Sketch Episode 16 Recap (Final)

Sketch Episode 16 Recap (Final)

Sargent Yoo Shi Hyun (Lee Sun Bin) and Detective Kang Dong Soo (Rain) recognize the people in the photo – Do Jin’s wife, the rapist that killed her, and Tae Joon scouting the situation 2 days before the rape and murder. Lieutenant Oh Young Sim (Lim Hwa Young) can’t believe that Tae Joon knew Do Jin’s wife would be murdered.

Kim Do Jin (Lee Dong Gun) calls Prosecutor Yoo and asks to meet. Prosecutor Yoo (Lee Seung Joo) (Shi Hyun’s brother) says he’s busy but will be available in an hour. They set the meeting location. The camera pulls back revealing the Deputy Chief Prosecutor lying on the floor at base camp.

The Deputy Chief Prosecutor wakes to find himself tied to a share with Prosecutor Yoo watching him. Cutting to the chase, Prosecutor Yoo wants to know the Elder’s identity. He knows the Deputy Chief Prosecutor ordered his parents killed. Prosecutor Yoo reveals he was the one that ordered Tae Joon not vice versa. Prosecutor Yoo repeats his question about the Elder’s identify. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor doesn’t think Prosecutor Yoo will get his hands dirty. Prosecutor Yoo says he killed Chief Moon. Prosecutor Yoo promises the Deputy Chief Prosecutor he’ll beg to be killed. He extracts a syringe and states this is the same drug that the Elder’s assistant gave him. He injects the Deputy Chief Prosecutor. He screams.

Frankly, I’m glad Prosecutor Yoo kept the Deputy Chief Prosecutor alive to question him about the Elder. I jumped the gun when I assumed he’d killed the Deputy Chief Prosecutor in the previous episode. Prosecutor Yoo must learn the Elder isn’t a single person but a group.

Young Sim tells Shi Hyun that Do Jin’s wife wrote the single entry to her baby on the day she died.

It’s even more cruel letting Do Jin’s wife be killed when she was pregnant.

Prosecutor Yoo isn’t happy to learn the Elder isn’t a single person but a group. Prosecutor Yoo presses for a leader. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor gives up Ms. Jo as the leader. Prosecutor Yoo needs the Deputy Chief Prosecutor’s phone.

Ms. Jo reads a text from the Deputy Chief Prosecutor that he has new information about the Elder’s assistant death. She agrees to meet in the park.

The Deputy Chief Prosecutor loosens then unties the ropes around his wrists and rushes Prosecutor Yoo. He rushes out the door. Prosecutor Yoo follows with a gun in hand. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor finds scissors and prepare to use it as a weapon.

Young Sim points out that Do Jin’s wife was killed by Tae Joon and Prosecutor Yoo. Dong Soo asks if she’s implying that Do Jin deserves forgiveness. Young Sim doesn’t think that but saw the emotional hit Do Jin took when his wife died. Dong Soo strides out of the room. Shi Hyun puts her head in her hands.

Did Dong Soo accuse Young Sim of considering forgiveness for Do Jin because part of him feels the same?

The Deputy Chief Prosecutor waits for Prosecutor Yoo. He crawls out of his hiding place only to find Prosecutor Yoo there with a gun. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor promises Prosecutor Yoo that if he’s killed, he’ll be killed in return. Prosecutor Yoo counters that it doesn’t matter because Dong Soo already knows about him. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor asks if Prosecutor Yoo wants to end of his life because of this, why not let him help? Prosecutor Yoo snaps that he killed a father figure, was unable to protect Tae Joon, and let the darkness in him control his life and let his beloved sister down. Prosecutor Yoo says he doesn’t care about tomorrow because everything will end today. He shoots the Deputy Chief Prosecutor dead.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

As Prosecutor Yoo walks away recalls the vision where Do Jin holds a gun on him.

Dong Soo is surprised when Prosecutor Yoo calls him. Prosecutor Yoo states he knows what Dong Soo thinks about him. Dong Soo snaps that Prosecutor Yoo ordered Tae Joon to order Do Jin to kill his fiancé. Prosecutor Yoo tries to justify the murder by saying the Deputy Chief Prosecutor had to be protected to find out who the Elder was. Dong Soo says Prosecutor Yoo traded Ji Soo’s life for the Elder. Prosecutor Yoo believes it was a necessary sacrifice to save many others. Prosecutor Yoo says he’s sorry about Ji Soo. Dong Soo yells for him to shut his mouth. Prosecutor Yoo offers to meet. Dong Soo warns him that he may kill him as soon as he sees him. Prosecutor Yoo states he has information Dong Soo needs to know. If dying is the price he must pay, so be it. He’ll text Dong Soo an address. The choice to come is up to Dong Soo.

Dong Soo lies to Shi Hyun that he’s going to meet the owner of the storage facility.

Dong Soo drives to the meeting location.

Shi Hyun tells Young Sim that Dong Soo went out. She asks for a recent photo of the Deputy Chief Prosecutor. They zoom in on the glasses. Shi Hyun points out the glasses looks similar to the ones in her sketch. Young Sim agrees.  Shi Hyun notices the matchstick in the sketch. She recalls the matchstick stuck in the door at base camp.

Do Jin has the recurring dream where he rushes to his house and finds his wife dead. He exits the car.

Shi Hyun drives to base camp.

Prosecutor Yoo calls Do Jin. He tells Do Jin that he saw a vision of Do Jin shooting him. Prosecutor Yoo knows that Do Jin has found out Prosecutor Yoo’s hand in Do Jin’s wife’s death. Prosecutor Yoo apologizes. Do Jin demands details.

Flashback…Two months ago…Tae Joon tells Prosecutor Yoo about two men that rape women and work as a team.  Tae Joon tells Prosecutor Yoo that Do Jin’s wife is their current target. Prosecutor Yoo doesn’t care about Do Jin’s wife, he cares about Do Jin. Tae Joon asks if Prosecutor Yoo has been Do Jin’s future. Tae Joon can’t believe that Prosecutor Yoo won’t save Do Jin’s wife. Prosecutor Yoo counters that Do Jin’s pain and rage will fuel the terminator they need. Tae Joon tries to change his mind but Prosecutor Yoo refuses ordering Tae Joon to destroy the surveillance photo of Do Jin’s wife. Tae Joon tells Prosecutor Yoo when they’ve accomplished their mission, he will tell Do Jin everything and beg for forgiveness. Prosecutor Yoo promises he’ll beg for Do Jin’s forgiveness.

Prosecutor Yoo tells Do Jin that Tae Joon never approved of Prosecutor Yoo’s decision to allow his wife to be murdered. Do Jin reels at the confirmation that Prosecutor Yoo knew his wife would be murdered by a rapist. Prosecutor Yoo asks for time to finish the work. Then he’ll turn himself over to Do Jin. Prosecutor Yoo notes he promised Tae Joon he’d do that. Do Jin bitterly says he’s become just like Baek Woo Jin (Terminator 1). Do Jin tells Prosecutor Yoo they never had the right to sacrifice innocent lives. Do Jin realizes all the terrible things he did in the name of Prosecutor Yoo’s cause. Do Jin promises Prosecutor Yoo that he’ll kill him. He dares Prosecutor Yoo to use his power to stop him if he can. Prosecutor Yoo says that Do Jin faces another problem right now. Do Jin hears the footsteps. He turns and sees Dong Soo enter.

Good phone confrontation. Do Jin has every right to feel righteous rage at Prosecutor Yoo for what he allowed to have happen. Even better was Do Jin’s admission that what he allowed himself to participate in was dreadful. You’ve got to admit Prosecutor Yoo sending Dong Soo to confront Do Jin bought him time to meet Ms. Jo.

Shi Hyun arrives at the base camp building.

Do Jin asks if Prosecutor Yoo sent Dong Soo his location. Dong Soo confirms that. Do Jin knows what he did to Ji Soo cannot be forgiven. He states that what happened to his wife changed him. He asks Dong Soo to allow him to kill Prosecutor Yoo. He promises to turn himself in after he’s done. He tells Dong Soo he can kill him if he chooses to. Dong Soo admits he knows what Prosecutor Yoo did to Do Jin’s wife. Dong Soo states this meeting is part of Prosecutor Yoo’s plan to have them fight. But none of that changes the fact that Do Jin killed Ji Soo. Dong Soo says it ends here. Both men draw their guns on each other.

Shi Hyun makes her way to base camp. She finds the Deputy Chief Prosecutor’s glasses in front of the match stick…just like the sketch. Shi Hyun continues to search.

Do Jin and Dong Soo face off. Do Jin lowers his gun. Dong Soo is not happy with that move. Do Jin points out this was Prosecutor Yoo’s plan. He refuses to be manipulated by Prosecutor Yoo anymore. Do Jin states he won’t fight. Dong Soo point his gun to Do Jin’s head. Do Jin stares into Dong Soo’s eyes and says he’s sorry. The sincerity is obvious. Dong Soo feels Do Jin’s sorrow. He lowers his weapon, takes several deep breaths, then bashes Do Jin in the face with the gun knocking him to the ground. Pointing the gun at Do Jin, Dong Soo spits out that an apology and guilty conscience doesn’t change the fact that he killed Ji Soo. Do Jin repeats his apology. The men stare at each other.

Shi Hyun finds the Deputy Chief Prosecutor’s body.

Dong Soo fires right next to Do Jin. He turns his back. Do Jin stands. Dong Soo orders his to turn himself into the police and pay for his crimes. Do Jin asks why Dong Soo didn’t kill him. Dong Soo states Ji Soo wouldn’t have wanted him to kill.

Just then Prosecutor Yoo appears in the upper part of the room. Do Jin sees him. Prosecutor Yoo draws his gun. Do Jin draws his gun and rushes to put himself in the line of fire to save Dong Soo. Prosecutor Yoo fires. Do Jin is hit in the chest and falls back against Dong Soo who fires his gun at Prosecutor Yoo. As Do Jin bleeds out, Prosecutor Yoo runs away while Dong Soo hears Do Jin’s last words that he’ll beg for Ji Soo’s forgiveness if he meets her in the afterlife. Do Jin gasps that he can’t ask for Dong Soo’s forgiveness. He says they’ve fought long enough. He doesn’t know if they’ll meet in the afterlife.

Dream…Do Jin has the dream again. This time his wife is alive when he rushes in the house. She tells him all is well and he can rest now. She hugs him.

Do Jin smiles. He dies.

Awk! Tears!

Dong Soo lowers Do Jin to the ground. He closes his eyes.

That was surprisingly touching. Writer Kang gave Do Jin a generous send off.

Dong Soo gets a call about the Deputy Chief Prosecutor.

Dong Soo arrives at the scene. Shi Hyun meets him and tells him to see for himself. Do Jin examines the Deputy Chief Prosecutor’s body. He sees evidence of torture. Dong Soo says if Prosecutor Yoo wanted information on the Elder, he tortured the Deputy Chief Prosecutor and killed him. Shi Hyun is irked that Dong Soo believes her brother killed the Deputy Chief Prosecutor. Dong Soo points out that the Deputy Chief Prosecutor killed her parents and has intel on the Elder. Shi Hyun realizes the Deputy Chief Prosecutor’s cell phone wasn’t on his body. She rushes to base camp with Dong Soo on her heels. They see the cell phone on the floor…just like the sketch. Shi Hyun tells Dong Soo they need to take the phone to Young Sim to get it unlocked.

Ms. Jo waits at the meeting spot.

Dong Soo informs Shi Hyun that Do Jin is dead. She asks if he killed him. Dong Soo states Prosecutor Yoo killed Do Jin. Dong Soo says that Shi Hyun must decide if she is ready to pursue and capture her brother.

Prosecutor Yoo drives past Ms. Jo who waits at the meeting spot. The waiting car is just like the sketch. Later the car is shown empty.

Young Sim unlocks the Deputy Chief Prosecutor’s phone. Dong Soo and Shi Hyun see the text arranging the meeting with Ms. Jo. Dong Soo points out that the Deputy Chief Prosecutor couldn’t have sent the texts due to the torture he was suffering. Shi Hyun realizes (again) that it is her brother doing all these actions. Dong Soo states Prosecutor Yoo is targeting Ms. Jo. Shi Hyun thinks to call her but Prosecutor Yoo calls her.

With trepidation Shi Hyun answers her brother’s call. Prosecutor Yoo knows they must be searching for him. Shi Hyun asks if he’s with Ms. Jo. Prosecutor Yoo looks in the back seat where Ms. Jo lies. He tells Shi Hyun that Ms. Jo ordered their parents killed and she’s the leader of the Elder organization. Prosecutor Yoo asks Shi Hyun not to come if she figures out where he’s taking Ms. Jo. Shi Hyun doesn’t understand. Prosecutor Yoo says his latest vision included her death. That gets Shi Hyun’s attention. Prosecutor Yoo calmly tells his sister if she comes, he may have to kill her. He tells her not and come. Prosecutor Yoo hangs up. Prosecutor Yoo drops his phone outside his car.

That is an atypical brother-sister conversation. Will Shi Hyun tell Dong Soo and Young Sim what her brother said?

Shi Hyun tells Dong Soo and Young Sim that her brother saw a vision with her death. She wants to look at the sketches to see if there is a clue to the location. Young Sim spills the beans that there was a fifth sketch. Shi Hyun is shocked. Young Sim looks at Dong Soo. Shi Hyun looks at Dong Soo.

Dong Soo explains Shi Hyun acts out of emotion not logic when her brother is involved. He points out she had the same reaction with Chief Moon’s foretold death. Shi Hyun demands to see the sketch. Dong Soo tells her he burned it. Shi Hyun can’t believe it. She accuses Dong Soo of wanting to kill her brother. Dong Soo counters that if killing is the only way to stop Prosecutor Yoo, then he will kill him. Shi Hyun suggests that her brother isn’t the only monster she knows. Dong Soo asks who is the person that killed her in Prosecutor Yoo’s vision. Shi Hyun pauses but won’t deal with that. She strides away. Dong Soo sighs in frustration.

Excellent. Card on the table for these partners. Dong Soo clearly shows Shi Hyun that Prosecutor Yoo is a threat that must be eliminated. But Shi Hyun’s heart can’t accept the facts.

Shi Hyun implores Young Sim to describe the sketch. Young Sim believes it was an empty classroom with a statue outside the window. When Young Sim describes the statue, Shi Hyun knows the location. Young Sim doesn’t realize that Shi Hyun knows the location as she goes to research potential schools that fit the bill. When Dong Soo returns and Young Sim says Shi Hyun left, he knows she’s gone after her brother. He calls her. Shi Hyun declares she’s headed to the sketch location. Dong Soo is not happy. Shi Hyun declares she knows why Prosecutor Yoo picked that location. She knows why Prosecutor Yoo called her and warned her not to come. Shi Hyun believes her brother wants her to stop him. Shi Hyun declares that she’s the only one that can stop her brother. She’s the only one that can arrest her brother. She cries if killing him is the only option, she’ll do it. She hangs up on a frustrated and concerned Dong Soo.

That’s love not logic talking.

Young Sim tracks Shi Hyun’s phone but Shi Hyun turned it off. Young Sim says it will take too long to find the school. Young Sim remembers where Shi Hyun used to live. She finds the school with the statue. Dong Soo heads off to the destination.

Prosecutor Yoo arrives at the destination. He takes Ms. Jo to the classroom. She knows who he is and that this is more than revenge for his parent’s death. Prosecutor Yoo asks about the trade location for the cold sale. Ms. Jo smiles and says he can’t stop the cold sale.

Dong Soo drives aggressively to the destination.

Ms. Jo explains she’s only one of many working the details of the cold sale. She only knows her part of the puzzle. Prosecutor Yoo puts a gun to her head. Ms. Jo agrees that killing her for his parents makes sense but the Elder organization will not die with her. She’s merely one of many and the organization will continue after her death. She says the Elder organization has many appendages and no head which makes it impossible to snuff out. She declares the Elder organization will win. Prosecutor Yoo shots next to her. Ms. Jo switches gears and tries to recruit Prosecutor Yoo into the Elder organization. She claims they do similar work with the similar goal of improving the world. Prosecutor Yoo lowers the gun. He says the world the Elder organization wants is only to their benefit. Ms. Jo counters the Elder organization only speeds up change. Ms. Jo says he doesn’t have to make the same mistake his father did. Ouch! That snaps Prosecutor Yoo’s cool façade. He puts the gun to Ms. Jo’s head with fury on his face.

Young Sim calls Dong Soo and tells him to bring Shi Hyun back to the office safe and sound. Dong Soo vows that Shi Hyun will not die. Young Sim believes and trusts Dong Soo can make it happen.

Ms. Jo says the organization won’t die with her death. She promises everyone he cares for will be destroyed. Shi Hyun arrives. She tells him to stop. Prosecutor Yoo says he can’t stop. Shi Hyun stresses that the Elder organization won’t die and will only become more careful and stronger if he kills Ms. Jo. Impressed, Ms. Jo points out that Shi Hyun understands well. Prosecutor Yoo knocks her out. He tells his sister he can’t watch the organization survive. Shi Hyun counters the law will take care of the organization. Shi Hyun pleads that he doesn’t have to do this alone. Prosecutor Yoo counters that change doesn’t happen like that. Shi Hyun retorts that true change happens by the masses.

Done with the philosophical debate, Prosecutor Yoo tells Shi Hyun to kill him or he will kill her. Prosecutor Yoo reminds her she dies in his vision. Shi Hyun begs him not to so this. Prosecutor Yoo declares killing him is the only way to stop him. He reiterates that he can’t stop and only she can stop him. He screams that she must shoot him. Shi Hyun hands shake. Prosecutor Yoo tells his sister now he must shoot her. He raises his gun.

Dong Soo knocks Shi Hyun to the ground and is shot in the shoulder. They both stare at Prosecutor Yoo.

Prosecutor Yoo has a vision!!


Vision…Prosecutor Yoo sees newspaper articles about the Elder organization, the cold sale, and the protests to dismantle of the organization. He sees Shi Hyun arresting Ms. Jo. He puts the gun to his head. Shi Hyun stares in horror. Dong Soo whips his gun out and shoots Prosecutor Yoo in the upper chest.

Shi Hyun rushes to her brother’s side. He laughs as he clutches his shoulder. He mutters “I lived” as he descends into madness.

Dong Soo smiles as he stares at the keepsake photo of himself and Ji Soo. He places the engagement ring in the box of memories. He puts the box in the bedroom and closes the door.

Young Sim, Shi Hyun, and Dong Soo visit Chief Moon’s grave. Shi Hyun thanks Dong Soo for saving her brother. Dong Soo points out that Shi Hyun could never live with the guilt if she killed her brother. Dong Soo admits his primary goal was to save her, not her brother. Shi Hyun notes that Dong Soo changed the outcome of her sketch. Dong Soo asks why her brother didn’t kill them. Shi Hyun suggests that her brother saw something that stopped him. Dong Soo wonders what that was. Shi Hyun asks if DH will return to his police unit. Dong Soo says he should. Shi Hyun notes that she’s just gotten used to him. Dong Soo states there is something they must do.

For those wanting to see Rain in form fitting clothes, this was the moment.

Ms. Jo reports that Dong Soo and Shi Hyun are a threat to the Elder organization. She wants them eliminated so the Elder organization gets stronger. Ms. Jo states Shi Hyun should be killed first. After she hangs up, Ms. Jo laughs in anticipation of eliminating the Elder’s enemies.

Dong Soo and Shi Hyun begin to review all the documentation Prosecutor Yoo had on the Elder organization. Young Sim rushes in and turns on the TV. The news of the cold sale and the ripple affect is reported. Dong Soo declares it has begun. Shi Hyun asks if they’ll be able to get the Elder organization. Dong Soo says that isn’t the important item. He is sure they will succeed. Young Sim smiles. Shi Hyun smiles. They are a team with a shared purpose.

Shi Hyun learns her brother refused to see her. She tells the guard she’ll be back.

Prosecutor Yoo sits in his cell.

  Shi Hyun sketches. Young Sim and Dong Soo watch her. Over a montage of moments were hear Shi Hyun’s conclusions “I learned from my sketches. Everything in the world is connected and influences everything else. There is nothing trivial or meaningless. Everything that exists has meaning and purpose. Cause and effect is not about teaching right from wrong. It is a question if you can accept life and the responsibilities that come with it. The holds true with my sketches. I used to think my ability was a curse. Now I know the truth. My sketches aren’t a curse or a gift. They are one type of sign. In the end, the outcome of where we end up, is not the sign but our choices. I don’t know where the path will end but I won’t stop walking it.”

My Thoughts

Effective final episode. I am satisfied. It wasn’t the most gripping episode of the series but it wrapped it up well. Writer Kang penned an episode based on the confrontations that were fated to occur, the outcomes chosen by the participants, and left the future in the hands of those still alive. Writer Kang wrote a stellar series. I will watch future series from this writer. In the end, Shi Hyun accepted her sketching ability as signposts for the future. The sketches are not absolute. It isn’t simple cause and effect. Individual choice is the ultimate cause that effects the future.

How many items on my wish list were granted in the final episode of this stellar series?
* My Wish/Prediction.  Partially Granted. It seems impossible that Do Jin and Prosecutor Yoo won’t die. I don’t want Dong Soo to kill Do Jin and I don’t want Shi Hyun to kill her brother. I can’t see Do Jin killing Prosecutor Yoo. The final confrontation between brother and sister must happen. Therefore, Prosecutor Yoo will likely kill Do Jin. Even though I’ve hoped that Do Jin would join to Team Good in the past, it is too late. Do Jin will die.
What Happened. Prosecutor Yoo killed Do Jin. Dong Soo and Do Jin did have their final confrontation. But Do Jin flipped the script and refused to fight to the death as Prosecutor Yoo wanted. Do Jin sincerely apologized for killing JS. Dong Soo felt that sincerity. Do Jin died in Dong Soo’s arms seeing his recurring nightmare end when he returned home and found his wife waiting for him. That was a lovely moment.
What Happened. Prosecutor Yoo didn’t die. Shi Hyun might have shot him but Dong Soo intervened and shot Prosecutor Yoo in the shoulder. Dong Soo pointed out that Shi Hyun couldn’t live with the guilt of killing her brother. In the end, Prosecutor Yoo ended up in jail, refusing visits from his sister. But Shi Hyun won’t give up on her oppa…ever.
* My Wish/Prediction. Seen in the Future, so Future Granted. The Elder’s organization (aka Team Elder) must be stopped. Prosecutor Yoo isn’t wrong that the Elder must be stopped. What he doesn’t know nor does Team Good, is that the Elder isn’t a single person but rather a powerful group. Prosecutor Yoo wanted to cut off the head of the Elder not the arms and legs. Unfortunately, the Elder has many heads. I want the Elder’s organization to be completely destroyed. However, no one knows the extent of the organization’s member and there’s only one episode left.
What HappenedWriter Kang created an impossible enemy to eliminate when the Elder wasn’t a single person but rather a deeply networked organization. After surviving Prosecutor Yoo’s kidnapping, Ms. Jo coolly orders Shi Hyun and Dong Soo’s murder. But we know per Prosecutor Yoo’s vision, they will arrest her in the future. The explanation that the world coming together can change things is true but it is also not as satisfying and a clean elimination of an enemy. Writer Kang chose an opponent that couldn’t be killed with a single shot but one that had to be rooted out and eliminated piece by piece.
* My Wish/Prediction. Granted. The remaining Team Good members – Shi Hyun, Dong Soo, and Young Sim – survive.
** My Wish/Prediction. Granted. Young Sim has already beaten death and proven herself a true team player and friend.
What Happened. I liked that she told Shi Hyun about the final sketch that foretold her brother’s death. It was information that Shi Hyun needed to know. I was also pleased that Young Sim came to terms with the risks of working as a member of the Butterfly Team (aka Team Good). She wasn’t just the computer geek, she added to the team significantly.
** My Wish/Prediction. Granted. Dong Soo must have the final confrontation with Do Jin. There must be a reconciliation for the deaths of their significant others.
What Happened. The confrontation between Dong Soo and Do Jin was perfection. Bloodlust raged in Dong Soo to kill the man that murdered his finance. But Do Jin made it impossible when he laid down his weapon and told Dong Soo to kill him. Then Prosecutor Yoo intervened and fired the fatal shot. But Do Jin saw it coming and put himself in the bullet’s path, dying to save Dong Soo. What a fitting end.
** My Wish/Prediction. Granted. Shi Hyun must have the final confrontation with her brother. Good must defeat the misguided evil her brother has become.
What Happened. Shi Hyun’s confrontation with her brother illuminated the interdependencies and the bright lines that separated brother and sister. Shi Hyun’s hands shook with emotion as she contemplated shooting her brother. Dong Soo timely entrance made that decision unnecessary.

Detective Kang Dong Soo (Rain) confronted the man that murdered his finance and was saved from Prosecutor Yoo’s murderous bullet by Do Jin. Dong Soo couldn’t let Do Jin off with a simple apology. But it wasn’t simple. It was from his heart. Even so, Dong Soo could accept it and be done. Do Jin offered Dong Soo the opportunity to kill him. But Prosecutor Yoo’s interference changed the moment. Do Jin took the bullet meant for Dong Soo. In the end, Do Jin saved Dong Soo’s life. Dong Soo did the same for Shi Hyun. She wavered if she could kill her brother. Dong Soo’s interference eliminated that question. Dong Soo shot Prosecutor Yoo in the shoulder eliminating his reign of vigilantism against the bigger, evil, more powerful Team Elder.

Yoo Shi Hyun (Lee Sun Bin) contemplated shooting her brother. Dong Soo peppered her with the question multiple times, who would she choose? The brother that vowed never to lie to her…but did. The brother that killed her surrogate father, Chief Moon. The brother refused to back down from his dark path to destroy Team Elder. In the end, Shi Hyun held the gun on her brother and pleaded with him to stop. But Prosecutor Yoo wouldn’t be dissuaded by his sister. He offered Shi Hyun the opportunity to kill him. But she couldn’t kill her brother. But Dong Soo’s interference changed the moment. Dong Soo took the bullet meant for Shi Hyun. A perfect parallel moment between partners. Dong Soo experienced the same with Do Jin. I was pleased that Shi Hyun unshackled herself from the guilt of her sketches and saw them as outpouring and guide to future events but were not absolute.

Kim Do Jin (Lee Dong Gun) died a noble death. Do Jin chucked his Terminator role and because human again. He refused to shoot Dong Soo. He took a fatal bullet for Dong Soo. His nightmare flipped to peace when he found his wife alive in his daydream. He died saying he’d beg forgiveness from Ji Soo. Writer Kang’s send off to Do Jin was generous.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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4 comments on “Sketch Episode 16 Recap (Final)
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, I’m glad Prosecutor Yoo 💼 AKA Shi Joon 💼 kept Prosecutor Park 👓 alive long enough to gather intel; color 🖍️ me 🎊 surprised 🎉 how quickly Park 👓 spilled the beans. No 🚫💦 tears for Park 👓. I wondered if Shi Joon 💼 be able to take out the Elder 👴 group by himself; would there be any way he could enlist Do Jin 🎖️ or Butterfly 🦋 Team’s assistance❓⁉️

    I wondered if Shi Joon 💼 called Dong Soo ⛈️ simply to buy time with Do Jin 🎖️ or to enlist his help with eliminating The Elder 👴. Color 🖍️ me 😡 DISGUSTED😠 Shi Joon 💼 hid at a high vantage point to kill the victor of the standoff, rather than rushing out to meet Ms Jo. I wonder if Shi Joon 💼 thought he would eliminate BOTH Do Jin 🎖️ AND Dong Soo ⛈️. Shi Joon 💼 is OBSESSED to the point of losing reason.

    I felt like Do Jin 🎖️ started down the road to redemption when he realized Team Vigilante NEVER had the right to take innocent lives. Do Jin 🎖️ progressed on the road to redemption as withdrew from the standoff with Dong Soo ⛈️ and sincerely apologized for taking Ji Soo’s life. Do Jin 🎖️ made major headway, dare I say made it to the end of the road to redemption, as he took the bullet aimed at the duo. I was VERY PLEASED Dong Soo did NOT kill Do Jin 🎖️❗ I 💖 the imagery of Do Jin🎖️ seeing his nightmare if finding his wife’s body morph into a homecoming … what a ✨glorious✨ way to go.

    Is Shi Joon 💼 so obsessed with revenge he would consider killing Shi Hyun 📝 if she gets in the way or is he simply trying to protect Shi Hyun 📝❓⁉️ The fact Shi Joon 💼 told Shi Hyun 📝 he would kill her if she comes leads me to believe that he is capable of fratricide.

    Like KJT said “Dong Soo clearly shows Shi Hyun that Prosecutor Yoo is a threat that must be eliminated. But Shi Hyun’s heart can’t accept the facts.” I thought Shi Hyun 📝 is NOT capable of killing her brother, Shi Joon 💼, although I think she would be able to arrest him.

    Ooh oh oh, when Ms Jo AKA Elder 👴 Arbiter told Shi Joon 💼 that what her organization was doing was not MUCH different than what he was doing … did he truly grasp what she was saying❓⁉️ Shi Joon 💼 became maniacal in his revenge of his parents’ deaths and destroying The Elder 👴 … how could he consider murdering his sister❓⁉️

    Was Shi Joon’s 💼 vision of the demise of The Elder’s 👴 agenda the only reason he held back from killing his sister Shi Hyun 📝❓⁉️ Color 🖍️ me 💢⚡SHOCKED⚡💢 Shi Joon 💼 lived, I was CERTAIN he would NOT survive this series❗

    I thought it was lovely that Butterfly 🦋 Team visited Chief Moon’s 🌛 grave at the conclusion … YESSS KJT, it was FANTASTIC to see Rain FINALLY wear something flattering that we could drool over 👅💦.

    I thought the way this series was not only satisfying, but was it a set-up for a season 2❓⁉️


    • color 🖍️ me 🎊 surprised 🎉 how quickly Park 👓 spilled the beans
      That truth serum did the trick. I loved that the Elder’s assistant’s interrogation techniques were used against a member of Team Elder.

      I wonder if Shi Joon 💼 thought he would eliminate BOTH Do Jin 🎖️ AND Dong Soo ⛈️
      Good question. Prosecutor Yoo only fired a single shot initially and that was aimed at Dong Soo. But he came back to fire more rounds in the gun fire exchange.

      I 💖 the imagery of Do Jin🎖️ seeing his nightmare if finding his wife’s body morph into a homecoming … what a ✨glorious✨ way to go
      That scene offered redemption for both Do Jin and Dong Soo. It was truly touching to see Do Jin find his wife alive in the dream. He died promising to beg for forgiveness. Writer Kang hit the mark with that scene.

      The fact Shi Joon 💼 told Shi Hyun 📝 he would kill her if she comes leads me to believe that he is capable of fratricide….Shi Hyun 📝 is NOT capable of killing her brother, Shi Joon 💼, although I think she would be able to arrest him
      Agreed on both brother and sister.

      when Ms Jo AKA Elder 👴 Arbiter told Shi Joon 💼 that what her organization was doing was not MUCH different than what he was doing … did he truly grasp what she was saying
      A stellar point from Ms. Jo. She’s right. I don’t think Prosecutor Yoo caught the point or cared. Vengeance is mine sayeth Prosecutor Yoo.

      Was Shi Joon’s 💼 vision of the demise of The Elder’s 👴 agenda the only reason he held back from killing his sister Shi Hyun 📝❓⁉️ Color 🖍️ me 💢⚡SHOCKED⚡💢 Shi Joon 💼 lived, I was CERTAIN he would NOT survive this series
      I took Prosecutor’s Yoo’s vision that the Elder’s organization would be exposed as the reason he decided to relent. His vision would be achieved albiet by his sister and through legal means. I believed Prosecutor Yoo would die too. But Shi Hyun had lost so many she loved. I know she believes she can still reach her beloved brother. I wish her well.

      YESSS KJT, it was FANTASTIC to see Rain FINALLY wear something flattering that we could drool over 👅💦.
      He looked GOOD!

      I thought the way this series was not only satisfying, but was it a set-up for a season 2❓
      I had the same thought. A big part of me hopes not. How could another season match the intensity, the mystery, the vengeance, the Terminators, etc. that this season had? I like that Korean dramas rarely do a second season. On the other side of the coin, Dong Soo and Shi Hyun are possibly the best partner duo I’ve seen.


  2. Beez says:

    Yes, Do jin’s death was, in a way, beautiful;but I begrudge it him. *sour grapes*
    That’s not to say I would want the show to change it because it was, indeed, glorious but, and it’s a compliment to the writer, that I’m so engaged that I see Do jin through Dong soo’s lens.

    “For those wanting to see Rain in form fitting clothes, this was the moment.” I have to reestch that part! I did notice his guns were out and his clothes were less hobo-ish but I didn’t see firm fitting. *Got to rewatch*

    I got Season 2 feels. Now let’s just hope Rain’s busy schedule can accommodate.


    • and it’s a compliment to the writer, that I’m so engaged that I see Do jin through Dong soo’s lens
      Writer Kang gave both men the gift of empathy in that scene. I didn’t think Do Jin would get that nice of a send-off as he’d been the robotic Terminator for most of the series. But the reveal that his wife’s death was allowed to occur to lure him was a sufficient enough shock to shake him out of his assassin stupor.

      I got Season 2 feels. Now let’s just hope Rain’s busy schedule can accommodate
      If they do a second season I want the same writer and cast, though that isn’t a guarantee lighting will strike twice.⚡⚡


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