The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 12 Recap

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (aka Hundred Million Stars From the Sky) Episode 12

Yoo Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong) peeps through the window and watches his sister Yoo Jin Kan (Jung So Min) frolic with the despised boyfriend Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk). When Moo Young leaves the apartment to purchase a wine opener, Jin Kan remains. As Moo Young crosses the cross-walk Jin Kook passes him from the opposite side. Jin Kook knifes Moo Young in the side. He turns and watches Moo Young fall to the sidewalk blood spurting from the wound. Jin Kook walks away and sees ambulances whisk by. He drops the knife and falls to the ground. Concerned that Moo Young hasn’t returned, Jin Kan calls him and is dismayed to find Moo Young’s cell phone in the apartment. She locates the shop where he bought the wine opener, but the sales clerk only knows that Moo Young was there an hour ago.

Psychiatrist Yang Kyung Mo (Yoo Jae Myung) finds the bleeding Moo Young outside his house. Moo Young stops the doctor from calling an ambulance.

Jin Kook washes the blood from his hands.

Jin Kan learns nothing when she goes to the police.

Jin Kook writes a resignation letter. Jin Kan returns home and lays in her room worried about Moo Young.

Doctor Yang watches Moo Young sleep. He sees the burn scar. He sees the picture of Jin Kan and Jin Kook in Moo Young’s wallet.

Flashback…Moo Young watches Doctor Yang fish. He sees the burn scar.

Jin Kook turns in his resignation and confesses to the team leader and team that he stabbed someone yesterday. The team is confused, there aren’t any stabbing reports. Officer Tak So Jung (Jang Young Nam) is surprised when Office Eom Cho Rong informs her about Jin Kook’s confession.

So Jung finds Jin Kook in the park and demands to know what happened. Jin Kook admits he stabbed Moo Young. So Jung calls him crazy. Jin Kook maintains it was his only option. So Jung can’t believe it.

Jin Kan leaves work early. She goes to Moo Young’s workplace, but they don’t know where he is. She calls So Jung worried about the missing Moo Young.

Doctor Yang watches Moo Young sleep.

Jin Kan goes to Moo Young’s apartment. She recalls So Jung assurance that she’d check into the missing Moo Young.

Moo Young wakes to find Doctor Yang watching him. He can’t believe he sleep so long. He calls Jin Kan. She cries in relief. He apologizes for worrying her. He promises to explain things later but for now he’s at a friend’s house. Jin Kan demands answers. Moo Young claims he needs to spend time with this friend. Jin Kan doesn’t buy it and hangs up. She sobs.

Moo Young wants to leave but Doctor Yang convinces him to stay until he’s ready. Doctor Yang asks why he was stabbed. Moo Young refuses to provide details. He’s not really surprised when Doctor Yang states that Jin Kook came to see him about Yu Ri.  Moo Young states he and Jin Kook aren’t friends nor are they enemies.

Jin Kan returns home and Jin Kook asks if Moo Young called. Jin Kan shares Moo Young called but didn’t tell her details. Jin Kook shocks her with the confession that he stabbed Moo Young and doesn’t regret it. Jin Kan can’t believe it. Jin Kook tells her to stop seeing Moo Young. Jin Kook says he’ll do anything to protect Jin Kan. She gets on her knees and begs her brother to leave poor Moo Young alone. Unmoved, Jin Kook goes into his room. So Jung texts him to join her.

So Jung shares that Jin Kan contacted her but she didn’t tell her anything. So Jung can’t believe that Jin Kook doesn’t care what happened to Moo Young. So Jung says the CCTV didn’t show the stabbing only that Moo Young fell to the ground and later took a cab. Jin Kook says that Moo Young called Jin Kan. He admits he told Jin Kan he stabbed Moo Young. So Jung can’t believe it.

Jin Kan can’t believe that Moo Young didn’t tell her the truth.

Doctor Yang recalls his conversation with Jin Kook and stares at the picture in Moo Young’s wallet.

Jin Kan calls Doctor Yang’s phone. She asks if he is Moo Young’s friend. Doctor Yang shares Moo Young is asleep. Jin Kan asks if Moo Young is okay. Doctor Yang says Moo Young is recovering. Jin Kan is relieved. She tells him not to tell Moo Young she called. Doctor Yang notices the similar names of Jin Kook and Jin Kan.

So Jung urges Jin Kook to determine if Moo Young is the boy he’s searched for. She shows him Doctor Yang’s book that reveals Moo Young doesn’t remember his past. So Jung points out that if Moo Young is the missing boy, Moo Young will never be able to say otherwise. She urges him to forget and move on.

Flashback…A young Moo Young walks the streets. He sees the hospital. A doctor finds him outside the hospital.

Moo Young wakes and asks Doctor Yang if he knows any doctors at the hospital because he just dreamed, he was outside the hospital as a child. Doctor Yang says he’ll check.

Jin Kook packs his desk up. The team lead takes him aside. He berates Jin Kook for confessing when there wasn’t a report and now quitting. He yells that Jin Kook is putting the team in a bad situation. Jin Kook apologizes. The team lead tears up the resignation and tells Jin Kook to transfer not quit.

Jin Kan recalls Jin Kook’s confession.

Moo Young sits outside and stares at the picture of Jin Kan and Jin Kook outside the hospital. Doctor Yang observes him and brings a blanket.  Staring at Doctor Yang, Moo Young realizes that he was the doctor outside the hospital. He remembers that Doctor Yang spoke to him.

At home, Jin Kook reads the chapter of the book about Moo Young.

Doctor Yang confesses to Moo Young that he lost his memory. He tells Moo Young they met outside the hospital, then again 3 years later when he was fishing. Doctor Yang admits he treated Moo Young’s burn. The flashback shows Jin Kook bursting into the emergency room, spying Moo Young and Doctor Yang, then turning away. The flashback of a young Moo Young seeing Doctor Yang outside the hospital is revealed to be Moo Young leaving the hospital and Doctor Yang following him asking where he was going. Doctor Yang confesses he wanted to let Moo Young leave so the past would not longer bother him. Moo Young realizes his past must be so bad that a doctor didn’t want to help him. Moo Young tells Doctor Yang to reveal his past. Doctor Yang refuses says Moo Young doesn’t need to know. He claims to need time to consider the request.

Jin Kan stocks Moo Young’s fridge. She looks at the drawing from his past and puts it back. She cleans his apartment. She says goodbye to the stuffed animal and leaves.

Jin Kook finishes the chapter on Moo Young and stares at the missing child flyer. He hides it when Jin Kan enters and tells him she won’t see Moo Young anymore.

Jin Kan misses Moo Young.

Moo Young stares at the night sky.

Moo Young returns to his apartment. He notices Jin Kan’s touch. He sees the note in the stuffed animal’s pocket that reads “I’m sorry. Please forgive my brother”. The mail arrives with a registered letter.

Doctor Yang tells Jin Kook that Moo Young has left. Jin Kook apologizes for coming without notice. Doctor Yang invites him inside.

Jin Kan spies Moo Young’s missing cat outside. It runs away. Jin Kan follows and tells that cat that Moo Young missed it. Moo Young comes behind Jin Kan and the cat. He approaches her. Jin Kan turns to face Moo Young and hands him the cat. Moo Young asks the cat if he had fun outside. He puts the cat on the ground and tells it to do what it wants, return if it wants. The cat runs away. Moo Young strokes Jin Kan’s hair. She cries. Moo Young tells her she can go. Jin Kan asks where should she go. They stare into each other’s eyes. She reminds him that he promises not to let her leave him. She says she won’t leave him. Moo Young kisses her. Jin Kan returns the kiss.

Outside Moo Young’s apartment they cuddle. Jin Kan admits that she told her brother she’d break up but now knows she can’t. They vow to stick together even if they lie they want to break up. Jin Kan points out not lying would be wise. Moo Young agrees. Jin Kan says they have to take their relationship underground because of her brother. Moo Young declares they can keep their relationship a secret.

Jin Kook shows Doctor Yang the missing child’s flyer. Doctor Yang realizes Jin Kook was the officer looked for a young Moo Young at the hospital, right after Doctor Yang let Moo Young walk away. Doctor Yang admits to Jin Kook that he was the emergency room doctor at the hospital.

I can’t believe Doctor Yang let a young boy in his care leave the hospital. Whatever Moo Young’s past is, that is child endangerment and totally unacceptable.

Moo Young and Jin Kan say goodbye on his rooftop. Moo Young tells her that he’s taking a break from work during the investigation. He shares that Doctor Yang knows his past. That gets Jin Kan’s attention. Neither know why Doctor Yang won’t tell him. Moo Young guesses his past isn’t pleasant. He wonders if ignorance is bliss. Jin Kan wonders the same. Moo Young hugs her and tells her not to fret about him. Jin Kan tells him if the past will hurt him maybe not knowing is best. Jin Kan tells him to follow his heart. She promises to hold his heart in hers. She makes him promise not to disappear again and not get hurt. Moo Young promises. They hug. Jin Kan says she must leave. Moo Young hugs her again. He watches her walk away.

They have a sweet vibe that draws me to them.

When Jin Kook returns home, he finds Jin Kan cleaning. He heads into his room and hides the missing child’s flyer.

Moo Young stares into the night.

The next day, Moo Young visits Doctor Yang. He tells the doctor he wants to know about his past. Moo Young asks if his father was shot by a gun. He admits it is a dream from his past. Doctor Yang says Moo Young’s father killed himself. Doctor Yang says that Moo Young’s father fell off a cliff and everyone assumed it was an accident but it was really suicide. Moo Young asks why that happened to his father. Doctor Yang claims not to know. Moo Young promises not to stop digging into his past.

On the bus home, Moo Young recalls Doctor Yang’s denial about a gun and sharing the nurses gossiped that Moo Young was the son of a man that died at Mount Gemah. Jin Kan texts him. He returns the text sharing he met with Doctor Yang. Jin Kook tells Jin Kan to have a good day. She asks what the doctor said. Moo Young asks if Jin Kan knows his real name. She asks what his real name is. Moo Young texts his name is Kang Sun Ho.

Jin Kook walks home and wonders if Moo Young is Sun Ho. He recalls Doctor Yang confirming this.

Jin Kan smiles at Moo Young’s real name. Jin Kook spies Moo Young. They stare at each other. Jin Kook thinks that Moo Young is Kang Sun Ho.

My Thoughts

The onion was peeled a bit more. The mystery of this show still lies in the past.  Doctor Yang admits that he cared for Moo Young in the hospital. Doctor Yang realized Jin Kook was the officer of record. I’m still surprised that Doctor Yang let Moo Young leave the hospital without intervening. That breaks every rule of being a decent doctor and human there is.

Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) learned his father died by falling off a cliff. Doctor Yang was firm that his father committed suicide. That didn’t jibe with Moo Young’s memory of seeing his father (or someone shot). Moo Young was taken aback when Doctor Yang stated not knowing his past was best. But Moo Young couldn’t let it lie. Who could?

Yoo Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong) admitted to stabbing Moo Young but there were no consequences. I was surprised that confessing to stabbing Moo Young was a nonevent because the police had no record of it. Jin Kook took a nosedive in my book with that action, lack of remorse, etc. Jin Kook bonded with Doctor Yang and learned Moo Young is the missing boy he searched for years ago. Did Jin Kook kill Moo Young’s father? I thought Jin Kook killed Jin Kan’s father and he took her in because of guilt. Are Moo Young and Jin Kan related?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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3 comments on “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 12 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Jin Gook wanted Jin Kang 👧🎁 to know he stabbed Moo Young 👼🤔👿 to keep the lovers apart, Moo Young 👼🤔👿 didn’t divulge the stabbing incident to Jin Kang 👧🎁 in order to stay with her. Jin Gook 👮 seems to be a sensible man, which is why I’m disappointed Jin Gook 👮 had NO REGRETS for stabbing Moo Young 👼🤔👿. I wonder how long the writer will wait to divulge Jin Gook’s 👮‍♂️ motivation for taking such extreme actions.

    I concur that Dr Yang’s was irresponsible letting little Sun Ho (aka Moo Young 👼🤔👿) leave the hospital on his own. Did Dr Yang give up on helping traumatized child back in the day❓⁉️ Jin Gook 👮 confessed to So Jung 👮‍♀️ that a shooting was covered up as suicidal cliff dive, was this the death of Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 dad❓⁉️ The truth seems to eventually come out … Moo Young 👼🤔👿 is already having memories surface … I think it is only a matter of time …

    Ignorance may be bliss, but I was sure Moo Young 👼🤔👿 wouldn’t settle for not knowing … and he did not. So Kang Sun Ho is his real name … is there any relationship to the Kang in Jin Kang’s 👧🎁 name❓⁉️

    You have an interesting theory about Jin Kang 👧🎁 being the shooter KJT … that could possibly begin to explain Jin Gook’s 👮 extreme behavior.

    In the final scene it seemed like Moo Young 👼🤔👿 was smirking at Jin Gook 👮 … it makes me nervous 😬 knowing Moo Young’s history of taking revenge …

    Any idea what happened to Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 sibling and mother in his drawing❓⁉️ I still wonder if Jin Kang 👧🎁 will turn out to be the sibling.


    • I’m disappointed Jin Gook 👮 had NO REGRETS for stabbing Moo Young 👼🤔👿.
      Yes, there was no remorse for stabbing. Not good, not good.

      So Kang Sun Ho is his real name … is there any relationship to the Kang in Jin Kang’s 👧🎁 name❓
      Inquiring minds want to know.

      Moo Young 👼🤔👿 was smirking at Jin Gook 👮 … it makes me nervous 😬 knowing Moo Young’s history of taking revenge
      I am worried Moo Young will return to his previous behavior patterns.

      what happened to Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 sibling and mother in his drawing❓
      Inquiring minds want to know.

      BTW, did you see the response to your comment on the Lawless Lawyer final episode?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Thanks for the heads up on the reply to my Lawless Lawyer comments – there was a pretty good analysis.

        With the men in her life acting recklessly, I feel bad for Jin Kang 👧🎁… she’s between a rock and a hard place. Whose side will Jin Kang 👧🎁 end up taking❓⁉️


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