Haechi Episodes 33-34

Haechi Episodes 33-34


The King is near death. Prince Yeoninggun Lee Geum (Jung Il Woo) realizes that that evil Prince Milpoonggun was in the palace for 2 hours before being found. He guesses Prince Milpoonggun poisoned the King’s medicine. Prince Yeoninggun orders all medicine to the King suspended.

Outrage by all parties – the Queen, the ministers – follows the suspension of the King’s medicine. Minister Min Jin Hun (Lee Kyung Young) warns Prince Yeoninggun the wise path is to let things play out without interfering otherwise he’ll be suspected of killing the King. Prince Yeoninggun refuses to take the easy path. He sends Team Good to find if evil Prince Milpoonggun poisoned the King’s medicine.

Park Moon Soo (Kwon Yool) has the task of interrogating evil Prince Milpoonggun Lee Tan (Jung Moon Sung). Prince Milpoonggun laughs with glee revealing this was his master plan. He KNEW Prince Yeoninggun would stop the medicine once the intentionally planted signs that Prince Milpoonggun left around the apothecary were found.  Moon Soo is livid when Prince Milpoonggun cackles he’s eliminated two opponents with a single dose of poison – the King who rescinded the Crown Prince appointment and Prince Yeoninggun the winner of the Crown Prince appointment. Even though Moon Soo wants to kill Prince Milpoonggun for his evil ways, he doesn’t. Evil Prince Milpoonggun chortles that Moon Soo is just like Prince Yeoninggun and doesn’t have the guts to eliminate an enemy decisively.

Former evil head inspector is visited by another man who wonders if this broken man can really help him.

Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine is thrilled to learn the King is near death. She decides to get rid of the head nurse in the King’s medical team who would be able implicate her and Prince Milpoonggun. Dal Moon (Park Hoon) is horrified when she admits to still working for Prince Milpoonggun. He finds the dead head nurse who she just recently poisoned.

Prince Milpoonggun’s right-hand man the brothel owner admits to giving Prince Milpoonggun the poison but doesn’t know what Prince Milpoonggun did with it. He is adamant, there is NO antidote.

Inspector Yeo Ji (Go Ara) returns to the palace when the Queen asks for someone that the Crown Prince trusts to serve her. Yeo Ji worries at the mess Prince Yeoninggun is mired in. She hopes she can help him.

Even though Prince Yeoninggun has gathered the finest medical men in the country, there is no treatment plan for a poison without an antidote. Though it’s a long shot, Prince Yeoninggun agrees to administer poison to the King in hope of reversing the poison already in his system.

After the poison is administered to the King, his eyes flutter open. Prince Yeoninggun is alone with King when this occurs. The King apologies to Prince Yeoninggun for taking the throne when it should have gone to him. Tears roll down Prince Yeoninggun’s cheeks as he implores his brother not to tire himself by talking. The King tells Prince Yeoninggun to become the King of the people that they dreamed but he failed to become. The King clasps Prince Yeoninggun’s hand and dies. Prince Yeoninggun sobs. The news of the King’s death spreads through the palace. Everyone is plunged into mourning.

The Sorin Chief Justice, who accused Prince Yeoninggun of intentionally stopping the King’s medicine for his own political gain, goes to the Dowager Queen to formally accuse the crown prince. Prince Yeoninggun enters the chambers and hear the charges in person. The Chief Justice declares Prince Yeoninggun isn’t fit to be King because he intentionally tried to kill the King.

My Thoughts

The King dies. Writer Kim Yi Young delivered a tight, riveting episode with the theme of responsibility for one’s actions. Evil Prince Milpoonggun’s plot was revealed and confirmed but the stink of murder settled around Prince Yeoninggun. The responsibilities of Prince Milpoonggun’s actions have fallen on Prince Yeoninggun’s shoulders. But Prince Yeoninggun didn’t avoid responsibility. He didn’t sidestep solutions. He actively sought and implemented them in a desperate attempt to save the King. But to no avail, the King died. Once again Prince Yeoninggun is in a quagmire of political intrigue, how will he get out of this mess?

* Evil Prince Milpoonggun freely admitted he had the poison and intentionally planted signs that he tampered at the apothecary. Prince Milpoonggun isn’t all rage. He foresaw the sequence of events perfectly. Prince Milpoonggun predicts the Crown Prince will be known as the man that killed the King and stop his ascension to the throne.  Prince Milpoonggun’s belief that he’s bested the King and Crown Prince is deserved. He did exactly that. This character has come a long way from a murdering mad man.

* Minister Min’s advice to Prince Yeoninggun that the crown Prince should know when to avoid responsibility went unheeded. Minister Min warned that not being able to prove the King was poisoned could be the Crown Prince’s downfall.

* The King had a moment with Prince Yeoninggun before dying. He implored his brother to be the King they dreamed he could be. My hat is off to the King who turned out to be smarter, braver and more loyal than the timid King he initially was.

Prince Yeoninggun Lee Geum (Jung Il Woo) is accused of trying to kill the King by withholding medicine. Prince Yeoninggun rejected Minister Min’s advice to do nothing. Prince Yeoninggun declared that as a path was not honorable. After deciding that administering the wolfsbane and ginseng was the only option, Prince Yeoninggun told his advisors that responsibility is only for those fit for it. So be it, but the consequences have already begun. How will Prince Yeoninggun remove the shadow of murdering the King from himself?

Inspector Yeo Ji (Go Ara) joined the palace as a court lady. Glad to see her back. Will she be able to help Prince Yeoninggun navigate the mess he is in?

Dal Moon (Park Hoon) gets the truth from Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine…she is still working for Prince Milpoonggun. Dal Moon is played like a fiddle by Prince Milpoonggun’s concubine. Dal Moon realizes by hiding her and blindly hoping she would reform, he aided and abetted Team Evil. Will he finally do something about her?

Park Moon Soo (Kwon Yool) gets the truth Prince Milpoonggun…he did poison with the goal of eliminating the King and Prince Yeoninggun. What could Moon Soo do but warn Prince Yeoninggun? What could Prince Yeoninggun do but continue on the path to save the King? I do NOT see it as weakness that Moon Soo didn’t kill the evil Prince Milpoonggun. Justice will come to Prince Milpoonggun and it wasn’t Moon Soo’s responsibility nor should he have succumbed to the rage.

I rank these episodes (on a scale from 1-10) as excellent (ep 33-34). My rating chart is below.


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One comment on “Haechi Episodes 33-34
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Mil Poong’s 🍁🤴 sick twisted mind cooked up an excellent, diabolical trap for Crown Prince Yeoning 🏹🤴 … poisoning the King’s 👑 medicine. Part of me wanted Moon Soo 🖌️📄 to execute Mil Poong 🍁🤴 on the spot, but that would a self-betrayal of the type of man that is Moon Soo 🖌️📄. You know Mil Poong is going to get out, by hook or by crook, to WREAK MORE HAVOC.

    Dal Moon 🛣️👑 is FINALLY starting to comprehend that Yoon Young 💄 continued to use him for nefarious purposes and CANNOT BE TRUSTED. I hope Dal Moon 🛣️👑 will have the courage to let go of Yoon Young 💄 when the time comes …

    I started to feel bad for Byung Joo 👮💩 experiencing night terrors, BUT THEN I REMEMBERED he was NOT a victim, but GLEEFULLY persecuted Yeoning 🏹🤴. Why was Byung Joo 👮💩 left alone … unguarded❓⁉️ Wasn’t the evil former head inspector who came for a visit exiled … why is he roaming free❓⁉️

    You would think to rise to the position of head nurse ⚕️, she would has a decent amount of intelligence. Why, why, why would she accept “tea” from someone who just paid her for poisoning someone else❓⁉️ That’s awfully stupid for someone who just risked their life for monetary gain to overlook the possibility of being eliminated … dead men (and women) tell no tales.

    My heart broke 💔 as the King 👑 briefly woke, admonished Yeoning 🏹🤴 to be a good King 👑, like he wanted to be and then died. I admired the wise King 👑 he had evolved into. To me Crown Prince Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 reluctance to take the throne makes him all the more worthy to be king. Crown Prince Yeoning 🏹🤴 was ALREADY going to have a tough time time ascending yo the throne … thanks to serial murderer Mil Poong 🍁🤴, Yeoning 🏹🤴 has the “stink of murder” around him.

    Part of me wanted Crown Prince Yeoning 🏹🤴 to heed Minister Min’s 👴💩 advice, but then Yeoning 🏹🤴 would not have been true to himself; he needs to be true to himself.


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