Mr. Sunshine Episode 16 Recap

Mr. Sunshine Episode 16 Recap

Korea, 1903.

Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) states she’s told her Grandfather that she won’t be married. She declares another man has her heart. Kim Hee Sung (Byun Yo Han) says nothing. Ae Shin tells Hee Sung that she has no regrets about her decision and hopes he’ll meet a better woman than her one day. Hee Sung candidly states he’s had enough women in his life. Ae Shin quips her declaration had more bite. Hee Sung admits he’s known she loves another. He pulls out the formal marriage request from his father and tells Ae Shin what it is. He stares into Ae Shin’s eyes and confides he’s decided to do something very bad.

Ae Shin’s aunt tells her Grandfather that Hee Sung has come in person and now kneels with Ae Shin. She worries that the repeated postponement of the wedding and his time away in Japan have lessened Hee Sung’s sense of duty. Ae Shin recalls Hee Sung stating he doesn’t prefer Ae Shin. Her aunt tells him not to bend to the kneeling couple’s will.

Hee Sung chides Ae Shin’s reckless behavior in confronting her Grandfather. Why couldn’t she trust him to handle it? Ae Shin is surprised. Hee Sung admits he’s happy to see her happy without him. He declares he’ll call off the engagement. Ae Shin can scarcely believe what she’s hearing. He apologizes about taking so long to do so. He warns of the condemnation she’ll receive for making the first move in breaking the engagement. Then he asks for more time before he breaks the engagement. He claims he’s working on something and once it is done, he’ll break the engagement. He asks if she trusts that he’ll keep his word. Ae Shin nods her consent. Hee Sung smiles stating finally, he has her approval. Hee Sung’s parent’s servant rushes into the courtyard with orders to report status to his parents. Hee Sung tells the man to state he’s back at the hotel. He asks the man to say nothing else. The servant agrees and leaves. Ae Shin urges him to report to his parents. Ae Shin states he must get her as well as her trusted servants out of this mess. He beckons a servant girl over and tells her to announce it loudly when he passes out. He turns to Ae Shin and asks her to catch him. He slumps into her lap. The servant calls out. Ae Shin’s aunt stares at Hee Sung and orders Ae Shin’s faithful servants be released to assist Hee Sung. She reenters the house. Ae Shin whispers her thanks to Hee Sung.

Hee Sung is more than a useless fob!

Hee Sung tells Ae Shin’s faithful servants to eat with him. The trusted female servant muses that Ae Shin, Hee Sung, and Eugene sometimes are too lonely.

Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) and some soldiers take a delivery from the school. He spies the flyer Ae Shin penned about the school. Eugene asks the teacher if Ae Shin is around. The teacher says Ae Shin hasn’t attended classes in a while. Eugene goes to the apothecary hoping for a note in “their drawer”. But it is empty.

Back at the hotel, Hee Sung spies Eugene in the lobby as he enters. He notices the package from the apothecary in Eugene’s hand. He tells Eugene what he considers sad news, Eugene will consider good news. Hee Sung shares he knows what his family did to destroy Eugene’s family. Hee Sung says he won’t apologize today. Eugene accepts that. Hee Sung says he has news about Ae Shin that Eugene or Dong Mae don’t know but he won’t share it. Hee Sung tells him for once, he’s got the scoop before them. Hee Sung heads to his room.

Hee Na (Kim Min Jung) descends the stairs and hands Eugene his room tea. She offers to brew the medicine. Eugene says it is a foot bath for Do Mi’s sister. Hee Naasks what he brought her. Eugene tells her to split the foot bath. Hee Nacan’t help but smile. She apologizes for bringing him to Lord Lee without his knowledge. Eugene asks why Hee Naworks with Lord Lee. Hee Nawon’t offer details. She tells Eugene that Hee Sung had the formal marriage request from his family to solidify his engagement to Ae Shin. Eugene is taken aback but recovers stating he’d forgotten about their engagement.

In his hotel room, Eugene recalls Ae Shin telling him that when she breaks the engagement she might be ostracized and need to relocate to China. She doesn’t believe Eugene is an option as he’ll return to the US. In her room, Ae Shin reads Eugene’s words that after a handshake and hug comes longing.

Jang Seung Goo (Choi Moo Sung) visits Eugene in his hotel room. He teases Eugene that there was no need to teach Ae Shin how to shoot the new rifle because he was her mentor. Seung Goo admits that Ae Shin is determined to have Eugene in her life and he will support her. Eugene notes that Seung Goo didn’t always support them. Seung Goo counters that they’ll have enough folks against them, he’ll be in their corner.

The potter enjoys the last bottle of beer from Eugene. He believes Eugene won’t return and bring more.

Ae Shin’s Grandfather is not happy that her trusted servants didn’t stop her relationship to another man. Ae Shin says they only followed her orders. When her Grandfather reminds her of his flexibility with her, he points out it is her turn to give. Ae Shin refuses stating she wants to decide her own destiny. Grandfather orders her to bring her man. Ae Shin refuses stating she’s capable of standing alone and doesn’t need a man to shield her. She says that man will have her heart as long as she lives. Grandfather can’t believe her bold words. He confines her to the compound, no training with Seung Goo or classes at the school.

Ae Shin feels faint which worries her trusted servants. She asks them not to give details when Grandfather pressures them. They assure her they won’t.

Of course, they didn’t promise not to tell all to Eugene. They arrive at his office unannounced. They state that Ae Shin has told her Grandfather she loves someone other than her fiancé and won’t marry. Eugene recalls Hee Sung telling him that he knew something about Ae Shin that Eugene didn’t. The servants ask Eugene to tell Ae Shin’s Grandfather that he won’t be in Korea long.

Grandfather reels in shock when he realizes Eugene has come to see him because he’s the man Ae Shin loves. He orders everyone away so he can have a private conversation. Eugene confirms he is the man Ae Shin loves.

In Grandfather’s private quarters, Ae Shin joins them. Eugene confirms that Ae Shin loves him and he loves her. The pain on Grandfather’s face is evident. He tells Eugene that being an American in Korea means that he’s working against the country. He asks Ae Shin who she can be involved with an American. Eugene says he wants Korea to survive. Eugene informs him that they’ve met previously, when he told a young slave boy that he shouldn’t look to sky and keep his head down. Grandfather can’t believe that Eugene is a former slave. Ae Shin counters that Eugene’s birth wasn’t in his control. She tells Eugene he better leave. He does. Her Grandfather says it is bad enough that she loves another man other than her finance, but a former slave won’t be tolerated. He forbids her relationship with Eugene. He declares spinsterhood and loneliness is her future. Ae Shin leaves. She sees the guards at the gate.

Ae Shin jumps the fence and runs to find Eugene. He’s at his horse and hears her footsteps. She’s puffing when she reaches him. Eugene says he told her to leave. Ae Shin retorts he was quicker than she expected. Ha! Ae Shin says she had to see him to say goodbye. Eugene nods in understanding. He spies her slipper, retrieves it, and gently places it one her foot. Ae Shin struggles to keep it together. She asks him to understand her Grandfather’s position. Eugene is happy they had this opportunity to see each other again. He now knows who she takes after. Ae Shin realizes she must go. Eugene realizes she must return. Ae Shin tells him to take care and spins around to head back to the house. Eugene watches her retreating form.

That was effective. The longing, the understanding of their respective positions. There were no harsh words just acceptance and the wish to be together even though that cannot be.

When Eugene returns to his hotel room he stares at himself, an American soldier, in the mirror.

Back home, Ae Shin recalls walking with Eugene on the beach and daydreaming about living in New York, walking the streets together, picnicking, studying, and visiting the music box shop. At the end of the day, they have to say goodbye. But Eugene says “see you” would be more appropriate. Ae Shin agrees and states they’ll see each other again. The daydreams ends, Ae Shin is alone in her room, and cries.

Another effective scene. The fantasy that they can be together was granted for that one moment. You saw it, I saw it, whether or not it ends up that way, they both dreamed it together.

Hee Na stares at a picture of herself and her mother. She recalls Lord Lee dangling the possibility of information about her mother, information he has been withholding.

Emperor Gojong’s wife (?) summons Hee Naand asks Hee Nato explain what others won’t. What’s the deal with the bank notes? Why is Japan pressing Emperor Gojong? Hee Nastates the Japanese bank notes are money only valid in Korea. If they are placed in circulation in Korea, Japan’s power and wealth in Korea increases, effectively making Japan the central bank of Korea. Emperor Gojong’s wife calls Rinoie a venomous snake pushing Emperor Gojong to utilize the Japanese bank notes.

I appreciated that explanation!

The pressure to put Japanese bank notes in circulation in Korea ramps up. Rinoie warns if they don’t do so, the Japanese army could invade next. Emperor Gojong caves. Lord Lee is horrified, while Rinoie can’t hide his smile.

The police chief is brought to Goo Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok). Dong Mae asks why Rinoie ordered him to frame Ae Shin’s Grandfather for the murder of the American missionary. The police chief admits he doesn’t know. Dong Mae isn’t happy that he was tortured without a clear reason. Anxious to save himself, the police chief offers that Ae Shin’s Grandfather wanted to send a batch of letters, he guesses that was the reason. The postmaster is brought to Dong Mae. He sees the bruised face of the police chief. He offers that Ae Shin’s Grandfather wanted to send a batch of letters to scholars across the country. He told Rinoie who ordered him to burn the letters. He clarifies he kept a single letter. Dong Mae has both been sign (outline their hand) a blank document.

Dong Mae strikes fear! 39 minutes into the episode before my favorite bad boy appears.

The baker doesn’t want to take the Japanese bank notes from a shopper. He calls to Dong Mae as he passes by. Dong Mae isn’t pleased to be bothered and draws his sword. The shopper flees. The baker thanks him. Dong Mae tells the baker he doesn’t joke when he draws his sword. The baker falls backs. Dong Mae smirks.

Eugene brushes past a young noble when he enters the pawn shop to pay the price for tracking down Joseph’s belongings. The pawn broker brothers (Il Sik and Choon Sik) asks that Eugene sign a forged paper to allow the young noble that just left to join the military academy. They explain that Rinoie framed his parents as instigators and the boy and sister live on next to nothing. Eugene knows they’ll get caught. The brothers call him chicken.

The young noble tells his friends that also want to join the military academy he’s made a deal with skilled forgers. Hope is raised among the group who want to fight the growing foreign influence.

Lord Lee tells the potter he needs a replacement for the head of security that cannot be bribed by Rinoie. He wants Seung Goo. The potter realizes that Seung Goo might like the challenge. The potter asks what is happening with Eugene. Lord Lee says he pressured Eugene to accept the training lead role by using them. The potter calls him shameless. Lord Lee quips that not the first time he’s been called that.

Dong Mae jumps Ae Shin’s Grandfather’s wall to speak with him. Ae Shin’s trusted male servant calls for support. Everyone comes running. Ae Shin can’t believe that Dong Mae is in the compound. Her Grandfather demands to know why Dong Mae is there. Dong Mae returns the single letter from the postmaster. That gets Ae Shin’s Grandfather’s attention. He demands to know why Dong Mae has the letter. Dong Mae informs him none of the letters were ever delivered, instead they were burn except that one. He warns that someone is after the family. Ae Shin’s Grandfather asks Dong Mae, who is loyal to the Japanese, is telling him this. Dong Mae says he’s here to support Korea not Japan. He leaves.

Ae Shin’s Grandfather muses that two men, Eugene and Dong Mae, have alerted him to danger. He wonders who the source of the danger is. He tells the trusted male servant he’s glad to know why no one has responded to his letters. That means there is still hope that the scholars can be rallied. He tells the trusted servant to fetch Seung Goo.

Ae Shin and her trusted female servant try and guess why Dong Mae visited. Recalling Dong Mae’s influence, Ae Shin decides she needs to speak with the peddler in the morning.

The peddler delivers a letter to Hee Narequesting she find out why Dong Mae visited her Grandfather. Hee Naquips she can’t know everything.

Dong Mae arrives to take Hee Na shopping. She counters she doesn’t need things she needs to know why he visited Ae Shin’s Grandfather. He quips she knows everything. Hee Na asks the contents of the letter. Hee Nas ays Ae Shin wants to know. That gets Dong Mae’s attention. He says Ae Shin has to ask him in person to get the details. Hee Na ecounters she wants to know. Dong Mae asks if Ae Shin is still engaged. Hee Na wonders if Dong Mae would like that. Dong Mae retorts that if the engagement is off, then Ae Shin is further out of reach. Hee Na retorts that Hee Sung is looking sad, which she takes to mean the engagement is off. Dong Mae is happy and Hee Na notices.

Good pace of conversation between them.

Hee Sung visits his parents who aren’t happy he took the formal marriage request and didn’t deliver it. They want it back. Hee Sung tells them he wants to start a newspaper. His parents are surprised. His father asks where he’s getting the cash. Hee Sung replies he is blackmailing Grandfather’s former victims. His parents didn’t even know his Grandfather had a little black book. Hee Sung replies Grandfather passed it to him. Hee Sung returns to the topic of marrying Ae Shin. He states he wants to break the engagement. His parents are stunned. Hee Sung states protocol demands the groom’s family annuls the engagement. His parents reel with the request and tell him that the engagement was the best thing Grandfather ever did for Hee Sung. He concurs stating he wanted to marry Ae Shin. His parents don’t understand. Why is he not pursuing the one thing he truly wants? Hee Sung tells his parents he knows what happened to Eugene their former slave and his family. He knows they hid it from him. His parents are upset that their efforts to shield their son have failed. Hee Sung asks his mother to save him once more. She sobs recalling the past and knowing the effect on her son.

WOW! That scene gave me goose bumps! Hee Sung you are officially on my list of characters I like! He IS more than a useless fob!

Hee Sung sets up his desk at the pawn brokers shop complete with editor in chief nameplate. He wonders what to call the newspaper.

Loved the cinematography when Hee Sung put the flower out the pawn broker shop.

Hee Sung returns to the tables and plays cards with “the ladies”. He announces his plan to start a newspaper. Ae Shin’s cousin snipes that Ae Shin doesn’t paint or embroider like a normal girl. Hee Sung counters he doesn’t embroider either. Ae Shin’s cousin is forced to chuckles as the other ladies laugh. She continues to insult Ae Shin until Hee Na interrupts. She whispers to Ae Shin’s cousin that her husband’s reservation to gamble was cancelled and he’s headed home. Ae Shin’s cousin quickly exits so her husband doesn’t learn of her activities. Hee Na offers to replace her and sits down at the table. She “accidently” spills a drink on Mrs. Kang whom she suspects of being a spy. She offers a fresh change of clothes for Mrs. Kang in her room.

Hee Sung continues to inch up in my esteem.

In Hee Na’s room, Mrs. Kang rejects Hee Na’s offer of clothing and alcohol. But she is fascinating by the fencing sword muses that blade allows an opponent to be eliminated quickly and accurately. Hee Na smiles recalling articulating similar sentiments. She tells Mrs. Kang the Japanese minister’s son and the French minister’s secretary are the only fencers in town. She offers to arrange lessons. Mrs. Kang declares she can do that herself and takes her leave. Hee Na muses that Mrs. Kang is jealous.

Hee Na continues to inch up in my esteem.

Ae Shin’s grandfather isn’t happy when the palace invites Ae Shin to a discussion about her classes at the school. He grouses that she’s grounded. Ae Shin’s aunt pleads with him to allow the visit which an honor.

A solar eclipse freaks out Emperor Gojong. He believes it is punishment because he agreed with Rinoie’s request. Lord Lee tells him to buck up. Eugene’s arrival is announced. Lord Lee states Eugene is a nominee to train at Emperor Gojong’s military academy. That lifts Emperor Gojong’s spirits.

Emperor Gojong appoints Emperor Gojong as the trainer for his military academy. Lord Lee has to prompt Eugene to address Emperor Gojong properly while accepting the offer and a gift. Emperor Gojong asks why Eugene is accepting the position he once rejected. Eugene states that Lord Lee is giving him a mountain in return. Emperor Gojong asks if that is the real reason. Eugene deadpans is was a big mountain. Ha!

Love it!

As Ae Shin walks to her meeting with Emperor Gojong, Eugene is leaving his meeting with Emperor Gojong. Eugene introduces himself to Emperor Gojong’s wife stating he’s the new trainer at the military academy. She’s pleased to meet him. Eugene’s eyes go to Ae Shin as he states he could be training comrades. She doesn’t look at him. While he stares at Ae Shin, Eugene tells Emperor Gojong’s wife that she’s beautiful. Emperor Gojong’s wife is pleased. Eugene states he wishes he could see the plum tree blossoms all year. The ladies walk past him. Even though she never makes eye contact, Ae Shin understands his personal messages in his statements.

Terrific scene!!!

Hee Sung stares at the solar eclipse.

Dong Mae stares at the solar eclipse.

Hee Na stares at the solar eclipse.

Ae Shin’s grandfather meets with the rebels and thanks them for their support. Seung Goo declares they’ll get the letters in the scholars’ hands and return soon. They bow to Ae Shin’s Grandfather. They walk through the wood under the darkness of the solar eclipse.

Hee Sung watches at the solar eclipse.

Dong Mae watches at the solar eclipse.

Hee Na watches at the solar eclipse.

You know big events are in the offing!

My Thoughts

Writer Kim Eun Sook hit a home run in this superb episode.  The political machinations were fascinating. The trio of men that work to protect Ae Shin laid their cards on the table. Ae Shin boldly rejected the engagement. Hee Sung demanded his parents officially break the engagement. Director Lee’s cinematography was excellent. I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!!

Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) met Ae Shin’s Grandfather as the man Ae Shin loved. Eugene was deferential and left when Ae Shin advised him to. He knows Ae Shin is on lock-down due to her defiance. He loves her for her willingness to go the wall for them. Eugene accepted the military academy position in exchange for the mountain his parents are buried. Loved his deadpan explanation to Emperor Gojong while Lord Lee watched in exasperation.

Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) battled with her Grandfather, but in a respectful manner. It didn’t go over well. The power struggle ended in house detention. But Eugene was summoned. Ae Shin clearly stated Eugene was the man she loved to her appalled Grandfather. Hee Na helped Ae Shin when she requested. I’m loving the increased connection between these two. Finally, the longing between Eugene and Ae Shin was palpable and utterly perfect.

Goo Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) went to Ae Shin’s Grandfather.  He couldn’t believe the Dong Mae darkened his door to inform him that he was under surveillance. But after that visit he knew his letters to the scholars were never sent. His hope revived, Ae Shin’s Grandfather sent the rebels to deliver the letters. I love Dong Mae. Any scene he is in, I’m riveted.

Hee Na (Kim Min Jung) suspected Mrs. Kang was a spy for her father. Her fencing sword bonded the women but Mrs. Kang avoided Hee Na’s offers and fled. Hee Na is fascinating. More please.

Kim Hee Sung (Byun Yo Han) clearly showed his intent to support Ae Shin out of love. His parents were gob smacked that he was willing to break the engagement, that he knew about his family’s actions in regard to Eugene’s family, that he had Grandfather’s little black book and was blackmailing folks with it. Yep, this was THE BEST episode for Hee Sung to far! I’m thrilled have his murkiness clarified.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as excellent. My episode ranking chart is below.

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20 comments on “Mr. Sunshine Episode 16 Recap
  1. Lolita says:

    KJT — I do so love your recaps because they coincide with what I myself am seeing on the screen (subtitles in tow)… it’s like “yeah, that’s exactly the way I understood it…”

    Re: “Emperor Gojong’s wife (?)” — I was a bit confused when on Hee na’s visit to the palace she had addressed the woman that she met with as “Your Highness” — and I’m thinking, “wait a minute, isn’t she supposed to be dead?”; on one of the sites it mentioned that she was a Royal Concubine; so I guess, back in the day, that’s about the same as a wife, right (in this case, the second one?) — just reading up on the history of this time, I’m pretty sure if the first wife had lived, history may have played out more in Joeson’s favor (…so I’d like to think) — and that’s why the Japanese got rid of her (and that was Grandpa’s warning to Ae-shin for being too curious about the outside world …) Also, I believe it was a Court Lady that was escorting Ae-shin to the meeting with Her Highness (when the entourage bumped into Eugene).

    Hope this doesn’t sound like I’m being critical, because I’m not. But whenever I’m puzzled by something, I always look for clarification. Speaking of which: I’ve noticed the word “shameless” was used a few times — is that the same as being brazen or outspoken? And the phrase “cut to the chase” was also used quite a few times (most recently by Rionie) — is that a literal translation from the Korean language? …I realize that sometimes translators will use present-day phrasing for expediency and clarity purposes… I was just curious about this particular phrase because it seemed (to me) to be somewhat out of place (but I could be wrong)…

    Thank you again — you’ve made Mr. Sunshine so much more enjoyable for me…


    • I was a bit confused when on Hee na’s visit to the palace she had addressed the woman that she met with as “Your Highness” — and I’m thinking, “wait a minute, isn’t she supposed to be dead?”; on one of the sites it mentioned that she was a Royal Concubine; … I believe it was a Court Lady that was escorting Ae-shin to the meeting with Her Highness (when the entourage bumped into Eugene).
      Lolita, appreciate the clarification. I must say, this series isn’t always 100% clear. If we cobble our knowledge, a better understanding is achieved.

      Hope this doesn’t sound like I’m being critical, because I’m not. But whenever I’m puzzled by something, I always look for clarification.
      You don’t sound critical at all. Clarification is wonderful to seek out. I don’t always have the time and appreciate shared knowledge.

      So glad you are enjoying Mr. Sunshine too. I can’t believe we’ve seen 66% of the series. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      The Emperor’s 👑 first wife WAS the last Empress 👑, who was assassinated by the Japanese 🇯🇵, which was mentioned in an earlier episode. So the wife or Royal Concubine was the person referred to as her Highness, as she was considered to be a member of the Royal Family, although not designated as an Empress 👑.

      Lolita, I’ve seen 뻔뻔한 (ppeonppeonhan) used frequently and synonymously in many dramas as shameless, thick-faced or -skined, bold, brazen or outspoken (none of which are considered to be polite behavior in Asian society).

      I haven’t picked up on the phraseology of “cut to the chase”.


      • Beez says:

        @JT – I’m impressed with your knowledge of written Hangul (is it called “Hangul” when it’s written?) Have you been learning Korean? What method are you using? I’ve been trying with Rosetta Stone and I’m so frustrated…


        • Jane Tilly says:

          My local school district WAS offering a variety of community classes including ESL, GED, various languages, crafts and hobbies, sports and specialty courses for things such making a will. My eonni and I have taken 3 Korean classes together: “Korean for Travelers”, which was speaking only (VERY BASIC) and then two parts of a beginning Korean class where we learned Hangeul and some grammar, so far we have only learned present and past tense. We were signed up for Korean part three at the beginning of the summer, but it was cancelled for lack of students. The school district has since ceased all Community Education except for ESL and GED courses for lack of funding. I’m not sure if we learned as much as you would in a college level Korean 101 class but we had fun and we understand Korean just a little bit better.

          Two years ago, when I was living with her, my eonni made Hangeul stickers to label items throughout her house to increase our understanding of vocabulary and Hangeul. For instance in the bathroom there were stickers for bathroom (화장실), mirror (거울), soap, (비누) and of course most importantly tissue (휴지). Hence my eonni is better at reading and writing Hangeul than I am. I seem to be able to understand spoken language better than she does. I’m not sure I can call myself conversant in Korean, but I can briefly step out the room while watching a drama and understand the general gist of what is being said from the vocabulary I have learned, but I’m lost on any nuance.

          One of my younger sisters has hosted foreign exchange students for years for a local universities Intensive English course. She has had students from Taiwan, Haiti and several from Japan. She just got her first Korean student named Chung Ah a couple of weeks ago. I met her last weekend and confirmed my hypothesis that Google Translate (even though that’s usually where I copy Hanguel words) is not always accurate as I would like when trying to explain the word “sassy”.

          I have a Korean client who lives in NYC, who has taught me some phrases and helped me with my pronunciation and some grammar. It helps to have a native speaker to converse.

          Pinterest has a lot of vocabulary (look for K-idol flashcards and “Easy to Learn Korean”) and YouTube has some good videos for vocabulary, pronounciation and grammar.

          Bottom line, I take as many opportunities as possible to learn Korean.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I’ve had a LONG WEEK, so I decided to post my comments without much organization, as I’ve continued to be late on my recap comments.

    I wondered if Hee Sung 🃏 exhibited noble qualities because he 💖s Ae Shin🔫👸 or does he have an ulterior motive❓⁉️ Hee Sung 🃏 was such a ham in the way he passed out, but seriously, he was VERY SWEET 🍭 to take the blame for the broken 🚫💍 engagement. OMO Mrs. Haman pitied Ae Shin 🔫👸, Hee Sung 🃏 and Eugene 🎖️ for their loneliness … she’s not wrong.

    I 💖 how Hee Na 👘 was vague about her relationship with Ae Shin 🔫👸 to Eugene 🎖️. He 🎖️ noticed Hee Na 👘 did not flinch at see Ae Shin 🔫 👸 in her manly disguise.

    Gotta 💗 Master Seung Goo 🥋 for doing “as the Romans” and leaving his shoes on as he entered Eugene’s 🎖️ hotel 🏨 room. Potter Hwang ⚱️ seems to be ruing the breakdown of his friendship with Eugene 🎖️… will they meet again❓⁉️

    I had a feeling that Ae Shin’s servants would visit Eugene 🎖️ in attempt to quell Grandpa Go’s 👴 anger. OMO, Eugene’s 🎖️ visit to Grandpa Go 👴 opened a can of worms 🐛. As if it wasn’t bad enough for Ae Shin 🔫👸 to break her 🚫💍engagement, Eugene 🎖️ being an American 🇺🇸 and then realizing he 🎖️ was a slave exasperated Grandpa Go 👴. Will Ae Shin 🔫👸 have to wait until Grandpa Go 👴 dies to be with Eugene 🎖️❓⁉️ I 💗 Ae Shin jumping over the wall wearing her hanbok in pursuit of Eugene 🎖️. I think these lovers 💕 will have to endure a lot more LONGING (🌲-ing) before they will be able to be together. It will happen, won’t it❓⁉️ Nevertheless, our OTP had a lovely American 🇺🇸 fantasy, complete with a zebra (remember the card, “Z” is for Zebra❓). Ha Ha Ha. Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 organza dress with the dark green sash was JUST LOVELY and Eugene 🎖️ looked smart in his linen suit. Oh that reality could be so BEAUTIFUL❣️

    Apparently the Emperor’s 👑 wife has no clue Lee Wan Ik 🎩 is Hee Na’s 👘 father…does the Emperor 👑 know…❓⁉️ Surely trusted Minister Lee MUST know. Why would the Emperor 👑 capitulate to circulating Japanese currency❓⁉️ Lee Wan Ik 🎩 made NO ATTEMPT to hide his glee with that announcement; it won’t be long before the Japanese 🇯🇵 take over the Joseon 🇰🇷 economy. Fear of losing control of their economy is precisely why some EU nation’s are talking about or starting to go back to their own currency and the reason Great Britain 🇬🇧 never adopted the euro 💶 to begin with.

    Dong Mae’s 🗡️ appearance was brief, but impactful this episode; he IS a Dark Knight. Thank goodness Dong Mae 🗡️ figured out Lord (Grandpa) Go’s 👴 letters 💌 were destroyed; gratefully, Dong Mae 🗡️ I formed Lord Go 👴 that his letters 💌 were burned 🔥 and that someone (Lee Wan Ik 🎩) was targeting 🎯 him, which was a great service. I’m glad Lord Go 👴t continued to pursue his plan using an army of messengers to deliver his letters 💌 to the scholars.

    I cracked up at Eugene’s 🎖️ timidity, but willingness to conspire with the Pawn Brothers to forge 📝 documents for the noble young men whose families were destroyed by Lee Wan Ik 🎩 to gain entrance to the military academy. I 💗 that these young nobles recognized they are going to have to toughen up and build their 💪stamina after growing up in lives of luxury to succeed at the Academy. Are these young men simply after obtaining weapons❓⁉️

    Hee Sung 🃏 gave his parents a “Come to Jesus” moment when he informed them that he is aware of the truth of Eugene’s 🎖️ family tragedy, the broken 🚫💍 engagement and his career choice. It seems Hee Sung 🃏 wanting to become a newspaper 📰 man has GIVEN HIM A PURPOSE for the first time in this series. It even legitimizes his gambling 🎲🎲; after all, he’s collecting news 📰 … right❓⁉️ I 💗-ed Hee Sung’s 🃏 retort “we have something in common” to Ae Shin’s cousin blabbing that Ae Shin 🔫👸 can’t embroider. I concur with KJT that “Hee Sung continues to inch up in my esteem.” especially when he tenderly told Ae Shin 🔫 👸 that he would take the blame for the broken 🚫 💍 engagement. The act of Hee Sung 🃏 releasing Ae Shin 🔫👸 from the commitment of their engagement, ironically enabled him to be a genuine contender 🥊, worthy of her hand … although a little too late …

    Jang Seung Goo 🥋 may not be the best person to be in charge of palace security seeing that he has a vendetta against the Emperor 👑. Can Master Seung Goo 🥋 overcome his vendetta for the sake of Joseon 🇰🇷❓⁉️

    Eugene 🎖️ was NOT careful with his words in front of the Emperor 👑, but his deadpan was humorous. I 💗💟💖 how Eugene 🎖️ spoke DIRECTLY to Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 heart 💓 as he directed his words to Emperor’s 👑 wife; pleasing both in the process. The cinematography was once again STUNNING, especially the solar eclipse 🌑 portended a very ominous feeling.


    • I’ve had a LONG WEEK
      You’ve made it through. I take the one day at a time approach and soldier on.

      I think these lovers 💕 will have to endure a lot more LONGING (🌲-ing) before they will be able to be together. It will happen, won’t it❓⁉️ Nevertheless, our OTP had a lovely American 🇺🇸 fantasy, complete with a zebra (remember the card, “Z” is for Zebra❓). Ha Ha Ha. Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 organza dress with the dark green sash was JUST LOVELY and Eugene 🎖️ looked smart in his linen suit. Oh that reality could be so BEAUTIFUL❣️
      I’m not sure our couple will ever achieve the lovely fantasy we enjoyed this episode. I want them to. I see leaving Korea as their only option. But not sure it will happen. I have to hesitate with a historical, though Writer Kim doesn’t destroy her carefully crafted couples.

      Fear of losing control of their economy is precisely why some EU nation’s are talking about or starting to go back to their own currency and the reason Great Britain 🇬🇧 never adopted the euro 💶 to begin with.
      Good point.

      Dong Mae’s 🗡️ appearance was brief, but impactful this episode; he IS a Dark Knight.
      Perfectly put.

      Hee Sung 🃏 wanting to become a newspaper 📰 man has GIVEN HIM A PURPOSE for the first time in this series.
      Agreed. I like it.

      I 💗💟💖 how Eugene 🎖️ spoke DIRECTLY to Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 heart 💓 as he directed his words to Emperor’s 👑 wife; pleasing both in the process. The cinematography was once again STUNNING, especially the solar eclipse 🌑 portended a very ominous feeling
      Eugene’s directness in all situations is one of my favorite things about this character. It was a lovely moment. Director Lee spoils us with the visuals of this series.


    • Beez says:

      “Oh that reality could be so BEAUTIFUL❣️” Jane Tilly
      It was a sweet imaginative moment for Ae shin but unfortunately my imagination is thinking David Copperfield and what 19th century life was really like in New York city (isn’t that where Eugene is from?)
      I see life on a soldier’s salary as living in a dark, stuffy, rat and roach infested tenement building where a very pregnant Ae shin takes in others’laundry and ironing just to help Eugene make ends meet for their 4 kids they have already. 😢


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yep, Beez that is a likely scenario of reality for turn of the century NYC. I’m guessing there would likely be some racial discrimination as well. Books and movies of that timeframe indicate ALL Asians were referred to as “China men”. But nevertheless, the fantasy was LOVELY❣️

        Beez mentioned soldiers pay not being that great, which makes me wonder how Eugene 🎖️ lived so high … how did he manage to pay for a hotel 🏨 room, drinks for the frenemies (he seems to be the one to foot the tab), gifts (beer 🍺 for Potter Hwang ⚱️) etc. and all his transactions with the Pawn Brothers❓⁉️


  3. Beez says:

    “Seung Goo counters that they’ll have enough folks against them, he’ll be in their corner.” kjt’s recap
    Seung goo just became more interesting to me. (Probably because he takes his stance based on being the opposite of everyone else. I identify.) 😁


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I agree Seung Goo 🥋 is becoming a more interesting character. He has a vendetta against the Emperor 👑 due his 👑 lack of concern for the citizens in the conflict with the American 🇺🇸 conflict in the 1870s at the beginning of the year series. It was only the last couple of episodes we learned that Potter Hwang’s ⚱️ pro-Joseon rebel group was actually afflicted with the Emperor 👑; that would cause Seung Goo 🥋 to be conflicted and have pause. Potter Hwang ⚱️ acknowledged Seung Goo 🥋 was more emotional than Ae Shin 🔫 👸 last episode.

      Will Seung Goo 🥋 be able to objectively protect the Emperor 👑❓⁉️


  4. Beez says:

    Writer Kim Eun sook is the master of iconic moments. Instead of following tropes, she creates her own new ones for others to copy. In referring to Eugene stooping to put on Ae shin’s shoe which reminds me of that other iconic moment in DOTS where Song Joon ki stooped to tie Song Ky hyo’s bootlace.

    This writer will always be remembered for kissing cream off the lips and turning sit-ups into sexual tension and many other romantic and highly humorous moments.


    • Eugene stooping to put on Ae shin’s shoe which reminds me of that other iconic moment in DOTS where Song Joon ki stooped to tie Song Ky hyo’s bootlace.
      Excellent parallel reference Beez!

      Writer Kim is a winning writer that I will follow until she stops creating dramas.


  5. Beez says:

    I can’t help but point out that Jane Tilly used the right word, “fantasy”, to describe Ae shin’s thoughts on being with Eugene in America. The zebra on the university lawn was more likely to happen than the diversity picnic she imagined. I’m just pointing out an observation. I’m actually glad to see Kim Eun sook’s portrayal of how SHE (the writer) envisions America. It’s nice. And definitely more refreshing to see than how African Americans are usually depicted in Kdrama.


    • I’m actually glad to see Kim Eun sook’s portrayal of how SHE (the writer) envisions America. It’s nice.
      It was a lovely moment. Fear of others that are different is the basis for much of the world’s strife. This fact is the ugly truth that the US struggles with to this day. Will diversity ever be seen as enriching versus a threat?


  6. Beez says:

    You know, I must be subversive because I couldn’t help laughing, so hard, as Ae shin’s grandfather received each bit of info about Aeshin’s personal rebellion: Not marrying your arranged spouse?! Because you love another MAN?!! Not marrying at all?!!! He’s American, our ENEMY?!!!! He was born a SLAVE?!!!!!! I was dyin’ laughing at each revelation. His reaction was exactly how I envisioned it would be. lololol


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I do understand Grandpa Go’s 👴 desire to see his granddaughter protected by marriage to a wealthy family. We know his other granddaughter, Ae Sun was NOT protected in her miserable marriage. I simply CANNOT picture Ae Shin 🔫 👸 content with Hee Sung 🃏, even as much as my opinion of him 🃏 has improved, let alone being content with his miserable family. I’m not sure Hee Sung’s 🃏 bumbling parents would be capable of protecting her from the Japanese 🇯🇵 and their impending invasion, especially if her involvement with the rebels were known.

      It is interesting that Grandpa Go 👴 tolerated and even guided Ae Shin 🔫 👸 in learning how to take care of herself, which led to being involved in the rebel group and yet he was enraged 😠 at her considering ANYTHING less than a traditional arranged marriage; the “traditional” train 🚆 left the station YEARS AGO when she embraced the teachings of Master Seung Goo 🥋 and the rebel group.

      Gramps, you gave Ae Shin 🔫👸 wings to fly 🕊️, it would CRUSH her spirit to clip her wings now.


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