Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 7

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 7

Ji Seo Joon (Wi Ha Joon) calls Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) and surprises her with a dinner invitation that he characterizes as a date. She stares at Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk). Watching them Song Hae Rin (Jung Eugene) interrupts the moment and states it is almost time to quit work. Dan Yi tells Seo Joon she will meet him out front in 10 minutes. A big smile breaks across Seo Joon’s face. Dan Yi moves away forgetting the book Eun Ho gave her on the table. Eun Ho sighs.

The joy Seo Joon exuded when Dan Yi agreed to the date was darling!

Oh Ji Yool (Park Gyu Young) and Park Hoon (Kang Ki Doong) bid their coworkers a good evening as they leave.  Freshly divorced Bong Ji Hong (Jo Han Chul) texts his ex-wife Seo Young A (Kim Sun Young) an invitation to dinner. Her answer is inquiry if anyone wants to go clubbing. She ignores Ji Hong’s offer to join her. Dan Yi bids everyone goodnight. Eun Ho calls to her and hands her the forgotten book. Chagrined, she thanks him. As she turns to leave, Eun Ho calls to her and hands her a work assignment. She gives him the look. Hae Rin offers to do the assignment as Dan Yi has plans. Eun Ho stares at Dan Yi. Knowing she must do as a superior requests, Dan Yi agrees to finish the work before she leaves. She gives Eun Ho the eye as she walks away.

Ji Yool thanks Park Hoon getting her mother off her back about blind dates when she lied that she was dating Park Hoon. They pass Seo Joon, who is waiting for Dan Yi.

Dan Yi gives Eun Ho the work assignment. He asks if she’s seeing Seo Joon. Dan Yi confirms this. She reminds him they have no food in the apartment. She asks him to take the book home. In the elevator, Eun Ho wraps his scarf around Dan Yi so she won’t catch a chill.

He watches Dan Yi walk to Seo Joon. He passes and warns them not to stay out late. They walk away. Eun Ho turns, watches, and sighs.

Park Hoon is surprised when Ji Yool’s mother makes a surprise visit to his apartment. She demands he break up with her daughter. Park Hoon is firm, he likes Ji Yool, and doesn’t want her money. He warns her mother not to interfere or he and Ji Yool will run off together.

Park Hoon showed moxy!

At home, Eun Ho is restless. He starts to call Dan Yi. He imagines his other side telling him not to call or text Dan Yi alone and stop being pathetic. Eun Ho counters that this is serious, Seo Joon has admitted feelings for Dan Yi. His other side concurs this can’t be ignored. They ponder what to do.


Seo Joon takes Dan Yi to a small independent bookstore. He tells her the owner curates all the books sold. Dan Yi admits small stores appeal to the reader in her. Dan Yi reads a barrage of texts from Eun Ho.

Is Seo Joon the bookstore owner?

At dinner Seo Joon gives Dan Yi a book she admired at the bookstore. It comes complete with an inscription about their first date. Then he gives her the painting of the first night they met. Dan Yi loves it. That puts a smile on Seo Joon’s face. Worried that Seo Joon may be thinking romance, Dan Yi tells him she’s may be older than he suspects and that she’s a divorcee. Seo Joon drops his utensils.

Bully for Dan Yi for being honest.

At home, Dan Yi complains to Eun Ho about Seo Joon’s reaction to her admission that she’s divorced.

At home, Seo Joon can’t believe he dropped his utensils when Dan Yi admitted she was a divorcee.

Flashback…Seo Joon tries to explain that dropping the utensils was because he has carpel tunnel syndrome. Doubting that, Dan Yi reveals she has a 12-year-old daughter. Seo Joon spits water.


Pleased, Eun Ho tells Dan Yi that Seo Joon is no good.

Seo Joon can’t believe he spit water out. In flashback, Seo Joon claims he’s okay with everything she told him. Dan Yi asks how old he is. Seo Joon is forced to admit he’s 29.

Very pleased, Eun Ho tells Dan Yi that Seo Joon isn’t the right man for her. Dan Yi believes Seo Joon will never call her. Eun Ho wonders if that upsets Dan Yi. He suggests Dan Yi could have kept all this to herself. Dan Yi says Seo Joon seemed to having feelings so she needed to be honest. She admits hanging with Seo Joon was fun. She heads to her room. Eun Ho picks up the book Seo Joon gave her.

Later Dan Yi asks Eun Ho if he would have been turned off by a divorcee, 8 years older than him, with a child. Eun Ho is clear, none of that bothers him. He claims he likes someone similar but she’s too stupid to realize she likes him. He flounces to his room.

At work during a meeting, Bong Ji Hong (Jo Han Chul) request a poetry volume be published. No one is enthusiastic. Ji Hong follows Executive Kim Jae Min (Kim Tae Woo) to his office and makes the request again. Executive Kim yells that Ji Hong must realize every poetry volume has failed and this one will too. After Ji Hong leaves with his head down, Seo Young A (Kim Sun Young) enters and yells at Executive Kim’s shaming of Ji Hong.

Park Hoon encourages Ji Yool to use him to block her mother. Thrilled with the offer, she hugs him repeatedly. They both get a bit flustered.

Dan Yi shares a new marketing idea with Young A and Hae Rin. Both of them like the PowerPoint slide at a time reveal to the public. Dan Yi asks if she can do the reveals to the public. Young A agrees.

Executive Kim and Ji Hong get into another argument about supporting poetry writers. Ji Hong storms away declaring he won’t use the company credit card to take a poetry writer out to eat. Eun Ho follows and offers his credit card. Ji Hong gratefully accepts the card. Eun Ho tells him poetry doesn’t sell. Ji Hong worries that poetry will disappear.

Ji Hong worries when the poetry writer doesn’t answer his phone call. He waits for him at the eatery.

Dan Yi recalls Seo Joon’s reactions to her reveals. She sees he hasn’t called or texted. She believes their friendship is over.

Ji Hong goes to the poet’s house and finds Eun Ho unloading groceries. The land lady offers to open the poet’s locked apartment. They find him dead. Eun Ho, Executive Kim and Ji Hong pay their respects at his memorial marker.

Ji Hong doesn’t come to work for 4 days. Dan Yi helps Ji Yool with her work. Hae Rin complains about a late writer. Eun Ho tells her writing is tough and to be patient. She invites Eun Ho to dinner. He declines.

Eun Ho interviews a writer on his radio show. He tells her they’ll have dinner after. She says she’s invited two other people.

Hae Rin and Seo Joon meet in a flower shop. Hae Rin realizes who Seo Joon is and guesses they are going to dinner with the same writer. She declares they’ll see each other again.

Hae Rin follows Seo Joon to the eatery. He’s not thrilled. She promises she’s not a pervert and has every right to be there. She sweeps into the eatery. She greets the writer and Eun Ho. Seo Joon joins them. The smile on Eun Ho’s face dims. The writer declares that she wants Seo Joon to design her new book cover. Eun Ho isn’t thrilled.

After dinner, Seo Joon asks Eun Ho for a ride so he can visit Dan Yi. Eun Ho warns Seo Joon he blew it the other night. Seo Joon counters his reactions were involuntary. Seo Joon counters his reactions were telling. Seo Joon gets into Eun Ho’s car. He needs to see Dan Yi and she won’t take his calls. Eun Ho points out that Seo Joon is only 29 while he’s 32. Seo Joon is unconcerned stating age doesn’t matter. He points out Dan Yi and Eun Ho are like brother and sister.

Eun Ho hopes Dan Yi isn’t home when they arrive. He knows he’ll regret this. Seo Joon hands Eun Ho the gift for Dan Yi and states he’ll wait outside for her.

When Eun Ho enters the house, Dan Yi assumes the bag has the writer’s manuscript. Eun Ho says the bag is his.

Eun Ho goes into his room.  He looks in the bag and finds a stuffed character. He tosses it into his closet. He imagines his other side telling him that action is beneath him. His other side states he can’t have Dan Yi just because he wants her. Eun Ho counters that he’s regretted the day he let her go and won’t make the same mistake again. His other side points out that Dan Yi feels a pull from Seo Joon. Dan Yi sighs.

Eun Ho exits his bedroom and gives the stuffed character to Dan Yi. He tells her it is from Seo Joon and he’s waiting outside. Dan Yi is excited and runs outside with the stuffed character.

Dan Yi finds Seo Joon on the street waiting. They both smile.

Eun Ho watches them from inside the house. He hopes he hasn’t made a big mistake.

My Thoughts

Dan Yi puts all her red flags on the table. I was impressed when Dan Yi told Seo Joon all the red flags that might cause him to balk at dating him – divorced, 8 years older, and has a child. It appeared Seo Joon choked but he came back with the stuff character to melt Dan Yi’s heart and get himself back in the game. Eun Ho was once again in the unenviable position of watching Dan Yi potentially fall for another man. The friend zone isn’t where Eun Ho wants to be! Could Seo Joon and Hae Rin become a couple when Dan Yi finally realizes Eun Ho is the man for her? What will make her see the light?

Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) is honest with Seo Joon. His reaction knife dropping, water spewing, etc. led her to believe he couldn’t cope. He was irked with his involuntary reactions. Dan Yi shut him down. But Eun Ho’s honor led Seo Joon right to Dan Yi’s door. The stuffed character did the rest. Dan Yi was thrilled and asked poor Eun Ho if she looked okay before she scampered out the door to see Seo Joon with a big grin on her face.

Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) was counseled by his other side. Eun Ho didn’t want to drive Seo Joon to his house. Eun Ho didn’t want to facilitate a relationship between the woman he loved and another man. But honor forced him to transport Seo Joon, give Dan Yi the stuffed character, and share that Seo Joon was waiting for her. Eun Ho was forced their happy faces when they met. Earlier Eun Ho told Dan Yi he likes someone similar to Seo Joon but she’s too stupid to realize she likes him. He’s right. Dan Yi has no clue that Eun Ho likes her. Now she’s enamored of Seo Joon. What can Eun Ho do?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My rating chart is below.

The third song of the OST is the ballad titled “All I Do” by Roy Kim:

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2 comments on “Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “Is Seo Joon the bookstore owner? -KJT. OMO, that thought NEVER occurred to me; now that I’ve heard it, I think that could be a possibility.

    Dan Yi 👠👩‍💼 and Seo Joon’s 🎨👨‍🎨 date started off well, but seemed to turned south at the discovery of Dan Yi’s 👠👩‍💼 marital status, age and mention of a 12 year old daughter. I concur it was admirable for Dan Yi 👠👩‍💼 to lay her cards 🃏 on the table in the beginning, as it would weed out those who consider this type of baggage as be deal breakers. Were Seo Joon’s 🎨👨‍🎨 dropsy doodles, sputtering and hiccups COINCIDENTAL or was he FREAKED OUT❓⁉️ Seo Joon 🎨👨‍🎨 played a good makeup game, it appears he is truly interested in Dan Yi 👠👩‍💼.

    Eun Ho 🖋️👨‍💼, on the other hand, played a pretty good game of jealousy 💚, although his ethics won out in the end. I applaud Eun Ho 🖋️👨‍💼 for being honorable, as petty jealousy would not benefit him in his quest for Dan Yi’s 👠👩‍💼 heart 💓. Eun Ho 🖋️👨‍💼 seems to continue to REALLY struggle 🥊💢 with getting out of the friend zone. Did he already miss the boat ⛵❓⁉️

    When Hae Rin 👙 ran into Seo Joon 🎨👨‍🎨 at the florist 💐 shop, I thought … hmm, those two look good together 👍 … we could be looking at multiple couples in this series.


    • Seo Joon 🎨👨‍🎨 played a good makeup game, it appears he is truly interested in Dan Yi 👠👩‍💼
      He’s a nice guy interested in a nice girl. But we all know it won’t work out for him.

      I applaud Eun Ho 🖋️👨‍💼 for being honorable, as petty jealousy would not benefit him in his quest for Dan Yi’s 👠👩‍💼 heart 💓.
      Excellent point. Eun Ho does take the high road with Seo Joon (mostly). Both men know they want the same woman. I enjoyed the “good Eun Ho” chiding the “jealous Eun Ho”.

      When Hae Rin 👙 ran into Seo Joon 🎨👨‍🎨 at the florist 💐 shop, I thought … hmm, those two look good together 👍 … we could be looking at multiple couples in this series
      I love BOGO couples – two for the price of one! It makes the series more interesting.


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