Bad Papa Episodes 15-16 Recap

Bad Papa Episodes 15-16 “You Who Came Spilling Blood”

A teenage girl comes home to find her drunk father has throw out all her books. He tells her there’s no use dreaming of going to law school. Anger, the girl flips the ramen into her father lap. She heads outside to the dumpster where she finds her books. She picks out one and reads the passages about poverty.

Choi Sun Joo (Son Yeo Eun) reads the same book and passages. When her daughter comes home it is time to make a meal.

Yoo Ji Cheol (Jang Hyuk) tells the ZD producer that he will retire after completing the number of fights in his contract. The ZD producer promises he’ll top any other offers. Ji Cheol thinks that he only has 5 blue pills left. He asks for the remaining fights to be with better caliber fighters and the final fight to be with Min Woo. The ZD producer can’t believe that Ji Cheol would reach so high for his final opponent, declaring Min Woo out of Ji Cheol’s league. He points out that Ji Cheol lost to Min Woo 11 years ago. Ji Cheol says there was a reason he couldn’t win 11 years ago, and there’s a reason he can’t lose today. The ZD producer asks if his family and money are the reasons why he can’t lose today.

Ji Cheol’s daughter calls him while he’s driving home and informs him that dinner is waiting if he hasn’t eaten. Ji Cheol tells her he’ll be there shortly. He apologizes for worrying her earlier when he was searching for something (the blue pills). Ji Cheol calls what the ZD producer told him. He murmurs his secret is fighting for his family.

When Ji Cheol arrives home he calls the realtor and assures her that he’ll have the balance of money for the new house before they move in. He looks at their current home and mutters he won’t have to live here anymore.

Sun Joo, Yoo Young Sun (Shin Eun Soo), and Ji Cheol sit down to a meal that Ji Cheol praises and Young Sun concurs. Sun Joo apologizes to Ji Cheol for her behavior earlier. Ji Cheol recalls Sun Joo’s distraught words at being a bad mother. Ji Cheol tells her there’s nothing to be sorry about. He apologizes for disturbing her at work. Sun Joo asks if Ji Cheol found the nutritional supplements. Ji Cheol covers that he purchased another brand.

Detective Cha Ji Woo (Kim Jae Kyung) and her new partner Lee Hyun Soo (Kim Wook) question the wife and child holding vigil outside the police station to find their missing husband/father. Believing the unidentified corpse with a tattoo may be the missing man, Hyun Soo asks if her husband had a tattoo. The wife states her husband did not have a tattoo. Hyun Soo almost shows her the gruesome pictures, but Ji Woo stays his hand.

Sun Joo unearths the novel she wrote long ago “You who came spilling blood”. She recalls Min Woo telling her that Ji Cheol blocked her progress and her response that Ji Cheol lifted her up. She hugs the novel and cries.

Ji Woo and Hyun Soo goes to the woman’s house to ask for a swab her son’s cheek to obtain a DNA sample to facilitate finding her husband. The wife suspects they think her husband is dead. When her son comes out the door, she pushes the detectives away. Mr. Park watches from his car looking at picture of the husband.

Ji Cheol thanks Kim Yong Dae (David Lee) for bring his daughter home. They descend into bickering which stop when the other two of the training trio arrive. They show Ji Cheol the picture of his wife sleeping and Min Woo looking at her. Ji Cheol exits quickly.

Ji Cheol follows Min Woo and ends up forcing his car to the side of the road. Min Woo’s boss tells Ji Cheol the picture is just a misunderstanding. Ji Cheol fells him with one punch. Min Woo exits the car. The two men glare and stare. Min Woo tells Ji Cheol that Sun Joo was his first and she left him only because Ji Cheol had money. He goes on. Sick of listening, Ji Cheol lets his fists do the talking. He gets in several solid punches and Min Woo can’t touch Ji Cheol. The police arrive and arrest Ji Cheol. The trio of trainers arrive just as Ji Cheol is put in the police car and driven away.

Terrific scene. Ji Cheol’s jaw was granite with suppressed rage that he unleashed with his punches. Min Woo’s claim that Sun Joo left him for Ji Cheol’s money was an interesting reveal.

Sun Joo arrives at the jail. She stares through the jail cell at her husband.

Ji Cheol and Sun Joo say nothing on the ride home. When they finally talk, Ji Cheol apologizes for not facilitating her dream, for being a bad husband and provider, for not realizing that money wouldn’t make everything better. He pulls out the divorce paper which he has added his signature to. Ji Cheol tells his wife she’s free to go. She cries unable to speak. Young Sun sits in her room no doubt hearing what her parents said to each other.

Fabulous scene. Truly I love the quiet scenes. I’m pleased to see Ji Cheol admit that money can’t solve all problems because he was suffering under that delusion. Poor Sun Joo was sucker punched with the signed divorce decree and couldn’t say a word.

Hyun Soo snatches the trash to obtain a DNA sample. He shows Ji Woo the toothbrush he found. She admonishes him for obtaining illegal DNA evidence. But she’s tempted to use to see if the unidentified body is the missing husband.

Min Woo brings his boss when to an unscheduled meeting with the ZD producer. He accuses him of leaking the picture. Min Woo’s boss is shocked at the accusation. Min Woo says the producer is the kind of man that would do such a low-down trick. Min Woo’s boss can’t believe Min Woo’s gall. The ZD producer asks why Min Woo’s pretty face is marred. He says that Min Woo’s championship may not last much longer. Min Woo throws another insult and strides away. Min Woo’s boss tries to apologize for his client’s behavior. The ZD producer promises the man that he’ll find the right man to knock Min Woo from his championship pedestal.

The next morning when Young Sun is ready to leave for school she assures her mother she doesn’t believe the picture. She starts to ask about the divorce but stops herself.

At school mean girl enjoys Young Sun troubles.

Sun Joo’s sister is outraged when Sun Joo shows her the signed divorce paper. She points out that Sun Joo stuck by Ji Cheol when times were tough, became the head of household, got a job, while Ji Cheol avoided home doing police work. When Sun Joo says nothing her sister isn’t happy.

Yong Dae thinks about Sun Joo and Ji Cheol staring at each other at the police station.

Ji Cheol moves out of the house and into the new house. Sun Joo finds Ji Cheol’s things gone. They both sit alone in their respective houses. Sun Joo cries, Ji Cheol is sad his life has evolved to this.

Ji Woo visits Ji Cheol in his new home. She chides him for not having a house party. He asks if she’s seen the internet lately. Ji Woo says she’s too busy. Ji Woo tells Ji Cheol that his is a good husband and father. All he needs to do now is move in his wife and daughter.

Outside Ji Cheol calls Young Sun and reports she said what she asked her to say. She tells Young Sun not to worry.

Sun Joo’s sister sobs in front of Min Woo’s boss. It’s an ugly cry with mascara streaming. The boss tries to calm her. She livid that Min Woo made her sister cry. She stalks off.

Nice touch of humor.

The boss tells Min Woo that Sun Joo was crying. Min Woo muses that he’s never seen her cry.

Flashback 1. A young Min Woo’s cuts are salved by a young Sun Joo. He had to fight he tells her. He notices the book in her hand. She shares it is her book and her dream are to be a writer. She says she’ll have to practice for 10 years before she’s worthy. Sun Joo asks Min Woo what his dreams are. He doesn’t have any. She suggests he box so the local boys can’t hurt him.

Flashback 2. Sun Joo finds Min Woo celebrating by himself after winning his first trophy for boxing. She chides him about drinking pointing out that his body doesn’t need booze. Min Woo vows he’ll be the champion one day. He tries to kiss Sun Joo, but she stops him. He asks her out, but she says no. She states they are dear friends and attempting romance would ruin that. She doesn’t want to lose his friendship.

Flashback 3
. Sun Joo is practicing in at the gym while Ji Cheol watches and tutors. Sun Joo arrives. Min Woo smiles to see her. She smiles at Ji Cheol and introduces herself. She says she’s a childhood friend of Min Woo’s. That wipes the smile from his face. Sun Joo and Ji Cheol steal looks at each other while Min Woo trains. He notices.

Great series of flashbacks. We see Sun Joo’s and Min Woo’s friendship. We see the origins of Sun Joo and Ji Cheol’s initial attraction.

Ji Cheol shows the photo to his coach at the gym and that he’s moved out. The coach makes Ji Cheol assume the position where he’s got his head to the mat and his body raised via his legs. While Ji Cheol maintains the position, the coach tells Ji Cheol he needs to work at being a better husband. He tells Ji Cheol that he isn’t a 4 round, 8 round fighter but rather a full round fight. He implores Ji Cheol to go the distance. Tears fill Ji Cheol’s eyes.

Wow! What an effective scene. Ji Cheol’s tears got me.

Sun Joo sits alone at home. Min Woo visits. He tells her that her sister informed him about the divorce. He believes love can’t endure time and goes cold. Sun Joo says that a family once formed it built from a deep love, one that can weather fights, separation, etc. Min Woo says that Ji Cheol may never be able to accept her back given his pride was hurt with the picture. Sun Joo stares at her friend and tells him that she’s kept this friendship for a long time, but today it is time to end it. She tells Min Woo goodbye. She walks away.

Boom! Sun Joo delivers the hammer to Min Woo. Love it!

Hyun Soo is surprised when the DNA isn’t a match.

Young Sun tells her mother she’s worried about the family. Sun Joo promises her daughter that her father will be back one day. Young Sun points out that Dad holds grudges. She notes she and her mother work throw anger and get past it. Sun Joo is positive all will be well and leaves the table. Sitting alone Young Sun wonders why she’s the only one worried about their family.

Young Sun goes into her mother’s writing room and finds the manuscript. She takes it.

Flashback. Sun Joo as a young woman watches Ji Cheol come back in a boxing match where he was bloodied badly. A tear rolls down her eye when he wins the match and she writes the title “You who came Spilling the Blood” in her idea book.

Neat that Sun Joo had watched Ji Cheol before she met him at the gym. That’s why she had the spark of recognition when they met.

Ji Cheol and his opponent weigh in for the fight while the press watch. Ji Cheol ignores the other fighter’s taunts.

The other fighter comes to Ji Cheol’s dressing and apologizes for his behavior in front of the press. He says it won’t alter what he does in the ring but wanted to let Ji Cheol know he respects him. Yong Dae worries that it a mind game from the other fighter. The ZD producer enters the dressing room. Yong Dae says that Ji Cheol wants to fight Min Woo. The ZD producer says beating the third ranked fighter tonight will help.

Mr. Park is searching the missing man’s home when his young son comes home. He asks what’s happening. Mr. Park says his father stole his medicine. He walks towards the young son and asks where it is. Ji Woo knocks on the front door.

The fight goes along until the other fighter gets Ji Cheol in a terrible position on the floor. Ji Cheol is stuck but he refuses to give up. Yong Dae wants to throw in the towel and forfeit but Ji Cheol won’t let him. Sun Joo and Young Sun watch the brutal affair. Young Sun is worried about her father. Sun Joo is confident that Ji Cheol won’t give up and will find a way to win. Sun Joo remembers watching a young Ji Cheol win the fight. Present day Sun Joo knows it can happen again.

My Thoughts

Terrific episode. Writer Kim Sung Min returned the focus to Ji Cheol and his fighting, the family that falls apart but still loves each other, and gives insights from the past. We learn more of the backstory of Min Woo and Sun Joo. He wanted to date but she wasn’t willing to ruin their friendship. In the present, when Min Woo wasn’t supportive of Sun Joo and Ji Cheol, she decided enough was enough and cut him out of her life. Well done Sun Joo. Get the negative influence out of your life. We learned that Sun Joo had a crush on Ji Cheol long before she met him when she went to watch Min Woo train and that gym. She was surprised Min Woo’s trainer was Ji Cheol. She couldn’t keep her eyes off him. Ji Cheol certainly noticed her too. I like that Sun Joo’s emotional involvement with Ji Cheol was long standing. I love that she got the title for her book after watching Ji Cheol battle back in the day. I love that she was positive to Young Sun that the family would be reunited. My esteem for Sun Joo certainly rose this episode.

Yoo Ji Cheol (Jang Hyuk) walked out on his family. He moved into the new house. Ji Woo visited him and told him he was a good father and husband (per Young Sun’s request). Ji Cheol got a lesson from his old coach to go the distance with his family and not bale. That was a particularly effective scene. Watching Jang Hyuk’s eyes fill with tears while upside down was an terrific shot. I loved it when Ji Cheol got solid hits on Min Woo after forcing him off the road for the photo of Min Woo and his wife. I wonder if Ji Cheol could take Min Woo even without the blue pill. Will that be how it happens?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The fourth song of the OST is the upbeat “Merry Go Round” by Kim Sin Ui:

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6 comments on “Bad Papa Episodes 15-16 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    So Sun-joo actually loved JC before he became rich and famous, contrary to what MW said. I think JC doesn’t know that. And btw that teenage SJ actress did a great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Drama Fan says:

    I always felt SJ didn’t hate JC like some people thought, but the way she fell for him was much deeper and meaningful than I imagined. I also loved to see this side of JC that “never gives up”. This episode has been my favorite so far.


    • This episode was SJ’s best. Her past connection was lovely as she stared at the TV screen with a tear rolling down her eye. I loved the way she cut MW loose. It was a stellar episode.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      What a difference it makes getting the backstory on Sun Joo 📝; it cleared up any misunderstandings about how she felt and still feels about Ji Cheol 🥊💢.

      When Sun Joo 📝 found Min Woo 🏆💩 at the door, I was screaming DO NOT LET HIM IN❗ How pleased was I that she not ONLY didn’t let him in, but ended their friendship❣️

      I concur with the consensus that the words Ji Cheol’s 🥊💢 coach to endure to the end were inspirational for his work and his marriage. Yep, tears welling up in Ji Cheol’s 🥊💢 eyes were very effective❗

      KJT, I think you may be right about Ji Cheol 🥊💢 having the opportunity and ability to take on and beat Min Woo 🏆💩 without the SF3 💊.

      HOLY CRAP, when tattoo 🐰 test subject’s son came face-to-face with Mr Park 🧟‍♂️. I’m afraid for this kid, eventhough Ji Woo 👮‍♀️ was at the door. Does the father and son DNA not match?

      Liked by 1 person

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