Lawless Lawyer Episode 14 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 14 Recap

At the office Geum Gang’s sister declares Sang Pil is the greatest. Little does she know he’s just walked into the office. Jae Yi can’t help but smile as she stands to greet him. Everyone agrees that they must pretend Jae Yi’s mother is dead (though she’s safely tucked away). They reveal that Mrs. Nam is caught in their net. Recall she was arrested yesterday. Sang Pil declares they’ll use Mrs. Nam and the other smaller members of “the 7” to catch Judge Cha.

Mrs. Nam rants that everyone will be fired once the plot to convict her is revealed. Prosecutor Chun enters the interrogation room where Detective Oh and “the 7” lawyer have been listening to Mrs. Nam. Prosecutor Chun shows her the video where she demands Jae Yi’s mother death. She bluster the man that video tapped her is the criminal. Prosecutor Chun wants his name. Mrs. Nam doesn’t know. She demands her phone call.

Mrs. Nam calls Judge Cha and feigns surprise. Mrs. Nam asks the name of her current thug. Judge Cha claims not to know. She urges her to trust the lawyer will handle it. She hangs up on Mrs. Nam.

Jae Yi’s father can’t believe his eyes when Jae Yi’s mother appears. The family is reunited with tears.

Liking Jae Yi’s haircut.

Flashback to Sang Pil telling Judge Cha that taking Jae Yi’s mother was a big mistake. Judge Cha counters that his relationship will be his downfall. Sang Pil retorts that will be his strength.

Geum Gang reports to Sang Pil that Prosecutor Chun is Mrs. Nam’s prosecutor. Jae Yi says they can’t get caught by Judge Cha’s machinations. They visit Prosecutor Chun and correctly guess he got the damming video from the chief prosecutor. Prosecutor Chun asks if Judge Cha is behind this. Jae Yi tells him to see like an owl in darkness.  Sang Pil and Jae Yi realize Judge Cha will select another judge for Mrs. Nam.

Judge Cha tells the chosen judge to be fair to Mrs. Nam.

Gwang Soo finds Geum Gang studying a law book. Everyone likes how Jae Yi explains the law. She heads out to the pretrial for Mrs. Nam.

Prosecutor Chun presents the evidence to the judge. He’s eager to move to the trial. Mrs. Nam’s lawyer has nothing to add. Prosecutor Chun can’t help but notice their lack of caring.

Sang Pil visits Mrs. Nam in jail. He wants to know about the false name accounts she controlled for Judge Cha. She doesn’t want to hear that Judge Cha betrayed her. Sang Pil tells her to keep hoping that’s true. He reminds her what Judge Cha did O Joo. That gets her attention.

O Joo’s assistant suggests they flee to another country. O Joo doesn’t want to run for the rest of his life. He declares he’ll put things back to the way they were. He watches the news report that he’s lost his position as mayor.

Jae Yi approaches Mrs. Nam’s judge. Recall this is the judge she punched in Seoul. When Judge Cha walks by he calls to her. Judge Cha and Jae Yi look eyes. Jae Yi accuses Judge Cha of killing her mother and ruining her family.  Judge Cha reminds her about all the good she’s done for her. Jae Yi scoffs and declares she’ll take her down.

O Joo and his assistant watch Jae Yi. O Joo declares she’s Sang Pil’s Achilles heel.

Detective Oh can’t believe it when Jae Yi tells him her mother is alive. She asks him for time before they reveal this.

O Joo calls Sang Pil. O Joo shows him a video of Jae Yi. That gets Sang Pil’s attention. O Joo tells him he must help him return to power…or else. He calls Jae Yi and confirms Gwang Soo is with her.

Yeon Hee asks her mother the video. Mrs. Nam says Yeon Hee must plead her case with Judge Cha.

Yeon Hee visits Judge Cha in her office. She asks her to help her mother. She points out her mother’s loyalty. Judge Cha claism to be shocked that Mrs. Nam is in the situation. Yeon Hee shares that Mrs. Nam has a ledger that Judge Cha should have. Judge Cha chuckles that threatening her isn’t going to help. Judge Cha tells Yeon Hee her mother must admit to her crimes and pay for them. Yeon Hee can’t believe it.

Judge Cha visits Mrs. Nam in jail. Judge Cha won’t give Mrs. Nam her new thug’s name. Judge Cha points out that Mrs. Nam did the illegal activities. Mrs. Nam can’t believe that Judge Cha won’t help. Judge Cha tells her to trust the lawyer. She leaves. Mrs. Nam can’t believe it.

Gwang Soo calls Sang Pil with the news that their inside man has been discovered. Sang Pil’s group gather to retrieve him by force.

Judge Cha’s new thug teaches the inside man a lesson in pain. Sang Pil and his guys arrive. The theme music plays. The fight ensues. Sang Pil acquits himself admirably. He and his men are victorious. Sang Pil demands to know why Judge Cha’s new thug betrayed his uncle. He declares he hates Sang Pil. The inside man says he’ll take care of the traitor and brandishes a knife. Sang Pil offers the choice – justice by the knife or the law.

Jae Yi finds Sang Pil, Gwang Soo, and Geum Gang recovering from the fight. She chides him for getting in scrapes as part of his strategy. He declares sometimes physical fights are necessary. She flicks his face pleased that he won.

Later she makes coffee and they discuss Mrs. Nam’s judge. She confirms that Judge Cha brought that judge from Seoul. Sang Pil declares they’ll make it so Judge Cha must be the judge. Jae Yi agrees.

In jail, Mrs. Nam can’t get her visits from Judge Cha and Sang Pil out of her mind. She decides she can’t be a victim. She needs Sang Pil. She calls to the guards she needs to speak with her daughter.

The next morning Yeon Hee visits Sang Pil at his office. She says her mother accepts the deal. Yeon Hee brings the ledger her mother kept on Judge Cha’s foundation. Sang Pil promises her mother will get the punishment she deserves – no more, no less. Yeon Hee declares her mother had to chose the lesser of two evils by siding with him. She glares at Jae Yi entering the office as she leaves. Sang Pil shows her the ledger. The rest of the team arrives and are thrilled to learn Mrs. Nam provided them evidence. Jae Yi says Judge Cha’s name isn’t anywhere in the ledger. Sang Pil knew that would be true. He states he must trade with Mrs. Nam to get the evidence they need to put Judge Cha away.

The chief prosecutor tells Judge Cha he’s worried what O Joo may do. He brings her a gun to keep in her house.

Sang Pil becomes Mrs. Nam’s lawyer. She agrees that she’s breaking ties with Judge Cha. Sang Pil agrees she won’t be punished for the crime she didn’t commit because she was acting on Judge Cha’s orders. Mrs. Nam agrees. She declares she never made the decisions, Judge Cha did.

Jae Yi wonders if they can trust Mrs. Nam. Sang Pil says they must meet Prosecutor Chun. She asks about his past with Prosecutor Chun.

Flashback…Prosecutor Chun interrogates Sang Pil and Gwang Soo for fighting with another gang. Sang Pil declares he couldn’t let his brother’s attack be ignored. Prosecutor Chun laughs when he learns Sang Pil is studying to be a lawyer considering his uncle is a gang leader. He provides the evidence that Sang Pil and Gwang Soo fought. He promises to put the thugs in jail. He promises one day he’ll catch the gang because he’s not afraid of thugs.

Sang Pil declares the payoff for bring Prosecutor Chun to town begins today.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi visit Prosecutor Chun and tells him Sang Pil is Mrs. Nam’s new lawyer. CP laughs. Jae Yi promises there will be many surprises in the courtroom. Prosecutor Chun asks if Sang Pil is using him for his revenge. Jae Yi assures him that Sang Pil doesn’t use his friends for revenge. Prosecutor Chun likes her affirmation. Prosecutor Chun won’t share intel. Sang Pil declares they won’t need it.

As they exit, Jae Yi gets a call about the judge.

Detective Oh tells Prosecutor Chun about Sang Pil and Jae Yi’s past that happened 18 years ago.

Jae Yi, Gwang Soo, Geum Gang, and Geum Gang’s sister watch the judge dump her mistress. She tries to hit him but he pushes her away. Jae Yi says the litany of mistresses will come back to haunt the judge. She tells the mistress she can make sure she gets big money from the judge. Geum Gang’s sister pipes up that Jae Yi can avenge the scorned woman. The woman provides them evidence that the lawyer took a bribe to fix a trial. They are all smiles.

O Joo isn’t a welcome sight for “the 7” lawyer. He tries to run by O Joo’s assistant pushes him to O Joo. The lawyer apologizes to O Joo. A bat is applied to the lawyer. O Joo tells the lawyer that Judge Cha is next. O Joo’s assistant takes a picture of the bloody. Ha!

Judge Cha tells the judge she’ll have one more thing to take care of after the trial. He assures he he’ll do his best. He shares that Mrs. Nam has a new lawyer. Judge Cha guesses Sang Pil is the new lawyer. Judge Cha gets a text and picture of her beaten lawyer with the message “this is what happens when you betray me”.

Judge Cha pays a visit to Sang Pil at his office. He’s surprised to see her. She asks why he’s defending Mrs. Nam. Sang Pil says Judge Cha will never understand the pain she’s caused. He says Jae Yi is in agony. He declares he’s going to extract justice.  Judge Cha declares she’s the power in the city. He’ll never topple her. Sang Pil smiles and tells her to watch him work his magic. Judge Cha declares he’ll lose. She stalks out.

The hearing for Jae Yi’s mother’s kidnapping and instigation of murder begins. Sang Pil arrives and takes his place at the defense lawyer table. Mrs. Nam is brought in. Yeon Hee is concerned about her mother. The judge enters. Jae Yi glares at him. He begins the trial.

Before Prosecutor Chun can make an opening statement, Sang Pil demands a new judge. The judge asks why he’s using this old tactic. Sang Pil states he believes the judge will render an unfair verdict. The judge doesn’t like that. He dares Sang Pil to risk his license to convince him. Sang Pil states his client deserves a fair trial. The judge presses Sang Pil to risk his license. Sang Pil agrees to stake his license. The judge is shocked. The courtroom is filled with murmurs.

Judge Cha learns of Sang Pil’s bold move. She’s not surprised. She leaves her office.

Back in the courtroom, the judge declares Sang Pil’s accusation is an insult. Sang Pil asks if he’s ready for the proof. The judge says he’s not the defendant but will allow Sang Pil to proceed. Judge Cha arrives in the back of the courtroom. Sang Pil looks at her. Sang Pil shows the expensive vacation house the judge owns. The judge scoffs that real estate isn’t a crime. Sang Pil agrees the vacation house isn’t a crime but only paying a fraction of the value to buy it is. Sang Pil shows the payment contract. Jae Yi gets a call and exits the courtroom. On her way out she sees Judge Cha and glares.

Outside the courtroom, Jae Yi’s phone caller is O Joo. He claims to have an offer she’d be interested in. He asks if she wants evidence against Judge Cha. He tells her to come alone or he’ll go to her father. Jae Yi leaves.

Sang Pil details how the judge gave a defendant special treatment to earn the reduced price of the vacation house. The judge declares this is a fantasy. Sang Pil declares based this evidence the defense demands a new judge. Prosecutor Chun rises and declares the prosecution agrees. The judge closes his eyes. Sang Pil stares at Judge Cha.

After the trial, Sang Pil tells Gwang Soo to find Jae Yi when he learns she left the courtroom after receiving a phone call.

Reporters cluster around Sang Pil. He spies Judge Cha watches. He declares a courtroom must be a place of fairness. Sang Pil locks eyes with Judge Cha. He declares he wants the judge with the strongest sense of justice as the judge for this trial.

Jae Yi calls Sang Pil. He gets in his car then answers the call. But O Joo speaks not Jae Yi. Sang Pil reminds O Joo that he’ll pay if her hurts Jae Yi. O Joo tells him to come.

An angry Sang Pil arrives and yells for O Joo. He demands to know where Jae Yi is. O Joo chuckles that they both have something they want to protect. Sang Pil tells him he can’t fix the mess O Joo has made for himself. Sang Pil tells O Joo this is his chance to kill him. O Joo pulls a gun and puts it at Sang Pil’s head. He forces Sang Pil to kneel. O Joo promises Jae Yi will be taken care of. They stare at each other. O Joo counts down to pulling the trigger.

My Thoughts

Sang Pil begins his countermoves to defeat Judge Cha.  This episode was smooth as silk. Almost all the moves and countermoves made sense. I will admit that I was a bit surprised that Jae Yi agreed to see O Joo alone. That felt a bit clunky. It was also clunky when Sang Pil didn’t tell Jae Yi about O Joo’s threats. Once again, the decision to protect someone makes them vulnerable.  Writer Yoon appears to be setting up the final showdown to occur in the courtroom. That’s fitting. Let Judge Cha preside over her own demise.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) became Mrs. Nam’s lawyer. Writer Yoon repeated the plot point of Sang Pil defending an enemy. But there was no other way to position the courtroom final showdown unless Sang Pil is the defense lawyer. I like Sang Pil’s swagger and respect he shows in the courtroom. I like Sang Pil’s swagger when he and his men went to the thug lair and mixed it up. I like Sang Pil confident but mindful he still has many mines to avoid in his quest for the ultimate prize. He told Judge Cha that Jae Yi wasn’t his Achilles heel. O Joo decided she was. Is he right?

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) was reunited with her mother and father.  Jae Yi’s mother and father were reunited. I’m glad I didn’t have to suffer watching Jae Yi’s brainwashed father learn the truth about Judge Cha. I’m sure he’s being deprogrammed as I write this. I had hoped Jae Yi would play a larger role in the finale showdown and share the lawyer’s table with Sang Pil. Now she’s in O Joo’s clutches and Sang Pil is on his knees before O Joo.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The sixth song of the OST is “Ohju: I ain’t a Gang, No More” by Hwang In Kyu. It is second first instrumental song of the full OST:

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8 comments on “Lawless Lawyer Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I cracked 😂 up when my captions had Sang Pil 💼👊 described as “A crane among chickens”

    It was a GLORIOUS family reunions for Jae Yi 👊👩. I wondered if her dad’s hero worship of Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ changed once he was enlightened by his wife 📷, would he believe Hyun Joo 📷❓⁉️ There was no follow-up on this subject.

    I ❤️ how Sang Pil 💼 👊 kept hovering like a vulture over Mrs. Nam 🐻 trying to become her attorney. Neither Mrs. Nam 🐻 nor Yeon Hee could seem to fathom that Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ would discard her longest known ally and NOT help her 🐻 with the murder-for-hire charges against her. Not that I like Mrs. Nam 🐻, but I was glad she saw the writing on the wall that she 🐻 is being Oh Joo-ed 📿 … after all, an enemy of my enemy, is my friend…right❓⁉️

    Color🖍️ me 🎊SURPRISED 🎉 that once the prosecutor’s office knew that Hyun Joo 📷 was still alive that they proceeded with the case of her murder.

    I 💗, 💟, 💖 that Sang Pil 💼👊 has overcome his blood lust for revenge exhibited by him using the law, like when he offered his gangsta buddies a choice: justice ⚖️ by the knife or the law.

    Despite the bluster of Judge Cha’s 👩‍⚖️ late night visit to Sang Pil 💼 👊, it revealed that she truly was worried about what Sang Pil 💼👊 might do. There’s not more satisfying than seeing the smug Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ be UNNERVED. ✳️CACKLING IN DELIGHT✳️

    Jae Yi 👊👩 meeting Oh Joo 📿 was just plain foolish. I hoped Sang Pil 💼👊 made a contingency plan for meeting Oh Joo 📿, who is an unpredictable and volatile antagonist.


    • I wondered if her dad’s hero worship of Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ changed once he was enlightened by his wife 📷,
      I am going to assume he finally was force to see his devotion was given to a monster.

      I was glad she saw the writing on the wall that she 🐻 is being Oh Joo-ed 📿
      She’s another villain that has a likable component as well as stellar facial expressions.

      it revealed that she truly was worried about what Sang Pil 💼👊 might do. There’s not more satisfying than seeing the smug Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ be UNNERVED
      Initially I thought that scene would mirror image Judge Cha’s scene with Sang Pil’s mother but it did show a villain that was worried enough to try and intimidate her opponent.

      Jae Yi 👊👩 meeting Oh Joo 📿 was just plain foolish.
      Agreed. Bone head move.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I initially wondered if we would have a repeat actress Seo Ye Ji’s (Jae Yi 👊👩) dad from “Save Me” who could NOT be persuaded and stayed brainwashed until the end. Even if dad did NOT believe Jae Yi 👊👩, having a second witness, who was his wife (Hyun Joo 📷), to back up Jae Yi’s 👊👩 allegations against Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ might be more persuasive.

        Mrs Nam 🐻 is another character who exemplified the writers brilliance in creating a very complex character portrayed by an actress 🎭 who exceled in playing an undoubtable villain, who was not only intriguing with her many shades of gray AND facial expressions, but in some ways was admirable. She was a momma bear 🐻 who would protect her cub, Yeon Hee, until her dying breath. Mrs Nam 🐻 speaks her mind regardless of tact, unless she was speaking to Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️. She would form an alliance with the devil 😈 himself (Oh Joo 📿 or Sang Pil 💼👊), if she thought it would benefit her or her daughter. Will Mrs Nam 🐻 remain loyal to Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ to the very end (끝까지)❓⁉️


  2. Beez says:

    @kjt – this may be imposing, seeing as you’re just catching up on all of the many shows you were recapping…, but can I hope you’ll be recapping Big Papa?

    I thought with the title Big Papa we would see Jang Hyuk playing a character similar to the one he played in his last drama (can’t think of the name of it, but the one with all the Chinese food shenanigans). But alas, it seems like he’ll have us crying bitter tears in Bad Papa as well.!AvE2-hpAQD16-3ao0W1QziVA0BSP


    • Jane Tilly says:

      There are only 2 episodes of Lawless Lawyer left to recap. Mr Sunshine finishes 9.23.18. Bad Papa isn’t supposed to start until 9.30.18.

      It’s JANG HYUK❗ KJT has indicated in the past if Jang Hyuk is in it, she’s recapping it. I’m certain KJT will find time to recap Bad Papa even with her busy schedule.


    • I have Oct 1 (Bad Papa start date) on my calendar. I will be recapping. Fingers crossed this series is more satisfying.


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