Bad Papa Episodes 21-22 Recap

Bad Papa Episodes 21-22 “Necessary Evil”

Detective Cha Ji Woo (Kim Jae Kyung) recalls her father’s reaction when she told him about the case of the murdered test subject she was working.

Doctor Cha drinks and imagines his daughter’s disdain as she arrests him for murdering a test subject.

The ZD producer asks Yoo Ji Cheol (Jang Hyuk) if he won by sheer luck. To break the tension Kim Yong Dae (David Lee) talks. The ZD producer says the next opponent is bigger and badder like Ji Cheol requested. He claims if Ji Cheol beats this opponent, Min Woo (the champion) will be next. Ji Cheol asks why his producer has faith. The ZD producer cites Ji Cheol’s amazing win. Ji Cheol agrees to the fight. The ZD producer is pleased.

The recently defeated fighter takes the video of Ji Cheol taking a pill to the boxing commission. They vow if the drug tests prove illegal drugs in Ji Cheol’s system, he will be ruined and the defeated fighter will be restored.

Yong Dae tells Ji Cheol that fighting this next opponent is ridiculous. Ji Cheol declares he’ll no longer use the pills.  He won’t tell Yong Dae why. Little do they know that Mr. Park has them under video surveillance.

As Ji Cheol drives, he recalls his daughter’s words about doing her best was reward enough. Ji Cheol muses his daughter was smarter than him in that regard.

Mean girl Sang A interrupts Ji Cheol’s daughter Yoo Young Sun (Shin Eun Soo) as she practices. To each posse’s surprise, each girl is civil to the other. Young Sun declares her friends will always be her friends. She gives them sweatshirts to wear while they root for her.

The chief finds Detective Cha Ji Woo (Kim Jae Kyung) and new partner Lee Hyun Soo (Kim Wook) reconstructing the shredded papers. They find the application of the dead test subject.

Mr. Park tries to force Ji Cheol to come with him to the lab. But Ji Cheol surprises him by disarming him of the needle of drugs. Ji Cheol warns Mr. Park not to bother him again.

Mr. Park surprises the lab techs and Jung Chan Joong (Park Ji Bin) when he arrives bruised. Doctor Cha tells Chan Joong that provoking Ji Cheol isn’t the way to bring him to them.

Ji Cheol doesn’t want to drink that medicinal tea his wife Choi Sun Joo (Son Yeo Eun) brings him.  Ji Cheol watches a news report where Min Woo is declared the anti-doping ambassador. Ji Cheol drinks the tea. Sun Joo pushes him to drink every last drop.


2 weeks later…Ji Cheol trains with passion. Yong Dae can’t believe it. Ji Cheol reminds him that a good coach only shows positive reactions to his fighter. Ji Cheol’s next opponent promises to crush him. They worry the opponent will exploit Ji Cheol’s injured shoulder.

Sun Joo brings pizza home for the family for the prematch meal.

The ZD producer calls Ji Cheol with the results of his drug test. Ji Cheol is drug free.

The recently defeated fighter can’t believe the results. The boxing commission president says they have to trust the empirical test results not the grainy video. The fighter isn’t happy when he’s told to accept the results quietly.

Mr. Park visits the ZD producer. He shows him the blue pill that Ji Cheol has been taking. Mr. Park recommends that that Ji Cheol take the drug during the fight. He tells the ZD producer that others want to see the results of Ji Cheol taking the drug. The ZD producer wants to know who Mr. Park is. Mr. Park reaches for the pills. The ZD producer promises not to inquire further and tells Mr. Park to bring more blue pills.

Ji Cheol and Mr. Park arrive at the fight. The ZD producer spies them and wonders who they are. Ji Cheol notices his stares. Min Woo arrives at the fight. He gives the ZD producer a thumbs up.

Ji Cheol works out with the training trio. Yong Dae declares that Ji Cheol will win as he tries to be a positive coach.

The first round is even but the opponent gets a good strike on Ji Cheol’s shoulder. Chan Joong wonders when Ji Cheol will take the pill.

Ji Cheol comes out with a flurry of hits in the second round. But Ji Cheol’s shoulder is obviously hurting. The fighter takes advantage and starts hitting Ji Cheol’s shoulder with abandon. Chan Joong loves it.

Between rounds Ji Cheol drinks what he thinks is pure water. Little does he know that the ZD producer secretly had it spiked with a blue pill.

Ji Cheol feels wobbly. The other fighter gets him in a death grip around his neck. It doesn’t look good for Ji Cheol. But the drug kicks in. Ji Cheol peels the other fighter off him like an annoying bug. He flings the fighter on the floor. He bashes the fight down. The ZD producer, MR. Park, and Chan Joong see empirical proof of the blue pill’s power. Ji Cheol pummels his opponent and knocks him down. The crowd goes wild. Min Woo’s mouth falls open. Chan Joong smiles in pleasure. Ji Cheol shrugs off the referee and delivers a devasting blow that sends the other fighter into convulsions. The medical unit rushes in.


Ji Cheol comes out of his blood lust drug induced stupor. He stares at the fighter. He stares at his hands. He’s horrified at what he’s done.

The raw fury of those blows and the blood lust zombie state of Ji Cheol under the influence was unsettling.

The ZD producer walks out. Thrilled with what he saw, Chan Joong tells Mr. Park he knows how to get Ji Cheol to come to the lab.

There is plenty of talk about Ji Cheol continuing to hit the other fighter after the referee tried to stop him. The recently defeated fighter is frustrated believing Ji Cheol took drugs to achieve that win.

Ji Woo, Hyun Soo and the chief hear denials from other test subjects at the lab’s location or name. Ji Woo shoes them the blue pills. They state they took different color pills.

After the fight, Ji Cheol pushes Yong Dae against the locker furious that he gave him the drug. Yong Dae is clueless. Ji Cheol declares if the fighter doesn’t wake, it is Yong Dae’s fault, not his. The ZD producer arrives and tells them the fighter will recover. He says Min Woo is next. He leaves. Ji Cheol demands to know why Yong Dae put the drug in the water. Yong Dae denies it. Ji Cheol realizes that Yong Dae is telling the truth. Ji Cheol sinks to the bench in shock.

Sun Joo struggles to watch the other fighter’s wife cry at the hospital.

Yong Dae wonders who put the drug in the water. Ji Cheol recalls Mr. Park offering the drug. Ji Cheol tells Yong Dae to call his wife and say he’s staying at his place. The recently defeated fighter calls Ji Cheol and demands they talk or everyone will know about Ji Cheol taking drugs during the match.

Ji Woo stares at the bottle of blue pills. She recalls the chemist telling her it is a muscular drug that is toxic and can kill with repeated consumption. She thinks about her conversation with her father. Hyun Soo asks what she’s hiding. She’s surprised when the chief tells her someone is outside to see her.

Father and daughter share a meal. Doctor Cha asks if the results of the drug analysis are complete. Ji Woo lies that the results are not in. Doctor Cha offers alternative pills and documentation that foreign drug companies are developing.  Ji Woo realizes that her father is trying to throw suspicions off his drug company. Her father smiles that he’s the best drug expert in the country. Ji Woo assures her father she’s not working a dangerous case and leaves.

Sun Joo calls Yong Dae about Ji Cheol. He claims Ji Cheol is fine. Sun Joo wants her husband to come home. Yong Dae says that Ji Cheol doesn’t want to be seen injured. Sun Joo asks about the other fighter. Yong Dae says he’ll be fine. Sun Joo asks to speak with Ji Cheol. Yong Dae lies that Ji Cheol is asleep. Sun Joo tells Young Sun that Ji Cheol is fine. Both women worry. Yong Dae wonders where Ji Cheol is.

Hyun Soo is jealous that Ji Woo had dinner with another man. They continue to piece together the test subject applications. Ji Woo is shocked to see Ji Cheol’s face on an application. Hyun Soo recognizes Ji Cheol.


Ji Cheol meets the other fighter. He watches the video that shows him taking the blue pill. The other fighter declares he’ll release the video or Ji Cheol can pay him for his silence. Ji Cheol understands the other fighter’s desperation. He tells him to release the video but to be prepared for the consequences if it isn’t true. Ji Cheol says pride is a problem with both of them. Ji Cheol understands the need to protect one’s family but blackmailing and being willing to crush another’s family is low. Ji Cheol asks the other fighter what his kids would think about this.

My Thoughts

Ji Cheol tried to quit the blue pills but was secretly drugged by the ZD producer.  Writer Kim Sung Min put the spotlight on Chan Joong’s and the ZD producer’s need to see Ji Cheol’s reaction to the blue pill first hand. Chan Joong’s glee was off putting. The ZD’s producer lies that the other fighter would be okay and next up was Min Woo, wasn’t much better. Chan Joong has a plan to secure Ji Cheol for more testing. Will he use Ji Cheol’s family against him? The ZD producer knows Min Woo is the next opponent. Is he salivating in anticipation of Ji Cheol’s beating Min Woo senseless?

Finally, the police know that Ji Cheol was a test subject. Ji Woo realizes her father is lying to her about his drug company knowing nothing.

It’s a small detail, but I love knowing the titles of the episodes. Each one captures the essence of the episode.

Yoo Ji Cheol (Jang Hyuk) reactions to the little blue pills included veins popping, red rimmed eyes, and a blaze of physical fury.  Ji Cheol’s horror when he came out of the drug-controlled stupor and saw his opponent on the mat tended by doctors was pure perfection. Ji Cheol’s daydream came true. He became the man in the mirror. I was impressed with Ji Cheol’s refusal to be blackmailed by the recently defeated fighter. Instead he turned the tables and asked what the man’s family would think if they knew he was a blackmailer. Ji Cheol knows that Mr. Park wanted him to take more drugs. He doesn’t suspect the ZD producer or knows about Chan Joong. Will Ji Cheol approach Mr. Park and demand answers?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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4 comments on “Bad Papa Episodes 21-22 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    KJT, I agree that the episode titles are very apropos of the content.

    OMO, I did not see Ji Cheol 🥊💢 take an SF3 💊, but saw the oddly colored veins on his face while he fought off Park 🧟‍♂️. From the time we saw Ji Cheol 🥊💢 and Park 🧟‍♂️ talking to the end of their fight was 3 minutes. Has Ji Cheol incorporated the effects of the SF3 💊 without taking additional doses? I’m not sure if he has any more SF3 💊 pills left.

    The big question is will Ji Cheol 🥊💢 take SF3 💊 to win the next round. I hoped he would NOT, even if he lost. He followed Young Sun’s 🎒 motto of doing your best, regardless of the outcome❣️ While Ji Cheol 🥊💢 didn’t knowingly take SF3 💊, it was horrifying that Ji Cheol 🥊💢 kept punching his opponent to that extant.

    I concur that Chan Joong’s 🔀🤡 glee at Ji Cheol 🥊💢 taking SF3 💊 was off putting. Spiking Ji Cheol’s 🥊💢 water demonstrates the ZD CEO 💰 TRULY DOES NOT CARE about his fighter, it really is all about money 💰. I suspect the ZD CEO 💰 was behind behind Ji Cheol’s 🥊💢 issues when he fell from grace as a regular boxer.

    I hoped Detective Cha 👮‍♀️ would come across Ji Cheol 🥊💢 in her shred puzzle.

    I felt bad for the fighter who reported Ji Cheol 🥊💢 as we KNOW his accusations were CORRECT❗ I’m not surprised the SF3 💊 didn’t show up in Ji Cheol’s 🥊💢 system, as I believe it has a very short half-life. I’m glad Ji Cheol 🥊💢 called the fighter’s blackmail bluff, but is Ji Cheol 🥊💢 really ready to face the consequences of his doping❓⁉️


    • The big question is will Ji Cheol 🥊💢 take SF3 💊 to win the next round…While Ji Cheol 🥊💢 didn’t knowingly take SF3 💊, it was horrifying that Ji Cheol 🥊💢 kept punching his opponent to that extant.
      Good question. Ji Cheol’s inner beast was on full display in that moment. Don’t we all have the capacity to give ourselves over to pure fury?

      but is Ji Cheol 🥊💢 really ready to face the consequences of his doping
      Good question!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I’ve NEVER been a fan of ZD CEO 💰; he has NO GENUINE CONCERN for Ji Cheol 🥊💢. I AM DISGUSTED ZD CEO 💰 played into Chan Joo’s 🔀🤡 agenda by being more interested in the super effects of the SF3 💊 than the wefare of his fighter, who will be the one to suffer the side effects of the toxic ☣️ build up.

      I’d like to see the vile ZD CEO 💰 “test” the SF3 💊 himself before he slips a Mickey to Ji Cheol 🥊💢 again … just when Ji Cheol 🥊💢 was ready to fight with his own strength 💪.


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