Video: Wok of Love Series Video

Videos allow me to reflect on a series in a single Original Sound Track (OST) song.

Today’s video is Wok of Love: Series Video starring Lee Joon Ho as Seo Poong, Jung Ryeo Won as Sae Woo, and Jang Hyuk as Doo Chil Seong.

Wok of Love is a 17-episode (34 split episodes) kdrama about a chef that looses his job but finds friendship and love as he moves on.

The video (link) is set to a the upbeat “At That Time” by Young Jae of GOT7.

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One comment on “Video: Wok of Love Series Video
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💗 it, another series video nicely done. The 0:59 mark shows Lee Mi Sook sharing the screen with herself in her dual parts. I’m curious why they had her playing two parts; did they drop a storyline that linked the characters❓⁉️ Having the two characters being relatives would have put the kibosh on a relationship between Chil Seung 🕶️💛 and Sae Woo 🤺, which might have been nicer than making Sae Woo 🤺 into the girl who continued to send Chil Seung 🕶️💛 mixed signals.

    I think KJT deservedly gave a higher percentage of screen time to IV Lady/Veterinarian 🐈 than the series did. Giving Chil Seung 🕶️💛 the sweet 🍭 romance he deserved.

    I always enjoy the video recaps. THANKS for sharing.


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