The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 14 Recap

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (aka Hundred Million Stars From the Sky) Episode 14

Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) holds the gun on his father’s killer who is also his girlfriend’s brother. Yoo Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong) admits he killed Moo Young’s father Kang Soon Goo but won’t say why. He tells Moo Young not to become a murderer like him. Moo Young can’t believe his gall. He demands to know why Jin Kook tagged him as a murderer. Jin Kook doesn’t offer an explanation. Moo Young puts the gun to Jin Kook’s head. The doorbell rings breaking the tension. Tak So Jung (Jang Young Nam) enters surprised when Moo Young rushes by her. She smells the gun powder. She can’t believe that Jin Kook let Moo Young control the situation.

Jin Kook’s non-explanation was frustrating.

Yoo Jin Kan (Jung So Min) smiles at the pictures of Moo Young and herself.

Moo Young enters his apartment and murmurs his father name, Kang Soon Goo, the name he learned from his father’s killer. He stares at his family drawing he made as a child. Executive Jang texts an article about his father that states his father killed 3 people. Moo Young murmurs his father was a murderer. He reads his father killed his mother who had fled with Moo Young’s sibling.  Moo Young murmurs his father killed his mother. Moo Young crushes the family drawing and grapples with the pain.

The next day Moo Young text Jin Kan their morning workout is cancelled. She calls him but he doesn’t answer.

Psychiatrist Yang Kyung Mo (Yoo Jae Myung) finds Moo Young on his doorstep. Doctor Yang tells Moo Young his father’s actions don’t shape him. Moo Young admits he feels ashamed knowing his father was a murderer.

Jin Kan goes to Moo Young’s apartment and places the framed couple picture on his table. She finds the crumbled family drawing.

Moo Young wonders if murder is hereditary. Doctor Yang admits his father is murderer and he’s the first child in his book. Doctor Yang says he let the amnesic Moo Young leave the hospital hoping that he could live his life never knowing about his father. Doctor Yang says who Moo Young has grown into, is based on who Moo Young is. Doctor Yang warns that Moo Young’s rage will hurt himself and those he cares about.

Executive Jang asks her assistant if the meeting with the Team Lead went as she hoped. The assistant hands over the recording. Executive Jang tells him to summon Moo Young.

Moo Young finds Jin Kan waiting for him. He suggests ramen. Jin Kan senses something is wrong. Moo Young denies it. Moo Young asks what is upsetting her. Jin Kan pulls out the crumpled family drawing. Moo Young puts it in the trash. He declares drawing doesn’t depict the truth. Jin Kan wants details. Moo Young says he can’t talk about it right now. Moo Young drops the ramen. He admits his father was a murderer of 3 people. Jin Kan is shocked. Moo Young asks her to leave so he can be alone. Jin Kan doesn’t want to leave him. Moo Young insists he wants alone time. Jin Kan takes the family drawing from the trash and leaves.

Will Moo Young\s rage will change everything?

Jin Kan stares at the family drawing. Her heart breaks for Moo Young.

The team lead considers telling Jin Kook but decides against it.

Moo Young meets Executive Jang. She gives him the recording. She shows him a picture of the Team Lead. Moo Young flashes going to the police station as a young child and the Team Lead telling him to leave. Executive Jang offers to kill Jin Kook. Moo Young warns her not to mess with his affairs or she’ll regret it.

Moo Young listens to the recording of the conversation the Team Lead had with Executive Jang’s assistant.  He learns his mother’s name, and the other two victims’ names. The Team Lead warned Jin Kook about going to the mountain cabin without backup. He hears what we see in the flashback.

Flashback…Jin Kook finds the three dead bodies outside the mountain cabin. He finds Moo Young’s father holding the axe dripping with blood. Jin Kook drew his gun and fired.

Moo Young texts Jin Kook to come outside. He tells Jin Kook to follow him. Moo Young shows Jin Kook the missing child flyer. He asks why Jin Kook looked for him. Jin Kook says he killed Moo Young’s father and Moo Young was missing. Jin Kook finally admits he thought Moo Young’s father was going to try and kill him with the axe. Jin Kook admits because Moo Young was there, his father was trying to hide the axe not use it on him. Jin Kook cries that Moo Young called to his father as he crumpled to the floor. Moo Young wishes that Jin Kook had never looked for him. It gave him false memories of his father being a police officer. Moo Young says he’ll never forgive Jin Kook. He starts to walk away. Jin Kook tells Moo Young where his father’s memorial marker is and his death anniversary. He walks away. Moo Young recalls Jin Kan telling him about visiting the temple on a particular date. He realizes that was the death anniversary of his father.

Jin Kan worries about Moo Young and that he’s shutting her out.

Jin Kook finds Jin Kan up when he returns home. Jin Kook tells her he’s going to visit Mom tomorrow. She offers to go but he declines.

The next day So Jung calls and tells Jin Kook to change his passcode. He tells her he’ll do it when he gets back.

Jin Kan goes to the workout area but Moo Young isn’t there.

Moo Young tries to deal with the situation.

Jin Kook and So Jung offer memorial food to Jin Kook’s mother at her grave. So Jung comments everyone thinks about their mother when they are troubled. Jin Kook agrees. He remembers being a troublemaker as a child. They chuckle. Jin Kook shares that his mother worried about him after he killed Moo Young’s father.

Moo Young visits the temple with his father’s memorial marker.

Jin Kan walks alone and remembers Moo Young’s former happy memories about the family drawing. She cries.

Moo Young stares at his father’s memorial marker. It is next to his mother’s marker. He cries.

Moo Young stares at text from Jin Kan declaring her love. He cries.

Moo Young finds Jin Kan waiting for him. They stare at each other. Jin Kan says she still loves him. Moo Young admits he wants to be reborn. Jin Kan rushes to him and hugs him. Moo Young hugs her back and cries.

Inside the apartment they make rice together. Jin Kan is tender and kind. Moo Young smiles. Jin Kan smiles. They eat together. Jin Kan remembers the first time she came to his cold apartment. But now it is a home. They make love. The apartment glows with touches of home.

They are a sweet couple.

Moo Young goes to Executive Jang’s home. He returns the gun. He says he doesn’t need the gun anymore. He says he only used one bullet. Executive Jang declares her disappointment that he didn’t use the gun properly. He starts to leave but Executive Jang stops him with a promise of information about his brother.

Flashback…Executive Jang is shocked when her assistant tells her that two children were admitted to hospital, Moo Young and his SISTER. The assistant says that the sister was adopted by a someone named Lee Jung Shil 6 months later. The assistant reveals that Lee Jung Shil is Jin Kook’s mother. Executive Jang smiles at the delicious twist.

OMG! Moo Young and Jin Kan are brother and sister!

Executive Jang can’t believe the Moo Young doesn’t recall his sibling. Moo Young demands details. Executive Jang demands Moo Young do something for her. She hands him a plane ticket. Moo Young agrees and leaves.

Executive Jang is a cold, cruel, woman.

Moo Young and Jin Kan have a fun day at the amusement park. At Moo Young’s apartment, they stare at their scars and declare it led them to each other. They hug and smile.

They are a sweet couple.

Moo Young accidentally spills boiling water on Jin Kan’s hand. He rushes to the pharmacy. When he walks back, he has a more complete memory of the day his father died. He recalls his sibling is a sister. He thinks of the picture of Jin Kook and Jin Kan. He stares at the photo of a young Jin Kan in his wallet. He finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together. He realizes Jin Kan is HIS SISTER!

My Thoughts

The secret is revealed. Moo Young realizes that his sibling was a sister not a brother. After staring at the picture of a young Jin Kan, he must know that Jin Kan is his sister. What a dreadful punch to the gut. I can’t fathom the horror of all that implies.

Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) finally got details about his father’s death. Executive Jang provided a recording of the Team Leader’s memories of the event. Jin Kook finally admitted that he shot Moo Young’s father believing he was going to attack him but realized too late that he was hiding the murder weapon so Moo Young wouldn’t see the weapon. Executive Jang’s pleasure over this terrible twist makes me shake my head. Moo Young managed not to pull the trigger on Jin Kook. What will he do now, knowing the truth about Jin Kan?

Yoo Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong) finally admitted he killed Moo Young’s father in self-defense (or so he believed). He was stoic when Moo Young held the gun on him. He’s lived with the guilt for years of this murderer. He was ready to accept the consequences. What I don’t understand is why Jin Kook didn’t tell Jin Kan once he learned who Moo Young really was. It was only a matter of time before Moo Young and Jin Kan’s relationship was revealed.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    For better or worse, this episode finally answered many of our burning 🔥 questions. Except WHY didn’t Jin Gook 👮‍♂️ change his door passcode after Moo Young 👼🤔👿 snuck in the first time❓⁉️

    Between Jin Gook’s 👮 stoic standing up to take what Moo Young 👼🤔👿 was about to dish up and not shirking any responsibility, my estimation of Jin Gook 👮 rose just a bit. I concur Jin Gook’s 👮‍♂️ non explanation to Moo Young 👼🤔👿 wondering why the policeman killed his father WAS frustrating, especially after we learned the gory details of 3 fresh corpses in the yard INCLUDING Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 mom❗ On the other hand, in Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 state of mind in that point in time, I DOUBT Moo Young 👼🤔👿 would have believed anything, let alone the truth coming from Jin Gook’s 👮 lips … anything uttered would have been deemed as excuses.

    At last Psychiatrist Yang 👨‍⚕️ was useful when he stated the actions of Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 father did shape him; which also gave a skewed, but somewhat logical, explanation as to why he let little Moo Young 👼🤔👿 runaway … at least he acknowledged he was wrong. I found it interesting that Dr Yang 👨‍⚕️ was the first case study in his book. I suppose Dr Yang 👨‍⚕️ with his background might be better equipped to help Moo Young 👼🤔👿 than other psychiatrists.

    … And the the moment I’ve been DREADING … the confirmation that Jin Kang 👧🎁 and Moo Young ARE SIBLINGS … is it TOO NAIVE of me to hope that they might be siblings by marriage and not by biology❓⁉️ Could the angel in Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 be his bio mom❓⁉️ I’ve wondered from the time Jin Gook 👮‍♂️ suspected Moo Young 👼🤔👿 might be the missing boy why he didn’t do a DNA test.

    I concur with KJT that the horror of Jin Kang 👧🎁 and Moo Young 👼🤔👿 being siblings implies is UNFATHOMABLE. Then I thought about Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 self isolation coupled with him stating he wanted to be reborn gave me a chill … will Moo Young 👼🤔👿 commit suicide❓⁉️ Is he angry enough to take out Jin Gook 👮‍♂️ and / or Executive Jang, whose mocking tone is getting on his nerves❓⁉️ I just hope that if Moo Young 👼🤔👿 is suicidal, he doesn’t take Jin Kang 👧🎁 with him in response to this DREADFUL, DEVASTATING news.


    • On the other hand, in Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 state of mind in that point in time, I DOUBT Moo Young 👼🤔👿 would have believed anything, let alone the truth coming from Jin Gook’s 👮 lips
      I can see your point.

      Dr Yang 👨‍⚕️ with his background might be better equipped to help Moo Young 👼🤔👿 than other psychiatrists
      Dr. Yang has been a bit underwhelming of a character.

      I’ve been DREADING … the confirmation that Jin Kang 👧🎁 and Moo Young ARE SIBLINGS
      Not what I wanted to hear either.

      Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 self isolation coupled with him stating he wanted to be reborn gave me a chill
      He does have his own code of behavior, anything is possible.


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