Lawless Lawyer Episode 10 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 10 Recap

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) stares at the photo that shows Judge Cha as the driver in the car and O Joo as the thug that murdered a man.

Detective Oh calls Jae Yi with the news that Sang Pil is being transferred to a hospital due to a stab wound. Jae Yi drives Sang Pil’s car and meets the ambulance at the hospital. She rushes to his side calling his name. She holds his hand as he’s wheeled down the hallway. She stares as he’s taken to surgery. The team arrives upset and wanting details. Jae Yi’s tears won’t let her feign absolute authority that Sang Pil will be okay.

Judge Cha calls what the party president said about joining him to pursue political aspirations.

An O Joo (Choi Min Soo) gives an interview where the press fawns.  He tells the media member of “The 7” that Judge Cha doesn’t come to their gathering as much. His thugs get a call and interrupts their conversation.

Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) learns from Yeon Hee’s mother that Sang Pil has been stabbed and is in the hospital.

O Joo demands to know if his thug went rouge and ordered Sang Pil hurt in jail. His thug denies it. He notes that if Sang Pil dies, the investigation is over. O Joo wonders who wants to kill Sang Pil more than he does. O Joo assumes that Judge Cha hired her own assassin and didn’t utilize him.

Detective Oh tells Jae Yi not to worry. The surgeons tell Jae Yi the surgery went well. The team is relieved.

Only Jae Yi is allowed to go into Sang Pil’s hospital room. She recalls Sang Pil’s words about protecting her. She wonders how she didn’t see the efforts he took to protect her. She calls him precious to her and promises to be wonderful to him from now on. She lays next to Sang Pil and he asks if she meant the words. Jae Yi is thankful he is okay. She feigns anger then smiles then hits him in the chest.

Back at the office, Jae Yi tells the team she’s requested that Sang Pil not be returned to jail. Though she’s tired she assigns everyone a task. The team vows to do their best. They strike a pose. Jae Yi encourages them vowing to save Sang Pil.

In the hospital, Sang Pil smiles remembering needling O Joo about not knowing Judge Cha’s wish that he be found innocent.

O Joo’s thug can’t believe that Dae Woong’s men believe Sang Pil murdered his own uncle. O Joo believes Dae Woong’s replacement should be grateful for his new position of power.

Judge Cha recalls O Joo boasting that he’ll take care of Sang Pil for messing with his blind trust for his company and his statement he can handle it by himself.

Sang Pil recalls pushing the knife into himself and vowing to prove his innocent to Dae Woong’s man. Sang Pil can’t believe his eyes when O Joo strolls into his room. He tries to grab O Joo but his restraint won’t allow him to fully grasp. O Joo declares Sang Pil will die before he can kill him. Sang Pil tells him to say what he has to say then leave. O Joo says he might find the person that stabbed him. He tells Sang Pil he is responsible for everyone wanting to kill him.

O Joo tells his thug that Sang Pil doesn’t know who hurt him.

O Joo spies Prosecutor Chun with the man accused of stabbing Sang Pil. O Joo says he won’t forget how Prosecutor Chun helped to stop him from naming a successor to his company. Prosecutor Chun asks why O Joo visited Sang Pil. O Joo claims he’s interested in the case because Sang Pil killed his uncle. He encourages Prosecutor Chun to throw the book at Sang Pil. Prosecutor Chun says O Joo better hope he never gets ahold of him in court. O Joo chuckles as he agrees.

Prosecutor Chun and Detective Oh bring Dae Woong’s man into Sang Pil’s room. Sang Pil declares he’s not the man that stabbed him. Prosecutor Chun doesn’t believe him but can’t do anything without Sang Pil’s identification. Detective Oh takes Dae Woong’s man away. Sang Pil asks if Prosecutor Chun thinks he killed his uncle. Prosecutor Chun states the evidence points to him. But he can’t stop wondering why O Joo visited Sang Pil so soon. Sang Pil says O Joo wanted to know who stabbed him. Sang Pil encourages Prosecutor Chun to prepare as best he can for the trial. Sang Pil declares Jae Yi is fiercer than Prosecutor Chun. That makes Prosecutor Chun chuckle. He likes lawyers that are like him.

I like Prosecutor Chun. He seems incorruptible.

At the courthouse, Kang Yeon Hee (Cha Jung Won) boasts that Sang Pil will soon be found guilty. Jae Yi asks who is worse a judge that using her power to convict an innocent man or a prosecutor that only does a surface investigation before coming to conclusions. Jae Yi promises that Sang Pil has a worthy advocate by his side.

Judge Cha calls to Jae Yi in the hallway. She tells Jae Yi she’s glad that Sang Pil is on the mend. Sang Pil doesn’t believe her. Judge Cha chuckles that Jae Yi has changed and not for the better. Jae Yi counters that Judge Cha can’t hide her past because of this case. Judge Cha feigns ignorance. Jae Yi recalls the photos of Judge Cha and O Joo. She states the future is shaped by the past. Judge Cha dares Jae Yi to prove her accusations.

In the courtroom, Judge Cha calls Jae Yi to explain what happened to her client. Jae Yi asks for bail to Sang Pil won’t be hurt again in prison. Yeon Hee believes the Sang Pil got hurt deliberately. Prosecutor Chun believes Sang Pil would try to eliminate trace evidence of the crime they haven’t found yet. Judge Cha denies Jae Yi’s bail request for Sang Pil.

Jae Yi visits Sang Pil in the hospital. He guesses her request for bail was denied. He thanks her for fighting for him. Sang Pil teases her about her frequent visits. They laugh.

Jae Yi rolls Sang Pil to meet with his team. They are thrilled to see him smiling and upright. Sang Pil thanks them for their concern then tells them to beat it so he can talk privately with Jae Yi.

A little boy asks Sang Pil why he’s handcuffed to the wheelchair. Sang Pil explains someone that supports him, hurt him by mistake. The boy’s mother leads him away. Sang Pil looks at the mother and son. Jae Yi teases that she has every right to know all of Sang Pil’s secrets because she’s his lawyer and his is her man. Sweet! That puts a smile on both their faces. Sang Pil kisses Jae Yi’s hand. He thanks her.

I LOVE the sweet support this couple gives each other.

Jae Yi’s mother massages Judge Cha. Yeon Hee’s mother smirks that O Joo hasn’t been seen recently. O Joo states she doesn’t want O Joo to visit her home again. Yeon Hee’s mother loves it. O Joo enters. Judge Cha doesn’t like that he came without being summoned. O Joo says he came because of Sang Pil. Yeon Hee’s mother is told to leave too.

Yeon Hee’s mother throws Jae Yi’s mother’s money on the floor. She warns her that if she speaks of what she hears in the house, anyone she cares for will suffer. Jae Yi’s mother vows silence and leaves.

Jae Yi shows Sang Pil the photos. Sang Pil is surprised to learn a Judge Cha’s masseuse was placed there by his uncle. He stares at the photo of Judge Cha and O Joo.

Judge Cha doubts that O Joo’s claim that he didn’t hurt Sang Pil. He vows to find out who did it. Judge Cha isn’t impressed. O Joo vows to catch the person that messed with his prey. Judge Cha counters that O Joo is only worried about himself. O Joo cuts his losses and leaves.

Jae Yi stares at the picture she took of Judge Cha’s masseuse, the woman that gave her the picture and declared she’s fighting Judge Cha too.

Jae Yi’s mother stares at a picture of Jae Yi.

Jae Yi’s father brings her breakfast. Jae Yi notices his suit and asks he if should wear her mother’s tie. Jae Yi’s father says that Judge Cha isn’t who she imagines.

Jae Yi’s father is horrified when he breaks a priceless vase at Judge Cha’s house during their photoshoot. Jae Yi’s mother is ordered to help clean up. She notices the tie he’s wearing. Judge Cha baits Jae Yi’s father by talking about his wife.

Judge Cha knows who the masseuse is.

Sang Pil warns that the masseuse’s claim to help could be a trap. Jae Yi believes her.  Jae Yi’s mother texts Jae Yi to meet her that night at the law firm. Jae Yi agrees to meet.

That night Jae Yi waits and the masseuse arrives.  Jae Yi gives her the ID photos and offers tea. Her mother smiles with pride at her nameplate. Jae Yi asks why she gave her the photos. Why is she willing to risk going against a powerful woman like Judge Cha? Jae Yi’s mother says she stole the photos from Judge Cha’s house. She confirms Dae Woong got her the job. She says she took the job to get her life back and she has nothing to lose. She shares there is a fissure between Judge Cha and O Joo. She stands to leave. Jae Yi asks her name. Jae Yi says at Judge Cha’s house they call her mama. Jae Yi smiles and calls her mama.

Jae Yi tells Sang Pil about the issue between Judge Cha and O Joo. Jae Yi says she believes the masseuse. Sang Pil likes the news that Judge Cha and O Joo aren’t getting along.

O Joo recalls Judge Cha throwing wine in his face. He decides to go out on his own.

Sang Pil drives Sang Pil’s car away from the hospital just as O Joo drives up. Then Dae Woong’s gang’s new leader has multiple cars pull up in front of the hospital. They report they’ve arrived. The new leader bows to a mystery person.

O Joo gains access to Sang Pil’s room with ease. Sang Pil sighs at the unwelcome visitor.

The new leader directs his gang to begin. The lights and CCTV footage in the hospital are affected. The gang strides down the hospital hallway.

O Joo demands to know if Judge Cha really wants Sang Pil to be proven innocent. Sang Pil laughs at O Joo’s irritation. The gang bursts in Sang Pil’s room. They report to the mystery person on the phone that the mayor is there. The new leader asks the mystery person how to proceed. Judge Cha considers.

Judge Cha has indeed hired her own assassins.

O Joo can’t believe the gang members will take him on. They declare a hurt handcuffed guy and an old man are easy pickings. O Joo is offended. O Joo declares Sang Pil must defend himself. He dispatches the gang members and throws the handcuff keys to Sang Pil. O Joo states Sang Pil is his special treat. But today isn’t the day that Sang Pil will die by his hand.

In the strangest version of the odd couple, Sang Pil and O Joo stand in the hospital hallway at the gang of men. O Joo says it will be better if Sang Pil hides behind him. Sang Pil refuses. They stride to meet the gang. The theme song pulses while Sang Pil and O Joo fight hand to hand with the sea of thugs. Needless to say, O Joo is adept with a metal bat. He calls to Sang Pil that it is time to go.  O Joo laughs then tries to hit Sang Pil but he dodges the blow. There’s a fight with the gang members going down the elevator. O Joo and Sang Pil emerge victorious.

Sang Pil asks THE question “who wants both of us dead and would be willing to hire a gang”? Sang Pil laughs because he knows that O Joo knows that Judge Cha hired the gang. O Joo tells Sang Pil to consider himself lucky. He punches Sang Pil in the stab wound and strides away.

The police arrive at the hospital.

Geum Gang and Gwang Soo step out for a bite to eat while Jae Yi works. She calls Sang Pil statement about Judge Cha and O Joo fighting. She looks at the pictures the masseuse gave her. Geum Gang and Gwang Soo burst in the door helping a bloody Sang Pil through the door. Jae Yi stares in shock. Sang Pil is relieved Jae Yi is okay. He explains there was an incident at the hospital. He worried that she was in danger. Jae Yi calls Prosecutor Chun to report Sang Pil is with her. She asks him to come get Sang Pil. Geum Gang and Gwang Soo rush to the pharmacy. Jae Yi can’t believe Sang Pil came to her. Sang Pil admits he couldn’t stay away he was so worried. He reminds her of his promise to protect her. Tears fill Jae Yi’s eyes. Tears fill Sang Pil’s eyes. They hug.

O Joo’s thugs can’t believe his eyes when he sees O Joo’s state. He demands to know who did this to him. O Joo asks who would dare to do this to him.

Prosecutor Chun arrives and is surprised to see Sang Pil’s state. Prosecutor Chun calls him an escaped criminal and hauls him to his feet. Jae Yi recommends Sang Pil receive medical care. Prosecutor Chun agrees not to call this escaping custody due to Jae Yi’s quick notification. Sang Pil and Jae Yi smiles at each other. Prosecutor Chun pulls Sang Pil out of the room.

Judge Cha stares at Jae Yi’s mother. She recalls Dae Woong’s replacement stating that Dae Woong was looking for a woman that lived in Thailand for many years and came to Ginsung to meet her. Judge Cha stares at Jae Yi’s mother.

She knows.

O Joo’s thugs complains about his lack of freedom to pursue matters as he wishes. O Joo recalls Judge Cha’s offer to support his candidacy for mayor, then her directions to put the Ohju in a blind trust, then turn over Ohju to her. O Joo shakes his head and says the fantasy is over. O Joo wonders why Judge Cha made him mayor. He realizes Judge Cha has used and taken his money and business away from him.

O Joo knows he’s been used and Judge Cha tried to toss him away like trash.

Back in jail, Sang Pil walks the hall to his court date.

Jae Yi is ready to head to court. She gets a call from someone and asks what business they could have together.

In the courtroom, Sang Pil and Jae Yi look at each other. Sang Pil asks what happened. Jae Yi warns him today will be a surprise. She vows to prove his innocence no matter what she has to do.

Judge Cha enters the courtroom.

Jae Yi requests the right to call a new witness. Judge Cha asks what the prosecution thinks. Yeon Hee refuses due to the last-minute addition. Jae Yi declares she just found the witness this morning. Jae Yi declares the witness’s position will verify the witness. Judge Cha asks who the witness is. The door in the back of the courtroom open. Sang Pil stares in surprise. Jae Yi calls O Joo to be a witness for the defense. O Joo strides forward and tells Judge Cha he’s positive and can state unequivocally that Sang Pil isn’t the man that murdered his uncle. Judge Cha stares at O Joo in shock. Sang Pil can’t believe what O Joo said. O Joo smiles at Judge Cha. She manages to quiver a smile.

BAM! O Joo flexes his power to thwart Judge Cha!

My Thoughts

If you had told me after last episode that O Joo would fight WITH Sang Pil and become a witness FOR Sang Pil I would not believed it possible. But that’s exactly what happened. Last episode I loathed O Joo’s cruel and heinous murder of Dae Woong. But like it or not, O Joo has a certain amount of charm. When Judge Cha sent goons to kill Sang Pil and O Joo was caught in the fray. When Judge Cha told the goons to kill him too, O Joo had a taste of his own medicine. He was the goon that Judge Cha sent to kill Sang Pil’s mother and Sang Pil. Now the tables were turned. The scales fell from O Joo’s eyes. He realized Judge Cha had manipulated him into the position of mayor strictly for her own benefits – greed for his company was a major component. Last recap I stated “The 7” need to self-implode due to their own greed and desire for power. It has begun.

Judge Cha knows her masseuse is Jae Yi’s mother. She’s biding her time to use Jae Yi’s mother for her own gains. Judge Cha is like a cat that patiently plays with a mouse before killing it. I like Jae Yi’s mother bravery but she’s playing with fire.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) landed in the hospital and O Joo wouldn’t’ stop visiting him. Sang Pil’s self inflected wound got him out of jail. O Joo couldn’t let Sang Pil’s statement that Judge Cha wanted Sang Pil to go free and hadn’t told him alone. It drove O Joo nuts knowing Judge Cha kept this from him. O Joo dreamed of a partnership with Judge Cha. She instead wanted the status quo maintained. O Joo was and will always be her lackey. During O Joo’s second uninvited visit to Sang Pil, the goons descended and the two enemies worked together to defeat the goons sent to kill them. They were the “odd couple”. Sang Pil left the hospital to assure himself Jae Yi was okay and not in danger. Sang Pil glowed with pleasure when Jae Yi called him her man. But Jae Yi completely surprised Sang Pil when she produced O Joo as a witness for the defense. I’ve got to hand it to O Joo. He realized he was used and abused and decided to stick it to Judge Cha in a dramatic and public forum. Sang Pil will reap the benefits of the fissure between Judge Cha and O Joo.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) worked to find a way to get Sang Pil acquitted. O Joo handed it to her on a silver platter and she took it. She was surprised when O Joo made the offer but knew she wouldn’t get a better opportunity to get the charges against Sang Pil dropped. Jae Yi stood tall as she called O Joo forth. The stunned looks in the courtroom were a sight to behold. Jae Yi committed herself to freeing Sang Pil by hook or crook. Looks like Jae Yi choose crook. Switching gears, Jae Yi and Sang Pil once again managed to carve out some sweet moments in the chaos. I LOVED it when Jae Yi declared Sang Pil was her man.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below


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4 comments on “Lawless Lawyer Episode 10 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Oh … the seeds of doubt Sang Pil 💼👊 has sown between Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ and Oh Joo 📿 are starting to take root 🌱. Cha 👩‍⚖️ called Oh Joo 📿 defiant, yup he is thanks to her snatching his company. seeing the Team Evil’s trust starting to CRumble … ✳️CACKLES TO SELF✳️

    While conversing with Sang Pil 💼👊 “Try being a good person like me” -Oh Joo 📿. ✳️OH REALLY, SINCE WHEN❓⁉️✳️

    I was positively IRATE when Soon Ja 🐻 started to hand Hyun Joo 📷 cash and then condescendingly threw it all over the floor, made her say thank you for each bill 💸 as she picked it up and then threatened her and her family and/or friends.

    Why would Mr Ha move the furniture WITH the vase ⚱️ in it❓⁉️ Wouldn’t you move the vase ⚱️ and then the furniture❓⁉️ Why would the call a fourth person to cleanup the ceramic ⚱️ pieces in such a small space❓⁉️ Holy Smokes, while Hyun Joo 📷 was trying to disguise her identity, particularly from her husband, wearing a mask 😷 may have been a HUGE mistake. I wonder if Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ recognized Hyun Joo 📷 just then or only confirmed it. Couldn’t Hyun Joo 📷 tell she had been compromised❓⁉️

    Redbutterflies pegged it on the last recap that Dae Woong’s gang HAS BEEN COMPROMISED, by Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️❗ if the judge is working with Dae Woong’s #1, why did she think Oh Joo 📿 was responsible for Sang Pil’s 💼👊 stabbing🗡️❓⁉️

    It was a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT to see Oh Joo 📿 and Sang Pil 💼👊 fighting together against Judge Cha’s 👩‍⚖️ contractors and punching👊💢👊 each other out. I cried up when Oh Joo 📿 scoffed at being called an old man and then showed those young punks what an “old man” could do.

    The wedge between Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ and the Mayor An 📿 just became MUCH BIGGER … is the enemy of my enemy is my friend❓⁉️ FINALLY Oh Joo 📿 is asking why Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ wanted him to be Mayor. Looks like Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ is about to have the tables turn on her first having her hit men going after Oh Joo 📿❗ “like it or not, O Joo has a certain amount of charm” -KJT. In one short episode, this brilliant writer changed 🔁 how we feel about this heinous antagonist, I am not 🚫🗣️ saying that he has become a protagonist but he has become an ally, at least for the time ⏳ being

    Turns out Sang Pil 💼👊 is safer in prison. I think the culprit that stabbed 🗡️ Sang Pil 💼👊 was not part of Dae Woong’s gang but an associate. I hope that since the culprit wasn’t 🚫🐁 ratted out that he might turn out to be an ally for Sang Pil 💼👊.

    I 💖 Oh Joo’s 📿 facial expressions this episode, Choi Min Soo is a talented actor and a joy to watch❗. This episode ROCKED 🎸❗


    • Jane Tilly says:

      “cried up” should be “cracked up”. Stinkin’ autocorrect ❗


    • Why would Mr Ha move the furniture WITH the vase ⚱ in it❓⁉ … I wonder if Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ recognized Hyun Joo 📷 just then or only confirmed it. Couldn’t Hyun Joo 📷 tell she had been compromised❓⁉
      Mr. Ha’s awe of Judge Cha can be irksome. Hyun Joo’s wig isn’t much of a disguise for adults that knew her when.

      Oh Joo 📿 scoffed at being called an old man and then showed those young punks what an “old man” could do…. In one short episode, this brilliant writer changed 🔁 how we feel about this heinous antagonist, I am not 🚫🗣 saying that he has become a protagonist but he has become an ally, at least for the time ⏳ being…I 💖 Oh Joo’s 📿 facial expressions this episode, Choi Min Soo is a talented actor and a joy to watch❗.
      That was a guilty pleasure moment for me too. I should hate O Joo all the time because he is a murderer but I couldn’t as he joined forces with Sang PIl. Choi Min Soo brought IT this episode. I am totally onboard with Writer Yoon too. I haven’t been bored while watching this series.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        “Choi Min Soo brought IT this episode” -KJT

        This episode was Choi Min Soo’s opportunity to shine 🌟 and he rose up to the challenge and DAZZLED ✨ us❗


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