Haechi Episodes 5-8

Haechi Episodes 5-8


At the murder inquiry evil Prince Milpoonggun Lee Tan (Jung Moon Sung) is accused of murder. The judges are hesitant to indict the prince. They claim they will IF a witness comes forward. The inspectors know they don’t have a witness. Prince Yeoninggun Lee Geum (Jung Il Woo) surprises everyone when he appears and declares he is a witness. Forced to keep their word, the judges indict Prince Milpoonggun. Team good has triumphed.

But Minister Min Jin Hun (Lee Kyung Young) won’t go down without a fight. He blackmails Prince Yeoninggun to disavow his testimony or the honest and honorable inspector will be framed. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Prince Yeoninggun disavows his testimony. He doesn’t count on the honorable inspector being framed anyway.

The King knowing he’s dying goes to the opposition party leader for a secret discussion. He proposes the party leader work to make Prince Yeoninggun the next King. The party leader can’t believe his ears. The King is adamant. Prince Yeoninggun has the smarts to navigate the quagmire of political treachery and triumph to be the kind of king his father never was.

The King secretly sends Prince Yeoninggun the location of Prince Milpoonggun’s death diary. It is at the Buddhist temple. Prince Yeoninggun realizes this is tangible evidence that would free the honorable inspector. He turns to the remaining members of team good – Inspector Yeo Ji (Go Ara) and Park Moon Soo (Kwon Yool) – to retrieve the death diary.

Prince Milpoonggun’s handler, the Minister of Personnel washes his hands of the evil prince. Shocked, Prince Milpoonggun grovels to no avail. He goes to his concubine who encourages him to rise above those that have abandoned him and take control of his own destiny.  The Minister of Personnel tells Prince Milpoonggun to leave the country to visit China. Before Prince Milpoonggun leaves he visits Prince Yeoninggun and promises he will pay for working against him.

A fateful sequence of events unfold:

  1. The honorable inspector finds out his replacement worked with the Minister of Personnel to frame him. The honorable inspector declares his replacement will pay. Unfortunately, the honorable inspector is killed. The replacement inspector makes it look like the honorable inspector tried to escape and died falling from a wall.

  2. Inspector Yeo and Moon Soo wait for Prince Yeoninggun to arrive at the Buddhist temple to find the death diary. When Prince Yeoninggun doesn’t arrive, they search the temple but to no avail, the death diary isn’t there. They learn the honorable inspector is dead. Inspector Yeo doesn’t believe the death was an accident. She vows to find the truth.

  3. Prince Yeoninggun realizes that Dal Moon (Park Hoon) worked for the Minister of Personnel and slandered him. He points out that innocent men were hurt by the lies. DM bends enough to tell Prince Yeoninggun that Prince Milpoonggun didn’t really go to China, he’s back in town and someone Prince Yeoninggun loves is in grave danger.

  4. Prince Yeonryung agrees with the King’s request to back Prince Yeoninggun in the quest for the throne. As he walks home alone, Prince Milpoonggun attacks him and stabs him in the neck. Prince Yeoninggun is too late. He finds his brother bleeding out. Prince Yeonryung encourages Prince Yeoninggun to be the king. He dies.

  5. The King learns of his son’s death. He is overcome with grief. In his weakened state, he dies. Everyone mourns – except for those that now eye the throne. Prince Yeoninggun sinks to his knees and howls in pain. His father is dead.

My Thoughts

Terrific two episodes where team good won and then lost big. I was surprised when the evil Prince Milpoonggun was indicted, ditched by Minister of Personnel, and banished to China. The Minister of Personnel was forced to back Prince Yeonryung as the next king. Team good won. But it was too soon. Writer Kim Yi Young turned the tables on team good. The Minister of Personnel regained the upper hand and forced Prince Yeoninggun to perjure himself. But it was for naught, the honorable inspector died anyway. Bravo Writer Kim for surprising me and upping the emotional angst for our hero. Prince Yeoninggun’s brother is dead. His father is dead. The honorable inspector he tried to protect is dead. Will Prince Yeonryung wallow in grief long before he decides to fight for the throne?

Prince Yeoninggun Lee Geum (Jung Il Woo) had highs and lows. Prince Yeoninggun didn’t see the double cross by the Minister of Personnel. He realized the secret report from his father confirming the death diary was the way to free the honorable inspector. He didn’t count on the evil Prince Milpoonggun returning to town and killing his brother Prince Yeonryung. But the emotional blows didn’t stop there. The King died leaving Prince Yeoninggun alone and knowing his father would never see the son he asked his son to become.

Inspector Yeo Ji (Go Ara) trusted Prince Yeoninggun. She believed Prince Yeoninggun vow of support but kept going when he didn’t show. Unfortunately the death diary wasn’t at the Buddhist temple. Prince Milpoonggun’s lover has the damming document. She’s thrilled her lover was bold and killed Prince Yeonryung, who was an impediment to her goal, to become queen. I liked the interchange between Inspector Yeo and Prince Yeoninggun when she detailed her fabulous skills – multilingual, martial arts expert, best deductive inspector – as facts without bragging. I don’t see a romance between these two. I love the idea that when they put their heads together, things can go their way. Is Inspector Yeo cynical enough to see the machinations of team evil?

I rank these episodes (on a scale from 1-10) as very good (ep 5-6) and terrific (ep 7-8). My rating chart is below.


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3 comments on “Haechi Episodes 5-8
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I really H8️⃣ the way Minister Min 👴💩 pressured Yeoning 🏹🤴 into betraying Jeong Suk 👪 to protect Yeonryeung 👌🤴 … what else could Yeoning 🏹🤴 have done … blood is thicker than water. I felt the purpose of Minister Min’s 👴💩 actions were to “school” Yeoning 🏹🤴 and to keep him permanently down.

    I can hardly believe that Minister Min 👴💩 finally gave up supporting the evil Mil Poong 🍁🤴, although Min 👴💩 got the murdering royal 🍁🤴 released; just to have Mil Poong 🍁 🤴 murder Yeonryeung 👌🤴, who the minister was going to support…who knows who Min 👴💩 will support next❓⁉️ Based on how he treated Yeoning 🏹🤴 he doesn’t seem likely to support the lowborn prince.

    It was very unfortunate righteous inspector Jeong Suk 👪 became the fall guy in Minister Min’s 👴💩 scheme and then suffered an ignominious death at the hands of Byung Joo 👮💩 while trying to reveal Byung Joo’s 👮💩 betrayal. Inspector Jeong Suk 👪 seemed to be the only one who had it worse than Yeoning 🏹🤴; my heart 💗 went out to his family. Byung Joo’s 👮💩 cover story for Jeong Suk’s 👪 death was NOT believable to those who knew him. Before this drama is over, I want both of these evil 😈💩 doers along with Mil Poong 🍁🤴 to get their due -Justice Jane.

    My guess is since Yeoning 🏹🤴 didn’t show up at the temple to recover Mil Poong’s 🍁🤴 murder diary, Seo Ji 🍵👧 and Moon Soo 🖌️📄 may think Yeoning 🏹🤴 betrayed them as well; I hope that one of them can recognize Yeoning 🏹🤴 intended to reveal truth. Mil Poong 🍁🤴 was a fool to leave his murder diary with that giesang; she has her own agenda…does the giesang truly believe she can be queen❓⁉️ Historically, the King 👑, Yeoning’s father inacted restrictions on who could become queen, due to the actions of his deposed queen, Jang Ok Jung, who was the infertile crown prince’s 🚫👶 mother; she was executed for using sorcery against Queen Inhyun. Ohhh, “Queen Inhyun’s Man” is another drama with this royal family. Queen Inhyun adopted Yeoning 🏹🤴 so he could be recognized as a prince that could ascend to the throne as would have been unable to be an heir to the throne with his lowborn mother as his offical mother.

    My heart 💓 is wrenched for Yeoning 🏹🤴 and the “emotional angst” he suffered in these episodes:
    🔹Yeoning 🏹🤴 requested exile to protect his brother Yeonryeung 👌🤴.
    🔹 Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 wife refused to go in exile, so he offered to divorce her … OH WAIT … that wasn’t a bad thing for him.
    🔹 Minister Min 👴💩 employed Dal Moon to effectively ruin any of Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 decent character traits known to the public.
    🔹Yeoning 🏹🤴 was forced by Minister Min 👴💩 to choose between his brother 👌🤴 and a trusted friend 👪.
    🔹 Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 brother, Yeonryeung 👌🤴, was murdered by Mil Poong 🍁🤴 as a “lesson” for going against Mil Poong 🍁🤴.
    🔹 Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 father, the King 👑, died upon hearing about Yeonryeung’s 👌🤴 death.
    🔹 Yeoning’s 🏹🤴 trusted friend, Jeong Suk 👪 was murdered while incarcerated and trying to reveal Byung Joo’s 👮💩 betrayal.

    It is as if anything Yeoning 🏹🤴 cared about was taken away from him in these episodes.


    • I felt the purpose of Minister Min’s 👴💩 actions were to “school” Yeoning 🏹🤴 and to keep him permanently down
      That’s an interesting idea. Is the motivation to show he has the overarching picture and can best with ease?

      Byung Joo’s 👮💩 cover story for Jeong Suk’s 👪 death was NOT believable to those who knew him.
      It certainly wouldn’t stand long in today’s world.

      It is as if anything Yeoning 🏹🤴 cared about was taken away from him in these episodes.
      Great list of kicks that he suffered. Will he wallow or rise above?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yeoning 🏹🤴 suffered some major stressful life events, I think it is only natural for most people to wallow. I think Yeoning 🏹🤴 will wallow for a while, but but rise above his suffering … hopefully sooner rather than later.


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