Sketch Episode 14 Recap

Sketch Episode 14 Recap

Prosecutor Yoo (Lee Seung Joo) reveals that Chief Moon had a confidential informant. That surprises Detective Kang Dong Soo (Rain). Prosecutor Yoo reveals the name is Footsteps. Recall Chief Moon confidentially told Dong Soo that footsteps referenced someone that forever chases someone that can never be caught. Chief Moon admitted HE WAS FOOTSTEPS. Dong Soo stands stunned at Prosecutor Yoo’s words. Prosecutor Yoo asks what footsteps mean. Dong Soo lies that he doesn’t know what it means. He tells Prosecutor Yoo to check with Young Sim. Prosecutor Yoo walks away. Dong Soo realizes something is very wrong with his perception of Prosecutor Yoo.

Sargent Yoo Shi Hyun (Lee Sun Bin) cries remember her last moment with Chief Moon Jae Hyun (Kang Shin Il) and pulling the sheet back on his dead body. She won’t answer the incoming phone call.

Lieutenant Oh Young Sim (Lim Hwa Young) tells Dong Soo Shi Hyun won’t answer her call. Dong Soo says it is best that Shi Hyun is working right now. He warns Young Sim that what he’s about to tell her, Shi Hyun can never know.

Prosecutor Yoo meets with Jang Tae Joon (Jung Jin Young). They know that the Deputy Chief Prosecutor will be meeting the elder soon. They want to know the meet location. Tae Joon tells Prosecutor Yoo that Chief Moon was a respected police officer that he liked. But if he’d been in the same situation as Prosecutor Yoo, he’d have pulled the trigger too.

Great, two amoral men confirming bad decisions.

Young Sim is blown away by Dong Soo’s reveal that Prosecutor Yoo killed Chief Moon. Dong Soo is sure that Chief Moon left them that clue. Young Sim counters they need more proof than that. Dong Soo agrees they must confirm that Tae Joon works for Prosecutor Yoo and Prosecutor Yoo killed Chief Moon. They both agree that Shi Hyun shouldn’t know. Young Sim agrees to search for the connection between Prosecutor Yoo and Tae Joon.

The Deputy Chief Prosecutor meets with Ms. Jo. She comments that the wealthy 1% owns 66% of the real estate in Korea. The remaining 99% of the populate scrap over the remaining 34%. She says that the general public has the dream that one day they too will be wealthy. She says that hope must be taken away. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor mentions “cold sale”. Ms. Jo says it’s time for the government to learn who really welds power. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor says it is the Elder.

Dong Soo retrieves the copy of the report the Bank Manager from the professor friend. It references cold sale.

Shi Hyun sits by her bed and cries.

Dong Soo tells Young Sim they need a financial expert to analyze the report. She knows someone that can do the job. Young Sim’s analysis of Tae Joon reveals 20 years ago he took a 1-year break in service when his sister died in a fire that killed 200 people. She can’t find a connection between Tae Joon and Prosecutor Yoo. Young Sim reveals she hacked Prosecutor Yoo’s private records. They show a 13-year-old Prosecutor Yoo spent two months in a mental hospital 1 year prior to his parent’s murders. The reason is unknown.

Is the fire and the lives lost the connection between Prosecutor Yoo and Tae Joon? Are the fire victims the memorial list of names in the church they’ve visited in past episodes?

The Deputy Chief Prosecutor tells Tae Joon the location to meet with the Elder has been confirmed to a city. Tae Joon agrees the caution is wise on the Elder’s part.

Tae Joon calls Prosecutor Yoo with the news. Prosecutor Yoo knows this is a golden opportunity to catch the elder they can’t miss.

Young Sim meets with her financial expert friend and asks him to analyze the report. He pretends he’s too busy. She claims she respects him more than most. He caves and agrees to analyze the report.

That was the actor, Kim Sa Kwon, that played CEO Yong on Wok of Love.

Dong Soo meets with a doctor at the mental hospital. He remembers the young Prosecutor Yoo who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The doctor reveals that Prosecutor Yoo’s class took a trip on the day of the fire and Prosecutor Yoo was the only survivor. The doctor remembers that Prosecutor Yoo believed the 200 deaths were his fault even though the arsonist was caught. The doctor recalls how Prosecutor Yoo would not be fully present in their therapy sessions.

Tae Joon asks the Elder’s assistant where the Elder will be meeting the Deputy Chief Prosecutor. He threatens his daughter’s life. The Elder’s assistant appeals to Kim Do Jin (Lee Dong Gun) who shuts down any hope he’ll help. The assistant mention the Macheon Group is the powerful company in the designated city. He believes the meeting location will be owned by the Macheon Group. Tae Joon calls Prosecutor Yoo with the news.

Young Sim reports the arsonist was arrested at the scene of the crime. Dong Soo decides to visit the arsonist in jail.

Young Sim is surprised when Shi Hyun arrives to the office.  Young Sim says the current theory is that “X” killed Chief Moon. Shi Hyun wonders why the Bank Manager’s girlfriend was kidnapped. She decides to meet with the girl. Young Sim puts her hand on Shi Hyun’s shoulder and says Chief Moon is in a good place. Shi Hyun offers a tight smile and leaves.

Prosecutor Yoo searches for information about Macheon Group. He sees a picture of the Macheon Group CEO and Ms. Jo at a hotel opening.

Dong Soo visits the arsonist in jail. The guard warns the arsonist’s mind is a jumble. Dong Soo shows him pictures of Prosecutor Yoo and Tae Joon. The arsonist references an accident and death from 20 years ago. Dong Soo refocuses him and asks why he set the fire. The arsonist claims he didn’t want to die alone.

Shi Hyun meets with the Bank Manager’s son’s girlfriend who Do Jin kidnapped. She doesn’t have any details of interest except that her father is missing.

Young Sim looks up details on the Bank Manager’s son’s girlfriend’s father. Young Sim notices that a society funds his retirement. The society supports ex-intelligence officers. Young Sim can’t find extensive travel records even though he supposedly traveled often. Shi Hyun asks Young Sim to send her his business address. Young Sim confirms that his cell phone is off. She’ll track his last known location.

Prosecutor Yoo, Tae Joon, and Do Jin meet at the hotel. Prosecutor Yoo guesses this is where the Deputy Chief Prosecutor will meet the Elder. Prosecutor Yoo warns Do Jin that if they are discovered, their pursuit of the Elder will abruptly end. Do Jin leaves. Tae Joon asks what is troubling Prosecutor Yoo. He hesitates then admits that he foresaw Young Sim dying after dangling from the railing. But that didn’t happen. However, Shi Hyun’s sketch of someone on the team dying did come true except it was Chief Moon not Young Sim as Prosecutor Yoo expected. He believes Shi Hyun’s powers are increasing. Prosecutor Yoo believes she’s on par with him.

Shi Hyun’s power being equivalent to her brother’s power is interesting.

Do Jin does surveillance in the hotel. He lifts the wallet of a security person. He watches the security person get in an elevator that goes to the tenth floor. He returns the wallet to the front desk. The front desk calls the man. He leaves his post to retrieve the wallet. Do Jin arrives on the tenth floor and checks out the meeting room that is empty but ready. Do Jin scopes out the room. He finds bugs under the tables. The security person retrieves his walls and heads to the elevator. Dong Soo sees detectors in the room vents. The security man returns and checks out the meeting room. Do Jin exits a side door and leaves undetected.

Dong Soo asks his police friend about the accident the arsonist referenced from 20 years ago. The police friend recalls the police had no suspects but were pressured to frame the witness who wasn’t mentally strong. That worked but the framed man committed suicide. The police friend admits the real culprit came forward later. He tells Dong Soo digging into the case will hurt the police. Dong Soo counters that the arsonist from the 200-person fire was the real culprit in the accident. He points out that if the police had caught him after the accident, the 200 people that died in the fire would still be alive. Dong Soo asks who the lead officer in the accident was.

Dong Soo calls Young Sim and says that Tae Joon’s connection to the fire is apparent. Because he didn’t identify and arrest the accident’s culprit, that same man set the fire that killed his sister. This created his obsession with stopping crimes before they happen. What’s unknown is how Prosecutor Yoo factors into the fire. Dong Soo asks if there is an update on Shi Hyun.

Do Jin tells Prosecutor Yoo and Tae Joon about the well-guarded conference room he investigated. Prosecutor Yoo and Tae Joon are at a loss how to penetrate the conference room. Tae Joon bemoans that a vision would be helpful. Prosecutor Yoo points out he’s never disappointed.

Prosecutor Yoo calls Shi Hyun to check in. She declares she must soldier through. He asks if she’s sketched anything that would help with the investigation. She hasn’t and promises to let him know when she does.

Prosecutor Yoo is willing leverage his sister’s or his vision to catch the Elder.

Shi Hyun breaks into the elder’s assistant office. The in fridge inside of finding lunch items she finds cash, truth serum drugs, etc. She hears the door rattle. She braces herself and aims her gun. Dong Soo enters the room with his gun drawn. In a calm voice he tells her to drop the gun or he’ll get nervous. Ha! He congratulates her on finding this and touches her arm. Shi Hyun directs him to the fridge. They agree that as former intelligence officer the elder’s assistant was hired by powerful people because of those skills. They wonder what Do Jin wanted from the elder’s assistant so that he kidnapped her daughter. Dong Soo tells Shi Hyun that Chief Moon’s death isn’t her fault. Dong Soo knows that when someone close dies, you look for reasons why to process their death. Dong Soo says Chief Moon’s death happened because his time was up. It was unavoidable. Shi Hyun counters that she never probably thanked Chief Moon for the lifetime of support he gave her. She thanks Dong Soo for supporting her now. Dong Soo puts his hand on Shi Hyun’s shoulder and assures her that Chief Moon knew how she felt. He says Chief Moon was an officer to the end. Chief Moon loved her to the end. Chief Moon thought of Shi Hyun as his daughter. Shi Hyun wipes away her tears and declares once Chief Moon’s killer is found she’ll cry. Young Sim calls with the elder’s assistant’s last known address.

Awk! Tears! 45 minutes into the episode and I was starved for interactions between Dong Soo and Shi Hyun. This one didn’t disappoint. Dong Soo is so logical and yet caring. Shi Hyun is so strong yet vulnerable.

Will the location Young Sim sent be Team Yoo’s base camp?

Young Sim’s financial friend analyzes the report.

Shi Hyun and Dong Soo arrive. It’s the flower market that Chief Moon searched and eventually found base camp! They call Young Sim to pinpoint a specific location. Little do they know that Do Jin is driving to base camp as they search. Dong Soo notices a matchstick on a door. Shi Hyun picks the lock. They enter. It’s base camp! Shi Hyun sees the documents. Dong Soo sees Do Jin’s bed. They believe Do Jin lives here. Dong Soo declares the documents pertain to investigating the Elder. Shi Hyun is confused. Weren’t Do Jin, “X” and the Elder all members of Team Evil?

They hear a sound. They find the elder’s assistant. Shi Hyun wants to take him to the hospital. Dong Soo wants to talk first. He warns the man not to lie to them. Dong Soo says he knows what kind of man he is. Dong Soo asks if he killed Chief Moon. The elder’s assistant tells him he’s got that wrong. He asks what he’ll get if he cooperates. Dong Soo offer’s his daughter’s safety. That gets his attention. The elder’s assistant asks if Dong Soo knows Prosecutor Yoo. Dong Soo confirms that. The elder’s assistant declares that Prosecutor Yoo killed Chief Moon by firing a gun into his chest.


Shi Hyun calls him a liar. Dong Soo asks if he’ll testify to that in a court of law. Shi Hyun stares at Dong Soo in shock. The elder’s assistant points out he’ll have to be released before he could testify. Dong Soo stands to untie the man. Shi Hyun grabs Dong Soo’s arm and asks how he can believe her brother killed Chief Moon. She realizes he does believe it. Shi Hyun demands to know what he’s keeping from her. Chief Moon explains about footsteps. Shi Hyun reels from the reveal. The elder’s assistant gives Chief Moon props for leaving a coded message in his dying words.

Excellent! I didn’t want Shi Hyun to be in the dark too long!

Do Jin approaches base camp.

Dong Soo hauls the elder’s assistant to his feet. He tells Shi Hyun to help. He’s blunt. There’s no time for anything but action if they want to catch Chief Moon’s killer. Shi Hyun’s eyes are filled with tears at the revelations she’s learned.

Dong Soo was right, this was a “buck up” moment for Shi Hyun. But I feel for her. The pain, shock, and fear that her brother might be the man that killed Chief Moon.

Do Jin sees the matchstick isn’t in the door. Dong Soo stares at the door. He knows Do Jin is on the other side. He tells Shi Hyun to take the man to a police station Tae Joon isn’t heavily associated with. Shi Hyun shifts the elder’s assistant to the side. Do Jin draws his gun. Dong Soo draws his gun. They shoot through the door. Do Jin charges the door and burst into the room. He spies Shi Hyun and the elder’s assistant. He turns and Dong Soo tackles him. Dong Soo yells at Shi Hyun to go. Dong Soo and Do Jin fight.

Shi Hyun puts the elder’s assistant in her car. He eyes her speculatively.

Dong Soo and Do Jin fight more. Do Jin gets Dong Soo in a headlock and starts to strangle him. Dong Soo flips Do Jin over his head. Do Jin slashes Dong Soo with something sharp. Do Jin runs out of the room. He gets in his car and starts to leave. Dong Soo runs in front of the car but Do Jin won’t stop. Dong Soo is left behind.

The elder’s assistant says if Shi Hyun is Prosecutor Yoo’s sister than she must be the daughter of the murdered reporter. Shi Hyun tells him to shut up.

Do Jin reports to Tae Joon that base camp has been compromised by Shi Hyun and Dong Soo. Tae Joon asks about the elder’s assistant. Do Jin states Shi Hyun has him. Tae Joon is agitated. The elder’s assistant knows Prosecutor Yoo killed Chief Moon. If the elder’s assistant contacts the Elder, the meeting will go up in smoke. He orders Do Jin to kill the elder’s assistant.

Tae Joon turns and confirms what Prosecutor Yoo has ascertained from the phone call. Tae Joon asks if Prosecutor Yoo has had any visions. Prosecutor Yoo reveals he’s had no visions since he killed Chief Moon. Prosecutor Yoo believes that because his powers and Shi Hyun’s power are now even, neither of their power can activate because of the other. Prosecutor Yoo says they’ll have to finish this blind without the help of his visions. Tae Joon struggles with that but rallies and states he’ll work to handle the elder’s assistant. He leaves. Prosecutor Yoo stares at the city and hangs his head.

The elder’s assistant asks if Shi Hyun knows how her father died. He declares he was her father’s killer.

Holy Smokes! The pleasure he takes in causing pain (physical or mental) repulses me.

Shi Hyun stops the car. The elder’s assistant tries to strangle her. She goes forward then breaks hard to force the elder’s assistant to come forward. She bashes his head and shoves him back.

Good job Shi Hyun, getting those man’s filthy murderous hands off you!

Young Sim’s financial friend grasps what the report and data reveal. He calls Young Sim. He tells her the report shows that the entire country is about to be sold.

Prosecutor Yoo stares at the city from the rooftop.

Shi Hyun breathes deeply after the struggle for her life.

Do Jin drives determinedly.

Dong Soo knows everything is at an apex.

My Thoughts

Simmering episode where Prosecutor Yoo’s murder of Chief Moon is revealed. Writer Kang penned an episode that was slower as the characters positioned themselves for the final push to catch the elder and each other. I missed Dong Soo and Shi Hyun interactions and was relieved when they connected at the 45-minute mark. That’s when everything kicked it up a notch. They found base camp. They heard the elder’s assistant declaration that Prosecutor Yoo killed Chief Moon. What surprised Shi Hyun more? Hearing her brother called a murderer or Dong Soo believing it? Then Do Jin burst in and a good fight ensued. I’ve been missing the hand-to-hand between Do Jin and Dong Soo. When Shi Hyun got away, little did she know that the elder’s assistant murdered her father. Already in spill mode, the elder’s assistant told her that and tried to kill her. Shi Hyun defended herself ably.

Prosecutor Yoo and Shi Hyun aren’t having visions of the future. He believes that because he and Shi Hyun’s powers are equal, neither can utilize the future visions. My initial reaction to them not being able to see the future wasn’t positive, but it could be tricky for Shi Hyun to sketch and Prosecutor Yoo to see the future when each other is integral to the outcome. I predict both will see the future one more time. Will they see one of their own deaths? Bottom line, this show is based on seeing the future, I can’t believe the last two episodes will be devoid.

Will the Elder be revealed? Prosecutor Yoo, Tae Joon and Do Jin believe they know the location where the Elder will meet the Deputy Chief Prosecutor. They know this is their best chance. With Dong Soo and Shi Hyun hot on their trail, this is their only chance. When we met the Elder, will we disappointed if he’s a character we don’t know?

Detective Kang Dong Soo (Rain) realized the elder’s assistant was telling the truth when he revealed Prosecutor Yoo killed Chief Moon. Dong Soo accepted the words much to Shi Hyun’s shock. While he was gentle with her in the elder’s assistant’s office, he was brusque at base camp to snap her out of shock. I loved the way Dong Soo reached out and touched Shi Hyun’s shoulder at the office to offer support. Then he enumerated how Chief Moon loved her and firmly grasped Shi Hyun’s shoulder to emphasize his support. That was the touching moment of the episode. Dong Soo KNOWs the pain of loss and blame. Rain hits the mark again this episode. This is a stellar series for him.

Yoo Shi Hyun (Lee Sun Bin) was stunned when her brother was identified as the man that killed Chief Moon. The shock and pain of Chief Moon’s death immobilized her for part of the episode. When she reengaged, she heard the declaration about her brother that she dismissed. But Dong Soo’s acceptance forced her to see the possibility. How dreadful that moment must have been. But she didn’t have long to dwell on it before Do Jin arrived. Then she didn’t have long to process it before that slime bag elder’s assistant revealed he killed her father. Then he tried to kill her. What’s a girl got to do to have an easy day on this show?

Kim Do Jin (Lee Dong Gun) found the meeting location. He fought Dong Soo. Now he has orders to kill the elder’s assistant. Frankly, I was surprised they let the elder’s assistant live after he revealed the information he knew about the elder.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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8 comments on “Sketch Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    KJT, I think the Memorial Wall was for the victims of the fire🔥; was this the incident that brought Prosecutor Yoo 💼 and Tae Joon 🔮 together❓⁉️

    OMO, I also noticed Young Sim’s 💻 financial friend is the same actor who is playing CEO Yong 🐖 in Wok of Love. He turned up some interesting results with his analysis. Was this data hidden 6 months ago by the banker❓⁉️ What is the timeline for selling the country 🇰🇷❓⁉️ I’m guessing we have already been introduced to The Elder 👴; is it possible that the female lawyer is The Elder 👴❓⁉️ If so, this organization mirrors “The Seven” in Lawless Lawyer, with the leadership passed down from father to daughter.

    When Shi Hyun 📝 said she would wait to cry 😭 for Chief Moon 🌛 until they caught his murderer, I thought “oh, yes you will be crying buckets of tears when she finds out her brother murdered her surrogate father. I concur this was a “buck up” moment for Shi Hyun 📝. I’m curious about how she will handle her brother once the truth sinks in. I’m having a hard time believing the siblings have equal power or that Shi Hyun’s 📝 is possibly more powerful.

    I could hardly believe Dong Soo ⛈️ and Shi Hyun 📝 discussed the clue Chief Moon 🌛 left behind IN FRONT of the assassin. There is nothing to be gained by revealing critical information in front an enemy.

    Shi Hyun 📝 did not want to believe the hard truth about her oppa killing Chief Moon 🌛. Shi Hyun 📝 noticed how unruffled Dong Soo ⛈️ was at accepting news; how long will it take for her to come to grips with this reality❓⁉️ The Elder’s 👴 assassin skillfully distracted Shi Hyun 📝 to get her to stop the car so he could take his chance for an escape. Fir a moment there, I thought we might have to rely on Do Jin 🎖️ for a rescue. I 💖💟💗 how Shi Hyun 📝 turned the tables on the assassin. Might I suggest another pair of cuffs or a zip tie to attach his “filthy murderous hands” or cuffs to the handle above the door❓⁉️


    • the Memorial Wall was for the victims of the fire🔥; was this the incident that brought Prosecutor Yoo 💼 and Tae Joon 🔮 together
      I concur. I look forward to learning what made Prosecutor Yoo and Tae Joon allies.

      is it possible that the female lawyer is The Elder 👴❓⁉
      I’ve wondered if Ms. Jo is the Elder too. I’m a bit concerned if the Elder is someone we don’t know at this point, we won’t care and the reveal will not be impactful.

      I’m having a hard time believing the siblings have equal power or that Shi Hyun’s 📝 is possibly more powerful.
      I’m glad you had the same reaction. I felt like this was a misstep by Writer Kang. An even bigger misstep was NOT having them able to see the future at the most crucial time in the series. You could argue each team has to walk the path alone and garner the results BUT Sketch is founded on opposing future seeing individuals.

      I could hardly believe Dong Soo ⛈ and Shi Hyun 📝 discussed the clue Chief Moon 🌛 left behind IN FRONT of the assassin.
      I was dismayed by that too. Glad you pointed that out.

      I 💖💟💗 how Shi Hyun 📝 turned the tables on the assassin.
      She can be bad ass and I enjoy every time she is.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I agree that the reveal of The Elder 👴 SHOULD BE impactful. Only TWO episodes left, seems like there is a lot to resolve … I wonder if we will find out:
        🔸Will the assassin survive until he can testify against Prosecutor Yoo❓⁉️. My guess is that Do Jin 🎖️ or Tae Joon 🔮 will be eliminate him soon.
        🔸Why the Yoo siblings can foresee the future … Did they inherit the gift from one of their parents❓⁉️
        🔸Why do their gifts manifest differently❓⁉️
        🔸Will care about The Elder 👴, if or when The Elder 👴 is revealed❓⁉️
        🔸 Will Dong Soo ⛈️ go after Prosecutor Yoo 💼 in justice or with revenge❓⁉️
        🔸Will Do Jin 🎖️ end up turning on Prosecutor Yoo 💼❓⁉️
        🔸Will Shi Hyun 📝 be able to taken down her oppa❓⁉️ I think Prosecutor Yoo 💼 executing Chief Moon 🌛, her surrogate father, will enable her to go after her oppa.


  2. Beez says:

    Why does Sketcher Girl’s power being on par with her brother’s cause them both to stop having visions? I do accept and go along with this world building where people can have visions, but I wish they’d explain how it works a bit more. Are there other people besides the Yoos who have this ability? If not, where’d they get it from?


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