Mr. Sunshine Episode 8 Recap

Mr. Sunshine Episode 8 Recap

Korea, 1902.

Kim Hee Sung (Byun Yo Han) warns Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) and Goo Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) that they better not mess with him or things will get ugly. Eugene scoffs that Hee Sung is acting like a noble. He warns Hee Sung not to put her between them again and simply be the man in the room next door. Dong Mae declares they should fight each other with only one survivor. Dong Mae leaves. Hee Sung tells Eugene that he’s revealed his streak of determination. He knows Eugene has hunted his parents. Eugene states that Hee Sung was there invitro on the day his family killed his parents. Eugene says Hee Sung’s grandfather told a 9-year-old boy the sins of the parents fall to the child. Eugene warns Hee Sung the same holds true with him. If Hee Sung crosses him, he will pay. Eugene ends the conversation by telling Hee Sung that he knows nothing about pain and suffering. Therefore, he shouldn’t whine. Hee Sung considers Eugene’s words.

Wow! Eugene laid out the facts and warned Hee Sung not to mess with him. I love the steely stare Eugene gave Hee Sung.

In his room, Eugene tends his bullet wound.

Outside, Hee Sung recalls seeing Ae Shin when he went to her house.

Walking the streets, Dong Mae recalls touching Ae Shin’s skirt. He tells the baker that he doesn’t want the candy anymore declaring it so sweet that it is bitter.

Eugene is number one but Dong Mae tugs my heart. Hee Sung doesn’t have sufficient substance.

The owner of the Geisha house Hawawollu meets with Dong Mae and declares he can’t face the Japanese minister because one of his girls was Korean not Japanese which created the incident with the cruel Japanese solider being shot. Dong Mae notes that solider is now dead. Dong Mae says he’s willing to buy but the value is decreased due to the scandal.

Dong Mae takes over the Geisha house Hawawollu and requires all those working there to provide family history to be scrutinized. Dong Mae stares out the window and realizes that this spot was perfect for an assassin. He wonders who will die next.

Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) struggles to focus during target practice. Her thought return to Eugene and how he took the blame for shooting the cruel Japanese solider.  Jang Seung Goo (Choi Moo Sung) scolds her rash behavior and how it put her in jeopardy and allowed the American solider to intervene. Ae Shin is firm, the woman the cruel Japanese solider was hurting had to be saved. She was a comrade in their band of rebels (aka the Righteous Army). She’s relieved when Seung Goo confirms the woman is okay. Seung Goo relays the woman’s thanks. He declares each of them are cogs in the Righteous Army. He hopes if they succeed, history will know their names.

Emperor Gojong is surprised when his minister informs him that Eugene was born in Korea. The minister suggests that Eugene might be willing to help his country of birth by finding or sharing information about the certificate that could dethrone Emperor Gojong.

Hee Na (Kim Min Jung) receives a note that states “help Emperor Gojong”. She burns the note.

It makes sense that HG would be on the opposite side of her controlling traitorous father.

Hee Na goes to Eugene and surprises him with the news Emperor Gojong wants to meet with him. She advises him to only speak in English and let the translators do their job. She admits she switched the room key at the hotel. That surprises Eugene. She confesses the situation is embarrassing. She tells him how he will be brought to the palace.

Eugene has no clue that Hee Na likes him.

Eugene stares at the sky and tells the boy he saved he doesn’t knew if he is the black bird or the sky.

Hee Sung’s grandfather tells his servant the saying is true, a black bird in the sky can ruin everything. He wonders where the boy (Eugene) is. Seung Goo asks him to fund the escape of the woman comrade. Hee Sung’s grandfather ruefully says the money he’s given to the rebels ended up killing his own son. He guesses that Ae Shin is an active member. He asks Seung Goo not to use her often and sometimes keep information from her. He gives Seung Goo a bag of cash. Seung Goo is grateful.

Ae Shin calls to Seung Goo as he crosses the courtyard. They speak in private. Ae Shin guesses that Seung Goo came for cash to get the woman rebel out of town. She tells Seung Goo she’ll help on this mission then skip the next several missions. Seung Goo warns her she’s risking her life. Ae Shin is calm and sure she must help.

Eugene meets with Emperor Gojong who assumes that he’s happy to be back in the land of his birth and helping them fight the Japanese tyranny. Eugene counters that he’s American not Korean and that is where his loyalty lies. He’s surprised when the interpreter tells Emperor Gojong that America recommends that Korea submit to the Japanese. Emperor Gojong’s trusted minister sends the interpreter away after revealing that Eugene is fluent. The interpreter quickly exits the palace. Emperor Gojong asks about Eugene’s family. He reveals his father and mother were slaves and he doesn’t know his ancestry. That changes everything. The minister tells Emperor Gojong the interview should end. Emperor Gojong thanks Eugene and ends the interview. The minister apologizes for not doing a more thorough background check. Emperor Gojong believes that Eugene doesn’t have love for his birth country. Little do they know that Eugene brought the pawn certificate with him.

Hee Sung’s mother is not happy to learn that Hee Sung’s father pawned the tassel Eugene’s mother took from her when she told him to flee all those years ago.

Hee Sung’s mother goes to the pawn shop and repurchases the tassel. She glares at the owners (Il Sik and Choon Sik) when they tell her the repurchase price is higher. They relent. Ha! She notices a watch. They explain her son pawned the watch. She can’t believe it.

Hee Sung can’t believe it when he literally runs into his mother outside the pawn shop. He lies that he was just passing by. She doesn’t believe him and smacks him when she shows him the watch she repurchased. Hee Sung asks about the day he was born. He asks if there was a tragic incident involving a 9-year-old slave boy. His mother stiffens and claims she must get home to make lunch for his father. She presses the watch into his hand and tells him to lie low at the hotel. Hee Sung sighs knowing Eugene’s story has merit.

Hee Sung walks the street and remembers a slave begging for mercy from his father, but it fell on deaf ears. The tailor’s assistant introduces himself. He tells Hee Sung to stop by the shop so they can get his current measurements. Ae Shin has a suit made for him each year and shipped to his location. Alone, Hee Sung muses that Ae Shin wants the engagement annulled yet she had a suit made for him each year.

Ae Shin looks at the suit she wears when she masquerades as a man. She recalls that Eugene unmasked her and didn’t return her mask.

Kyle (David McInnis) calls to Eugene when he enters the consulate grounds. He asks about the mask in his room. Eugene admits it belongs to a woman. Kyle teases Eugene that he let a woman into his room. Eugene admits he let a woman into his heart. Kyle quickly guesses Ae Shin is the woman. Irked Eugene refuses to confirm, instead he suggests they get tea.

I was surprised by Eugene’s admission that his heart was touched.

Eugene shows Kyle the pawn certificate and explains that its significance. Kyle asks what Eugene will do with it. Eugene admits he doesn’t know. Kyle’s belief is that once America takes over the Philippines, they won’t care about Korea’s fate. But he does think that Eugene should return the certificate to its owner. He warns Eugene to take care. He wants them both to leave Korea intact when their assignment ends.  Eugene ponders what to do.

Kyle is a good sounding board for Eugene.

Eugene visits Emperor Gojong’s trusted minister. He says he knows the interpreter mispresented his words to Emperor Gojong lying that America recommends that Korea submit to the Japanese. The minister asks why he’s come. Eugene admits he has had a change of heart and is willing to help Korea. The minister doubts him because of his background. Eugene tells the minister it wasn’t easy coming here but if his helped isn’t wanted, so be it.

As Eugene reenters the center of town he notices soldiers stopping and questioning everyone. Eugene’s interpreter Gwan Su (Jo Woo Jin) tells him that they are searching for the woman that the Japanese solider pulled from the Geisha house Hawawollu who has now disappeared. Eugene sees Ae Shin’s palanquin and entourage approaching. The soldiers want to search even when the male servant informs them who the occupant is. Ae Shin complies and exits. The soldiers show her a drawing of the missing woman. They declare a Korean woman that worked as a Japanese Geisha deserves what she gets. Ae Shin comment the situation is sad and exits. Eugene watches her palanquin go.

Eugene knows he wants to protect Ae Shin even at his own risk.

Ae Shin tells her female servant that she needs to come up with a reason to visit the port town.

We know she’ll help the woman rebel get to the port town.

Preparation are made to honor Ae Shin’s parents.

The Japanese minister wants Dong Mae to find the missing woman. He scoffs that everyone is looking for her already. The Japanese minister tells Dong Mae to go to the port town and block the water exit options. He’s sure she’ll try to flee to China. He gives Dong Mae a travel certificate issued for a group. He believes she’ll be in this group. Dong Mae demands upfront payment for the job.

I like Dong Mae’s disrespect to the Japanese minister. That guy needs a kick in the pants.

Dong Mae’s men persuade one of members of the group to identify the group will travel in 3 days and the woman will be transferred to a boat at noon to exit the country. Dong Mae believes the man as he swears he’s telling the truth.

Seung Goo goes to the American consul to see Eugene. He flashes back to the day the village was defeated by Americans and he was surrounded. In his office, Eugene asks Seung Goo if the missing woman is okay and if Seung Goo is the rebel leader. Seung Goo grabs the rifle on Eugene’s desk and aims it at him. Eugene doesn’t flinch. Eugene quips that everyone threatens to kill him. Flashback to Ae Shin’s servant and Dong Mae threatening to kill Eugene. Ha! Seung Goo demands to know why Eugene helped the missing woman. Eugene counters he helped a rebel man (Ae Shin in disguise) help the missing woman. Seung Goo doesn’t understand why Eugene isn’t questioning those he suspects are rebels. Eugene maintains he only wants to help. Seung Goo has an idea how he can.

Eugene is right. He’s the poster child for the person to threaten.

Dong Mae and his men stride through the train traveling to the port town. He looks at the travelers as he strides through. Dong Mae and his men arrive at the port town. In front of the ship, Dong Mae directs them to search anyone that looks suspicious. The woman doesn’t appear at the appointed time. Dong Mae wonders why some of the travelers on the train aren’t passengers on this ship. He realizes the missing woman is being smuggled on a different train. He declares they must meet the 1pm train. The rebels realize their ploy has been discerned. They fire weapons to create a distraction. Dong Mae’s second in charge and his men engage the firing men. Dong Mae yells this is a distraction but the men don’t hear him in the gunfire.

Dong Mae realizes he can call the train station to trap the woman. He runs to the phone with Ae Shin’s gun trained on him but she can’t get a clean shot. She follows him via the rooftop. But she doesn’t shoot him, she shoots the phone disabling it. Dong Mae spies the black clad figure fleeing on the rooftops.

Flashback…Seung Goo tells Eugene they’ve let it be known the missing woman is fleeing to China via boat at the port town. He knows once Dong Mae and his men realize that was a ruse, the land escape route will be shut down. Seung Goo says the woman will be on the second train and they plan to stop Dong Mae from searching the train. Seung Goo knows the American soldiers are not searched. He asks for Eugene’s help. Eugene questions Seung Goo’s faith in him. Seung Goo retorts that Eugene proved himself by shooting himself in the arm to save her. Eugene clarifies the woman he was trying to save was Ae Shin. He murmurs he must save the other woman now.

I missed that Eugene shot himself in the arm when he strode towards the cruel Japanese solider. I thought he discharged his weapon to prove it had been fired so he could claim he shot the Japanese solider.

I like Seung Goo going directly to Eugene for help. I like Eugene clarifying his focus has always been saving Ae Shin.

Eugene asks Kyle if he’d like to take a trip. Gwan Su offers himself to serve as interpreter. He tells Eugene he believes the trip is connected to the missing woman and he wants to help. Eugene accepts his help.

I like Eugene not denying the truth to Gwan Su.

Eugene wishes the woman (dressed like a man) a safe journey. She thanks him for his help and apologizes for searching his hotel room. She asks why he’s helping her. Eugene says he wants Korea to stand politically a bit longer. Kyle rides up and says its time to go. Kyle, the woman and Gwan Su leave.

I doubt Kyle understands that he’s helping a fugitive.

Hee Sung stares at his watch and doesn’t understand why it keeps coming back to him. He drinks and lies on his bed. He recalls the tailor’s assistant mentioning the suit Ae Shin had made. He wonders why.

Ae Shin crosses the rooftops to the train station. Dong Mae follows her and takes aim but he can’t get a clean shot. He leaps to the rooftop. He takes aim. He has Ae Shin in his sights. He recognizes her!!!!

Instead his shooting to kill, he aims his gun for her legs as she leaps across the rooftops. Ae Shin is hit! She falls to the ground. Dong Mae races to where she should be, but she’s gone. Dong Mae’s men arrive. He orders them to return to the village. He believes the ship and train were merely a ruse. Dong Mae’s second in command asks why Dong Mae won’t come with him. Dong Mae stares at the blood on the ground and declares there is something he must do.

I was sure Dong Mae recognized her. Then I was surprised he shot her. Now he hunts the rooftop shooter. Does he know it is Ae Shin? If so, what price will be demand for silence or will he turn her in? That’s hard to believe, she’s the woman of his dreams.

Kyle’s entourage is stopped and the soldiers want to question the party. Kyle intervenes and demands to know why he’s being delayed. Gwan Su inaccurately translates his words and explains Kyle is like this. The soldiers send the entourage through the checkpoint.

Ae Shin’s wound is tended. Her female servant tells her to stay lucid. The other woman is worried because the wound is deep and requires stiches. The female servant declares she’ll stich her mistress.

The male and female servant burn Ae Shin’s clothes.

At the water, Kyle wishes the woman a safe journey which Gwan Su accurately translates. Kyle and Gwan Su watch the woman escape on the boat and smile at a job well done.

Kyle DID know. Nice!

Dong Mae waits at the train station hoping that Ae Shin does not show.

Ae Shin arrives at the train station. Dong Mae isn’t happy.

Dong Mae is in her path. He notes she’s there early. Ae Shin claims she was at the temple. She tries to pass Dong Mae. He blocks her path. She tells him to get out of her way or she’ll kill him. Dong Mae chuckles that he doesn’t believe that. Ae Shin looks into his eyes and declares she could do it but doubts he could do the same. Bam! She walks past him. Dong Mae lets her go.

Wow! Fabulous scene. Ae Shin’s steely stare told Dong Mae she meant business.

Dong Mae murmurs he wishes she hadn’t done that. Now he knows who she is and that she knows his weakness for her.

Wow! Dong Mae is embarrassed to have his veil of worship used against him. That hit his ego. Did he love for Ae Shin just turn to hate?

Ae Shin sags in relief on the train. She bandages her leg tighter.

Ae Shin is bad ass!

Hee Sung stares at the tailor shop.

Oh gee, everyone is figuring Ae Shin’s secrets out today.

Eugene returns to the blacksmith for the music box. He leaves to get it from his work room. Dong Mae arrives. He’s here to get his sword repaired. He explains he faced a shooter yesterday. Dong Mae explains he can’t aim well, so the shooter’s leg was shot. Dong Mae says he lost the injured shooter and Eugene should be on the lookout for someone with an injured leg. That gets Eugene’s attention.

Dong Mae guesses that Eugene knows about Ae Shin. He’s right about that.

In his hotel room, Eugene listen to the music box play “What Child is This?”.

Ae Shin hobbles into the meeting spot. Eugene is waiting for her. Ae Shin is glad to see him. She asks how his wound is. Eugene asks how her wound is. He tells her Dong Mae is looking for a wounded shooter. Ae Shin teases that she was shot but she’s not a male. Eugene smiles. She thanks him for keeping her secret. She teases they are even for the boat ride. Eugene teases that boat ride cost him. Ae Shin says that love is hard. Eugene says they can stop whenever she wants. Ae Shin agrees but doesn’t want to stop today.

Ae Shin asks him what’s the next step in love. She notes they’ve introduced themselves and they’ve shook hands. Eugene says she won’t be able to do the next step which is a hug. Ae Shin flings herself at Eugene and hugs him. Stunned takes in the moment. Ae Shin explains she knows all the words that begin with “H”. She won’t let go. Eugene stands there wondering if this is a dream.

My Thoughts

Writer Kim Eun Sook and Director Lee Eung Bok delivered another compelling episode.   Frankly I’m relieved the last episode wasn’t an anomaly. It’s like that story has recached critical mass and it is finally hitting the mark. It took 6 episodes to hit its stride. Writer Kim put Ae Shin in jeopardy and she didn’t escape without paying a price. Dong Mae knows. Writer Kim had Eugene choose to support the rebels. Even Kyle did his part to help the woman rebel escape. Dong Mae suspects. Writer Kim had Hee Sung realize the suits made for him, weren’t the real story. Hee Sung suspects. This is tension. This is suspense. This is good.

Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) helped the rebels. Eugene made the choice to support the rebels. He involved Kyle too. He’s committed himself. Eugene also went the minister to help Emperor Gojong. Little did the minister know that Eugene has the pawn certificate that would free Emperor Gojong from those trying to dethrone or control him. I like that Eugene can’t stop himself. This is his destiny. This is what his heart is telling him to do. I have to chuckle because now Eugene is the stoic part of our pair. I’m thrilled that Ae Shin has warmed to him. Now Eugene needs to let himself reveal his feelings.

Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) must be respected. She took to the rooftop to distract and stop Dong Mae and his men from leaving in time to stop the real plan to whisk the woman rebel out of the country. She was bold, brave and decisive as she shot repeatedly to achieve the goal. The moment she scampered from the rooftop and saw Dong Mae was terrific. When she confronted him at the train tracks, she was stronger in her resolve than he was. That was riveting. She revealed the soft underside of Dong Mae and used it against him. He isn’t happy with that. But THE moment was the hug. It was utterly darling when she understood the English word “hug” and flew into Eugene’s arms. Her smile and teasing before the hug were wonderful. I can see them as a couple. Will they ever be able to be open? I don’t see how. Stolen moments may have to suffice.

Goo Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) knows Ae Shin is a rebel. It’s one thing to love from afar. It’s another to have it used against you. I don’t know if Dong Mae can forgive Ae Shin for that.

Kim Hee Sung (Byun Yo Han) realized the suit wasn’t for him. Hee Sung has proven he has a brain. What will he do to confirm his suspicions?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

We had a teaser of the fifth song of the OST at the end of the episode. Here’s the snippet:




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37 comments on “Mr. Sunshine Episode 8 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    “Hee Sung’s mother is not happy to learn that Hee Sung’s father pawned the tassel…” kjt
    Well, now we know for sure who is NOT the brains in the family.


  2. Beez says:

    I loved the 3-way stand off between our guys but unless Hee sung is your classic Zorro/Scarlet Pimpernel pretending fop then he has zero ability to read people at all! Talk about challenging the two people most likely to kill you without batting an eye…


  3. Beez says:

    Kyle-McInnis’delivery of lines makes me cringe and unfortunately, Koreans can’t hear it the way we do which means he’ll probably be in plenty more dramas to come just by nature of his good looks.

    (I wonder if this is the same thing as me and other international fans thinking Song Seung heon is a good actor (not Jang hyuk/Yoo Ah in level good) but basically good. But S. Koreans always ridicule his acting. Personally I think it’s the Elizabeth Taylor effect – so beautiful they’re not recognized for their acting talent, but that’s a foreigner talking, I’m sure S. K-ers know what they’re talking about. For instance, Dramaneans couldn’t stand Oh Ji oh’s performance in Chuno! because although they said it was his best performance ever, his pronunciation was too modern. They compared it to casting a valley girl in a Shakespeare’s play.
    So McInnis, I wish your speaking were subtitled without sound.


    • Kyle-McInnis’delivery of lines makes me cringe and unfortunately, Koreans can’t hear it the way we do which means he’ll probably be in plenty more dramas
      He really bugged me in Descendants of the Sun but is more palatable in this series. I don’t know if that’s because he’s not the villain and is more playful in this series. I do not view him as a good actor. What would you grade him on a letter grade system (A through F)? C or D?


      • Beez says:

        Not only are his lines over the top for simple things but the way he holds the “fake” hand makes me wish I were there with a sling shot loaded with an over ripe tomato. The emphasis in tone is always on the wrong part of the sentence. (Another example of someone who does this is Halle Berry when she’s trying to sound like she’s from the ‘hood. irks me so much. Maybe McInnis is from Wisconsin. I wonder if people from there have a unique accent or something (something like the weird way some Minnesoteons pronounce things) that would account for his irksome inflections.)
        One example of both of his weaknesses on display at the same time – the simple line of telling Eugene to “Eat your fill” accompanied with the worst wave of a fake hand that I’ve ever seen on film ever!
        I didn’t mind him as much in DOTS because he was a villain and so much of what he was doing was supposed to be over the top so it didn’t bug me as much.


        • DOTS because he was a villain and so much of what he was doing was supposed to be over the top so it didn’t bug me as much
          Interesting that he bugged me big time in DOTS but I accept his limitations without much irritation in this series.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      David McInnis is so easy to look at 👁️🍭❗ Unfortunately I concur that his line delivery is lacking (C- or D+), including using modern day memes that seem out of place in a historical drama. Like KJT, I find him more palatable in this drama over Descendants of the Sun. I think it is partially due to him being a nice easy-going character.

      The first thing I saw McInnis in was Gu Family Book, where is portrayed a Japanese samuri (?) with very few lines…DREAMY


  4. Beez says:

    Oh yeah, I just remembered (although I didn’t realize it at the time) but the suits Ae shin are having made and “shipped to Hee sun” every year are actually her disguised as a man rebel suit. While I was watching that scene, all I could think was “why would she continue to go through the motion all these years when she gave up on wanting to marry him years ago?”


  5. Beez says:

    I have to mention I’m loving Hee sung’s wardrobe.


      • Beez says:

        As is the Hotel Owner’s western dresses. (Not to be dismissive of the saeguk style dresses (Hanbok?) In fact, I’ve grown to appreciate and find beautiful color combinations that, I never would’ve thought complemented each other – Like the lime green and pink combination. It’s just that I’ve grown accustomed to the beautiful saeguk colors whereas I can’t remember seeing the clothing from the turn of the 20th century depicted so lushly beautiful.


  6. Beez says:

    Why was Kyle dressed in Chosun clothes if the point was that Americans aren’t searched? Was his giving his gat to the fleeing geisha just a casual “bon voyage” thing or was that the purpose of him wearing it so she could appear as a noble as she travels farther? I’ve been trying to figure out if the wide brimmed gat means noble and the smaller brim means above a commoner but not a nobleman? We never see the small brim in the earlier saeguk time periods except on the straw hats with the white balls the merchants wear (and I think those merchants hats are this same time period of turn of the 20th century). (Still haven’t figured out what the white balls are or what they represent.)


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I think Kyle was out of uniform as he was not on official military business. I do find it interesting that he did choose to wear some Joseon style clothing.

      My eonni swears that the white balls on the straw hat are actually travel food (rice balls), but I say no way. The balls look like large pom-poms. I’ve done several internet searches and cannot find the name of the straw hat, let alone a description or meaning of the pom-poms.


  7. Beez says:

    Btw, kjt, I’m not sure about this but the song on the music box was probably called “Green Sleeves”. I’m guessing because I do know that’s the original title and someone gave it different lyrics to become the Christmas hymn later. The part I’m guessing about is that I don’t know what year the Christmas lyrics came about set to the tune of Green Sleeves.


  8. Jane Tilly says:

    Hee Sung 🃏 seemed to have some awareness of Eugene 🎖️ being a slave in his family’s household or does he❓⁉️ I suspect Hee Sung’s 🃏 family will continue to withhold the information about Eugene 🎖️from Hee Sung 🃏 in attempt to protect him from Eugene’s 🎖️ revenge … too late … unless Eugene 🎖️ does not exact revenge. It seemed like Hee Sung 🃏 wanted to be rid of the watch ⏱️ gifted by his grandfather; as if ridding himself of the watch ⏱️ would symbolically emancipate Hee Sung 🃏 from his grandfather’s legacy of cruelty. This gives me hope 🙏 that Hee Sung 🃏 is a Scarlet Pimpernel type character or will become one.

    I thought Eugene 🎖️ intended to cooperate with Emperor 👑 Go Jong since he brought the pawn certificate with him. I also wondered why Eugene 🎖️ did NOT mention the bogus translation to Emperor 👑 Go Jong once the interpreter was dismissed from the room. Why did Eugene 🎖️ seek out the minister later and tell him about the pro Japanese 🇯🇵 translation❓⁉️

    Is Dong Mae 🗡️ loyal to the Japanese 🇯🇵, his gang or just to himself❓⁉️

    The Righteous Army formulated a great diversion to fool Dong Mae’s 🗡️ men so that the geisha could escape. Ae Shin 🔫👸 REALLY MUST BE the object of Dong Mae’s 🗡️ affections that he could see beyond her disguise to recognize her by just seeing her eyes 👁️👁️ … at a distance. Good thing, because otherwise he would have shot her dead. Ae Shin 🔫👸 also chose to pass on the opportunity to kill Dong Mae 🗡️, was it out of pity, because last episode if looks could kill she would have.

    I found it interesting that last episode Ae Shin 🔫 👸 was extremely uncomfortable and angry at Dong Mae 🗡️ as he held onto her skirt, then during this episode Ae Shin 🔫 👸 turned the tables on Dong Mae 🗡️ as he was the one who became extremely uncomfortable and angry when he confirmed Ae Shin 🔫 👸 was the masked assassin he shot. Color 🖍️ me 🎊SURPRISED🎉 Ae Shin 🔫 👸 NOT ONLY recognized that Dong Mae 🗡️ would NOT kill her because of his feelings towards her, but verbalized it to him. My guess is that ANYBODY ELSE would have NOT have been able to walk away or even live after besting this vengeful, sullen man.

    Eugene admitted to Kyle that Ae Shin 🔫👸 had stolen his heart, but I was slightly taken back at how much Ae Shin 🔫👸 affections for Eugene 🎖️ have grown, demonstrated by Ae Shin 🔫👸 flinging herself at Eugene 🎖️ and hugging him. Looks like we officially now have OTP. I can’t wait to see what happens next as the other suitors 🗡️🃏 will soon realize Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸affections belong to Eugene 🎖️. Dong Mae 🗡️ has discovered Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 secret identity of being an assassin for The Righteous Army and Hee Sung 🃏 knows something is up; has he discovered her secret identity as well❓⁉️ Will these two suitors 🗡️🃏 continue to pursue Ae Shin 🔫 👸 or will they become her enemy❓⁉️


    • Beez says:

      Questions, questions, JT. I’m responding so you don’t feel ignored but can’t really comment because I’m so far ahead in the episodes. 😉


  9. You give Hee Sung more credit than I do. I hope to be proven wrong.

    Dong Mae did have eagle eyes when he recognized her and made the decision to shot her in a non mortal location.

    Are Shin was indeed bold, direct, and unafraid when she dealt with Dong Mae.

    Are Shin came into her own this episode. Three men want her, but she wants only Eugene. But that won’t be smooth sailing.


    • Beez says:

      If Ae shin had still been lying where she fell after Dong mae shot her, I wonder what he planned to do with her at that point?
      Turn her in?
      Take her back to his place where his fortunate teller girlfriend is?
      I don’t think he thought that through.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        You post an interesting question Beez. I tend to think Dong Mae 🗡️ would want to protect her, but with all his gang members and Team B sent by his employer, it might’ve been difficult to protect her without being caught. I could see Dong Mae 🗡️ potentially risking his life, but I’m not 💯% sure he would.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      If I am wrong about Hee Sung 🃏, then he is a pitiable loser who will squander his family’s fortune 💰 and does deserve to be a contender for Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 hand✋, or the rest of her either.


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