Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? Sketch

Is a female character worthy to date someone I care about such as my brother? For this installment of Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? I reflect upon the lead female from the series Sketch.

Our candidate: Sargent Yoo Shi Hyun, portrayed by Lee Sun Bin, is police officer with a special gift to sketch the future from Sketch.

Background. Since childhood Sargent Yoo Shi Hyun had had the ability to sketch the future. Shi Hyun has visions that put her in a trance and she sketches what she sees, however she doesn’t remember the vision. What’s left are a series of sketches showing moments leading to a future crime. It is up to a special police team decipher the sketch and stop the future ill from occurring.

Her pluses:
UNSHAKABLE MORAL COMPASS. Shi Hyun’s moral compass didn’t waver. She didn’t give into the desire for revenge, she believed the criminal system would deliver justice. Her one slip was succumbing to pressure from her partner Detective Kang Dong Soo, portrayed by Rain, to give an experimental drug to a coma victim when the clock was ticking to get Team Evil.
SMART. Shi Hyun made connections quickly. This series was like a massive game of “connect the dots”. She didn’t see every blind side coming, but no character could.
TOOK A LICKING AND KEPT ON TICKING. Shi Hyun got pushed down many times in this series but she always got up, dusted herself off, and rejoined the effort to catch Team Evil.
HUMOR. I enjoyed the way she teased her partner Dong Soo. Why not enjoy little slices of time with laughter? There was a moment when they’d both been drinking where her hand grazed his head and you saw the potential for more than a professional relationship. But the timeframe for this series wasn’t the right for that.
FIGHTER. Shi Hyun could fight! All of the hand to hand fights were with men and Shi Hyun won more often than naught. Her fighting style was gritty using gravity and her leg strength to gain an advantage. Shi Hyun’s fights were just as intense as the male characters. That’s an unusual statement to make in a kdrama.
LOYALTY. Shi Hyun was loyal to those she loved and respected. She had your back. She was willing to die to save someone rather than cower in fear and save herself.

Her minuses:
STRUGGLED WITH GUILT. Shi Hyun felt responsible for the future event that her sketches foretold. She believed that her sketches guaranteed the future events would occur. She took the blame for what the sketches predicted. No matter who told her she wasn’t personally responsible, in Shi Hyun’s heart she felt responsible and guilty for the future her sketches revealed.

Would I Want Her to Date my Brother?
Shi Hyun is one of my favorite female characters of 2018. She has a long list of positives. I’d advise my brother that she’s worthy to date her but be frank that danger would be involved. It would be up to him if he’d be willing to proceed. 👍

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11 comments on “Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? Sketch
  1. Lady G. says:

    This is my next drama watch! I took a drama break. I’m just sorry to hear around there’s no romance in it. But I understand. Just like Voice, nothing either, but the chemistry was there. I like this feature on you blog. It’s more than just who’s good enough to date your brother, etc, you do a deep character analysis with strong, honest examples.


  2. Beez says:

    She’s awesome and I fangirl her but we have enough weirdos in my family already! I don’t want her anywhere in my vicinity to be trancin’ out and then possibly showing me my death or anyone else’s in the family. And we’ve all seen how trying to avoid the sketch destiny only sets you up for it.
    Now remove her sketch power and that’s an altogether different story.


    • Your strategy is to avoid so you and your family aren’t in her sketch zone.


    • Table122000 says:

      Have to agree with Beez here. I like the lady as a person, but as a life partner for my baby brother…no. Her sketch powers and the mental anguish that they give her–that’s a lot to deal with, plus being in law enforcement she’s in a risky profession. Sorry, but I’m not going to pull my brother into that situation,


      • Her sketch powers and the mental anguish that they give her–that’s a lot to deal with, plus being in law enforcement she’s in a risky profession. Sorry, but I’m not going to pull my brother into that situation
        Excellent points. You are a good sister!


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💗 Shi Hyun 📝, the Sketcher Girl. I concur with Beez, if there were no sketching ✒️ powers, I would give a hearty recommendation. With the sketching ✒️ powers, I would be more hesitant … would an advisory of the potential danger be enough❓⁉️ There’s also the matter of the psychotic brother … He is definitely a minus. Hmm …


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