Haechi Episodes 43-44

Haechi Episodes 43-44

Team Good correctly guesses what city will the rebels attack.  The Narin General, Prince Milpoonggun Lee Tan (Jung Moon Sung), and the evil inspector assume all is well when they eye the apparently deserted outer gates. Park Moon Soo (Kwon Yool) positions Team Good’s army in the right spot. Team Evil’s army approaches. The Narin General implores his men to charge.  But they halt when a scout horse appears without their rider. Then another horse appears with a rider with an arrow threw him. They look up and see a flurry of arrows rain down on them., then another. Moon Soo and his men block their way. The evil inspector and Prince Milpoonggun are none too pleased to see Moon Soo. Both armies charge and fight. Team Good’s army prevails. The Narin General orders a retreat and drags a protesting Prince Milpoonggun away. But they are in for another shock when the Minister of War (the King’s former teacher) appears with his men intent on capturing Prince Milpoonggun. The army disperses. They chase the Narin General who once again drags Prince Milpoonggun away. Team Good celebrates their victory.

King Yeoninggun Lee Geum (Jung Il Woo) is thrilled to get the report of their victory. All the ministers celebrate. King Yeoninggun notices Minister Min Jin Hun (Lee Kyung Young) slip away. He goes after him. Minister Min declares that the King was right. Flashback…The King and Minister Min making the deal with the third political party, Narin, for positions of power. The leader surprise the King and Minister when he declares there are rebel traitors among them. The King sends word to the Minister of war and Moon Soo. They trick the rebel traitor into revealing himself. Present…the King thanks Minister Min for making victory possible with his agreement to share power. Minister Men graciously demurs that the Kingdom is lucky to have him as King.

King Yeoninggun worries about the other key cities…Things aren’t going well for Team Good’s army. The rebels have the city and Team Good’s army cannot breach the walled city. They lose many men. They consider retreat. But in the distance everyone sees an army approach. The rebels believe it their army. But it is Moon Soo leading Team Good’s army to join in battle. He quips to the army leader he’s a bit late. Moon Soo declares they’ve defeated the rebels except for this batch. Reinvigorated Team Good’s army charges, breaches the walled city and wins. The minister of war defeats the rebels in the other key city. Victory messages are sent to King Yeoninggun. Team Good army celebrates victory. Moon Soo complements Dal Moon (Park Hoon) on his fighting. They both grin.

The Dowager Queen sends Court Maid Yeo Ji (Go Ara) to help the King tie the shoulder armor. Initially awkward, they get down to the business of completing his outfit. Yeo Ji reminds the King of his less than stellar early days.

The royal army returns to a hero’s welcome. They declare victory in front of the King. He walks to his trusted Minister of War, second in command, and Moon Soo and thanks them for returning alive. They declare they had to obey his royal order. The King walks to the center of his army and gives a rousing speech of victory due to their personal efforts and promises to rebuild the country for all the people. Everyone cheers.

Meanwhile at the rebel camp…the Narin General is dismayed that all the cities they once held have fallen. He orders word be sent to the remaining rebel supporters to gather. He declares this is not over. Prince Milpoonggun shocks his sobbing concubine when he declares this is not over. The Narin General lies to Prince Milpoonggun they have sufficient men to win the war. Prince Milpoonggun smiles in anticipation.

The King shocks his ministers and the people when he decrees that the remaining rebels, those that helped the rebels, and their families will not be punished. He hopes his leniency will quell the remaining rebels.

The Sorin Chief Justice and Minister Min chuckle about the King surprising them again. They decide the King uses his heart while they use their brains.

The King tells the Minister of War that this isn’t over. He declares until they capture the Narin General and Prince Milpoonggun the possibility of another uprising exists.

Moon Soo demands the evil inspector reveal the location of the remaining rebels. The evil inspector tries to broker saving his life for the information. Moon Soo looks at him with disgust and declares that a unrepentant liar won’t get mercy but rather death.

The Narin General is shocked when the expected reinforcements do not show. Those that do come tell him that the King’s pardon dispersed the rebels. Prince Milpoonggun can’t find his concubine.

Dal Moon is shocked when Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine comes to him. She offers him the chance to kill her.

The Narin General tells Prince Milpoonggun that he must personally inspire the reticent rebels to stand by his side. Afraid for his life, Prince Milpoonggun tries to refuse. But the General implores Prince Milpoonggun to remember that the people want him as king.

Dal Moon surprises the King when he asks to meet then reveals he has Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine. Confused, the King asks why Dal Moon didn’t turn her over to the police. Dal Moon drops to his knees and begs the King to spare her. He says she will provide the location of the rebels. He admits she’s evil scum, but he can’t watch her die. The King considers. Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine cries.

Later Yeo Ji stop to see how the King is doing. King Yeoninggun stares into the eyes of the woman he loves. He tells her he knows who Dal Moon feels, desperate to keep the one person they care for safe. He tells her she’s that one person for him.

Dal Moon gives Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine money to start a new life. She snaps she didn’t ask him to save her life and she doesn’t need his money. Dal Moon gives a sad smile and asks her to take the money as a favor…it is the only way he can erase her from his life. His man appears. Dal Moon tells her the man will take her to the ferry. He walks away. She stares after him. Upset, she wishes he had forgiven her and taken her back.

The King gives Moon Soo the rebel location. He charges Moon Soo with capturing the Narin General and Prince Milpoonggun.

The Narin General tells his aides once Prince Milpoonggun is captured while asking the reticent rebels to stand by his side, they’ll ditch him and flee.

Prince Milpoonggun and a cadre of men make their way down the mountain.

Dal Moon’s man tells Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine to stay put while he checks the ferry schedule. She’s stunned to see Prince Milpoonggun walk by.

Prince Milpoonggun and his men arrive at the meeting point. One of the men says he’ll go check and see if there is any danger.

Dal Moon’s man tells Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine that royal troops have arrived and she can’t go the dock area at this time. In a flash she realizes the Narin General has betrayed Prince Milpoonggun.

The Narin General and his men move out to the rendezvous point.

Prince Milpoonggun nervously waits.

Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine hopes Prince Milpoonggun will run away. Dal Moon’s man saddles a horse and says it is time to go. She remembers moments with him. She shakes her head and call him a poor fool.

Prince Milpoonggun’s gut tells him something is very wrong. He sends the remaining men to find out what is going on. Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine appears. He rushes to her side.

The Narin General and his men arrive at the rendezvous point. They are shocked when the royal troops lead by Moon Soo arrive. Moon Soo promises the rebels if they drop their swords, they will not be killed. The Narin General implores his men not to drop their weapons. But self-preservation reins and all the men, including his trusted aides drop their swords. Moon Soo puts his sword to the Narin General’s neck and tells him it is over. He drops his sword.

Moon Soo leads the Narin General into the palace courtyard. He forces him to kneel. King Yeoninggun arrives. He looks at the Narin General. They lock eyes. King Yeoninggun declares finally he meets the leader of the rebels.

My Thoughts

The Narin army is defeated. Writer Kim Yi Young made quick work of the rebel defeat. Team Good knew the correct location of the rebels after they snuffed out the traitor in their midst. They took back the city without serious injury. None of the characters we care about died. The Narin General and his remaining men were captured. The Narin General was dismayed his plan to use Prince Milpoonggun as a decoy failed. I have to commend the General for being willing to ditch the evil Prince to save himself and his remaining men. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Moon Soo brought the captured General to the palace where King Yeoninggun finally met his nemesis.

* Evil Prince Milpoonggun  allowed his need to be called “your highness” to lead him into a trap. As so many times before his concubine arrived to save him. I hate to admit it, but once again I felt a twang of empathy for this crazy brutal man who seemed so lost and afraid.

* Minister Min gave up political positions to the third party. The King thanked him for his sacrifice. He and the Sorin Chief Justice chuckled at being schooled once again by the young King. I’ve enjoyed the relationship between these two political rivals.

King Yeoninggun Lee Geum (Jung Il Woo) was victorious. His speech to his returning army was touching and on-point. He commended them for returning alive as he decreed. He promised his government would serve the people. Minister Min commented that the King rules with his heart. That was evident when he acquiesced to Dal Moon plea to save the concubine’s life. The King realized this was “the one” woman for Dal Moon. He admitted to Yeo Ji that she was “the one” woman for him. What will the King do to the Narin General?

Court Lady Yeo Ji (Go Ara) couldn’t refuse King Yeoninggun’s plea. She had two moments with the King. One created by the Dowager Queen landed her in the role of completing the King’s attire. In a cute moment she took the King down a peg when she reminded him he wasn’t always the man that made good decisions. The second was another private moment when the King admitted she was the most important woman in his life. Doubtless she was pleased to hear what I hope are her sentiments returned.

Dal Moon (Park Hoon) begged for the life of the concubine. He couldn’t turn her over to a certain death as a traitor. He sent the concubine on her way to safety. Little does he know that she returned to the evil Prince’s side.

Park Moon Soo (Kwon Yool) was an awesome leader of the royal army. Moon Soo lead the royal army to victory. He captured the Narin General. He only missed the mark when he didn’t capture the evil Prince. No doubt the evil Prince will make a final stand in the final two episodes. I’m counting on Moon Soo to be key protection of the King.

I rank these episodes (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific (ep 43-44). My rating chart is below.

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3 comments on “Haechi Episodes 43-44
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Mil Poong 🍁🤴 was so obsessed with decapitating King Yeoning 🏹🤴 he just wanted to press forward despite the odds. Like he said the the last episode his only options were to live as a king or to die.

    I had hoped the Jiksan information was a trap for the rebels. Moon Soo’s 🖌️📄 strategem to flush out the traitor in their ranks and worked beautifully. I was glad that those who promised to return alive did so.

    Dal Moon 🛣️👑 lost his helmet sometime before the battle … was it just so we could pick him out of the crowd of battling soldiers with his smoldering eyes and mane of glory❓⁉️ (Yep, I’ve become a Park Hoon fan) I 💗 that he came to Moon Soo’s 🖌️📄 aide when it looked like Byung Joo 👮💩 would prevail. Dal Moon 🛣️👑 was the only that I noticed had a gun. Did you see any other guns❓⁉️

    I could hardly believe Minister Min 👴🌸 FINALLY had a change of heart 💓; that made the difference in turning the tide against the rebels. It feels like Minister Min 👴🌸 is finally King Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 true ally.

    I wondered if Lee In Jwa ☣️ was gaslighting the delusional Mil Poong 🍁🤴 to cause a diversion for him to escape or did he REALLY THINK Mil Poong 🍁🤴 would be able to gather troops❓⁉️. Yep, Lee In Jwa ☣️ was a user. I’m Yoon Young 💄 seems to be the only one in that camp with a sense of reality. I concur with KJT about feeling a twang of empathy for crazy, brutal Mil Poong 🍁🤴, who seemed lost and afraid. He KNEW he had to succeed in the rebellion or die.

    Yoon Young 💄 was such an ungrateful wench, wanting more. She was only able to live as Dal Moon 🛣️👑 begged King Yeoning 🏹🤴 for her life. But like a moth 🦋 to a flame 🔥, she went back to Mil Poong 🍁🤴, when given the chance. She just used up her get out of jail free card … I hope they both get caught …Dal Moon 🛣️👑 and King Yeoning 🏹🤴 did what they could for Yoon Young 💄…there should be no guilt.

    I 💗, 💟, 💖 that when Lee In Jwa ☣️ was surrounded that ALL of his men dropped their weapons ⚔️ for a chance to live. King Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 clemency for those how participated in the rebellion was a stroke of genius that turned the tide of the rebellion and quelled it speedily.


    • Like he said the the last episode his only options were to live as a king or to die.
      Certainly the only option he can see.

      I was glad that those who promised to return alive did so.
      Nice change from most historicals with a high body count.

      Dal Moon 🛣️👑 lost his helmet sometime before the battle … was it just so we could pick him out of the crowd of battling soldiers with his smoldering eyes and mane of glory❓
      Fan girl much? He is the most attractive actor – rugged, chiseled cheeks, intense eyes…And no I didn’t see a gun.

      It feels like Minister Min 👴🌸 is finally King Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 true ally.
      I’ve enjoyed their relationship evolution.

      She just used up her get out of jail free card
      Stupid move…but as the tag line of the show goes, she used her heart over her head.

      King Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 clemency for those how participated in the rebellion was a stroke of genius that turned the tide of the rebellion and quelled it speedily.
      A stellar decree.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        “He [Park Hoon] is the most attractive actor – rugged, chiseled cheeks, intense eyes…” -KJT

        Yup, I fan girl. The first time I noticed him was as Snoopy in Descendants of the Sun. I recently watched Memories of Alhambra where Park Hoon was a handsome antagonist. Park Hoon has done a great job as Dal Moon 🛣️👑, even if he couldn’t let go of Yoon Young 💄 until her end. I hope to see Park Hoon as a first lead in a drama soon.

        Liked by 1 person

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