Bad Papa Episodes 19-20 Recap

Bad Papa Episodes 19-20 “Warning”

Two gang members watch Ji Cheol’s house per their orders. They wonder why. Ji Cheol is fighting well, appears to have reunited with his family, etc. They see a man (Doctor Cha) ring the doorbell. They see Ji Cheol exit the house and get into the man’s car. They wonder who the man is.

Yoo Ji Cheol(Jang Hyuk) tells Doctor Cha he’s got the wrong guy. When Doctor Cha shows a photo of him at the lab, Ji Cheol admits he offered himself as a test subject for cash but was disqualified. Doctor Cha clarifies it wasn’t a nutritional supplement being tested but rather a drug for those with incurable muscle/nerve diseases. Doctor Cha says normal folks flame out in 3 minutes after taking the drug. Ji Cheol recognizes the 3 minute timeframe he has super strength. Doctor Cha says no one has lived after 4 doses due to toxicity. Ji Cheol counts the number of times he’s taken the drug. It is greater than 4. Doctor Cha saw Ji Cheol take the blue pill during the fight. Doctor Cha tells Ji Cheol he’s the key to completing the drug trial so others can be saved.

Ji Cheol’s daughter Yoo Young Sun (Shin Eun Soo) finds her father
thinking and wishes him a good night. Ji Cheol’s wife Choi Sun Joo (Son Yeo Eun) tells Ji Cheol that today he was the perfect father and husband. Ji Cheol demurs that Sun Joo has born the lion share of the workload until now. They joke about the number of brownie points he’s earned.

The fighter that lost to Ji Cheol is surprised to find Lee Min Woo (Ha Joon) on his doorstep with a present to mark his son’s birthday. The family enjoys the cake, the son enjoys his present, and Min Woo muses that family is a foreign concept to him. As he exits, Min Woo presses cash in the other fighter’s hands to thank him for teaching him martial arts when he was young. Min Woo asks what fighting Ji Cheol was like. The fighter admits that Ji Cheol’s unwillingness to surrender, his comeback after he was almost defeated, scared him and made him realize Ji Cheol was a fighter to be afraid of.

Detective Cha Ji Woo (Kim Jae Kyung) tell her new partner Lee Hyun Soo (Kim Wook) the blue pills she holds were given to her by the young son of the dead man in the morgue. She asked her father about the pills were are not mainstream but under development.

Young Sun and her friends are not happy to learn that mean girl rival dancer is on the same team. Mean girl Sang A warns Young Sun not to cause her harm.

Kim Yong Dae (David Lee) drives Ji Cheol to his rehabilitation appointment. He asks who Ji Cheol met with last night. Ji Cheol says it isn’t any of his business. Yong Dae points out that Ji Cheol’s miracle win will only increase the spotlight on him. Ji Cheol doesn’t respond to Yong Dae’s offer to handle marketing deals. Yong Dae is taken aback when Ji Cheol says if another mistake is made (not having the blue pill when he wanted it), Yong Dae will be fired.

Ji Woo has the sad job of telling the mother and young son, their missing husband and father is dead.

The training trio drinks together. They aren’t thrilled when the young gang member from their early fight venue joins them. Yong Dae lies that the secret to Ji Cheol’s success is wild ginseng.

Min Woo ponders the other fighter’s words about Ji Cheol. He looks forward to getting in the same cage as Ji Cheol.

Doctor Cha recalls Ji Cheol’s disdain that he and others were used as lab rats to test a toxic drug so the drug company could make money. Ji Cheol lies he’s never seen the blue pills before today. Doctor Cha knew he would lie. He tells Ji Cheol that he might die from taking the drug. Ji Cheol says he doesn’t take drugs. Doctor Cha warns him not to take any more blue pills. Ji Cheol warns him that the police would be interested in his illegal testing.

While walking home Ji Cheol sees a boy dangling from a railing of a multistory building. To save the boy, Ji Cheol takes a blue pill. Ji Cheol climbs the building and almost has the boy over the railing, when his super strength window closes sooner than expected. Ji Cheol tries to hang on but can’t. He and the boy fall into the waiting air mattress. The onlookers cheer that the boy and his rescuer are safe. Ji Cheol leaves the scene.

Yep, it is happening. Ji Cheol’s body doesn’t get the same length of boost from the drug.

Ji Cheol stares at his reflection in the mirror. He has a vision of his reflection as old, lined, and holding a handful of blue pills.

That was an arresting visual.

The ZD producer rewatches the video showing Ji Cheol taking a pill during the break between rounds. The two gang members report that Ji Cheol is a rising star and he fight be able to take on Min Woo. The ZD producer agrees. The assistant interrupts with the news report of Ji Cheol saving the boy by climbing the building. The ZD producer knows this isn’t normal behavior and murmurs that something is wrong with Ji Cheol.

Young Sun tells her father that rescuing children and not quitting a fight when he’s injured isn’t smart. Ji Cheol counters that if he loses a fight, then his fight career is over. He promises to take care of himself. Young Sun recommends that Yong Dae drive Ji Cheol around since he has nothing better to do.

The ZD producer arrives just as Sun Joo is walking to the front door. He introduces himself. She invites him in to wait for Ji Cheol. The ZD producer is concerned about Ji Cheol saving the boy without a thought for his own welfare. Sun Joo notes that is the kind of man Ji Cheol is. The ZD producer notes all the wins against younger fighters must been Ji Cheol has special powers. He pats his chest pocket, fishing to see if Sun Joo knows about the pills. He realizes she doesn’t know. He declares Ji Cheol’s powers comes from love of family.  The ZD producer declares it is hard to be a good father. He decides it is time to leave. Ji Cheol enters the front door just as the ZD producer prepares to leave. The ZD producer tells Ji Cheol he brought restorative food and his focus should be on rehabilitation.

What did the comment about fatherhood mean?

Mean girl Sang A and Young Sun practice to a song. During a break Mean girl Sang A admits that her history of bad feelings stems from Young Sun’s dance talents being better than her, and the consistent second places left a sour taste in her mouth. Mean girl Sang A declares she’s the better dancer now. Young Sun asks why she’s being almost nice. Mean girl S states they have to win together so she can defeat Young Sun in the final round.

Their dance goes well. Young Sun’s friends can’t believe they are rooting for Sang A. One of the judges compliments Young Sun for having a famous brave father. She smiles with pleasure. Sun Joo and her sister watched the taped segment. Sun Joo glows with pride for her daughter and happiness that Ji Cheol is a bright spot in her daughter’s life. She loves watching her daughter’s dream come true.

The fighter that lost to Ji Cheol watches the news coverage of Ji Cheol’s heroic saving of the boy. His son shows him the section of the fight where Ji Cheol takes the pill. That gets his attention.

Ji Cheol lays on the floor of the kitchen racked in pain. He recalls Doctor Cha’s warning that the cumulative toxicity of multiple blue pills could kill him.

The next morning to get time to cope with his limited range of motion in his hands, Ji Cheol asks Sun Joo to get his camera to take a photo of the beautiful breakfast she prepared. Sun Joo stares at Ji Cheol’s coat and recalls the ZD producer’s words about Ji Cheol keeping something close to his heart. Sun Joo feels in Ji Cheol’s chest pocket but it is empty. She chides herself of checking and smiles.

Young Sun falls and recalls her father’s words that giving up isn’t an option. She dusts herself off and resumes dancing.

Jung Chan Joong (Park Ji Bin) visits his father’s grave. He tells his assistant Mr. Park that his father had a positive public personna but his private self was a cruel man. Chan Joong wishes he could have exposed his father while he was alive. Chan Joong declares his company won’t make the same mistakes made under his father’s management.

Hyun Soo and Ji Woo interrogate the loan shark that the dead man owed money. Hyun Soo gets the loan shark to reveal that he recommended the dead man become a test subject for a new drug. Hyun Soo calls the recruiting number. The man who answers that something is wrong when Hyun Soo hangs up. He and his team shred the documents (including the dead man’s bio and Ji Cheol’s bio) before Hyun Soo and Ji Woo arrive. All they find is an empty office recently vacated.

The chief listens to their explanation and recommend they focus on identifying the pharmaceutical company conducting the trial. He notes the company will have a connection to the gang that recruited the test subjects.  The chief orders Hyun Soo to piece together the shredded documents. He tells Ji Woo to accompany him, leaving Hyun Soo alone with the shreds.

After watching the video of Ji Cheol’s fight, knowing he’s using the drug, Chan Joong decides it is time to talk to Doctor Cha.

Chan Joong meets with Doctor Cha and his assistant. Chan Joong reveals he knows about the missing bottle of blue pills. He puts one bottle on the table. Doctor Cha reveals that Ji Cheol is the test subject that has survived multiple doses of the drug. Chan Joong tells Mr. Park to bring Ji Cheol to the lab. Doctor Cha protests taking Ji Cheol against his will. Chan Joong points out that Doctor’s Cha drug has killed so he’s in no position to offer suggestions.

Hyun Soo struggles to stay awake while piecing the shredded documents together. Ji Woo recalls her father’s words that companies conducting clinical trials have tight security.

The next morning, Ji Cheol isn’t happy to see the cut on Young Sun’s knee. He tends the cut chiding her for dancing while injured. Young Sun counters that’s exactly what Ji Cheol does. He makes the point his sport requires him to perform injured. Ji Cheol tells Young Sun that her health is more important than winning or advancing. Young Sun agrees that the result isn’t her goal. She cares about doing her best. Young Sun admits the pursuit of excellence is satisfying. She tells her father she understands why he fights injured and won’t give up. Ji Cheol is impressed with her thought process. He asks where his wife is.

Father and daughter scenes are my favorite.

Sun Joo and her sister purchase Young Sun and Ji Cheol health drinks.

The training trio watch Ji Cheol practice. Yong Dae asks him to rest. Ji Cheol declares he’s fighting because he loves it. He practices with his injured arm.

The ZD producer tells Ji Cheol and Yong Dae the next opponent is the second-best fighter Kang Sang Moon. Yong Dae is shocked stating that that fighter is too much.

The recently defeated fighter takes the video of Ji Cheol taking a pill to the boxing commission.

The ZD producer chuckles that Ji Cheol won by merit, right?

My Thoughts

Will the video of Ji Cheol taking the little blue pill be his undoing?  Writer Kim Sung Min uses the video to allow others to see that Ji Cheol’s spirit isn’t his secret to winning. The irony that Ji Cheol’s daughter wants to emulate her father’s spirit isn’t lost on Ji Cheol. Even though the little blue pill super charges Ji Cheol, it is his spirit that is the true magic. Will Ji Cheol discover this before the forces that know he’s taking drugs stop his ascent?

Yoo Ji Cheol (Jang Hyuk) starts to feel the heat from his dependence on the little blue pills.  Our family continued their happy streak, but it may be over soon. The ZD producer implied that Ji Cheol had a crutch and Sun Joo checked his chest pocket. She was relieved to find nothing. Notice that Sun Joo worried that the implication could have merit. Ji Cheol’s daughter told her father she wouldn’t give up just like him. But she caught him off guard when she admitted that doing her best was the real reason she was pushing herself. I don’t want to witness her disappointed face when Ji Cheol is accused of cheating. Then being associated with her father will once again have a negative connotation. Chan Joong wants Ji Cheol to be brought in for more testing and declares force is allowed. The police have JI Cheol’s application in the shred pile. The net of suspicion and consequences is tightening around Ji Cheol. Is there anything he can do to avoid punishment for taking drugs or the grasp of testing by the pharmaceutical company or discovery by the police?

Doesn’t Jang Hyuk’s skin look terrific? The skill of his esthetician, the positive skin care routine, couldn’t yield results without a healthy diet and exercise. Does Jang Hyuk’s focus of self care match Ji Cheol’s focus?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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5 comments on “Bad Papa Episodes 19-20 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Even though Ji Cheol 🥊💢 ignored it, at least Dr Cha 👨‍🔬 gave him a proper warning about the toxicity of SF3 💊.

    I suspect Min Woo 🏆💩 liked the idea that fighter who recently defeated by Ji Cheol 🥊💢 posed that killing Just Cheol 🥊💢 was the only way to get the scrappy Ji Cheol 🥊💢 to stop. I don’t think it will make a difference that the fighter reported Ji Cheol 🥊💢 to the boxing commission; didn’t the commission send the antidrug people to test him after the match❓⁉️ I think there will be no trace of SF3 💊 in his system as I suspect the half-life of SF3 💊 is VERY SHORT, as it is only effective for 3 minutes…will the drug test reveal any toxicity❓⁉️

    I concur the father-daughter scenes are the best. I am worried the most about the impact of the truth about Ji Cheol 🥊💢 using SF3 💊 will have on Young Sun 🎒. The dance Young Sun 🎒 and mean girl 👜 Sang Ah was great. It was refreshing that this was the first time mean girl 👜 Sang Ah wasn’t dressed or danced like a stripper. I hope Young Sun 🎒 will get the glory of beating the mean girl before the public becomes aware of Ji Cheol’s 🥊💢 doping.

    It is admirable that Ji Cheol 🥊💢 used one of the SF3 💊 pills counted out for his matches as Mr Park 🧟‍♂️ took the rest of the SF3 💊 supply. I’m actually glad the ZD CEO 💰 planted doubt in Sun Joo’s 📝 about Ji Cheol 🥊💢 relying on something and confronted Ji Cheol 🥊💢 directly, as we KNOW he is taking SF3 💊.

    The visual of a toxic Ji Cheol 🥊💢 was riveting❗ Dr Cha 👨‍🔬 was NOT wrong about the toxicity of SF3 💊 building up in Ji Cheol 🥊💢. Unfortunately, I don’t even the weakness in his hands will stop him from taking SF3 💊. Who will get to Ji Cheol 🥊💢 first: Sun Joo 📝, the boxing commission, ZD CEO 💰 or Mr Park 🧟‍♂️❓⁉️


    • I think there will be no trace of SF3 💊 in his system as I suspect the half-life of SF3 💊 is VERY SHORT, as it is only effective for 3 minutes…will the drug test reveal any toxicity❓
      I concur with you on the remains on the toxin/drug.

      I concur the father-daughter scenes are the best. I am worried the most about the impact of the truth about Ji Cheol 🥊💢 using SF3 💊 will have on Young Sun 🎒.
      He is her hero. The reveal will be a devastating blow, how can it not be?

      The visual of a toxic Ji Cheol 🥊💢 was riveting
      It was. Kind of like a Hulk moment.


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