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Synopsis. Sketch is a 16 episode drama about a special police team with an edge. They have a member, Sargent Yoo Shi Hyun (Lee Sun Bin), who has visions of the future and sketches snapshot moments while in a trance. After she wakes she can’t remember the visions, so the team must decipher the sketches. Detective Kang Dong Soo (Rain) joins the team to seek retribution for a loss. Can he balance his personal desire for revenge with the need to be a team player? Will the team catch the evil forces at play?

What I Liked about Sketch

Writing. Sketch was intricate with many moments I didn’t see coming. Writer Kang Hyun Sung delivered episode after episode of riveting drama. The web between the characters became stronger and deeper with each episode. I loved the concept – can sketches from future moments be used to thwart crimes before they happen? Are the sketches fate or could characters’ choices alter the future? I was never bored in this series. I will watch the more series from this writer.

Leading Lady. Sargent Yoo Shi Hyun was the cornerstone of this series. She sketched future events. She wore a mantel of guilt believing her sketches contributed to the events occurring. She was ethical, brave, and a fighter. I was an absolute fan of this character.

Leading Man. Detective Kang Dong Soo was a wounded warrior but he was relentless in pursuing his goals. Initially his personal goals of retribution took priority over supporting his team. But that changed as the series evolved. He became a team player. I loved Dong Soo’s intelligence and frankness. He didn’t suffer fools gladly. He saw the reality of situations quickly. He said things clearly, succintly, and with candor. I was an absolute fan of this character.

What I Did Not Like about Sketch

Nothing. That may be an overstatement but thinking back, everything I didn’t dig is a quibble. This drama hit the right notes for me.

Would I Recommend Sketch?

Yes. Sketch is one of my favorite dramas of 2018. The intricate story, the web that connected all the characters, the blind side moments, the struggle of good versus evil, made this series a winner from start to finish.

Will There Be a Second Season?

I don’t know. I hope not only because second seasons typically aren’t better than the original season. IF Writer Kang wrote it AND the original characters were the core, a second season could work.


This was an eclectic enjoyable 5 song OST. The playlist below has them all and dramawiki has the details.
01. DZO “On This Strange Road”
02. SunBee “Light”
03. Damon “Sailing”
04. Kim Master “Becoming a Butterfly”
05. All Against “Sunset”

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10 comments on “Sketch Review
  1. snow says:

    This is on my plan list..glad you liked it


  2. Beez says:

    Very good summation, kjt. I’d love a second season of this (but as you said, under the right circumstances, otherwise leave well enough alone rather than ruin it). I, No. 1 Complainer, had no quibbles either and that’s saying a lot! (Oh, one quibble – Rain’s loose clothing and no shower scene to speak of.)

    I’m watching a drama from 2015 right now. My Beautiful Bride. I’m in episode 13 and it has been never a dull moment and EVERYTHING is unexpected. I don’t know why nobody seems to have watched this drama except the ladies that recommended it to me and it’s taken me years to get around to it. I recommend that all Kdrama lovers set aside whatever else they’re watching and watch this now! Unless they manage to ruin the next 2 episodes (we all know it’s possible) this will get ranked right up there with Chuno, SFD, and Healer and you guys know I’m fanatical about those shows. Bride is actually an even tighter story than Healer, but Healer remains unmatched only because of it’s OTP.


    • My least favorite episode was the first one. After that, this series hit the mark.

      I checked and DramaFever has My Beautiful Bride. I’ll check it out once I wrap up Lawless Lawyer. I’m due watching a series for fun.


      • Beez says:

        Viki has it too. I’m just saying Viki cause DF has gotten funky lately so I no longer have a membership with them and now when I try to use it like it used to be free, it will let me watch a couple of episodes and then not let me watch any more until I renew. But I’m ticked so I’m not renewing.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Outside of the numerous murders in this drama THE MOST HEINOUS CRIME was hiding Rain’s physique in ill-fitting, baggy clothing. At least Rain was redeemed with a nicely fitted slacks and shirt towards the end.

      Color 🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 how satisfied I was with a drama starring 🌟 Rain WITHOUT romance 💕.

      Beez, could SFD = Six Flying Dragons❓⁉️

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beez says:

        SFD does = Six Flying Dragons. And you know I rank SFD almost up there with Chuno. There are only 3 reasons it didn’t surpass Chuno: 1) my tendancy to be loyal to my first love of anything; 2) Chuno has more focus on romance; 3) Chuno has Jang Hyuk. After listing my reasons I can see they’re pretty superficial and I have to admit SFD is just better, epically, all around, but nothing can replace Chuno’s number one shot in my heart.

        So when I tell you My Beautiful Bride is now on my shortlist with Chuno, Tree, SFD, Chicago Typewriter and Healer- on my personal list where I rank dramas I gave it a 10.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I REALLY enjoyed “Sketch”. The storyline had twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat; I 💗 it when a story keeps me guessing. I also appreciate a story being constant and following the “rules” of the superpower: Shi Hyun’s 📝 sketches ✒️coming to fruition, even if they didn’t have the logical conclusion we expected ✳️SPOILER ALERT✳️ (i.e.: Dong Soo ⛈️ appeared to have killed Do Jin 🎖️, but it was a can of paint that spilled rather than Do Jin’s 🎖️ blood around his head) with the exception of Shi Hyun’s 📝 death, which we were grateful for. ✳️SPOILER OVER✳️

    Initially I was slightly annoyed 😒 that we never received an explanation of the origin of the superpowers, why they were bestowed on the two individuals or why their foretelling 🔮 powers were manifest differently. I decided later that shrouding the “whys” kept the naure of their powers more … supernatural … it’s all good. 👌

    My only complaint would be the unrealistic nature of the explosion 💣💥 that was fierce enough to blow out windows with a fireball 🔥, but left much of the room and its occupants relatively unscathed.

    I would heartily recommend spending your precious 💎 Kdrama watching 📺 time on “Sketch”❗


    • My only complaint would be the unrealistic nature of the explosion 💣💥 that was fierce enough to blow out windows with a fireball 🔥, but left much of the room and its occupants relatively unscathed.
      That’s a definite silly moment. I also found the first half of episode one silly with Dong Soo’s single handed pursuit of the villain and how long it took the police to arrive to support.

      I would heartily recommend spending your precious 💎 Kdrama watching 📺 time on “Sketch”❗
      I concur!


      • Beez says:

        Me too. I would say it’s worth it just to see Rain who always gives a great performance whether it’s music, acting in comedy or drama BUT this is also a good story on its own. No plot holes or storylines started and then abandoned with no explanation. Like kjt, if there’s something I just had to quibble over, it would be I would’ve liked an explanation why this sister and brother both have this power. If it were random individuals I could accept it without questioning. But since they’re siblings, it should’ve gave us something regarding the parents, or a shared strange event, or shared trauma that caused them both to receive the gift/curse.


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