Bad Papa Episodes 17-18 Recap

Bad Papa Episodes 17-18 “Arrival”

In the ring Yoo Ji Cheol (Jang Hyuk) is pinned with his arm in a precarious position by his opponent. The pain is extreme but he won’t give up. Ji Cheol’s daughter Yoo Young Sun (Shin Eun Soo) cringes watching her father suffer. Ji Cheol’s wife Choi Sun Joo (Son Yeo Eun) holds her daughter’s hand absolute that Ji Cheol will prevail. During the break between rounds, Ji Cheol wants the water bottle with the blue pill. They finally find it. The blue pill rolls onto the mat. Ji Cheol pops it into his mouth. The ZD producer appears to see him take the pill. As the round starts, the pill takes effect. Ji Cheol gains the advantage. He almost knocks his opponent out but he hears the encouraging calls from the opponent’s children and he can’t finish him off. Ji Cheol is declared the winner of the match. Young Sun cries and Sun Joo sighs in relief. His opponent asks why he didn’t finish him. Ji Cheol counters he was in a similar position the previous round. His opponent’s children rush into the ring. Ji Cheol murmurs that holding on is something you do in life and walks away.

That was an effective scene. You could see Ji Cheol’s empathy for his opponent because his family was watching and rooting. Did Ji Cheol feel guilty about the pill?

Lee Min Woo (Ha Joon) meets Ji Cheol in the hall and congratulates him on his grit. He agrees to fight Ji Cheol if he makes it all the way.

Min Woo does want to beat Ji Cheol fairly and erase the stain of the suspect fight from so many years ago.

In the locker room, boxing officials arrive to draw blood from Ji Cheol to determine if he fought without drugs. He has no choice but to agree.

Mr. Park menacingly approaches the dead test subject’s child and demands to know where the pills are his father took. Detective Cha Ji Woo (Kim Jae Kyung) and her new partner Lee Hyun Soo (Kim Wook) arrive and Mr. Park leaves. They find the home tossed. The wife returns home and assumes the police officers searched the house. Ji Woo finds the bunny drawing and recognizes it as the tattoo on the dead man’s arm. She asks the child if he drew the bunny. He confirms it stating his father liked the drawing. The officers ask if the man in the apartment looks like their drawing of Mr. Park. The boy confirms that is the man.

As Hyun Soo plays with the boy, the wife admits to Ji Woo that her husband isn’t the boy’s biological father. She concedes her husband may be dead. Just as Ji Woo is about to confirm her suspicions, the boy calls to his mother who informs him Hyun Soo has promised to find his father’s friend and his father too. Ji Woo stares into her partner’s eyes.

Doctor Cha watches the fight. He recalls Ji Cheol was a test subject that they rejected. He spies Ji Cheol take a pill between rounds and come out to beat his opponent.

Young Sun teases her mother for not acting like she’s separated from her father with her absolute faith that he’d prevail in the match.

The fighting announcers are thrilled at the possibility that Ji Cheol and Min Woo might meet in the ring. They admit the odds are stacked against Ji Cheol, and Min Woo is at the top of his game, but the rematch is alluring to all.

The ZD producer watches the fight. He recalls Ji Cheol taking the pills. He murmurs things are getting interesting.

Min Woo practices with zeal. He can’t wait to destroy Ji Cheol in the rematch.

Kim Yong Dae (David Lee) drives Ji Cheol back to his house. Ji Cheol sporting a sling and single crutch hobbles to the front door. Yong Dae offers to stay so Ji Cheol won’t be alone. Ji Cheol tells him to go home.  Inside, Ji Cheol sits alone and wishes his family was with him. Young Sun wants to text her father, but can’t find the right words.

Yong Dae is surprised to see one of his co-trainers up when he returns home. What’s with the blue pill? Yong Dae claims it is Ji Cheol’s ritual during a match and likely for headaches. Yong Dae claims not to care about potential doping as all the blame would rest with Ji Cheol.

Hyun Soo and Ji Woo arrive determined to tell the wife and son the truth. Ji Woo is surprised when the son hands her the bottle of blue pills his father had.

Young Sun tells her friends about her parents’ separation. They encourage her to take action if she wants her parents to get back together. Inspired, she heads out.

Young Sun arrives at her father’s house. She correctly guesses the 4-digit password.

Sun Joo tells her sister that she was the correct person to write Min Woo’s biography to provide a proper slant on the match between Ji Cheol and Min Woo. She calls Ji Cheol her man and writing his story, her right.

Sun Joo’s quiet support of Ji Cheol is steadfast. Initially her anger at his lack of engagement was justified but unflattering. That’s no longer the case.

Sun Joo’s sister calls Ji Cheol and tells him that Sun Joo wrote Min Woo’s autobiography because of him.

Ji Cheol sits outside and recalls the harsh words between Sun Joo and himself over Min Woo’s book. He spies a package by the door. It contains the first book Sun Joo wrote. Ji Cheol reads the book and recognizes himself in her story. He reads that he inspired her to pick up the pieces of her life. Ji Cheol is touched.

Brilliant move by Young Sun.

Ji Cheol drives to Sun Joo. He tells her to come to their new house. She smiles. He smiles.

Lovely moment! Didn’t Jang Hyuk look handsome in the black turtleneck?

Sun Joo looks at the interior of the home. Ji Cheol shows her the office he made for her to write it. She sees her manuscript on the desk. She stares into his eyes. She knows he knows her feelings from long ago about him. Ji Cheol approaches, pulls her into a gentle hug, and apologizes. A tear falls down her check as she and Ji Cheol gently hold each other.

Gosh, that was a sweet and deep moment.

Doctor Cha tells his assistant that Ji Cheol is the key to proving the drug can be handled in a human subject. Jung Chan Joong (Park Ji Bin) watches the men and wonders who they are talking about. He sees Mr. Park knows something. Mr. Park says that two bottles of pills went missing. He places one bottle of pills in Chan Joong’s hands.  Chan Joong is intrigued to learn that someone has survived several doses of the pills.

The boy calls Hyun Soo and asks if his father has been found. He tells Hyun Soo that he gave Ji Woo the bottle of blue pills his father had. He thinks that will help her find his father.

Doctor Cha can’t believe his eyes when he finds the bottle of blue pills in his daughter’s jacket. Ji Woo explains she’s trying to find the criminal behind the death of man who had these pills. Doctor Cha offers to look into the pills for her. Ji Woo thanks him but declines stating his busy schedule and her need to capture the criminals herself.

Ji Cheol shows Young Sun her room in the new house. He thanks his daughter for planting her mother’s manuscript so he’d read it. Young Sun teases him that it was weird reading about her father as the main character.

I enjoy the rapport between these two.

Sun Joo’s sister is pleased when Min Woo’s manager reports the article denying a relationship between Min Woo and Sun Joo has been posted. She’s resistant to his offer of a date not wanting to spend time with someone so closely associated with Min Woo. He wonders if he should ditch Min Woo but that is eliminated when Min Woo arrives. When the manager tells Min Woo Ji Cheol’s family is celebrating Min Woo states he should buy a cake.

The fighter that Ji Cheol just beat, has loan issues. The family celebrates a son’s birthday.

Young Sun’s friends arrive at the new house and are duly impressed. Ji Cheol’s training trio arrives and are equally impressed. Everyone enjoys a meal outdoors. Ji Cheol gifts Young Sun’s friends with expensive bags. The training trio are disappointed they don’t get anything but the food and fun overrides this. Yong Dae takes a family photo. Ji Cheol smiles as he looks at his finally happy family.

Ji Cheol is surprised when Dr. Cha arrives on his doorstep declaring he’s the man that developed the drug Ji Cheol has been taking.

My Thoughts

The little blue pill is no longer a secret.  Writer Kim Sung Min brings the blue pills back into prominence this episode. The camera caught Ji Cheol taking the blue pill. The ZD producer saw it clearly. Dr. Cha saw it clearly. How long until others see it too? Will the blue pill trigger a positive doping result? Dr. Cha couldn’t believe it when his daughter Ji Woo brought home one of the missing bottles. Mr. Park returned Ji Cheol’s bottle to Chan Joong. He still looks like a teenager even when he sports a suit and tie.

Yoo Ji Cheol (Jang Hyuk) learned that Sun Joo loved him long before they met.  Young Sun expertly planted her mother’s original manuscript which detailed her love for the young fighter Ji Cheol and how inspirational he was. Ji Cheol read it, and heeded his heart. He went and brought his wife home. Young Sun and Ji Cheol enjoyed a father daughter moment in her room. We all witnessed it, for one moment our family was happy, together, and each member in good spot. The family picture captured the moment for posterity. We know there are bumps ahead. I’m enjoying this happy respite.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

The fifth song of the OST “You Are” is sung by Kim Bo Kyung:

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2 comments on “Bad Papa Episodes 17-18 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, the ZD CEO 💰 saw Ji Cheol 🥊💢 take the SF3 💊 and his opponent’s son recorded those moments. I was pleased Ji Cheol 🥊💢 didn’t KO his opponent … I’ve been worried 😥 he was going to main or kill an opponent. When the anti-doping crew came around, part of me was hoping he would be busted for the SF3 💊, but I suspect because its effective life is short, there may not be any detectable trace left in his system.

    I wondered if coming home to an empty house 🏠 made Just Cheol’s 🥊💢 doped victory all the more hollow.

    I was worried for the tattoo 🐰 test subject’s son. So glad Mr Park 🧟‍♂️ ran away without harming him. Gratefully Mr Park 🧟‍♂️ was identified, eventhough they don’t know his name.

    I 💗 that Sun Joo’s 📝 motivation for writing Min Woo’s 🏆💩 biography was revealed. Young Sun 🎒 delivering Sun Joo’s 📝 book was one of best things that could happen to clear up misunderstandings in their marriage.

    Dr Cha 👨‍🔬 and CEO Chan Jong 🔀🤡 now know Ji Cheol 🥊💢 has survived using SF3 💊. Color 🖍️ Dr Cha 👨‍🔬 🎊surprised🎉 when his daughter Ji Woo 👮‍♀️ showed up with a bottle of SF3 💊 related to the murder case she was working on.

    I’m worried about Ji Cheol 🥊💢 being busted by the pharmaceutical company, more than the boxing 🥊 commission … that may come later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I 💗 that Sun Joo’s 📝 motivation for writing Min Woo’s 🏆💩 biography was revealed. Young Sun 🎒 delivering Sun Joo’s 📝 book was one of best things that could happen to clear up misunderstandings in their marriage.
      I loved that too.

      Too many people know about the drug. This is going to implode Ji Cheol’s life.


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