Wok of Love Episodes 33-34

Wok of Love Episode 33

First round: Lobster. The lobster breaks down begins. Chil Seong’s men watch while Seo Poong breaks down he lobster just like Seol Ja taught him. Seo Poong tells Go Ra if she won’t help him, he’ll have to be faster.

CEO Yong’s thugs box Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won), Chae Seol Ja (Park Ji Young), and Maeng Dal in when they park the car in the hotel’s garage. They can’t get out of the car! Im Geok Jung (Tae Hang Ho) arrives in a cab. He literally pushes a car out of the way. Sae Woo and Seol Ja hurry to the hotel. Geok Jung and Maeng Dal face the thugs.

CEO Yong Seung Ryong (Kim Sa Kwon) and Doo Chil Seong (Jang Hyuk) and the VIP guest eat the lobster course. They vote for their favorite with their spoons. Sae Woo and Seol Ja rush into the dining room. The tally is in. Chef Wang’s lobster win.

Second round: Pork Belly. With Seol Ja and Sae Woo helping, things go well. Chef Wang’s team is under pressure and things don’t go smoothly.

Maeng Dal and Geok Jung fight the thugs. Maeng Dal spots CEO Yong’s thug. The fighting continues. The police arrive. The police arrest CEO Yong’s thug. Maeng Dal and Geok Jung thank the police.

  Seo Poong presents his dish to CEO Yong and Chil Seong. Chef Wang presents his dish. Seo Poong notices Chef Wang is utilizing the fire technique he used to showcase. Seo Poong’s team serves the diners. Chef Wang’s team serves the diners. Chef Wang sees the faces of the dinners. He tastes the food. It isn’t optimal. Seo Poong recalls meeting Chil Seong and time in their growing relationship.

The tally is in. Seo Poong’s pork belly wins with a wide enough margin he wins the entire contest. CEO Yong stalks out in disgust.

Chil Seong congratulates Seo Poong. Sae Woo join a three-way hug. Seo Poong has tears in his eyes.

Chef Wang cries in his office.

Bo Ra announces to Chef Wang’s team that Seo Poong will determine their positions. She tells Sam Seong he’s fired.

Seo Poong gives Sae Woo a pretty necklace. She loves it. He demurs the necklace means nothing. Sae Woo grouses the Seo Poong is more open about his feelings for Chil Seong. Seo Poong assures her he likes her more but he’s sensitive to Chil Seong’s feeling.

Maeng Dal drives Chil Seong home. He tells Chil Seong that CEO Yong’s thug was arrested. All the songs on the radio make Chil Seong tell Maeng Dal to turn it off.

Sae Woo and Seo Poong share a meal. Seo Poong teases her about how forward she was initially. She admits she was lucky to meet him. They toast his victory. Seo Poong admits his life will be busier. Sae Woo assures him she’ll be by his side.

Chil Seong brings Maeng Dal to his mother’s apartment. Chil Seong tells him about the note she left before her trip and that her absence feels like abandonment. Chil Seong finds medicine in his mother’s dresser drawer. He’s concerned.

Seo Poong stares at the hotel’s kitchen. Sae Woo’s mother arrives. She offers her congratulates. She tells him to top dating Sae Woo. Seo Poong declares he loves Sae Woo. Sae Woo’s mother needs her daughter to be with a man with a good income. Seo Poong says that will come. Sae Woo’s mother refuses to listen and tells him to break it off with her daughter.

Wok of Love Episode 34

Sae Woo’s father is released from jail. He tells the press he’s happy to have been found innocent. Sae Woo and her mother hug him.

Chil Seong, Seo Poong and CEO Yong watch the new reports of Sae Woo’s father’s release. CEO Yong’s construction company is now in big trouble.

Seo Poong receives his chef’s jacket and room key. The Sam Seong resigns. Seo Poong offers him a job.

Seo Poong sits outside the eatery. Sae Woo joins him. She’s thrilled her father is out of jail. Seo Poong congratulates her. Sae Woo asks if everyone will transfer to the new hotel eatery. Seo Poong explains how difficult her position will be. Sae Woo is sure she can handle it. Seo Poong says her mother and father won’t like it. He claims her mother didn’t talk to him. Sae Woo vows she does well in the kitchen.

Sae Woo’s father is happy to be home. Seol Ja shares that she’s working at the hotel eatery now. Geok Jung shares he’s working at the hotel eatery now. Sae Woo’s mother is taken aback. She asks them to reconsider. Sae Woo’s father tells them to work for the family and forgo the hotel eatery.

Chil Seong learns that his mother had surgery for liver cancer and is suffering a relapse. He arrives at her hospital room’s door. With tears in his eyes, he decides not to enter.

Seo Poong puts on the chef jacket. Chil Seong’s men and Sae Woo are thrilled with their new uniforms. Bo Ra asks if Sae Woo has a personal relationship with Seo Poong. Sae Woo is vague.

Everyone enters the kitchen.

Geok Jung and Seol Ja aren’t happy they can’t work in the kitchen. They worry that Sae Woo can’t handle the heat. Seo Poong is demanding. Sae Woo struggles. Sam Seong yells at her and forces her to repeat tasks. She takes the licking and keeps on ticking. But when the crab she brings doesn’t smell good, Seo Poong intervenes and tells her to get her act together. He tells the rest of the kitchen to get back to work.  Sam Seong yells at her again and puts hot food on her hand. When her eyes water, he gives her more flack. Bo Ra tells Sam Seong be nice.

Seo Poong steps out of the frustrated with what is happening in the kitchen. He’s surprised when her father calls and asks him to send Seo Poong home.

Seo Poong returns to the kitchen and tends Sae Woo’s burn. He orders his staff to tend to burns.

At the end of the long day, Sae Woo is hurting. Seo Poong finds her laying on the kitchen table. He reminds her he said it would be hard work. He offers a piggyback to the car. She says she’s too tired to go home. She asks if there’s a room she can sleep in. Seo Poong asks if she can take the heat of the kitchen. He admits watching her by scolded by Sam Seong was difficult. Seo Poong gives her a piggyback. Sae Woo is exhausted. He tells her not to fall asleep yet.

Seo Poong takes her to his room. He lays her on the bed. He warns of tired muscles tomorrow. He tells her to sleep well. He exits. He reenters. He helps her brush her teeth. He takes her jacket off. They stare into each other’s eyes. She asks if this is a dream. He assures her this is real. She says it is a good dream. He tells her not to sleep. He asks her to sleep with him.

My Thoughts

Seo Poong defeats Chef Wang. Round one went to Chef Wang because Seo Poong was undermanned and couldn’t reduce the salt due to lack of time. But when Seol Ja and Sae Woo arrives, round two went like a dream. It was fitting to watch Chef Wang suffer. CEO Yong wasn’t happy. That made me happy.

Chef Seo Poong (Lee Joon Ho) won but it wasn’t easy street in the hotel kitchen. I was surprised and disappointed when Seo Poong offered Sam Seong the job. Sam Seong was a traitor that never acknowledged that he stole Seo Poong’s recipe book, nor did he show one ounce of remorse. Why reward this loser with a job? Because of the kitchen culture that allows bullying as the norm, Sam Seong targeted Sae Woo while Seo Poong only watched. That irked me. Seo Poong, this is YOUR kitchen, you can (and should) change the culture. Sae Woo’s parents pressured Seo Poong to stop dating Sae Woo. Seo Poong struggled with the situation. He tenderly put an exhausted Sae Woo to bed. Then he suggested they sleep together. Seo Poong, your woman is too tired. Try again when she has the energy to actively participate.

Dan Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won) refused to walk away from the kitchen. She didn’t do every right in the kitchen. Bully Sam Seong was ready to point that out and put hot food on her hand intentionally. Sae Woo soldiered through. But it wiped her out. She was grateful with Sae Woo took her to a room not realizing it was his room. Will the exhausted Sae Woo muster the energy to sleep with Seo Poong?

Doo Chil Seong (Jang Hyuk) won the protest rights and the eatery. Writer Seo penned Chil Seong as the winner of the bet. But did he lose something more important when he found out his mother was in the hospital? He stood outside her door, almost knocked, almost entered, but turned away. Chil Seong’s heart wanted his mother. He told Maeng Dal that his mother’s trip felt like abandonment again. But the medicine tipped him off something was wrong. I can’t blame Chil Seong for hesitating with his mother. She’s doing what he asked and not bothering him. But with her illness and stay in the hospital, Chil Seong is in the position of needing to bridge the gap.

I rank these episodes (on a scale from 1-10) as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.


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9 comments on “Wok of Love Episodes 33-34
  1. Beez says:

    I understood completely why Poong did not want Saw woo working in his kitchen. Look what happened when he chastised her mom (whom he didn’t know was her mom).

    I didn’t think the show would go so far as to show the physical abuse that takes place in these kitchens and, despite that being the culture (kitchen, not Korean), I would’ve thought Poong would ‘ve stepped in and drawn the line, not just for Sae woo, but for anybody.

    I was wondering about what is it and why is this kitchen culture like this and saw this article:

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Who knew you could smoke meat 🦂 in a wok❓⁉️ I was annoyed with the way Chef Wang condescendingly kept explaining the brilliance of his culinary knowledge and skills.

    Did anyone else notice Chil Seung’s 🕶️ sunglasses changed from mirror to dark brown during the cook-off … I don’t think they were “transition” type lenses. I could hardly believe Poong’s optimism as he managed to prep 24 lobsters 🦂 by himself; I concur Poong 👨‍🍳 would have won on the lobster 🦂 dish if Sae Woo 🤺 and Seol Ja 🔪 had made it in time. Ironic that both chefs failed with the dish made from their own ingredient selection; the dish they had time to prepare for. Cooking on the fly seemed to work better for each of them. Poong’s 👨‍🍳 pork belly 🥓 looked much more appetizing than Wang’s.

    Part of me wanted to gloat over Chef Wang losing, then I started to feel a little sorry for him … losing his job and Seol Ja 🔪. Then I remembered how he stole Seol Ja’s 🔪 money 💰 when he abandoned her as well as his cruel treatment of Poong 👨‍🍳 after he used the young innovative chef 👨‍🍳 to further his career and then discarded him 👨‍🍳. Good riddence❗

    The three way victory hug between Chil Seung 🕶️, Poong 👨‍🍳 and Sae Woo 🤺 was MARVELOUS❗

    It was so disappointing that Jeong Hae 🌰👸 was so stubborn about Poong 👨‍🍳 and Sae Woo 🤺 dating; it looks like Banker 🏦 Dan does NOT have a different opinion❗

    I can’t help but wonder if Poong 👨‍🍳 was too nice to take back the recipe 📓 notebook thief, Sam Seung❓⁉️ Poong 👨‍🍳 paid for it with Sam Seung 📓 treatment of Sae Woo 🤺. I admit I was a little disappointed Poong 👨‍🍳 allowed, he should set the tone for his kitchen. On the other hand, he allowed her to be bullied 🥊 to see the reality of working in a kitchen. Thanks for the kitchen culture article Beez.

    Will recipe 📓 notebook thief, Sam Seung 📓, be able to work with Doo Sik since he had an affair with Doo Sik’s wife❓⁉️. Did Doo Sik ever give him the beating he deserved❓⁉️

    I don’t like that Banker 🏦 Dan also put pressure on Seol Ja 🔪 and Geok Jeong 🚗 to stay at their house, denying them the opportunity to enjoy a career that they 💖.

    How sad that Gum Lady 🍬/ mom has cancer. Chil Seung 🕶️ can’t seem to get a break in his personal life.

    Poong 👨‍🍳 was right that the kitchen being hard for Sae Woo 🤺 to handle. However, she perservered. I think it may have been almost as hard for Poong 👨‍🍳 to see how Sae Woo 🤺 was treated. When her dad 🏦 asked him to send Sae Woo 🤺 home, color 🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 Poong 👨‍🍳 did not comply. I understand parents being concerned about their children, even when they are adults, but it seems that Korean 🇰🇷 parents are VERY demanding on adult children. What happened to the Sae Woo 🤺 who was going to do what SHE wants❓⁉️

    I wondered if the “employee living quarters” were simply Poong’s 👨‍🍳 head chef perk: a hotel 🏨 room … kinda looks like it.

    • Beez says:

      Sae woo’s patents are the ultimate in selfishness. It’s one thing to interfere in their daughter’s love life because parents, rightly or wrongly, believe they know what’s best for their children. But to use the “we’re family” card on Seoul ja and Big Noodle Dude is disgusting! Especially when THEY’VE shown their loyalty when they stuck by Madam and got outside jobs to PAY THE RENT for her and feed her. Out of everyone, she was earning the smallest salary. If you really consider them family, then back up your empty words and let them continue to reside in your house and work the jobs that inspire them and gives them personal satisfaction.

      I am too through with both parents! And I’m glad Poong ignored them.

      • to use the “we’re family” card on Seoul ja and Big Noodle Dude is disgusting! Especially when THEY’VE shown their loyalty when they stuck by Madam and got outside jobs to PAY THE RENT for her and feed her. … let them continue to reside in your house and work the jobs that inspire them and gives them personal satisfaction…I’m glad Poong ignored them
        Well said Beez. I was disappointed that Sae Woo’d father’s opinion was as restrictive has his wife’s.

    • I can’t help but wonder if Poong 👨‍🍳 was too nice to take back the recipe 📓 notebook thief, Sam Seung
      Having Sam Seung working in the kitchen would be like sharing an apartment with CEO Yong. Both men actively worked to hurt Poong. There is NO NEED for Poong to forgive those that don’t feel bad for their actions.

      I wondered if the “employee living quarters” were simply Poong’s 👨‍🍳 head chef perk: a hotel 🏨 room … kinda looks like it
      Sae Woo assumed it was employee quarters but it was actually Poong’s room (a perk as you noted).

  3. Drama Fan says:

    I wish Saewoo had let Poong and Chilsung hug. It was their moment. This is what I meant before by her character always interfering and acting jealous of the bromance. This might be that she was genuinely happy but the writer doesn’t allow any scene to exist without her presence and since I find her extremely annoying now, it ruins everything. These episodes were full of fillers to me. Yet, they can’t spare a couple of scenes for the Chilsung-vet story and instead they give his mom cancer 😑

    • Jane Tilly says:

      While I liked the three-way hug, I think DF has an excellent point about this victory REALLY belonging to Chil Seung 🕶️ and Poong 👨‍🍳. Think it would have been better to have a bromance 💙 hug.

    • I wish Saewoo had let Poong and Chilsung hug. It was their moment. This is what I meant before by her character always interfering and acting jealous of the bromance.
      The flashbacks to Poong and Chil Seong’s initial scenes seemed like a lifetime ago. I liked that Poong was truly touched by Chil Seong’s support and friendship. I can understand being irked by Sae Woo making it a three way hug, but in many ways the entire series has been a three way between these characters.

      These episodes were full of fillers to me. Yet, they can’t spare a couple of scenes for the Chilsung-vet story
      I totally agree. We are STARVED for Chil Seong to have his own moment of romance, happiness, etc. Yet Writer Seo couldn’t manage to insert a scene to move the vet and Chil Seong’s relationship forward. There’s not much time left in this series!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Chil Seung 🕶️, our gangsta with a heart of gold 💛 deserves some happiness. I will be disappointed if the don’t move something (like a relationship with IV Lady/Veterinarian 🐈) forward. 부디

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