The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 16 Recap (Final)

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (aka Hundred Million Stars From the Sky) Episode 16 (Final)

After shooting evil Executive Jang who threatened to tell Jin Kan she was in an incestuous relationship

Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) waits at the temple where his parents’ memorial markers are.

Yoo Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong) arrives per Moo Young’s request. Jin Kook wants to know why Moo Young shot Executive Jang. Moo Young isn’t interested in discussing that. Believing Jin Kan will now be safe from threats, Moo Young thanks Jin Kook for taking care of his younger sister. Jin Kook is confused. He realizes Moo Young believes Jin Kan is his sister. Jin Kook declares that Moo Young is an only child. Shocked, Moo Young realizes Executive Jang lied to him he fell for it and murdered because of it. Moo Young puts his head in his hands reeling from the knowledge that the woman he loves isn’t his sister but he’s imploded his life by committing murder to protect her.

Yoo Jin Kan (Jung So Min) is interviewed by the police about Moo Young. She states she was, no is, Moo Young’s girlfriend.

Jin Kook reflects on So Jung’s revelation that Jin Kan knows they aren’t biologically related.

The police say that Moo Young is the killer, Jin Kan doesn’t want to believe it.

Jin Kook drives Jin Kan home. She murmurs if Moo Young killed. Jin Kook recalls So Jung admitting she told Jin Kan about Jin Kook killing Moo Young’s father. Jin Kook decides he has to tell Jin Kan the truth. He pulls over and states her real name is Han Jung Yoon. He promises to answer all her questions after they find Moo Young.

Finally, Jin Kook acknowledged the truth, details later.

Moo Young is at his old family home.

Jin Kan puts a photo of herself and Moo Young back in the frame.

Moo Young looks at the night sky.

Flashback Moo Young recalls all that Jin Kook told him…that Jin Kan’s parents were cult members, that he knew Jin Kan because his mother because involved in the cult, that his mother stole the house deposit money for the cult, that Moo Young’s father killed his mother and Jin Kan’s parents out of rage, the latter shocks Moo Young. But he only wants Jin Kan to live a happy life going forward. Jin Kook urged Moo Young to turn himself in. Moo Young admits that he’s not able to, he’s been manipulated, he can’t do it. Moo Young tells Jin Kook he doesn’t blame him. He hugs Jin Kook and says he’ll need 3 days then he’ll contact him. He walks away.

Jin Kook has a nightmare…Moo Young tears up as he writes his will, a hand gun is on the table next to him. He walks into the woods and puts the gun to his head, pulls the trigger and falls to the ground.

Jin Kook finds Jin Kan sitting in the dark. She asks why he stabbed Moo Young. Jin Kook admits it was wrong of him. She concurs. She declares Moo Young wouldn’t kill. Jin Kook says nothing. She declares Moo Young isn’t the man Jin Kook used to know. Jin Kook says nothing. She declares she might die without Moo Young in her life. Jin Kook holds her and promises to find Moo Young.

Jin Kook visits psychiatrist Yang Kyung Mo (Yoo Jae Myung) who believes that if Moo Young committed murder, he won’t be able to live with himself. Dr. Yang states once Moo Young found out his father was a murderer, he turned that inside with self-hatred. The men agree to search for Moo Young.

Executive Jang’s father, Chairman Jang, returns to Korea.

So Jung convinces Jin Kan to change the passcode to the front door. Jin Kan asks if the change is because of Moo Young. So Jung admits Moo Young visited her brother with a gun. Jin Kan guesses he came when he could out her brother killed his father. She recalls his inquiry of her brother’s schedule.

Moo Young goes to the local market for food.

Jin Kan visits Im Yu Ri (Go Min Si) in prison. Yu Ri believes Moo Young killed Executive Jang. She knows he’s capable of that and much worse.

Moo Young makes rice and thinks of Jin Kan.

Jin Kan goes to the police station in hopes of getting information from Executive Jang’s assistant but he reveals nothing. Executive Jang’s father stares at the picture of his two dead children, both who were involved with Moo Young.

Moo Young recalls Jin Kook telling him the young Jin Kan missed Moo Young terribly. Jin Kook shared on the day he killed Moo Young’s father. Jin Kan entered the home and trip near the heater. To save her Moo Young fell on top of her, taking the brunt of the boiling water from the kettle. That’s how they both got burns.

Missing Jin Kan, Moo Young imagines she’s next to him. He imagines telling her they knew each other as children and he was good to her. They hold hands. Jin Kan tells Moo Young to be with her forever. She holds him tight.

Jin Kan recalls Moo Young telling her he found his old house in a forest near the mountain. She looks at satellite imager and locates the house. She buys a train ticket. She reads the article about Moo Young’s father’s murder. She leaves for the mountain.

When Jin Kook comes home, he finds Jin Kan gone. He sees the annotation of the train ticket. He sees the satellite imagery. He rushes out of the house. A friend of Moo Young calls Jin Kook and tells him to come to location that binds them.

Moo Young recalls the kind of life he used to live.

Jin Kan arrives at the mountain.

Moo Young writes he wanted to become a good person but he became a murderer. He recalls asking Executive Jang to leave Jin Kan alone but she refused forcing him to kill her. He knows this imploded his life. He stares at the picture of himself and Jin Kan. The gun looms in the background.

Jin Kan arrives at Moo Young’s family home. She has a memory of being there as a child.  She remembers playing with a young Moo Young. She recalls him feeding her when she was hungry.

Inside the house, Moo Young stares at the picture of himself and Jin Kan. He hears someone enter. He hides.

Jin Kan enters the house. They see each other. Jin Kan holds the gun!

Moo Young assumes his hard exterior. Jin Kan asks if he took the gun to her house to kill her brother. Moo Young confirms this. She asks if Moo Young broke up with her because of Jin Kook killing his father. Moo Young confirms this. She asks what lies are he hiding.

Jin Kan puts the gun to her head. Moo Young gets nervous. He tries to get her to hand over the gun. Jin Kan apologizes for her brother killing her father. She’ll die instead. She asks him to promise that he won’t kill himself. He sees she means to kill herself and stops her. The gun goes off.

Jin Kook starts to run.

Jin Kan admits she knows her father killed her parents. She understands the guilt because she feels guilt about her brother killing Moo Young’s father. She tells Moo Young she accepts him for who he is. Moo Young admits he is a murderer. Jin Kan urges him to turn himself in. Moo Young doesn’t want to do that. He’d rather die. Jin Kan calls him inconsiderate. She asks how she’s supposed to live without him. Moo Young tells her to return to her life before him. Jin Kan points out her life always included him. She shows him the family drawing, she says if he dies, she’ll die too. She declares she can’t leave him. Moo Young drops his mask and admits he wants to live.  Someone enters the cabin. Jin Kan shield Moo Young as Executive Jang’s assistant fire the gun.

Jin Kook hears the gun shot.

Executive Jang’s assistant shoots Moo Young.

He falls on the ground next to Jin Kan. He reaches out of the woman he loves. He admits he loves her. Jin Kan declares he love. Moo Young closes his eyes. Jin Kan cries watching him. She closes her eyes.

Jin Kook arrives at the cabin. He rushes inside to find Jin Kan and Moo Young on the floor. He drops to his knees and sobs seeing the bullet wound in Jin Kan’s back.

Voiceover: Goodbye Jin Kook. 25 years is enough.

Moo Young signs his farewell letter with his real name. His PS states having Jin Kan back in his life allowed him to breathe and live again.

We see our couple in happier times. Their song plays.

The end.

My Thoughts

Our couple comes full circle. Moo Young protected Jin Kan as a child from severe burns from boiling water. She protected him from a bullet meant for him. Unfortunately, Executive Jang’s assistant had multiple bullets in the gun and discharged another into Moo Young. Our couple ended their lives bleeding out together on the floor.

Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) decided suicide was his only option after killing Executive Jang. He couldn’t escape the consequences of this action. He went to his old family home to make peace with his decision and to die. What he didn’t count on was Jin Kan tracking him down.

Yoo Jin Kan (Jung So Min) refused to walk away from the man she loved. Color me surprised when she put the gun to her head, stating she should die because her brother killed Moo Young’s parents. Because of her brother’s actions, she understood Moo Young’s shame over his father killing her parents. Jin Kan has been a quiet force in this series. I often considered her more pawn than player. But when she got Moo Young to commit to being a better person (my favorite line was when he said “teach me”), she rose in my esteem. She wasn’t the girlfriend that couldn’t let go when he dumped her, she was the woman in love that knew she was being lied to. I was impressed she figured out where Moo Young was and went to him. She was ready to die. Little did she know she’d take a bullet for him and die side by side with him.

Yoo Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong) finally told all to Moo Young and Jin Kan. I have a hard time with this character’s silence in this series. He is the catalyst for the tragedy. He ends the series as he began in the past, seeing someone dead on the floor of the cabin. But this time it was the one person he loved more than any other, his sister.

 Was my Wishlist for the final episode granted?
* Moo Young must live even if he spends the rest of his life in prison. NOT GRANTED. Moo Young died. At least he dropped the mask and admitted his real feelings to Jin Kan.

* Jin Kan finally tells Jin Kook she knows she’s adopted. GRANTED (in reverse). Jin Kook finally told Jin Kan the truth. It was almost a nonevent.

* Jin Kook finally confirms to Jin Kan they aren’t biologically related. GRANTED. His confession to her had less impact that the backstory he gave Moo Young to clarify that Jin Kan and Moo Young were not siblings.

* I hold out a faint hope that Jin Kook and Jin Kan aren’t biologically related because Executive Jang says she made that part up. GRANTED. They weren’t related. Writer Song Hye Jin revealed this early in the episode with little fanfare. But Seo In Guk gave the reaction we all needed. Moo Young’s choice to murder to protect Jin Kan wasn’t needed and he knew his life was over.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The third song of the OST “Lost” is a lovely ballad sung by Ahn Ji Yeon:

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2 comments on “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 16 Recap (Final)
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, OMO, OMO I cannot imagine the joy Moo Young 👼🤔👿 felt after hearing he and Jin Kang 👧🎁 are NOT biological siblings (I WAS THRILLED ❣️) … except for the fact Moo Young 👼🤔👿 had ALREADY IMPLODED his life by killing the snarky, mocking Executive Jang 💩, a schadenfreuder, in an effort to protect Jin Kang 👧🎁. These facts coupled with the knowledge that his father murdered Jin Kang’s 👧🎁 parents must have had Moo Young 👼🤔👿 reeling.

    Color🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 Moo Young 👼🤔👿 wrote out his “will” and appeared to be ready to commit suicide. YIKES❗ Jin Kang 👧🎁 convincingly appeared ready to to commit suicide to prevent Moo Young 👼🤔👿 from committing suicide. Jin Kang’s 👧🎁 actions changed Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 mind, he confessed his true feelings … it is just SO TRAGIC that at that WATERSHED MOMENT, CEO Jang’s assassin showed up and killed them … Jin Gook 👮 didn’t seem to see the murderer on his way up – surely they could tell this was not a murder-suicide … Did CEO Jang’s minion LITERALLY get away with murder❓⁉️ Where was CEO Jang, the vengeful father, when Woo Sang 🤴💩 died … well, I suppose that was chalked up as an accident, although Executive Jang 💩 immediately saw it differently.

    Well KJT, you got MOST of of your wish list, except for the crucial item of Moo Young 👼🤔👿 living and heaven help us for having the presupposition of Jin Kang 👧🎁 living being a given.

    I suppose this means Moo Young 👼🤔👿 and Jin Kang 👧🎁 will get to be “reborn”. Do Asians consider being reborn to be a happy ending❓⁉️

    I thought the writer did a good job of twisting the incest in the Japanese version to Executive Jang’s 💩 incest hypothesis being believed by Moo Young 👼🤔👿 (and us). Overall there were so many things that were well done with the exception of on consistencies in Jin Gook’s 👮‍♂️ character. Due to the sad nature of the ending, I’m not sure I will watch this again.

    I do appreciate you taking the time to finish recapping this series despite the tragedy of losing your friend.


    • I cannot imagine the joy Moo Young 👼🤔👿 felt after hearing he and Jin Kang 👧🎁 are NOT biological siblings … except for the fact Moo Young 👼🤔👿 had ALREADY IMPLODED his life by killing the snarky, mocking Executive Jang…the knowledge that his father murdered Jin Kang’s 👧🎁 parents must have had Moo Young 👼🤔👿 reeling
      It was ALOT to take in. Seo In Guk did a terrific job showing all the facets of Moo Young’s reaction.

      Jin Kang’s 👧🎁 actions changed Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 mind, he confessed his true feelings … it is just SO TRAGIC that at that WATERSHED MOMENT, CEO Jang’s assassin showed up and killed them
      Tragic is the perfect word. They finally reached a fully honest accord, but Moo Young’s past actions imploded their path forward…permanently.

      Overall there were so many things that were well done with the exception of on consistencies in Jin Gook’s 👮‍♂️ character. Due to the sad nature of the ending, I’m not sure I will watch this again
      I wouldn’t watch this again, but I rarely rewatch with the volume of kdramas produced.But I was not bored and wondered how it would all unfold.

      appreciate you taking the time to finish recapping this series
      I always intended to finish this show, I HAD to find out what would happen. Thanks for sticking with me!


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