sends the sketch of Pavel to Hyun In. She says this is the killer She says that the other person (Soo Hyun) didn’t kill anyone and saved her.

Hyun In receives the call that Ji Hye’s body and car have been found. He reports they found dashcam video of her abduction from the parking lot. She arrives and among the swarm of officers she makes her way to Ji Hye’s car where her body is. Hyun Woo arrives and sees Ji Hye’s body laid on the stretcher and covered in a white sheet. Detective Lee wonders why the body was dumped in public spot. He wonders if it is a message. She thinks of Soo Hyun exiting the last supper eatery. The Prosecutor calls and tells her to meet him at forensics.

The forensics expert says Ji Hye was given an overdose injection not too long ago. He noticed Ji Hye’s hairbrush, brought to him earlier for DNA matching, rattled, so he opened it up and found a USB drive.

They open the USB drive and find audio files. The first is the conversation between Chairman Do and Tae Soo about murdering the foster mother. The Prosecutor asks if Hyun In is okay. She admits while she knew her father wasn’t a good man, this level is shocking. She sends the audio file to Detective Lee for analysis.

Back at the task force they review all they know. She believes they are all connected to the orphanage and the killer might have been hired. They listen to another audio file where Chairman Do considers the murders the counter attacks and wants to know who the young male killer was. The Prosecutor wants to know too. He wonders who would be connected to the orphanage that could have been working with another for revenge. He stares at Hyun In. She excuses herself to get some air. The Prosecutor follows her. He asks what’s she’s hiding. Hyun In says she’ll call him and leaves.

Hyun Woo packs a knife and hammer in his backpack. Phillip arrives and accuses him of hiring thugs to hurt Seul Ki. Hyun Woo states Soo Hyun must do his bidding. Phillip declares if Hyun Woo does this again he will kill him personally. Hyun Woo says he’s not afraid of dying. Phillip warns him not to come near the clinic and strides away.

While driving Soo Hyun recalls Phillip statement that on the numbered children’s adoption day. The sponsors all received an organ transplant at the hospital.

Soo Hyun searches the restricted area at the hospital. He finds a restricted room with a glass box filled with numbered test tubes that appear to correspond to the numbered children. He hears the door open in the connecting lab.

Returning to the connected lab Soo Hyun tells the doctor he was sent by Chairman Do. He asks if this lab extracts the cultivated cells. The doctor says they extract and remove any DNA deficiencies. The doctor states they’ve perfected the technique over the years. He notes they initially made children with blue eyes (recall Soo Hyun had blue eyes as a young boy). Soo Hyun asks where the children live. The doctor doesn’t know or care, they aren’t his children. The doctor asks why Chairman Do sent him. Soo Hyun replies he wants to know if check up went well and the preparations for the former Prosecutor Soo are underway. The doctor confirms number 190 is being cultivated. He tells Soo Hyun to ask the nurses about the check up. Soo Hyun firmly orders the doctor to do so. The doctor leaves to do so. Soo Hyun returns to the restricted room.

Chairman Do and Doctor Joo look at the CCTV from Soo Hyun visit to Chairman Ma’s room. Doctor Joo worries that they are targets for assassination. Doctor Joo says Chairman Ma will be released soon. Their next client Prosecutor Soo is a good match with number 188 for a kidney and pancreas transplant. Doctor Joo worries about number 88. Chairman Do retorts they cannot show weakness. Doctor Joo says the Chairman’s wife is scheming to make Hyun In the heir. Chairman Do chuckles knowing a couple of failure will send his wife back to the pills.

From the restricted room Soo Hyun calls Chairman Do who puts the call on speaker so Doctor Joo can hear. Soo Hyun offers the Chairman three minutes to reveal where the numbered children are. Chairman Do retorts he doesn’t need anytime. Soo Hyun states he has a damning video. Chairman Do retorts he’ll claim the video was not real.

Soo Hyun activates a bomb with a three minute timer. The bomb is on the glass box of DNA material from the numbered children. Soo Hyun says Chairman Do will regret that decision. He exits the restricted room. He goes down the stairs and says his action will hurt them more than killing the children. Chairman Do and Doctor Joo hear the overhead announcements. They realize Soo Hyun is in the hospital. Doctor Joo assumes he’s there to kill Chairman Ma and rushes out. Chairman Do realizes the real target.

Tae Soo finds Chairman Ma is unharmed. An explosion rocks the building. Tae Soo runs to the lab where Chairman Do and Doctor Joo stand in horror. Tae Soo tells the chairman to leave before the reporters arrive. Livid, Chairman Do grabs Doctor Joo and orders him to keep this under wraps…do not let the sponsors know…he’ll handle all inquiries. Tae Soo insists they leave.

I can’t tell you how satisfying that was.

As Soo Hyun descends the stairs he passes one the Chairman Do’s henchmen confirming he’ll go watch the numbered children. Soo Hyun follows the henchman.

Chairman Do freaks when the news reports that the lab may be a complete loss. He orders Tae Soo to handle the call from the next transplant recipient Prosecutor Soo. Tae Soo says the chairman is out doing damage control but he’ll relay the message to return this call.  Chairman Do gives Tae Soo a gun. He orders him to go protect the numbered children. Tae Soo counters he’s dispatched men to do so and believes protecting Chairman Do is the higher priority. He asks Chairman Do, the only man that treated him like a person, to let him make up for not killing number 88 all those years ago.

All those years ago Tae Soo didn’t kill number 88 but neither did Chairman Do who had an even better opportunity to do so.

Hyun In returns to the clinic and heads to Soo Hyun’s lair. She finds a box he left for her. It contains the airplane keychain he gave her when she was young, and she returned not long ago. She finds a USB drive. She puts it in the computer and sees records of the numbered children. She watches the operating removing the organ from a numbered children. She cries.

Soo Hyun follows the henchman to the location of the numbered children. The henchman goes inside and tells two cohorts that they must move a numbered child. Number 188 is brought to him. He tells her she’s been adopted. A smile floods her face. He tells her she will now be prepared.

Soo Hyun enters the building.

The operating room is set up. The henchman sees they have an intruder. He grabs the walkie talkie and tells his cohorts they have a visitor and to hide the children and meet in the office.

Soo Hyun enters the operating room. He takes it all in. The henchman grabs a scalpel. Soo Hyun grabs the henchman who stabs him in the chest. Soo Hyun pushes him away. The henchman guesses he is number 88. Soo Hyun asks where the children are. The henchman laughs that is the place of the numbered children but it is too late. Two other henchmen enter and fight Soo Hyun. The lead henchman tries to stab Soo Hyun on the other side of his chest by slamming on his fresh wound. Soo Hyun manages to turn the scalpel to face the henchman and stabs. The henchman dies. Soo Hyun stares, regains his equilibrium, and leaves the room.

Soo Hyun hears the cries of children. Unlocks the door and stares in shock. It is the numbered children. A girl asks him to save them. The other children echo the plea.

My Thoughts

The numbered children are found. Writers Son Hyun Soo and Choi Myung Jin once again delivered a riveting episode. Chairman Do lost his lab. I LOVED that. Soo Hyun found the children. I LOVED that. Hyun In found Soo Hyun’s tokens and evidence. I LOVED that. If the final episode is this good, it will be a great ending to this slow starting series.

What’s my wish list for the final episode?
* Chairman Do is brought down. He is a man without value. A trip to prison doesn’t seem sufficient. I wouldn’t be opposed to him dying. Maybe Hyun Woo will make him beg for his life before killing him. Throw Tae Soo in there for good measure.
* The numbered children are all saved. Soo Hyun has saved them. Now he has to safely extract them.
* Soo Hyun lives. He has a chest wound. Tae Soo will be out for blood. Soo Hyun can’t live a normal life like Pavel wanted for him. He is a killer. He killed multiple prominent men during this series. That cannot be swept under the rug. He’ll either die or go to prison. He can’t waltz into the sunset with Hyun In.

Kim Soo Hyun (Chang Ki Yong) achieved his dream of finding the numbered children. His focus has been steady…find and save the numbered children so what happened to him and others doesn’t happen again. Today part of that dream – “find” – came true. Next he’ll actualize the other part of the dream – “save”. How do I love Soo Hyun? Let me count the ways – he is badass, he is compassionate, he is caring, he is ruthless when needed, he is focused on his goal and a man of action. Lots of moments that I’ve commented above so I won’t repeat myself. Blowing up the lab was my favorite moment with the fight between Tae Soo & goons second runner up. Suffice it to say, I totally dig Soo Hyun.

Do Hyun In (Nana) realized Soo Hyun was number 88. She and the task force uncovered tons of circumstantial evidence against Chairman Do. But she couldn’t point the finger at Soo Hyun. Seul Ki’s text with the sketch of Pavel and her statement that this was the killer and Soo Hyun saved her certainly helped. It was a lovely moment when she found the childhood cherished item, the airplane key chain, that she’d recently returned to the orphanage, which Soo Hyun found.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10). Episode 11 was excellent. My rating chart is below:

The sixth song of the OST is “Just Stay” by ALi:

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3 comments on “Kill It Episode 11
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    The first thing Ji Hye should have done when she was free was to take off her heels 👠, the minions could easily hear her. I couldn’t believe Do Jae Hwan 👑📍 told Ji Hye she could have lived LONGER, if she had just obeyed … does that mean she was a dead woman anyway❓⁉️ I 💗, 💟, 💖 that Ji Hye had the presence of mind to leave evidence for the police.

    Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈 ALREADY KNEW Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 was ♯8️⃣8️⃣, but realizing that he is a killer blew her mind 💢. Knowing her adopted father was not only aware of ♯8️⃣8️⃣, but identified the potential head-on collision driver as ♯8️⃣8️⃣ and called him his biggest mistake was a revelation to Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈.

    OMO, how did Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈 find Soo Hyun’s 🔫🐺 secret lair so easily❓⁉️ KJT do you really think Philip 👨‍💻 left the door open❓⁉️ Even though I don’t think Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 would harm Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈, it made me nervous to have her stay in the lair. Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 is SO BUSTED by Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈, but color🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 she didn’t immediately turn him over to her police colleagues or rat him out.

    Now the pieces of puzzle are starting to come together for Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 with Philip’s 👨‍💻 info about the date the numbered children were “adopted”, their “sponsers” received transplants. I’m finding Philip 👨‍💻 a little less annoying this episode and even appreciated him confronting Ko Hyun Woo 👨‍🔬 about Seul Ki.

    I suspect Ko Hyun Woo 👨‍🔬 and possibly Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈 think Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 killed Ji Hye, that could dangerous for the women Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 cares about. I guess part of Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈 wants to believe Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 is a good person, like Seul Ki 💳👧 said. I was relieved Seul Ki 💳👧 revealed that Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 didn’t kill anyone that ominous day 10 years ago.

    Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈 is putting the pieces of the puzzle together with the help of the task force … but is she holding back about Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 is it due to her feelings for Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 or is she in denial about him being a killer❓⁉️ … Prosecutor Yoon 🎮 knows she’s hiding something.

    I 💗, 💟, 💖 that Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 destroyed the “research” project at the hospital, I hope Do Jae Hwan 👑📍 ends up inadvertently providing increminating evidence against himself in his rage. My fury was piqued when Do Jae Hwan 👑📍 mentioned to the doctor that after his wife has a few unsuccessful attempts at making Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈 the heir, she would go back to her pills … I hope wife becomes lucid and takes over his company and cleans it up.

    As for you wish list, I concur that I want Chairman Do 👑📍 and Tae Soo 🇮💩 to go down hard … Life without parole … I wouldn’t be opposed to both of them being killed, but that almost seems too easy on them.

    I’m not sure Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 got all the numbered children … I believe ♯1️⃣8️⃣8️⃣ was already taken away to be “adopted” AKA harvested.

    Unfortunately, I concur that Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 will end up in prison or die … I really don’t want him to kill anyone else. If they kill him off, I hope he goes protecting the innocent, that would give him some vindication.


    • I couldn’t believe Do Jae Hwan 👑📍 told Ji Hye she could have lived LONGER, if she had just obeyed
      Years of service just doesn’t add up anymore.

      Knowing her adopted father was not only aware of ♯8️⃣8️⃣, but identified the potential head-on collision driver as ♯8️⃣8️⃣ and called him his biggest mistake was a revelation to Hyun Jin 👮‍♀️🐈.
      Agreed. But why wasn’t the entire conversation listened to? Soo Hyun called Jae Hwan father at the beginning of the conversation.

      color🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 she didn’t immediately turn him over to her police colleagues or rat him out….she holding back about Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 is it due to her feelings for Soo Hyun 🔫🐺
      Examples of the tug of war between heart and head.

      the date the numbered children were “adopted”, their “sponsers” received transplants
      I can’t think of anything more cruel.

      I was relieved Seul Ki 💳👧 revealed that Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 didn’t kill anyone that ominous day 10 years ago.

      I 💗, 💟, 💖 that Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 destroyed the “research” project at the hospital, I hope Do Jae Hwan 👑📍 ends up inadvertently providing increminating evidence against himself in his rage.
      Nothing beats the satisfaction of an evil compound being blown up.

      If they kill him off, I hope he goes protecting the innocent, that would give him some vindication.
      Agreed. Perhaps Hyun Woo will kill Jae Hwan and Soo Hyun will kill Tae Soo while protecting the children, Hyun In, etc.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur that giving the numbered children hope of adoption, an escape of their locked up existance, to kill them on an operating room table by removing their vital organs is EXTREMELY CRUEL❗‼️

        It is clear to me that the children were given numbers instead of names so that no one would attach themselves to these children or even consider them to be human. There needs to be a special place in 🔥HELL🔥 for those types of people.

        I truly hope Hyun Woo 👨‍🔬 kills Do Jae Hwan 👑📍. Even though Do Jae Hwan 👑📍 is the poster boy for bad parenting and well … ✳️CLEARS THROAT✳️ a bad human being, he is still Hyun Jin’s 👮‍♀️🐈 adopted father and Soo Hyun’s 🔫🐺 bio-father, it would be all the worse if Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 does the deed. I want Soo Hyun 🔫🐺 to be done with killing❗‼️


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