Touch Your Heart Episode 13

Touch Your Heart Episode 13


Background. To get a role in a drama, actress Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) has been assigned to work for Lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) for three months. Initially, Yoon Seo isn’t competent to act as Jung Rok’s secretary. He’s irked by her. Determined she gains competency in phones, copying, etc. Jung Rok sees the effort and the effects. Now that Jung Rok trusts Yoon Seo, she is a value add on the cases that come through his door. Working side by side brings them closer as they learn more about each other and have each other’s backs.

This episode
. Because Yoon Seo’s manager told Jung Rok that a scandal would ensue if it were learned that Yoon Seo was dating him, he decides he must break up with her to protect her career. Jung Rok takes Yoon Seo on a farewell evening. They see a movie. They stroll in the park. Jung Rok breaks up with her. Of course, he doesn’t explain he’s being a noble idiot. Yoon Seo is shocked. Jung Rok walks away leaving Yoon Seo to cry alone on a park bench.

Yoon Seo misses Jung Rok.

Jung Rok misses Yoon Seo.

Kim Se Won (Lee Sang Woo) invites Jung Rok to drink soju. But when Jung Rok arrives, he finds Yoo Yeo Reum (Son Sung Yoon) there are learns the couple is dating. They urge him to call Yoon Seo to join them. Jung Rok bluntly says they broke up. He leaves. Good friend that he is, Se Won sends Yeo Reum home. He listens to Jung Rok pour out the story. Jung Rok asks how Se Won survived the break up with Yeo Reum.

Jung Rok turns into a workaholic.

Yoon Seo starts filming the kdrama. When the breakup scene is filmed, Yoon Seo cries. The crew is impressed at the real emotion and declares her acting is better. Yoon Seo cries alone in the dressing room.

Lawyer Choi Yoon Hyuk (Shim Hyung Tak) and Lawyer Dan Moon Hee (Park Kyung Hye). She doesn’t hide the fact they have a one month dating contract. Five days before it ends, Lawyer Dan asks Lawyer Choi if they’ll continue dating or if he’ll end it. Lawyer Choi is clear, he likes her but his heart doesn’t flutter around her. Lawyer Dan is upset that once again, her strong feelings aren’t returned. As they walk home, Lawyer Dan pushes Lawyer Choi out of harm’s way. Lawyer Choi’s heart flutters at the selfless act. Unfortunately, Lawyer Dan’s affections are transferred to the another leaving Lawyer Choi to pursue him.

Jung Rok is dismayed when the mother of the man who stabbed the abused wife appears at the law firm and declares he didn’t listen closely to her son. She clarifies her son stabbed the abusive husband ONCE not TWICE (there were two stab wounds). She further relays that the abused wife has disappeared.

Jung Rok gets Lee Doo Seob (Park Ji Hwan) to investigate where the abused wife is. They learn she collected multiple life insurance policy payments and seems to have a boyfriend. Jung Rok visits the man in prison and he confirms he stabbed only once. Jung Rok is upset knowing the man is in prison for 20 years and another culprit may have delivered the killing blow.

Jung Rok decides he must defend the man on appeal. CEO Yeon Joon Kyu (Oh Jung Se) tells Jung Rok not to take this case. It will ruin his reputation and tarnish the law firm’s standing in the community. Jung Rok can’t let the man rot in prison. He files the appeal. Public opinion turns against Jung Rok.

Yoon Seo sees the news reports and decides she must help Jung Rok like he helped her every time she needed him.

Jung Rok returns to the office and stares at Yoon Seo’s empty desk. He misses her. He sits at his desk and is surprised to find case files and data for the upcoming appeal. He read the sweet note Yoon Seo left him encouraging him to fight the good fight.

Jung Rok sits alone at the bus stop. Miserable with his life, his work, he realizes he was foolish to break up with Yoon Seo. He cries.

My Thoughts

Jung Rok and Yoon Seo were miserable without the other. Writer Yegeo kept our couple apart this episode and dare I say it was one of the best episodes of the series. Yoon Seo wanted to reach out to Jung Rok and finally did so subtly. Jung Rok was touched to know the woman he loved reached out to him. My favorite case was the abusive husband case. I was glad to see this mined to further the story. The actor that plays the man in prison is effective and touching. Se Won and Yeo Reum showed a bit of chemistry and are dating again.  I continue to love the budding romance between Lawyer Dan and Lawyer Choi. I had to laugh that the moment Lawyer Choi felt something for Lawyer Dan, her heart was drawn to another. Timing is everything!

Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) missed Jung Rok, but the show went on. Yoon Seo’s acting improved with her real-life experience. She was thrilled to see her friends from the law firm. She was worried for Jung Rok when she heard about his appeal case. She stood by her man and offered support in the form in the legal arena. It was just what he needed.

Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) didn’t tell Yoon Seo the real reason why he broke up with her. That choice made both of them miserable. Jung Rok is lucky to have a good friend like Se Won. I’m not all that interested in his relationship with Yeo Reum but I love the friendship between Jung Rok and Se Won. When Jung Rok felt alone and adrift with his choices, the supportive materials and note from Yoon Seo lifted him. But it made him realize that his lie had cut him off from the woman he loved. He cried alone at the bus stop. That was a perfect moment for Lee Dong Wook.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as excellent. My rating chart is below.

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3 comments on “Touch Your Heart Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur the guy playing Park Su Myeong did a MARVELOUS job of portraying the developmentally disabled character.

    I don’t understand why Jung Rok 👨‍💼💼 did NOT walk Yeon Seo 💃🎬 home before breaking up with her 😒 it just doesn’t seem safe to leave a woman alone on the streets late at night 🌃.

    I would call Jung Rok 👨‍💼💼, Mr Spock for his logic and lack of emotion, but he was truly pained, he just didn’t show it to Yeon Seo 💃🎬. I started to feel sorry for him and then I remembered he chose to be a noble idiot. Despite that, I was pleased Yeon Seo 💃🎬 sent Jung Rok 👨‍💼💼 support in his time of need.

    Lawyer Choi’s 💪💼 heart 💓 only flutters when Lawyer Dan 👁️👁️ protects him. HA❗it served him right to feel deserted when she quit liking him after him told her his heart 💓 did not flutter for her. I agree that timing IS everything. Will Lawyer Choi 💪💼 end up pursuing Lawyer Dan 👁️👁️ … I hope so❣️

    My heart broke 💔 for Jung Rok 👨‍💼💼 as he sat at the bus 🚌 stop wallowing in misery. Making a decision that deeply affects another person, without discussing it with them is a HUGE DISSERVICE to both.


    • I don’t understand why Jung Rok 👨‍💼💼 did NOT walk Yeon Seo 💃🎬 home before breaking up with her 😒 it just doesn’t seem safe to leave a woman alone on the streets late at night 🌃
      I had that same thought!

      I was pleased Yeon Seo 💃🎬 sent Jung Rok 👨‍💼💼 support in his time of need.
      She has gone up in my esteem as the series as progressed.

      Will Lawyer Choi 💪💼 end up pursuing Lawyer Dan 👁️👁️ … I hope so❣️
      I look forward to the progress of this bonus couple every episode. Both actors have a flair for comedy.

      Making a decision that deeply affects another person, without discussing it with them is a HUGE DISSERVICE to both.
      So true, so true. That why noble idiocy blows.


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