Lawless Lawyer Episode 13 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 13 Recap

Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) tells Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) that Judge Cha used his revenge to her advantage. Gwang Soo points out that Sang Pil’s ultimate take down goal is Judge Cha. Sang Pil says that was a calculated risk Judge Cha took so she could use him to wipe out her enemies. Sang Pil says he’s realized her game and they must take advantage. He wants to know where Jae Yi is.

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) smiles when the Chief Prosecutor claims that O Joo will be destroyed soon.

The repeated calls Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) makes to her mother go unanswered. She recalls Judge Cha claiming her mother disappeared 18 years ago. She knows her mother has been taken.

In a bold move, Jae Yi meets An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) and demands to know where her mother is. Clueless, O Joo is surprised to learn Judge Cha’s masseuse is Jae Yi’s mother. He shares that he and Judge Cha aren’t on speaking term. Jae Yi believes that O Joo didn’t know. She warns him to find her mother to secure her services as his lawyer, because he needs her help. She walks away.

O Joo tries to wrap his head around the situation. He guesses that Judge Cha has kidnapped Jae Yi’s mother. He realizes Jae Yi’s mother is the only living witness to the murder he finished for Judge Cha. He gets a call ordering him to come to the prosecutor’s office.

Sang Pil meets his uncle’s trusted gang member. He shares the gang has a traitor that is working for Judge Cha. The man reveals Sang Pil’s uncle asked him to protect Sang Pil should something happen to him. Sang Pil asks him to keep his word and help him.

Yeon Hee’s mother, Sang Pil’s uncle’s trusted gang member, and other thugs toss Jae Yi’s mother in a holding room. Yeon Hee’s mother tells O Joo’s replacement thug (the traitor) to keep an eye on her.

As expected, Sang Pil goes to Judge Cha’s office where she’s been waiting for him. He wants to know where Jae Yi’s mother is. Judge Cha claims not to know and says if she’s involved he’ll have to prove it. Sang Pil points out that the innocent doesn’t say that. Judge Cha reminds him that others before him have tried to take her down. Sang Pil counters that they didn’t know all her ugly secrets. As he turns to leave, Judge Cha asks if Sang Pil wants justice or revenge. She tells him he’s wasting energy pursuing justice and his quest for revenge will be fruitless.

Sang Pil didn’t tip his hand that he knows Judge Cha is using him. He has to walk a fine line.

Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) and Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) report that Jae Yi went to the police and then home. They tell him his uncle’s trusted gang member has been released from jail. Sang Pil informs them he met with his uncle’s trusted gang member. He leaves to speak with Jae Yi.

Gwang Soo explains to Geum Gang who his uncle’s trusted gang member is. Geum Gang declares should anyone ever stab Gwang Soo, he’d extract revenge. They first bump to seal the deal.

Judge Cha learns that O Joo hasn’t reported to the prosecutor. When Yeon Hee’s mother reports that Jae Yi’s mother has been stashed away, Judge Cha turns the tables and says this is all her fault allowing a mole into her home. Yeon Hee’s mother can’t disagree. Judge Cha sends her away with a chuckle.

Jae Yi stares at her family photo. She recalls the moment she realized that Sang Pil knew her mother was alive and hadn’t told her. Sang Pil arrives. She tells him she met with O Joo. She says she had to do something. Sang Pil asks her to trust him. She tells him to leave.

I can’t blame her. But isn’t Sang Pil a better choice than O Joo?

Sang Pil watches their home to keep her safe. She finds him there the next morning. She ignores him when he tries to speak with her.

O Joo calls Yeon Hee’s mother. He asks were the masseuse is. She lies that she’s giving Judge Cha a massage as they speak. O Joo declares they are in the same boat. She pretends to agree. O Joo knows she’s lying to him. He claims he’s got to go and hangs up. Yeon Hee’s mother scoffs that she’ll never be in the same boat as O Joo.

Those two are always entertaining to watch.

The newspaper man tells O Joo he’s in deep trouble and has to turn himself into the prosecutor. O Joo asks him to write a favorable article stating he’s being framed. The man says an article won’t get him out of the pit he’s in.

Yeon Hee’s mother tells her daughter that Judge Cha has replaced O Joo and he is in big trouble. Yeon Hee can’t believe that Judge Cha would toss aside someone that had been as loyal as O Joo. Her mother advises her to bring in O Joo and score brownie points with Judge Cha.

Detective Oh meets with Jae Yi. He’s not 100% sure the woman is her mother. Jae Yi convinces him. Even though there isn’t any hard evidence, he wants to help Jae Yi. She asks him to keep her mother’s kidnapping from Prosecutor Chun for the time being. She shares that O Joo and Judge Cha are on the outs. She guesses Judge Cha has another thug doing her dirty work. Detective Oh shares that the man that stabbed Sang Pil in jail was recently released. They agree to keep each other apprised.

Sang Pil spies them speaking. His uncle’s trusted gang member calls him that Jae Yi’s mother is fine and under his care. Sang Pil counters that Jae Yi’s mother in Judge Cha’s control isn’t a positive situation. The gang member asks why Sang Pil is involved in this situation. Sang Pil says someone he cares for is hurting because of this situation. He watches Jae Yi head out and follows her.

The gang member loosens Jae Yi’s mother’s bindings. She spies his tattoo and recalls Sang Pil assuring her the man with the tattoo will protect her.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo take a determined Jae Yi to see O Joo’s replacement thug. When tattoo dude walks in Jae Yi demands to know where her mother is. He claims ignorance. She doesn’t believe him. Sang Pil intervenes. The two men tussle a bit. Sang Pil drags Jae Yi out of the thug’s lair. She ignores Sang Pil’s offer a ride. Gwang Soo follows her.

O Joo’s assistant tells O Joo his assistant can’t be found. Sang Pil calls O Joo and shares O Joo’s replacement thug has taken up headquarters at O Joo’s old stomping ground. O Joo quips Sang Pil must like him if he’s volunteering information. Sang Pil says it will never be like that and hangs up. O Joo decides he better check out Sang Pil’s intel.

Judge Cha vows to reform Korea if she’s elected to the supreme court. Thrilled with her performance, Judge Cha offers Yeon Hee’s mother (aka Mrs. Nam) to take some value of the illegal accounts she orders liquidated due to her imminent supreme court nomination. Yeon Hee’s mother is overcome and vows her lifelong loyalty. Mrs. Nam is stunned when Judge Cha informs her the masseuse is Jae Yi’s mother, the witness that could destroy her. Mrs. Nam vows she didn’t know and begs forgiveness.

Mrs. Nam is a simple woman – cash is the only gift that matters.

Mrs. Nam tells Yeon Hee that she’s made a big mistake with Judge Cha because of Jae Yi’s mother. She tells her daughter they’ll have to do whatever it takes to protect themselves going forward.

O Joo catches his assistant cleaning out his safe. He threatens to kill him. O Joo’s assistant begs for mercy.

I had to chuckle when O Joo said he could make time to kill a traitor.

Mrs. Nam assures Judge Cha the illegal accounts have been disposed of. She assures Judge Cha she’ll handle Jae Yi’s mother. Judge Cha says Jae Yi’s mother died 18 years ago. Mrs. Nam gets the message. She vows to protect Judge Cha until the day she dies.

O Joo’s former assistant confirms Judge Cha’s new thug has taken over O Joo’s former establishment.

Mrs. Nam tells Judge Cha’s new thug that Jae Yi’s mother is supposed to be dead anyhow so the kid glove treatment isn’t needed. She tells him to kill her. The new thug agrees to do so. He promises to follow her orders in the future. The thug working with Sang Pil overhears. A camera recorded the conversation.

Sang Pil hears the news. He tells Gwang Soo things are going to get messy. Geum Gang offers to come. Sang Pil declines.

Judge Cha’s new thug shows the recorded conversation of Mrs. Nam ordering him to kill Jae Yi’s mother. Judge Cha can only smile. Judge Cha confirms that Jae Yi’s mother should be killed. She tells him to do it personally.

Jae Yi can’t believe the situation.

O Joo, his assistant and former assistant drive to the new thug’s place.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo arrive at the new thug’s place. Sang Pil tells him another party will arrive soon. Right on schedule O Joo’s car drives up.

Judge Cha’s new thug finds Jae Yi’s mother gagged. They shove her in a barrel. They get the word that O Joo has arrived. Sang Pil’s thug is put in charge of Jae Yi’s mother.

O Joo strides through the establishment and stares at Judge Cha’s new thug who isn’t respectful. O Joo warns him his fate will be his future fate. O Joo wants Jae Yi’s mother. The thug refuses.

Judge Cha and the chief prosecutor complement each other. Judge Cha relishes the moment in anticipation of the future she’s master minded.

O Joo waves his gun. He asks Judge Cha’s thug how good he is. O Joo’s assistant spots the barrel being rolled. They try and chase it down but it is dumped into the ocean and sinks. O Joo declares a precious commodity was just wasted. They leave. Sang Pil drives by them.

The chief prosecutor declares O Joo will be arrested tomorrow. Judge Cha says he must be punished for his crimes. She gets a phone call and tells him to leave. Her new thug reports even though O Joo interfered Jae Yi’s mother is dead. She orders him to return to Seoul. She smiles. Another loose end is taken care of.

Sang Pil and Gwang Soo have Jae Yi’s mother in the back seat. Flashback to Sang Pil telling her that she must die again because she’s the only witness that can nail Judge Cha. He promises to protect her. She agrees to help. Next, we see Sang Pil and Gwang Soo retrieving her while sandbags are placed in the barrel.

O Joo wonders if Sang Pil fooled him again.

Sang Pil calls Jae Yi and tells her he has her mother and he’ll text her the meeting location. Jae Yi can’t believe it.

Jae Yi’s mother thanks Sang Pil. He brings her to the location. Jae Yi is waiting.  Jae Yi and her mother hug. Both women cry. Sang Pil watches then nods to Gwang Soo that they should leave. Jae Yi’s mother tell her she asked Sang Pil to break up with her and not to share that she was alive. She didn’t want her precious daughter hurt by revenge. Jae Yi hugs her mother and tells her all is well.

Geum Gang complains to Sang Pil that he lied to them. Of course, Geum Gang’s sister stands up for him. Jae Yi arrives mad that he’s lied to her. She hits him several times. She demands to speak with him privately. There she hugs him. She thanks him for returning her mother. They hug again. Sang Pil apologizes. Everyone can see them. Geum Gang’s sister is happy for them. Geum Gang promises she won’t be an old maid. She retorts she can find her own man.

Jae Yi’s mother leaves and Jae Yi agrees it is best to keep her mother safe. Jae Yi’s mother tells Sang Pil that his uncle thought his enemies had too much power. But he was determined to help Sang Pil so that he could eventually prevail. Gwang Soo says they must go. Hugs and smiles between mother and daughter. Jae Yi’s mother tells him to take care of Jae Yi. Sang Pil assures her he will. Gwang Soo drives her away.

Jae Yi is surprised to learn Judge Cha sent the notebook to Sang Pil to use him to eliminate select members of “the 7”. Jae Yi sees that Judge Cha is the master manipulator. Sang Pil says this time they’ll fight to the end.

Judge Cha is all smiles knowing her plan is working like a dream.

O Joo stares at his nameplate, angry at how he’s been used.

Sang Pil shares the wall of evidence with Geum Gang and his sister. Sang Pil states this time they’ll catch “the 7” in their nets. Sang Pil wonders who will easily crack when they catch them. Jae Yi guesses Mrs. Nam is the most vulnerable. Jae Yi agrees.

Mrs. Nam drops Yeon Hee off. The police drive up. Yeon Hee asks why they are there. Detective Oh states a video with Mrs. Nam was given. Yeon Hee and Mrs. Nam aren’t happy. Detective Oh arrests her instigating a murder. Mrs. Nam blusters the charges are absurd.  Detective Oh handcuffs her and puts her in the police car. She doesn’t go gracefully.

Detective Oh does a search and seizure at O Joo’s corporate office and mayoral office. He calls his superior that he can’t locate O Joo.

The newspaper reporter calls O Joo and tells him an arrest warrant for him has been issued. O Joo is shocked. Mrs. Nam’s arrest is relayed. O Joo declares he won’t be caught.

Judge Cha listens to the news reports. Sang Pil walks to her office. Judge Cha exits her office in her robe. Sang Pil sees her and hold up the notebook. He says he knows she sent it. He thanks her. He warns her that the ending, her ending, won’t go as she wishes. Judge Cha wishes him luck. Sang Pil says that taking Jae Yi’s mother from her twice is unforgivable.  Judge Cha tells him to provide the evidence of that claim. Judge Cha admits she didn’t foresee Jae Yi becoming involved with him. Judge Cha declares Jae Yi is his Achilles heel. Sang Pil counters that will be the undoing of all her plans.

My Thoughts

Judge Cha’s chess master moves have worked but has her luck run out? I was a bit surprised that Sang Pil revealed he knew Judge Cha gave him the notebook. Wasn’t that the secret advantage? I’m ready for Judge Cha to lose. Looks like Mrs. Nam is caught in the net while O Joo is determined not to be caught. Does Team Good finally have the advantage they need to take down Judge Cha and the remaining members of “the 7”? Let’s hope the last two episodes provide a satisfying ending to this series.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) told Judge Cha he knew she was using him. Writer Yoon allowed Sang Pil reveal to Judge Cha that he knew she was using him. When she pointed out that Jae Yi was his Achilles heel, Sang Pil cockily claimed that relationship would lead to her doom. Jae Yi’s mother thanked Sang Pil for saving her life. Jae Yi hit Sang Pil for lying then hugged him for saving her mother. I was relieved to see their impasse resolved. I disliked that plot point.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) was reunited with her mother and Sang Pil.  Jae Yi’s mother told Jae Yi that Sang Pil distanced himself from her at her request and kept her existence a secret at her insistence. What would Jae Yi do but forgive both of them? Now this plot point is resolved, I want Jae Yi to become a crucial part of the take down of “the 7”. I was surprised that Jae Yi went to O Joo for help in finding her mother. That was a bold move.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The fifth song of the OST is “Big Picture” by Ma Sang Woo. It is the first instrumental song of the full OST:

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4 comments on “Lawless Lawyer Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ is so smug 😏 about having the upper hand ✋ against everyone; she seemed to be one step ahead of everyone including Sang Pil 💼👊. Sang Pil 💼👊 and now Oh Joo 📿 have caught onto her objective. Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ may be the Chess Master, but I hope someone (like Sang Pil 💼👊 or even Oh Joo 📿) plays her. The judge 👩‍⚖️ disavows or targets 🎯 her pawns once she is done with them.

    It was awesome that Oh Joo 📿 tried to help Jae Yi 👊👩 find her mom, even if it was an attempt to get revenge against Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️. I concur with KJT that it seems wiser to trust Sang Pil 💼👊, even though she felt betrayed by him, with rescuing her mother 📷 rather than Oh Joo 📿, a villain with his own agenda; Oh Joo 📿 is NOT trustworthy. I was glad to know Sang Pil 💼👊 had a plan in action to protect Hyun Joo 📷 in her foolish return to Judge Cha’s 👩‍⚖️ house. I admire Oh Joo’s 📿 chutzpah for attempting to rescue Hyun Joo 📷. At least this round of noble idiocy was short-lived; I was glad Hyun Joo 📷 survived and even happier that Jae Pil 👊👩💼👊 reunited.

    Color 🖍️me 🎊 surprised 🎉 Gwang Do attempted to take Oh Joo’s 📿 money … Did he really think he could get away with it … What was Gwang Do thinking❓⁉️ Surprisingly, Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ had not already confiscate Oh Joo’s 📿 cash 💰.

    Did anyone else notice Oh Joo’s 📿 cigarette 🚬 was blurred out, just like a lethal weapon❗❓❗ LOL

    I have to wonder how long Oh Joo 📿 can last on the run; as mayor his face was well known.

    I KNEW Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ was going to setup Mrs. Nam 🐻 for a fall. It was a DELIBERATE SETUP to catch Mrs. Nam 🐻 ordering a murder. However, it was a beautiful 💐 sight to see Mrs. Nam Soon Ja 🐻 cuffed and manhandled into a squad 🚔 car. Does Yeon Hee grasp that someday it will be her turn to be thrown away when Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ considers her no longer useful❓⁉️

    I found it interesting that Sang Pil 💼👊 divulged to Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ that he was aware that she sent the notebook 📒. While Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ declared Jae Yi 👊👩 would be Sang Pil’s 💼👊 Achilles heel, I think Jae Yi 👊👩 is actually Judge Cha’s 👩‍⚖️ Achilles heel. I’m also ready for Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ to start her downfall.


    • The judge 👩‍⚖️ disavows or targets 🎯 her pawns once she is done with them.
      Yet her loyal followers never believe it could happen to them.

      At least this round of noble idiocy was short-lived
      Plus it didn’t slow down progress of the story. On the negative side it pushed Jae Yi more to the sideline. On the plus side it allowed Gwang Soo to shine.

      Color 🖍️me 🎊 surprised 🎉 Gwang Do attempted to take Oh Joo’s 📿 money
      He was lucky O Joo needed an obedient lackey more than he needed a dead money grubbing assistant.

      it was a beautiful 💐 sight to see Mrs. Nam Soon Ja 🐻 cuffed and manhandled into a squad 🚔 car
      Mrs. Nam’s facial expressions are the best! The fear, anger, and outrage were all evident.

      I think Jae Yi 👊👩 is actually Judge Cha’s 👩‍⚖️ Achilles heel.
      I thought that once, but power and $$ are Judge Cha’s priorities, those around her a pawns to facilitate her pursuit of power and $$.

      I’m also ready for Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ to start her downfall.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Mrs Nam 🐻 has worn her emotions on her sleeve throughout the series. She has been fun to watch.

        Agreed that money 💰 and power are Judge Cha’s 👩‍⚖️ priorities, but I think Jae Yi 👊 👩 could be her Achilles heel in the sense that the judge underestimated her anger, motivation for revenge and the synergy of Jae Pil 👊 👩 💼👊 in bringing the judge to justice.


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