The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 9 Recap

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (aka Hundred Million Stars From the Sky) Episode 9

Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) follows Jin Kan as she walks home. Cho Rong and the other officers spot Moo Young and arrest him for murder. He can only stare at Jin Kan’s retreating back.

Yoo Jin Kan (Jung So Min) replays her conversation with Moo Young. Her confusion at his lack of empathy over Seung A’s death was not abated by his response.

Yoo Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong) records Yu Ri (Go Min Si) stating she has no will to live. Officer Tak So Jung (Jang Young Nam) calls Jin Kook to inform him the Cho Rong has arrested Moo Young.

The police van with Moo Young arrives at the police station. A horde of reporters greet the them. But the officers don’t stop and lead a masked Moo Young into the station. Jin Kook calls Cho Rong. Tired of his partner ignoring him, he does the same and rejects the call.

The police search Moo Young’s apartment. One officer finds Moo Young’s drawing from childhood in the freezer. This perplexes him. The other officer finds the murder weapon in the chest outside the apartment. He calls to his fellow officer they’ve hit pay dirt. The drawing is left on the floor.

Moo Young kept the murder weapon in the chest for a reason. He knows it will incriminate him. Now what game is he playing?

Officer Hwang Gun interrogates Moo Young with the entire team behind the two-way mirror watching (except Jin Kook). Moo Young confirms he hide the murder weapon and money. Jin Kook joins the team. Moo Young states he is the murderer and did it for money. Jin Kook declares Moo Young is lying and the real murderer turned herself in. The team lead it not happy to hear this.

So Jung tells Yu Ri that Jin Kook has been kind to her and she must be brave and speak the truth during the interrogation. Yu Ri shakes her head in concurrence. Cho Rong walks up and asks if Yu Ri is the person that turned herself in.

Jin Kook and the team lead speak with the police chief. Jin Kook shows a video that the victim used to blackmail Yu Ri. He explains the victim blackmailed Yu Ri for over a year and her financial demands increased. When the Yu Ri couldn’t meet her demands, she killed her blackmailer. The police chief notes they have two people claiming to be the murderer. He demands the real culprit be identified. Team lead assures him they will and glares at Jin Kook.

The team listens to Yu Ri’s confession video. She explains the murder victim drained her dry. She sold everything but could not appease her financial demands. The victim began uploading the video in retaliation. Yu Ri took many sleeping pills to help herself sleep. Then the police came and informed her the blackmailer was dead. Yu Ri felt relief. She states she didn’t know she was the murderer.

Jin Kook enters the interrogation room and asks Moo Young what it feel like to be a suspect. Moo Young admits it isn’t pleasant. Jin Kook asks why he’s claiming to be the murderer when someone else is the culprit. That surprises Moo Young who notes that Jin Kook has been convinced he’s the murderer from the beginning. Jin Kook states Yu Ri turned herself in. He trills Moo Young for the details of the evening. Moo Young states that Moo Young sounded high when she called him from the victim’s house before the murder. Knowing Yu Ri was being blackmailed he immediately left for the victim’s apartment. He walked in the rain under the brewery logo umbrella. Moo Young claims he heard the victim fall to the ground. Jin Kook calls that statement a lie because the time stamp on the CCTV had him only 3 minutes away from the apartment. He asks if Moo Young was in the apartment before or after the murder. Moo Young stares at him and asks the time. Jin Kook won’t tell him. Moo Young notes he can’t be interrogated past 10pm without his consent. He declares he does not consent. He exits the room.

Jin Kan watches the news report naming Moo Young as the prime suspect and rushes out of the office.

The police team review the evidence with the police chief. The conclusion is Yu Ri is the murderer and Moo Young helped clean up the murder scene. The police chief isn’t happy they’ve arrested the wrong person twice.

Jin Kan calls So Jung asking if the murder suspect is Moo Young. She confirms. She asks if Moo Young confessed to the murder. So Jung confirms. So Jung says Moo Young lied and another committed the murder. Jin Kan sags in relief.

Moo Young calls his work to report his situation. He asks to make a second call, writes the first 6 numbers of Jin Kan’s number in the phone log then scratches it out.

Was that calculated? I suspect everything Moo Young does is calculated.

The police chief and team lead hold a press conference to say Moo Young isn’t the murderer. After the team lead is furious at Jin Kook and swears he’ll make him resign.

Cho Rong has Moo Young’s phone log and isn’t happy to find Jin Kan’s number among the numbers.

Jin Kan and her coworkers arrive at the company. They see executive Jang exit with her new assistant. Jin Kan and the assistant lock eyes. We learn the executive Jang is Woo Sang’s sister and they battled over control of the company.

The assistant tells executive Jang that Moo Young donated the $1M check to an orphanage he grew up in until he was 10 years old. That surprises the executive. She wonders what he’s doing now a days.

Interesting the Moo Young donated the money.

Cho Rong meets with Moo Young in the interrogation room. He points out Jin Kan’s number on the call history. Cho Rong knows Moo Young was the guy that interrupted the kiss in front of Jin Kan’s house. He guesses that Moo Young either makes Jin Kan’s heart flutter, puts in her danger or makes her cry. Cho Rong states making Jin Kan a witness in this case isn’t positive for her. He advises Moo Young not contact her in the future.

I’m liking this tougher more assured side of Cho Rong.

Jin Kan and her coworkers go out drinking. They talk about the different kinds of men. Good looking scoundrels should be avoided at all costs.

Jin Kook puts a drunk Jin Kan to bed. He’s surprised when she’s gone the next morning.

Jin Kan rides her bike and can’t get Moo Young out of her head. She doesn’t want to care about him. She ends up at the police station. She turns her bike around and finds Cho Rong standing there. It’s awkward between them. Cho Rong suggests a movie when the case wraps up. Jin Kan agrees. He walks away, Jin Kan rushes after him and asks him to pick something from his 100 things to do list. He suggests going to the sea. She agrees. He leaves with a smile. She looks pensive.

Jin Kan is torn between the man she likes and the man she thinks she should like.

Jin Kook is surprised when Officer Hwang Gun tells him that prosecutors released Moo Young.
Something about accessories to murder not needing to be in jail during while investigated. Jin Kook is invited to the interrogation of Yu Ri.

Jin Kan finds Moo Young waiting for her when she returns home. He uses the excuse of asking about his cat. She’s cold. He notices. He tells her he didn’t kill the girl. Jin Kan knows this. Moo Young asks if she’s afraid of him. Jin Kan confirms this. He asks if it is because of the murder case. Jin Kan says that’s part of it, the other part is that she can’t understand him. Moo Young urges her to ask him anything. Jin Kan declares she no longer wants to know about him. She walks away and into the house. Moo Young is taken aback.

Good scene. For once Moo Young seemed a bit desperate to connect with the cold Jin Kan. She’s wise to put up shields against him. How long can she keep them up?

When Moo Young returns to his apartment he finds is in disarray from the police search and his precious drawing from long ago on the floor.

Jin Kook tells Yu Ri that even though Moo Young treated her well, she must testify to all the things he told her such as the password to the victim’s apartment. Yu Ri says she’ll need something in return.

Moo Young has the childhood dream again. This time the man with the gun is shot and falls to the floor.

Jin Kook goes to the convenience store where Moo Young waited 20 minutes on the night of the murder, providing an alibi that he wasn’t the murderer. Jin Kook calls Moo Young to meet him. With the smirk on his face Moo Young won’t admit to anything but recalls giving Yu Ri the password. Jin Kook suggests Moo Young is the evil mastermind behind everything.

Moo Young recalls seeing Yu Ri offer her blackmailer money, only to have it thrown in her face. He tells Yu Ri to give the girl a pass to an evening at the brewery. Moo Young works that night and intervenes after the drunk girls throws a drink. Moo Young takes her back to her apartment and she’s amorous. He points to the camera in the hallway and she informs him it is fake. She’s all over him on the couch and he plays the video the girl has of Yu Ri. The girl calls Yu Ri her punching bag. Moo Young leaves the outraged girl high and dry.

Was the murder planned by Moo Young to get revenge for Yu Ri? If he cares for Yu Ri, and knew his well placed information would cause her to strike, was that part of his plan?

Moo Young returns to the rooftop to find executive Jang waiting for him. She introduces herself as Woo Sang’s sister. She says she lost her only younger brother because of him. Moo Young bows. She laughs. She hands him a business card and says to see her as they have something to discuss.

Her constant amusement baffles me.

Jin Kook takes Jin Kan to jail to visit Yu Ri. Jin Kan asks why Yu Ri wanted to see her. Yu Ri apologizes for trying to hit Jin Kan on the rainy night. Jin Kan doesn’t believe it was intentional. Yu Ri counters it was intentional because of her easy rapport with Moo Young and how he shared his past with her.

Jin Kan returns to work dismayed to learn that executive Jang has offered her other brewery to Moo Young to run. Her coworkers believe that Jin Kan can use her personal connection to Moo Young to secure another advertising account. Jin Kan can’t return the enthusiasm they have. Later her boss finds her drawing Moo Young’s cat.

Before they drive to the sea, Jin Kan and Cho Rong stock up on snacks at the convenience store. As they exit, they see Moo Young stride past. He doesn’t acknowledge them. They watch him get into the executive’s car. As he gets in, Moo Young locks eyes with Jin Kan. Cho Rong pulls past the car. He can tell Jin Kan is unsettled but she manages to shrug it off when he talks to her.

Jin Kook is surprised to see that Cho Rong eliminated Jin Kan from the final list of Moo Young’s contacts.

Executive Jang takes Moo Young to see the new brewery under construction.

Half way to the sea, Cho Rong can’t help but notice that Jin Kan is distracted. He suggests they do this another day.

Outside Jin Kan’s house, she apologizes for her poor treatment of him. Cho Rong is understanding stating they don’t have to do. Cho Rong is adamant that she must not get involved with Moo Young. Cho Rong says she’s too kind and empathetic to get mixed up with a man like Moo Young. Jin Kan cries.

Cho Rong is a good guy. He wins the “good guys finish last” award in this series.

When Jin Kan enters her room, Jin Kook is waiting. He thrusts the sketch from the trash of Moo Young’s cat and Moo Young in the corner. Then he shows her Moo Young’s phone log with her on the list. He says Cho Rong removed her name, so she wouldn’t have to testify. Jin Kan claims she knew nothing about the murder so testifying wouldn’t be a big deal. Frustrated Jin Kook yells that Moo Young has drawn her into a murder. He yells that Moo Young isn’t human. Shocked Jin Kan asks where is Jin Kook’s belief that everyone deserves a second chance. Jin Kook yells that Moo Young is different. He cites what happened to Seung A when she got involved with Moo Young. Jin Kan doesn’t want to hear it. Jin Kook grips Jin Kan’s shoulders and declares that Moo Young is evil.

Jin Kook yelled quite a bit in that confrontation. Jin Kan doesn’t want to believe Jin Kook’s words about Moo Young. Her heart tells her otherwise.

Executive Jang drops Moo Young off after the brewery tour. She gets out of the car and tells him to ask why he’s been selected. Moo Young complies. She laughs and tells him that things always go her way, and this will be no different. She tells him to think about the offer. Moo Young walks away.

Is Executive Jang as much of a manipulator as Moo Young?

Moo Young returns to the rooftop to find Jin Kan waiting for him. He comes to her. Jin Kan tells him that everyone says he’s bad news and she shouldn’t get involved with him. She says everyone says he’ll hurt her. She starts to talk to her feelings but stops herself. She tells him she doesn’t want him to be a bad guy. She wants him to be a good guy. She says that job isn’t a good idea. Moo Young says if she tells him not to take the job, he won’t. Jin Kan tells him not to take the job. The asks him to promise to be a nice person. They stare into each other’s eyes. Moo Young says, “teach me.”

Great line from Moo Young!

My Thoughts

Kim Moo Young (Seo In Guk) is the master manipulator but he wants Jin Kan. His involvement with the murder included giving Yu Ri the passcode, taking the drunk victim home, a purposely waiting at the convenience store for an alibi. Did Moo Young realize that on drugs Yu Ri would strike out at the victim? I recall the flashback when Yu Ri called him from inside the victim’s home, he was concerned. Did he let it play out, then assist Yu Ri in clean up? Why is executive Jang pursing Moo Young? Her brother is dead giving her everything she wants. Is she another master manipulator that wants to play with Moo Young? Finally, there’s the pull between Moo Young and Jin Kan. He’s made it clear he wants to be with her. But Jin Kan was conflicted – she was dating Cho Rong and her brother adamantly told her not to be involved with Moo Young. Her heart won when she went to the rooftop and demanded that Moo Young be a better man. When he said “teach me” that must have tugged her heartstrings. I wondered for the first time, if he’d be willing to change.

Yoo Jin Kook (Park Sung Woong) was adamant his sister not get involved with Moo Young. He pointed out that Moo Young was bad news to any woman that got involved with him. But when you tell someone NOT to do something, the opposite can occur. I completely understand Jin Kook’s fear for his sister. Moo Young is not good news. He had to warn her. But her heart is overruling her brain. Color me surprised when Yu Ri apologized and admitted to Jin Kan she tried to run her over. She may be worth of the second chance Jin Kook believes everyone (except Moo Young) deserves.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 9 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought Moo Young 👼🤔👿 disposed of the murder weapon … why did her preserve it❓⁉️ Did it have Yoo Ri’s ⚜️ fingerprints on it❓⁉️

    Due to the discord between Jin Gook 👮 and TL Kyung 💩👮 we find the team arresting Moo Young 👼🤔👿 for the murder that Jin Gook 👮 was in the process of getting Yoo Ri’s ⚜️ confession. I’m very curious about what caused the discord between Jin Gook 👮 and TL Kyung 💩👮.

    I also found it interesting that Yoo Ri ⚜️ apologized to Jin Kang 👧🎁.

    I find it APPALLING that Moo Young 👼🤔👿 has NO COMPUNCTION using others for his revenge regardless of the consequences to others or himself. Moo Young 👼🤔👿 used Seung Ah 🏺 by telling her what she wanted to hear … let’s run away … simply to get revenge against Woo Sang 🤴💩. Then we find out that this is a repeat of Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 modus operandi (M.O.) that he used Yoo Ri ⚜️, by providing her access to her blackmailer’s apartment, all for the purpose of HIM getting revenge against the college girl. One thing is CERTAIN, Moo Young 👼🤔👿 does express some emotions: anger, rage, vengeance and satisfaction … his is deficient of empathy.

    Cho Rong 👟👮 and Jin Gook 👮 are NOT WRONG about warning Jin Kang 👧🎁 to steer clear of Moo Young 👼🤔👿 … HE IS A SOCIOPATH … incapable of empathy, executing Machiavellian calculations on Yoo Ri ⚜️ and Seung Ah 🏺 who were governed by their impulses to achieve his revenge. Even though Moo Young 👼🤔👿 seems to genuinely care for Jin Kang 👧🎁, although Yoo Ri ⚜️ and Seung Ah 🏺 thought he genuinely cared too, I see Jin Kang 👧🎁 throwing caution and reason to the wind and letting herself be governed by her emotions too.

    “Teach me” was a great line, it sucked Jin Kang 👧🎁 right in … she wants to fix him. Will Jin Kang 👧🎁 teaching Moo Young 👼🤔👿 be his impetus to change or is he just manipulating her to get revenge possibly on Jin Gook 👮❓⁉️ Did Jin Gook 👮 shoot Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 dad❓⁉️. Is is possible Jin Kang 👧🎁 and Moo Young 👼🤔👿 are siblings … is this why Jin Gook 👮 is adamant about the not being involved or is it Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 psychosis❓⁉️


    • One thing is CERTAIN, Moo Young 👼🤔👿 does express some emotions: anger, rage, vengeance and satisfaction … his is deficient of empathy
      Moo Young repels and fascinates with his deficiencies.

      “Teach me” was a great line, it sucked Jin Kang 👧🎁 right in … she wants to fix him
      Agreed. She can’t resist the request.

      Is is possible Jin Kang 👧🎁 and Moo Young 👼🤔👿 are siblings … is this why Jin Gook 👮 is adamant about the not being involved or is it Moo Young’s 👼🤔👿 psychosis❓
      I can’t believe they are siblings. How did they both get burns?


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