Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11

Mini Recap

Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) can’t get Eun Ho’s kiss out of her head. She chastises herself in the company bathroom to get her act together. What she doesn’t know is that Seo Young A (Kim Sun Young) has overheard her. She admits the man is younger. What they don’t know is that Director Ko Yoo Sun (Kim Yu Mi) has overheard them. Dan Yi is embarrassed and leaves. What they don’t know is another female employee heard them. She spreads the news that Dan Yi kissed a younger man. Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) overhears and is pleased.

He teases Dan Yi. Song Hae Rin (Jung Eugene) spots them and wonders if there is more than meets the eye between them.

Ji Seo Joon (Wi Ha Joon) works all night to complete the book cover. Dan Yi sees he’s exhausted. She offers to keep his dog while he gets a nap. Just as Seo Joon is about to fall asleep Hae Rin calls thrilled with his book cover. He agrees to meet her. Unable to keep his eyes open, Seo Joon falls asleep. Hae Rin maneuvers his head onto her shoulder. Eun Ho realizes that Dan Yi lied about going on a date with Seo Joon when Hae Rin texts she’s meeting Seo Joon. When Dan Yi returns home with Seo Joon’s dog, Eun Ho returns the dog to Seo Joon. What Eun Ho finds is both Hae Rin and Seo Joon asleep at the coffee shop.

Dan Yi is affected by Eun Ho’s teasing. He finds the shirt she bought for him and is pleased. When he wears it to work, Hae Rin recognizes the shirt from Dan Yi’s purchases.

Young A and Dan Yi work late on the book reading event for the latest book. They order a late-night snack. The delivery guy looks familiar. They gasp when they realize it is Director Ko’s ex-finance, the one she dumps just before the wedding. They gasp again when Director Ko exits her office and hands the delivery man her credit card to pay for the food. The delivery man and Director Ko are stunned when they look into each other’s eyes. He makes polite conversation and Director Ko responds woodenly. Director Ko denies that was her ex-finance and leaves the office. He’s waiting for her outside. She lies that she’s married. He’s happy she’s doing well. He leaves. She walks away tears in her eyes.

Young A’s child gets sick and is unable to run the book reading event. Eun Ho tells Dan Yi she can run the event with his support. Everyone helps to find additional attendees when a group cancels at the last minute. Even Director Ko brings an executive friend from another company. Hae Rin watches Eun Ho look tenderly at Dan Yi. She realizes Eun Ho likes Dan Yi. Director Ko’s executive friend stares at Dan Yi knowing she’s seen her before. As the author reads the book, Eun Ho holds Dan Yi’s hand (others in the room can’t see). Director Ko’s friend realizes that Dan Yi interviewed at her company. She tells Director Ko that Dan Yi was once a big advertising success. Director Ko is shocked and realizes that Dan Yi lied on her resume. Eun Ho and Dan Yi are unaware of the eyes on them.
My Thoughts

Eun Ho wouldn’t give up. Dan Yi can’t get Eun Ho out her head. The kiss lingers. Eun Ho teases her to date him, like him, etc. Dan Yi admits she doesn’t want to lose their friendship should the romance fizzle. Eun Ho assures her he’s been by her side for years and won’t every walk away. She’s close to caving. I’m liking the potential secondary couple of Seo Joon and Hae Rin. They do seem well suited in many ways. But right now, they only have eyes for Dan Yi and Eun Ho. Both of them know it won’t happen but they can’t help their feelings. What will happen to make them realize someone near may be a better fit?

Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) didn’t want to lose Eun Ho if their feelings went away. No one wants to lose a life long friend. Dan Yi was understandably hesitant. But she’s in a new phase of her life. She’s taking chances. Why not take a chance on Eun Ho? She told Seo Joon they should stop dating. He talked her into taking a break. It sounded reasonable, but it wasn’t what she wanted.

Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) didn’t back away from his feelings for Dan Yi. Eun Ho wasn’t ashamed to admit he liked her. He sweetly teased her to consider him. I like Eun Ho’s playful ways. He’d entice me!

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My rating chart is below.

The sixth song of the OST is titled “A Book is You” by Son Ho Young:

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2 comments on “Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 11
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Given her history with Eun Ho’s 🖋️👨‍💼 friendship and a bad marriage, I can understand Dan Yi 👠👩‍💼 being in denial about her feelings for Eun Ho 🖋️👨‍💼. I think many of us can relate to the fear of losing a good friend by leaving the friend 🚸 zone. Case in point, Seo Joon 🎨👨‍🎨 did not want to be out back into the friend 🚸 zone, but he’ll settle for it …

    I concur that Hye Rin 👙 and Seo Joon 🎨 👨‍🎨 seem to be a nice fit for each other, but only have eyes for their one-sided loves. I chuckled at Hye Rin’s parents giving Eun Ho 🖋️👨‍💼 the stink 〽️👁️ eye, but Eun Ho 🖋️👨‍💼 seemed to be oblivious to their distain, he was dreamy-eyed for Dan Yi 👠👩‍💼. Eun Ho’s 🖋️👨‍💼 eyes for Dan Yi 👠👩‍💼 was noticed by Hye Rin 👙 as was Seo Joon’s 🎨👨‍🎨 slip of the tongue 👅 about the two living together.

    Eun Ho’s 🖋️👨‍💼 playful tenacity worked for me.


    • I think many of us can relate to the fear of losing a good friend by leaving the friend 🚸 zone.
      I agree with that.

      I concur that Hye Rin 👙 and Seo Joon 🎨 👨‍🎨 seem to be a nice fit for each other, but only have eyes for their one-sided loves.
      Hopefully they’ll see each other in a new light before the series ending.

      Eun Ho’s 🖋️👨‍💼 playful tenacity worked for me.
      Nice turn of phrase!


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