Lawless Lawyer Review

Synopsis.  Lawless Lawyer is a 16-episode 2018 kdrama about a lawyer that seeks revenge and justice for wrongs done to his family when he was a child. His team aka the “Lawless Lawyers” work to bring the powerful down to earth to pay for years of crimes committed with impunity.

What I Liked about Lawless Lawyer

Writing. Lawless Lawyer came strong out of the gate. Writer Yoon Hyun Ho delivered a first episode that set the stage for the entire series. The flashbacks were woven into the present day with ease. I am partial to strong women and Writer Yoon populated the series with them. This was my second series from Writer Yoon (Remember was the first). I will watch the more series from this writer.

Leading Man. Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) was a man who’d been wronged as child and was relentless in pursuing his goals of revenge and justice. Initially his revenge was his primary aim. But as the series went on, Sang Pil realized justice was the option to restore balance to his hometown controlled by “the 7” a powerful group with a single dictator in Judge Cha. Lee Joon Gi portrayed this cocky, street smart, strategic lawyer with a smile and a swagger you couldn’t help but fall for. Lee Joon Gi brought his bright charisma and deep acting to this series and elevated it. Every actor that interacted with him upped their game. Granted Writer Yoon’s script and was the first priority (aka if it isn’t on the page, it can’t be on the stage) for the success of this series, but Lee Joon Gi made this central character the reason why the writing came alive.

Leading Lady
. Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) was the perfect counterpart to Sang Pil. She said what she thought. She punched men that behaved like jerks. She had a relationship with Sang Pil that was adult, caring, and based on mutual respect. Seo Yi Ji brought to life an ethical passionate character that didn’t know how “the 7” had changed her life. Once she understood, she wouldn’t rest until justice was served.

Villains with a likability factor
. An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) was a hired thug and murderer who did the bidding of Judge Cha. He was hateful. But Choi Min Soo artfully brought out the showman and the humor of this character. He could command the screen. Nam Soon Ja (Yum Hye Ran) was the faithful assistant to of Judge Cha. She’d do whatever needed to be done and wasn’t kind about doing it. She held O Joo in disdain, sneering whenever they encountered each other. Yum Hye Ran gave Mrs. Nam a range of facial expressions. Her tender spot, her love for her daughter, made her human.

Director Kim Jin Min kept the episodes moving with a brisk pace (the fight scenes were well staged) but lingered just the right amount for scenes with an emotional punch. The rooftop scene between Sang Pil and his uncle was particularly effective.

What I Did
Not Like about Lawless Lawyer

Started strong and faded towards the end. This is a quibble. The opening episode was perfect, the following episodes built with twists and turns, but the final couple of episodes didn’t have the same punch of intensity and the payoff wasn’t quite as satisfying as expected.

Would I Recommend Lawless Lawyer?

Yes. Lawless Lawyer is a drama I’d recommend. The story had unexpected twists and turns, the struggle of revenge versus justice, good versus evil, led by a stellar performance by Lee Joon Gi made this series a winner.


All 4 vocal songs in the 20 song OST are worth a listen. “Burn it Up” and “Living in the City” are upbeat tunes where you pulse along with the songs. The playlist below has them all and dramawiki has the details.
1. Burn It Up iamnot
2. Memories Babylon
3. When Our Eyes Meet Kim Yun Ji
4. Livin’ in the City Pullik

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10 comments on “Lawless Lawyer Review
  1. beezrtp says:

    Guess what you guys? I was watching a segment of Korean E news (It could be Entertainment Weekly but whatever the title, it’s the only celebrity news on Kocowa) and Choi Min soo has been sentenced to 6 months in prison (with 2 years probation)! And, it was the coolest thing ever! I know that sounds weird but reporters tried to interview him on the way into court and he handled them in such a cool way.

    After the court sentencing, CMS faced reporters and stuck to his guns. He said if he had to do it all over again, he’d still never plead guilty or settle out with money. He explained what happened –
    he says that he and another driver, after getting into a fender bender, the other driver threatened him by saying “I’ll fix it so your career is over”. CMS says that’s when he (CMS) “stuck my middle finger up”.

    CMS was found guilty of assault but that could be a mistranslation because no one mentioned any physical altercation.
    It’s such a shame that a celebrity can go to jail for something like this.
    I’m waiting for them to finish adding subtitles because it stopped translating midway thru.
    It’s the beginning of episode 126 if anybody’s interested.


    • Based on your report, Choi Min Soo willingness to go to the wall to fight what appears to the a career threat but an unscrupulous person was a bold move. I found an article:
      Link to Article


      • beezrtp says:

        Thanks for the article, kjt. It sounds as if he may have been in the wrong as far as aggressive driving goes, but I totally get him being angry when the other driver threatened him with his celebrity, thinking that meant he had to concede (which usually involves $$$ to settle accidents immediately as we see in dramas).


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Sounds like CMS may have had some anger issues … in his driving and confrontation
      with the other driver… however no different than a lot of drivers on the road where I live. Was the sentence for giving the plaintiff the finger or causing the accident? I cannot imagine anyone getting a sentence for the middle finger or angry words … the jails would constantly be overcrowded.

      It seems like a lot of people are out to get Male celebrities (deep pockets?)in Korea … don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some have done bad things, but it seems like male celebrities
      are being targeted with the threat to have their careers ruined or being sued is very real. I would not want to be a Korean Male celeb …


      • beezrtp says:

        Yeah, JT. But i’m sure being a female Korean celebrity is even worse. No K celeb has much of a private life but the women can’t have even a hint of “scandal”. And the whole hidden camera thing is so out of hand over there toward all women. I swear, I know we in the west have issues. but sometimes Korea seems so far behind when it comes to things like that. So it’s a good thing that all those chat rooms with what their media is calling “quasi-rape” are being revealed and fully prosecuted.

        As to Mr. Choi, the E Weekly show said he was convicted of “assault” when referring to the middle finger action. lol The article kjt posted doesn’t say that so it could be a translation thing.


        • Jane Tilly says:

          Yep, I think all Kcelebs have it rough being in the public eye. I’ve been hearing about so many male celebs being caught up in the “me too” movement… some have legitimately have wronged women, but there are others, like CMS, that greedy people see as a quick way to seek 15 minutes of fame and a big, fat settlement 💰. Perpetrators who harm others, verbally, physically or sexually should be prosecuted… but false accusers should be equally prosecuted.

          Prosecute CMS if there is proof of him causing an accident or threatening language … the judge could reprimand him for using the middle finger.


          • beezrtp says:

            Honestly! I’m all for male predators to be put in their place. But someone needs to write out, not only for men but for women first – just what constitutes harassment. On the job -If a man flirts but stops when you make it clear it makes you uncomfortable – THAT’S NOT HARASSMENT. Shoot, if that were the case then no one could meet their future spouse at work. If someone continues after you’ve clearly said “I don’t like that” or “Your comments make me uncomfortable” or any version of that – then THAT IS harassment.

            If someone withholds advancement in your career, that’s the ultimate harassment.

            I realize there are several more shades to this which is why I say there needs to be a written manual passed into law cause I’m tired of the few dumb females who take away from the legit cases because they had a bad date.
            The most famous case that I know of, is a bad date that has almost ruined a guy’s career is comedian Aziz Ansari. The “victim’s” own words describe nothing more than a disappointing date because he wanted to have sex and and amidst other things, after oral sex for both of them, she decided to stop. And that’s perfectly fine. He said “okay, let’s put our clothes back on and watch tv”. But a bit later he was indicating that he wanted sex. When she said “no”. He didn’t get upset but he eventually called her a cab. This is all after she, as a fan, pursued him in a club. It’s not like he went after her because he wanted to get to know her.

            Another instance, on YouTube, a young woman narrates about her trip to Korea. She stayed in an AirB&B staying with the apartment owner who was male. She says he was nice but kept inviting himself along with her on outings. Then one night he came to the door of her room, knocked, then told her in halting English (probably as best he could word it) that she was beautiful and he wanted to have sex with her. She turned it into him being a rapist or something! Even though she had stayed there for several days without incident. I’m sure he’s heard the stereotype that western women have casual sex all the time so he just thought he’d ask. She panicked, tried to get the police involved, etc., etc. And when I commented that I’m sorry her trip was ruined but the guy just asked her a question and accepted her answer and that doesn’t warrant him being arrested but also, I wouldn’t advise any young woman to pay to stay with a male stranger. Boyyyy, the other commenters came after me!


            • beezrtp says:

              I should have added that in Aziz Ansari’s case, the woman didn’t realize her complaint was stupid (I can excuse her because the smarts aren’t there and that’s why she thinks it’s a “me too” event,
              but the journalist who published and supported her story should’ve known better.


            • Jane Tilly says:

              We are on the same page about setting out some reasonable guidelines and prosecuting the predators.


            • Jane Tilly says:

              “I’m tired of the few dumb females who take away from the legit cases because they had a bad date.” -Beez

              Yep, we are in total agreement on this one.


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