Lawless Lawyer Episode 15 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 15 Recap

An angry Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) arrives and yells for Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) who is with O Joo and his assistant.  An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) mutters that Sang Pil was quick. He tells his assistant to keep Jae Yi there. She warns him not to use her as a bargaining chip. O Joo strides out of the room. She punches the assistant but he pushes her down in the chair.

O Joo yells to Sang Pil who is full of angry energy. He demands to know where Jae Yi is. O Joo chuckles that they both have something they want to protect. Sang Pil tells him he can’t fix the mess O Joo has made for himself. Sang Pil tells O Joo this is his chance to kill him. O Joo pulls a gun and puts it at Sang Pil’s head.

O Joo’s assistant tells Jae Yi O Joo has a gun. He listens at the door. Jae Yi comes up behind him and uses the martial arts training Sang Pil provided and takes him down. She strides out of the room.

O Joo forces Sang Pil to kneel. O Joo promises Jae Yi will be taken care of. They stare at each other. O Joo counts down to pulling the trigger. Sang Pil flashes back to O Joo doing the same on the night his mother was murdered. Jae Yi finds them and demands that O Joo stop. His assistant limps in. Jae Yi pulls the notebook from Sang Pil’s jacket. She shows it to O Joo and declares Judge Cha is the one that provided it to Sang Pil to get rid of O Joo. He can’t help but look at the notebook. He sees Judge Cha’s notes of his illegal activities. Jae Yi says his loyalty to Judge Cha isn’t wise. O Joo demands to know if Sang Pil has the evidence to get rid of Judge Cha. Sang Pil says he can IF O Joo will testify. O Joo chuckles that he won’t go to jail. Sang Pil asks what he’s afraid of. Sang Pil reminds him Judge Cha is his target.

O Joo empties his gun except for one bullet. He offers the gun to Jae Yi. She takes it.  O Joo and Sang Pil fight. O Joo agrees to testify against Judge Cha. Jae Yi says a plea bargain and immunity for testifying is the deal they can offer. O Joo says it is time for round two. Jae Yi holds the gun and aims it at O Joo. Sang Pil grabs the gun, smiles, and lowers it. O Joo and Sang Pil fight more. It is gritty. Sang Pil gets O Joo in a death grip. Jae Yi tells Sang Pil to stop. He does.

Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) organizes the crowd to demand Judge Cha be the new judge for Mrs. Nam. She drives away. Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) calls Sang Pil and reports the rally was a success.

Jae Yi asks Sang Pil if O Joo will testify. They agree he is the most powerful weapon against Judge Cha. Jae Yi believes the notebook will prove that Judge Cha wasn’t loyal to O Joo.

O Joo’s assistant doesn’t believe Sang Pil and Jae Yi. But O Joo recalls moments with Judge Cha when she demanded utter loyalty.  O Joo rips the notebook and declares he’ll use his hands to defeat Judge Cha.

The chief prosecutor tells Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) the judge is being fired as they speak. He recommends she take over as judge. She agrees to consider it.

Back at the office, everyone gathered seeing the evidence of the fight. Sang Pil declares they are closer and mustn’t stop their quest.

The political party leader tells Judge Cha taking over as judge is a wonderful opportunity for a powerful final trial. He believes it will help her confirmation hearing for the supreme court.

Back at the office, everyone is thrilled when Judge Cha takes over as judge. Sang Pil declares this will be Judge Cha’s last trial. Everyone leaves to celebrate. Sang Pil stays behind.

O Joo waits at the courthouse. His assistant can’t grab her. O Joo calls her. He says he knows about the notebook and her plan to use Sang Pil to dispose of him. He warns her he won’t let it happen. She suggests they talk in person and hangs up.

Mrs. Nam calls Sang Pil upset to learn Judge Cha is her new judge. She demands he come to the jail. Jae Yi declares she’ll be Sang Pil’s supporting attorney. He’s pleased and welcomes her to the team.

Mrs. Nam isn’t excited to see Jae Yi when Sang Pil visits her. He assures her that Jae Yi will unnerve Judge Cha. Mrs. Nam claims she didn’t know the woman she ordered killed was her mother. Jae Yi says Judge Cha is her target.

Judge Cha tells Yeon Hee she must make her mother confess to her crimes. She dangles the opportunity to be her side as she shifts to the supreme court. The choice is clear – stick with Judge Cha or go down with her mother.

Mrs. Nam can’t believe a member of “the 7” will testify against her. Jae Yi points out “the 7” aren’t the loyal cohorts Mrs. Nam believed.

As they walk down the hallway, Sang Pil thanks Jae Yi for being by his side on this. He tells her he’s got a thug to pressure.

Sang Pil visits Judge Cha’s new thug with his uncle’s trusted thug standing guard. Sang Pil wants him to dish dirt on Judge Cha. He asks to make a phone call to wish his mother happy birthday. Stupidly, they allow it and leave the room. The thug calls Judge Cha.

The trusted thug asks Sang Pil if he believes the man can be trusted. Sang Pil is counting on him not to be trustworthy. Sang Pil asks the trusted thug to testify instead. He agrees.

Jae Yi and Sang Pil enter the empty courtroom. They realize their moment has come. They agree this fight they won’t lose. They vow to fight to the end. They hold hands. The lights come on and people begin to enter the courtroom.

Judge Cha meets Mrs. Nam before the trial. Judge Cha says Mrs. Nam did things because she cared for her too much. Judge Cha says Yeon Hee is worried about her. She urges Mrs. Nam to make the decision that gives her daughter a bright future. Mrs. Nam cries and asks Judge Cha to vow she’ll support Yeon Hee.

O Joo watches his assistant play basketball. His former assistant monitors the trial.

In the courtroom, the prosecution plays the video where Mrs. Nam orders murder. Prosecutor Chun calls the new editor to the stand. He claims Mrs. Nam has repeatedly seen Mrs. Nam’s verbal and physical violence at Judge Cha’s house. Prosecutor Chun submits supporting written testimony from her housemaids. Jae Yi questions him focusing on his friendship with Mrs. Nam and benefits repeated from knowing Judge Cha. Sang Pil asks about Mrs. Nam’s loyalty. He declares she’s a vulgar woman. Sang Pil eggs him on until he starts yelling at Mrs. Nam. He admits her wrote favorable articles about Golden City. He apologizes for the statement. Sang Pil declares the words of this witness can’t be trusted.

The trusted thug is the next witness. He admits to killing Judge Cha’s masseuse. Sang Pil asks who ordered him to kill. After a pregnant pause he states someone else ordered Mrs. Nam to kill but he can’t remember the person’s name. Judge Cha orders him to taken into custody and adjourns the court.

Mrs. Nam is pleased with how things went. Jae Yi and Sang Pil and press her to testify against Judge Cha. Mrs. Nam says she can’t make the decision.

O Joo learns how court went from his former assistant. He wonders if Sang Pil can really nail Judge Cha.

Mrs. Nam struggles with her decision.

Sang Pil tells Jae Yi they need a backup if Mrs. Nam won’t testify. They both agree they need O Joo’s testimony.

Jae Yi asks Prosecutor Chun to give O Joo immunity. She tells him he needs to meet someone before he decides. Detective Oh escorts Jae Yi’s mother to meet Prosecutor Chun. He’s surprised the dead masseuse is alive. Jae Yi admits the masseuse is her mother. Jae Yi’s mother tells her Judge Cha tried to kill her 19 years ago. Detective Oh states there is a long-standing connection between Sang Pil, Jae Yi, her mother and Judge Cha.

O Joo arrives at Judge Cha’s house. His assistant worries this is a trap.

Judge Cha tells O Joo to say what he needs to say. He stares at her. She tells him the notebook means nothing. O Joo should trust her. O Joo pulls his pistol out and aims it at her. He asks why he shouldn’t kill her. From another room someone trains a gun on O Joo. Judge Cha points out that Sang Pil wants to nail him for killing his mother. She declares he needs to do her bidding once again.

Prosecutor Chun meets Sang Pil. He says he won’t be used for Sang Pil’s revenge. He refuses to grant O Joo long term immunity because the evidence is obviously provided by powers that want O Joo out of the way. Prosecutor Chun says he’ll indicts O Joo fair and square. Both men smile. Sang Pil says this is important to him. Prosecutor Chun claims not to care. He leaves.

Sang Pil calls O Joo, he says his part of the deal is done. O Joo is impressed. Sang Pil tells him the next move is his. O Joo considers what to do next. Should he testify?

Mrs. Nam is passed a note in prison.

The next morning, Jae Yi is concerned that Sang Pil worked all night. The gang arrives and teases the couple.

Sang Pil tells Jae Yi about Prosecutor Chun’s agreement to short term immunity for O Joo. They smile.

Judge Cha is interviewed about the popularity of her book. The party leaders and other members of “the seven” watch her pretend to be demur and only want to help Korea be a better country. And the crowd goes wild. They are all pleased with her showing.

The chief prosecutor yells at Prosecutor Chun for giving O Joo immunity. He counters the evidence isn’t sufficient. He asks his boss how the evidence happened to come to him. The chief prosecutor bristles and order him to indict O Joo. Prosecutor Chun counters he can’t order him to do that. He refuses with respect.

O Joo reads the positive press about Judge Cha.

The gang reads the positive press about Judge Cha.

The party leader is pleased with Judge Cha but it is time for a couple of hard questions. They ask about her wealth. She notes she rents her house. They ask about the picture from 18 years ago. Judge Cha that picture cost her but provided the people of Korea an understanding at how fair she really is.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi arrive at court.

O Joo wonders who he should trust. His assistant says he he’s going to court, they have to leave now.

In the courtroom, Judge Cha enters. Sang Pil says Mrs. Nam wants to testify. Judge Cha agrees.  Mrs. Nam stares at her daughter. Yeon Hee recalls Jae Yi telling her that Judge Cha can’t be trusted. Mrs. Nam rises and stares at Judge Cha. She recalls Judge Cha promising to facilitate Yeon Hee’s long term success if she’ll take the bullet for her. She starts to speak then grabs her heart. Sang Pil stares at Judge Cha. He realizes this situation was manufactured. O Joo calls and declares he won’t testify. Sang Pil realizes Judge Cha has manipulated events again. Sang Pil tells Jae Yi that O Joo won’t testify. She urges him to bring O Joo.

O Joo declares they must leave. His former assistant stabs him. He realizes Judge Cha has him in her employ. O Joo’s assistant rushes the murdering assistant. Sang Pil arrives and sees the situation. He passes O Joo and fights the former assistant. The man flees. O Joo’s assistant jokes they could have used him sooner. O Joo struggles to remain standing. His assistant dies from the knife wounds inflicted by the former assistant.

Jae Yi sits in the courtroom. She stares at Judge Cha’s chair.

Judge Cha sits in chambers. She smiles knowing she’s played the winning hand.

My Thoughts

Judge Cha manipulates with deadly intent.  Judge Cha proves again she’s the chess master. She offers Mrs. Nam guaranteed success for her daughter if she does not implicate her. Mrs. Nam struggles with the decision. Just when she’s about to reveal her choice, she collapses. I assume Judge Cha has something to do with that (the note in prison) as she doesn’t leave anything to chance. O Joo met with Judge Cha to confront her about the notebook. He confronts her that the notebook she supplied to Sang Pil that has been the guidebook for Sang Pil’s pursuit of him. While Judge Cha didn’t deny it, she resumed the master slave stance she’s always had with O Joo. Was it the comfort of that tenor that made O Joo decline to testify against Judge Cha? But he got skewered when his former assistant (now on Judge Cha’s payroll) literally stabbed him and stabbed his assistant mortally wounding him. Sang Pil’s arrival fended off another attack and the former assistant fled. Have the scales fallen from O Joo’s eyes? Will he agree to testify? Can he testify with his wound? Writer Yoon has primed the pump. I can taste Judge Cha’s defeat. Will I be happy after the finale episode?

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) needs help to defeat Judge Cha. Writer Yoon drove home the point that Judge Cha’s aura isn’t easily broken. Sang Pil’s logic wasn’t enough with Mrs. Nam and O Joo sever the ties and see the lies Judge Cha fed both of them. Will Sang Pil’s timely intervention in saving O Joo’s life be the turning point? Early in the episode Sang Pil had O Joo in the death grip but refused to kill him. Then at the end of the episode he saved him. Sang Pil’s mother would be proud that her son is pursing justice not revenge.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) returned to the courtroom as the supporting defense attorney.  I’d hoped she step up and join the defense team. Jae Yi is a good lawyer in her own right and the perfect complement to Sang Pil. Jae Yi told Yeon Hee that Judge Cha couldn’t be trusted. But no one wants to believe Judge Cha would lie to them. Everyone wants to believe Judge Cha’s honeyed lies. Jae Yi sees Judge Cha clearly. Will she be a crucial component to bring Judge Cha down in the final episode?

What’s my wish list for the final episode?
*Judge Cha is revealed to be the mastermind and monster behind the affable self-deprecating mask she wears. She needs to lose EVERYTHING. Her status, her money, her good standing in the public, and the goal of being a supreme court judge must vanish into thin air. I’d like to see her in jail at the end of the episode.
* Sang Pil and Jae Yi are triumphant in court. I’ve enjoyed this couple professionally and personally (save their brief separation at Jae Yi’s mother’s request). I want them rock solid at the end of the show.
* O Joo goes to jail. He can’t get off. He killed Sang Pil’s mother. He must testify and turn the tables on Judge Cha. Then he must go to jail. Fingers crossed that O Joo paying for his crimes start in the the courtroom or later by Prosecutor Chun.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The seventh song of the OST is “Establishment of Lawless City” by Lee Tae Hyun. It is third instrumental song of the full OST:


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2 comments on “Lawless Lawyer Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💗, 💟, 💖 that Jae Yi 👊👩 took down Oh Joo’s assistant Gwan Dong to come to Sang Pil’s 💼👊 aid. GO GIRL POWER! Jae Yi 👊👩 was also the one to help Oh Joo 📿 realize that continued loyality to Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ was not in Oh Joo’s 📿 best interest, which he already was savvy to, but I wasn’t convinced it was enough to have him 📿 testify against Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️.

    The look on Judge Cha’s 👩‍⚖️ face when she realized the crowd cheering her was the Lawless Lawyer office staff, it had me laughing 😆 my butt 🍑 off. Now Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ KNOWS Sang Pil 💼👊 WANTED her to be a judge at Mrs Nam’s 🐻 trial.

    I ALMOST feel sorry for Mrs Nam 🐻, she was already skeptical of Sang Pil 💼 👊 being her attorney, even though Sang Pil 💼 👊 still seems a better choice than the attorney who was part of “The Seven”. Jae Yi 👊👩, the daughter of the victim of Mrs Nam’s 🐻 “murder for hire” trial is joining her defense team … that isn’t giving Mrs Nam 🐻 any warm fuzzies. Now Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ tried to persuade Mrs Nam 🐻 to be loyal to her, even though members of “The Seven” are testifying against her. Can you imagine the tirade Mrs Nam 🐻 will have when she finds out her victim is alive❓⁉️ Mrs Nam 🐻 is do gun to watch, I look 👁️👁️ forward to seeing her.

    I thought it was amazing that Bong Sang Pil 💼👊 was able to convince Oh Joo 📿 to testify, I guess I wasn’t too surprised when Oh Joo 📿 reneged on his promise to testify. I find it INCREDIBLE that after everything Oh Joo 📿 is AWARE of that Judge Cha did against him, that he would even consider staying loyal to her. Will the failed assassination attempt on Oh Joo 📿 be enough to make him change his mind?

    Did Mrs. Nam 🐻 just commit suicide to protect her daughter and Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️?

    I concur with your wish list KJT.
    🔸 Judge Cha does need to lose EVERYTHING.
    🔸 As much as I am drawn to Oh Joo and his charisma, he needs to pay for what he has done, but I wonder if the statute of limitations for murder is already past. If it has Oh Joo 📿 should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for his other crimes. ✳️SIDE NOTE✳️ It boggles my mind that murder has a statute of limitations in South Korea 🇰🇷.


    • The look on Judge Cha’s 👩‍⚖️ face when she realized the crowd cheering her was the Lawless Lawyer office staff, it had me laughing 😆
      Writer Yoon has done a fine job giving the Lawless Lawyer team real things to do.

      I ALMOST feel sorry for Mrs Nam 🐻
      Yep, her love for her daughter humanizes her.

      I find it INCREDIBLE that after everything Oh Joo 📿 is AWARE of that Judge Cha did against him, that he would even consider staying loyal to her
      Agreed. I’m not sure I believe that Oh Joo would really believe that. He’s too street smart. But Judge Cha has controlled him for so long, he does see her in a elevated status.

      I concur with your wish list KJT.
      We shall see if Writer Yoon grants the wishes.


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