Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? Wok of Love

I realized that I haven’t taken the opportunity to consider if a female character would be worthy to date someone I care about such as my brother.

For the first installment of Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? I reflect upon the lead female from the series Wok of Love.

Our candidate: Dan Sae Wooportrayed by  Jung Ryeo Won, is the down on her luck rich girl with a sunny smile from Wok of Love.

Background. Dan Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won) is jilted at the alter, her father is thrown in jail and his assets frozen then her horse gets sick. She flirts with suicide and meets Chef Seo Poong (Lee Joon Ho) who is similarly depressed because his wife has cheated on him and he’s been reassigned then fired from the hotel eatery. They agree to eat first and the sticky moment passes. Little does she know that Sae Poong’s fortune declares Sae Woo is his love. Short on cash, she turns to Doo Chil Seong (Jang Hyuk) for a loan. Sae Woo decides to earn a living by working in the eatery Seo Poong cooks at and Chil Seong owns. That puts her in constant contact with two men that are interested in her.

Her pluses:

SUNNY. Sae Woo had a sunny positive outlook (except when things were really dire). Her winning smile defused situations.
FAMILY LOYALTY. Sae Woo was loyal to her family recommending them all for positions at the eatery. She did her best to respect her mother, even when she didn’t approve of Sae Woo’s choice in a man (Seo Poong).
DETERMINED. Sae Woo found her calling in cooking. This surprised her. The kitchen is a man’s world and bullying behavior is commonplace. Sae Woo withstood tons of abuse and didn’t stop cooking. She worked through the physical demands of the position. She refused to quit even when everyone wanted her to.

Her minuses:

She couldn’t be straight with Chil Seong when he declared his feelings and she KNEW she didn’t like him. Instead she tap danced around and didn’t give him to courtesy of honesty. It can be difficult to be honest, especially if someone’s feelings may be at stake and you are concerned you’ll be disliked. I wanted Sae Woo to tell Chil Seong she wasn’t interested – because she wasn’t ready for a relationship – and say it with absolute certainty. She would have communicated clearly. He would understand she wasn’t that into him.

Would I Want Her to Date my Brother?

No. Her less than honest treatment of Chil Seong left a bad taste in my mouth. I’d advise my brother to find another woman to date. 👎


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13 comments on “Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? Wok of Love
  1. Beez says:

    Even though she did tell Chil seung straight out verbally, she was the Queen of Mixed Signals. I wouldn’t want my brother led on, nor actually becoming her boyfriend which might involve a conflict with some man she led on. Imagine someone like an angry Chil seung coming after your brother because he’s misconstrued Seo woo’s signals.
    Btw, kjt, I’m glad you thought to do this. 🙂


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    What a fresh perspective on the “Would You Date” concept.

    Agreed that the propensity of Sae Woo 🤺 to give mixed signals is NO 🙅‍♀️ BUENO. However, if the cheery Sae Woo 🤺 genuinely liked my brother it I might consider it … NO I TAKE IT BACK I don’t think I would want to subject my brother to be to being scrutinized and rejected by the Onion Queen 🌰👸.


    • Sae Woo wasn’t intentionally mean to Chil Seong but it was hurtful. I do think that women don’t want to be “mean”. What she did was more hurtful than if she’d had a one and done conversation on the matter.


  3. Table122000 says:

    I like that you are expanding the “Would I Date…” concept to include female characters as well as the male. Keep them coming! And…no, I wouldn’t want my brother to date Sae Woo either.


    • Beez says:

      On the bright side, if Sae woo can be taught about sending mixed signals (and I think the mixed signals were a result of her fragile-at-the-time ego enjoying the boost (although that’s no excuse for hurting a nice guy)) (what was I talking about?) Oh yeah – since Sae woo doesn’t seem too bright (imo), she might make a good sister-in-law (once she learns the flirting with mixed signals lesson) because I don’t see her pulling mean or sleezy manipulations. And anything she did try to cover up won’t be too well thought out and easily seen through. lol


    • Glad you like the concept! There will be more.


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