Lawless Lawyer Episode 8 Recap

Lawless Lawyer Episode 8 Recap

Jae Yi’s mother (dressed in a wig) watches at Hyung Man’s memorial. Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) startles her. Like a deer caught in a headlight, Jae Yi’s mother stares at her daughter. Jae Yi doesn’t recognize her. Jae Yi’s mother’s eyes fill with tears. She rushes away ignoring Jae Yi’s calls. Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) walks over and asks Jae Yi if she knows the woman. Jae Yi doesn’t know the woman. Her mother watches her from around the corner wishes she knew who she was.

Uncle Dae Woong (Ahn Nae Sang) receives a text that Jae Yi’s mother is alive. He tells his man there’s someone they need to find ASAP.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi drink to her reinstatement as a lawyer. Jae Yi says she didn’t tell her father Judge Cha was the one that had her reinstated. She says she’s keeping more and more secrets from her father these days. Jae Yi passes out and Sang Pil catches her. He smiles and muses that she’s a cute drunk. He gives her a piggy back walk on the beach.

Yeon Hee’s mother brings Jae Yi’s father to Judge Cha’s house. He’s awestruck at the honor. Judge Cha Moon Sook (Cha Moon Sook) asks him to take a photo for her autobiography. He’s thrilled. He learns that Judge Cha is the reason Jae Yi’s suspension was lifted. He’s surprised and grateful. Judge Cha suggests that Jae Yi should return to Seoul to practice law. Judge Cha worries that Jae Yi won’t leave because of her relationship with Sang Pil. Jae Yi’s father declares he’ll send Jae Yi back to Seoul without delay. Judge Cha smiles, her mission is accomplished.

Yeon Hee’s mother is impressed that Judge Cha lifted Jae Yi’s suspension not for Jae Yi but to manipulate her father. Judge Cha hates the smells that Jae Yi’s father left and declares the house must be sanitized and she’ll sleep in a hotel.

Judge Cha has the quirk of keeping everything precision clean. Sang Pil should throw Judge Cha into a garbage pile, she’d probably go into shock.

Jae Yi’s father isn’t pleased to see his daughter drunk with Sang Pil in front of the house. Jae Yi admits she drank too much. Jae Yi’s father ignores Sang Pil and tells her to come into the house.

Inside, Jae Yi asks where her father was. He asks why Jae Yi didn’t tell him that Judge Cha lifted her suspension. Jae Yi asks if he visited Judge Cha. Her father confirms that and states Judge Cha will find her a job in Seoul. Jae Yi declares that Judge Cha isn’t who he believes. He doesn’t like that. Jae Yi blurts out that Judge Cha is the one behind what happened to mother. Her father slaps her. He yells that Sang Pil’s influence caused her to think this way. Jae Yi holds her face, shocked that her father struck her. He orders her to leave for Seoul ASAP. Jae Yi cries.

Jae Yi packs a bag and goes to the office. Sang Pil asks what is going on. Jae Yi asks to stay. Sang Pil asks if she fought with her father because of him. Jae Yi says the fight was her doing. Jae Yi knows she’d tell her father all about Judge Cha and he’s not ready to hear the truth. Sang Pil hugs her and tells her that was the right choice. He makes them coffee. They sit and look at the night sky. Jae Yi asks about Sang Pil’s mother. He shares his mother was caring to all her clients. Jae Yi believes that caring is why her mother got involved with Sang Pil’s mother.  Jae Yi asks if he wants to be a lawyer like his mother. Sang Pil admits that he won’t know the kind of lawyer he’ll be until he gets Judge Cha. Sang Pil accepts that. She shares her mother’s birthday is coming up. Sang Pil says they were both young when they lost their mothers. They hold hands and smile. Sang Pil gets her to giggle when he reveals the chairs they are sitting in are massage chairs.

I LOVE this couple. They are sweetly supportive. They don’t berate each other. Their common grounds and goals make their relationship deeper than most.

Dae Woong learns that Jae Yi’s mother is back in Ginsung. He tells his right-hand man he’ll be gone and on his own for the next couple of days.

Let me say, I like Uncle Dae Woong and don’t want anything to happen to him. He is Sang Pil’s only living relative that I know of. I don’t want Sang Pil gutted by losing Uncle Dae Woong.

O Joo visits the band president in jail. O Joo tells the bank president he has to take responsibility. The bank president doesn’t like that. They threaten his daughter. O Joo gets physical.

The bank president tells Prosecutor Chun he did this all solo, O Joo was not involved. Detective Oh interrupts the interrogation with the news that the chief prosecutor (member of ”the 7”) is ending the investigation. Yeon Hee (junior member of ”the 7”) smiles behind the one-way mirror.

Prosecutor Chun demands the chief prosecutor explain his actions. Calmly the chief prosecutor says there isn’t sufficient evidence.

The Lawless Law firm celebrates Jae Yi be reinstated as a lawyer. Geum Gang’s sister is thrilled when Sang Pil names her office manager. She declares she’ll never leave Sang Pil’s side. Jae Yi snatches the meal Geum Gang’s sister offers and feeds it to Sang Pil. Tae Gwang Soo (Kim Byung Hee) mentions Jae Yi sleeping at the office. Everyone looks suspicious. Sang Pil announces Jae Yi is staying at the office temporarily. Geum Gang’s sister declares Jae Yi must live with them to avoid impropriety. Jae Yi agrees. Geum Gang (Lim Ki Hong) tells his sister he knows her intent is to separate Sang Pil and Jae Yi. She doesn’t deny it claiming soon she’ll be Sang Pil’s wife.

LOL! I enjoy the territorial posturing Geum Gang’s sister and Jae Yi engage in. Geum Gang’s sister has her eye on the prize (Sang Pil).

Prosecutor Chun calls Sang Pil and states they need to talk in his office. Sang Pil counters Prosecutor Chun need to come to his law firm. Detective Oh says that’s the Ginsung way. Prosecutor Chun says Sang Pil is from Ginsung. Detective Oh asks if Sang Pil recommended him. Prosecutor Chun avoids answering.

Prosecutor Chun meets with Sang Pil and Jae Yi in their office. They vow to fight those above the law with the law. Prosecutor Chun explains the bank president case has been shut down. Sang Pil promises to create another case soon.

Dae Woong sees Jae Yi’s mother and says he knows who she is. In a secluded spot, Dae Woong explains who he is. Dae Woong says that Hyung Man told him that she was still alive. He tells her Ginsung is a danger location. She cries that she’s been alone for 18 years and won’t live that way again. Dae Woong asks what she can do alone.

Judge Cha gets a massage by the blind masseuse. Yeon Hee’s what’s happening with Ohju. She chuckles with glee that O Joo must put his company in Judge Cha’s father’s foundation.

Yeon Hee’s mother feigns concern that O Joo must feel bad losing control of his company. O Joo counters that Judge Cha reinstated Jae Yi, the favored one. Yeon Hee’s mother asks how O Joo knew about the reinstatement. O Joo says he guessed.

Yeon Hee realizes the blind masseuse is working for O Joo. She confronts her and burns her hand to get her to confess. The blind masseuse admits she’s O Joo’s informer.

Jae Yi’s mother sobs she only wants to live with her daughter and husband. Dae Woong says he’ll help. He wants to keep Sang Pil safe. He says now that Sang Pil and Jae Yi are involved he can’t passively watch. He must protect. He asks Jae Yi’s mother to work with him. She gratefully accepts.

I like Dae Woong. I want him more involved. He’s got street smarts. Having him protect Jae Yi’s mother is a good pairing.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi sees the news broadcasts that detail the bank president claiming he acted alone. It also shows a PR opportunity Judge Cha and O Joo take together.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi stare at the wall of evidence. Sang Pil notes now Judge Cha controls O Joo’s company. Jae Yi believes O Joo is not happy that the blind trust was nullified and Judge Cha got control of his company. Jae Yi states Judge Cha not only wants power but also money. Sang Pil declares they must cast a wide net to catch ”the 7”.

O Joo calls Sang Pil to gloat that the charges against the bank president did nothing to him. He promises since Sang Pil took someone from him, he’ll take someone dear from Sang Pil.

Jae Yi asks who the phone call was. Sang Pil lies that it was a telemarketer. Sang Pil suggests Jae Yi leave early to settle in at Geum Gang’s place. He claims he needs to work late.

Sang Pil calls Uncle Dae Woong. He’s surprised to learn his Uncle is in Ginsung. Uncle Dae Woong claims he missed Sang Pil and came to visit. Sang Pil states O Joo has declared war. He asks his Uncle to protect Jae Yi. Why not ask Gwang Soo? Sang Pil admits that Gwang Soo can’t keep anything from Jae Yi which would only increase the danger. Uncle Dae Woong knows that sometimes those you love can’t know everything. He notes Sang Pil has an important person he wants to protect. Uncle Dae Woong suggests that Sang Pil step aside, live a quiet life with Jae Yi and let him handle O Joo and Judge Cha. Sang Pil refuses the offer, this is something he must do. Uncle Dae Woong vows as long as he lives, he will protect Jae Yi.

That vow makes me nervous.

O Joo’s thug reports that things are unfolding as expected.

Yes, I should be nervous about Dae Woong being a target.

Geum Gang’s sister provides a bedroom for as long as Jae Yi wants. Jae Yi asks to be considered a friend. Jae Yi’s father texts assuming she’s in Seoul. He apologizes for hitting her. Jae Yi doesn’t respond.

O Joo tells his thug that Sang Pil had to reach out to Dae Woong for protection for Jae Yi. O Joo says he has two power cards and isn’t sure which one to use.

Dae Woong follows Jae Yi and Geum Gang’s sister as they drive to work. O Joo’s thugs surround his car. O Joo’s thug tells Dae Woong to come with him to see O Joo. That gets Dae Woong’s interest.

Yeon Hee’s mother interviews the 3 replacement masseuses. One of them is Jae Yi’s mother! She’s the only masseuse that states she’ll keep her lips zipped about what happens in this house. Yeon Hee’s mother sends the other two masseuses away. She warns Jae Yi’s mother to keep quiet as she pledged.

Is Dae Woong executing his own plan to take down Judge Cha using Jae Yi’s mother?

Flashback…Prosecutor Chun recalls Sang Pil promise that he’ll become Chief Prosecutor if he takes down O Joo. Prosecutor Chun notes the current Chief Prosecutor is on O Joo’s side. Sang Pil names “the 7”. Prosecutor Chun declares it is a buffet of baddies. When Sang Pil states Judge Cha is the kingpin, Prosecutor Chun laughs.

Yeon Hee visits Prosecutor Chun and informs him she’s sharing the office and will provide support.

Judge Cha is surprised to see a new masseuse. She tells Jae Yi’s mother to lift her head. Shyly she does so. She starts massaging. Judge Cha says she’s not happy with Jae Yi’s actions. Jae Yi’s mother doesn’t react.

Does Judge Cha know it is Jae Yi’s mother?

It’s Jae Yi’s mother’s birthday per the notification on Jae Yi’s phone. Sang Pil brings Jae Yi clothes to wear. Geum Gang and Gwang Soo’s sister don’t’ like the personal gift. Sang Pil and Jae Yi leave. The blue dress looks pretty on Jae Yi. Sang Pil picks a pretty bouquet of flowers. He asks if Jae Yi has a harmonica at home.

Jae Yi isn’t happy with the large number of steps she must climb in high heels. Sang Pil offers to carry her when she flips a shoe at him. Sang Pil puts the shoe back on Jae Yi’s foot. She asks if he’s professing his love. They hold hands until they reach the overlook. Sang Pil gives Jae Yi a cake in honor of her mother’s birthday. He has her sit next to the flowers and cake. They light the candles. Jae Yi thanks him for the moment and promises to handle this day going forward. Sang Pil sings happy birthday to Jae Yi’s mother. She joins in and cries. Awk! Tears!

Sang Pil cups her face and tells her not to cry. Jae Yi thanks him. She blows out the candles. Jae Yi dabs icing on Sang Pil’s nose and laughs. She gently kisses his forehead. Awk! Tears! They smile at each other. He gently kisses her lips. Sang Pil hugs Jae Yi as she plays the harmonic. Awk! Tears!

Beautiful touching scene. Whoever scouted that location, delivered a picture-perfect setting. The real magic was in the performances. I LOVE this couple.

Dae Woong is brought to O Joo. They sit on opposite sides. O Joo suggest they could be friends. He recommends that Dae Woong take Sang Pil back to Seoul. Dae Woong says Sang Pil has prepared for this his entire life and won’t be dissuaded. Dae Woong says only O Joo’s death along with Judge Cha’s will end things. That wipes the smile off O Joo’s face. He says they won’t be friends. The thug plunges a syringe Dae Woong and another stabs Dae Woong’s man. Dae Woong stands, wobbles, and falls down. O Joo is pleased and tells his thugs to finish the job.

Rats, I was right to be concerned that Dae Woong was a target.

Sang Pil drops Jae Yi off. She thanks him for the day. She starts to walk away but Sang Pil pulls her into a hug and vows to protect her. He says if anything happens, he’ll come to her.

Dae Woong wakes on the rooftop still feeling the effects of the drug. O Joo’s thug says Sang Pil will be here soon to say goodbye.

Sang Pil welcomes Jae Yi and Gwang Soo when they arrive at work. O Joo’s thug calls Sang Pil and says his uncle is on the edge. The thug taunts Sang Pil that he may not make it in time. Uncle Dae Woong yells not to come because it is a trap. The thug hangs up. Sang Pil yells. Gwang Soo says he’ll go with Sang Pil. But Sang Pil won’t hear it ordering him to stay and protect Jae Yi. Sang Pil claims nothing is wrong and he’ll be back soon. Jae Yi demands to know what is going on. Sang Pil yells at Gwang Soo to hold Jae Yi so she can’t leave.

Sang Pil recalls moments with his Uncle as he drives. There’s a moment when Uncle Dae Woong says he can’t stop being a thug, because he wants to protect Sang Pil. They fist bump. Tears well in Sang Pil’s eyes as he drives.

When Sang Pil arrives he sees his Uncle hanging from the rooftop. Sang Pil dispatches thugs but O Joo’s thug cuts the rope holding his uncle. Sang Pil dives for the rope and his uncle dangles while Sang Pil holds on for dear life. But his uncle is mortally wounded and tells Sang Pil to let him go. Sang Pil can’t do it. His uncle tells Sang Pil not to seek revenge for him. Dae Woong tells Sang Pil to become a good lawyer and be happy. Uncle Dae Woong forces Sang Pil to release him. He falls to the ground. Sang Pil is destroyed.

That was very difficult to watch.

Gwang Soo assures Jae Yi he doesn’t know where Sang Pil went or why.

The police arrive and arrest Sang Pil for murder. He’s dazed with grief as they handcuff him.

Geum Gang and the others arrive at the office and turn on the TV. The news reports on Dae Woong’s murder and show Sang Pil being led away in handcuffs. Gwang Soo can’t believe. Jae Yi reels from the news.

Judge Cha watches the report.

O Joo laughs at the revenge he’s administered to Sang Pil. He wonders what Sang Pil will do next.

Jae Yi arrives at the courthouse. Sang Pil walks into the courtroom in a prison uniform.

My Thoughts

Things just got serious for Team Good. Uncle Dae Woong was a touchstone for Sang Pil. O Joo deliberately and cruelly killed him, having Sang Pil tortured literally holding the hope that Dae Woong dangled from and then framed for murder. I didn’t hate O Joo before. I do now. The stakes are raised. Revenge and justice must be brought by Team Good. They need a plan to dispense with “the 7”. Now Jae Yi can take front and center with her own lawyer skills.

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) was gutted when Uncle Dae Woong died. That scene was difficult to watch and Lee Joon Gi’s portrayal was the reason. I felt Sang Pil’s agony, the splintering of his soul, as his Uncle, the man that raised him after O Joo murdered his mother fell to his death. O Joo has now killed the two most important people in Sang Pil’s life. My blood lust is boiling. I want O Joo dead. That is the only justice that works.

On the up side, Sang Pil and Jae Yi grew closer. The memorial to Jae Yi’s mother was beautifully staged and perfectly portrayed. I LOVE this couple.

Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) honored her mother’s memory. Little does she know that her mother is alive. I was surprised when her mother applied to be Judge Cha’s masseuse. Was that her idea or Dae Woong’s? Jae Yi’s father’s worship of Judge Cha is hard to behold. He is brainwashed and if Judge Cha held a knife to Jae Yi he’d explain it away. Jae Yi drew closer to Sang Pil but he had to protect her and forced her to stay with Gwang Soo. I’m betting that will be the last time Sang Pil can play that card with Jae Yi. I want her to rise up and slay the courtroom with her skills as a lawyer.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The second song of the OST is lovely ballad “Memories” by Babylon:



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11 comments on “Lawless Lawyer Episode 8 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Geum Ja 💪👩‍🔧 may have “her eye on the prize (Sang Pil)”, but i don’t think she realized Jae Yi 👊👩 has already claimed the prize. But I 💖 Geum Ja’s 💪👩‍🔧 spunk and spirit. She’s perfect as office manager.

    I think Hyun Joo 📷 has had plastic surgery, she does NOT look like the same person as in the family photo 🖼️.

    I concur that “Uncle Dae Woong vows as long as he lives, he will protect Jae Yi” seemed like an omnious promise. Jae Pil 👊👩💼👊 has no idea Sang Pil’s Uncle was protecting Hyun Joo 📷 as well. Is having Hyun Joo 📷 be a masseuse for Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ part of Dae Woong’s “protection” 🛡️ package or has she gone rogue❓⁉️

    Color 🖍️ me 🎊SURPRISED🎉 Oh Joo 📿 eliminated Uncle Dae Woong so quickly and cruelly. Why did he go to Gisung with one bodyguard only❓⁉️. Did they kill the bodyguard to erase Oh Joo’s 📿 culpability❓⁉️. Will the uncle’s organization protect or follow Sang Pil 💼👊❓⁉️. I’m looking forward to Jae Yi 👊👩 slaying the bad guys in court.

    Jae Yi’s dad is going to have a cow 🐄 when he finds out she never left Gisung or Bang Sang Pil’s 💼👊 side. Will this be a repeat of actress Seo Ye Ji’s character from “Save Me” with he father choosing the cult (in this show Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️) over his family❓⁉️. I hope not … Hopefully dad will recognize the judge considers him a stinky lowlife to be used as a tool 🔧. How ridiculous of the judge to have her house sanitized after she commanded dad’s visit. It was worse, but reminiscent of her sanitizing her hands after visiting the orphans (whose names were used for money 💰 laundering purposes)

    I 💗 “Memories” by Babylon. This OST selection has a sound similar to a cross between G-Dragon and Tae Yang’s ballards … I initially thought it was one or both of them.

  2. Beez says:

    “Judge Cha has the quirk of keeping everything precision clean. Sang Pil should throw Judge Cha into a garbage pile, she’d probably go into shock.”
    HA! I hadn’t noticed the Judge’s quirk. I thought she’d was Just showing her derisiveness toward Jae yi’s father but I’ll start to look for her being ocd about cleanliness. lol

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Yup, she does NOT allow many people into her abode. Jae Yi’s dad didn’t appear to be smelly 👃; it may well be she considers him one of the unwashed masses. Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ does NOT mingle with unwashed masses UNLESS it furthers her agenda.

      You would think Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ would be repulsed by the greasy Oh Joo 📿; does Oh Joo’s 📿 money 💰 help her overcome her OCD❓⁉️

      • Beez says:

        On joo does come off as quite greasy! haha! That reminds me – has nobody mentioned his toe socks in the comments already? For such a serious character to have them on and the actor makes sure they’re spotlighted by raising his feet into the scene,it makes me think that Choi Min-Soo came up with a backstory for the character like he would be so greasy that he’d have athlete’s foot so wears the toe socks to separate his toes from sweat or something. lol

        • Jane Tilly says:

          I’m glad you brought up the toe socks, I’ve been meaning to say something, but there are so many things to comment on. I done ever recall seeing thin nylon-type toe socks. I wouldn’t be surprised if Choi Min Soo came up with the idea … He is brilliantly portraying Oh Joo 📿 as low class goon aspiring to be in the upperclass with EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. Oh Joo 📿 is coming to the realization that Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ has NEVER seen him anywhere near being her equal; between his 💪muscle and 💰assets she considers him to be a low class, but useful idiot.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised if Choi Min Soo came up with the idea … He is brilliantly portraying Oh Joo 📿 … is coming to the realization that Judge Cha 👩‍⚖️ has NEVER seen him anywhere near being her equal; between his 💪muscle and 💰assets she considers him to be a low class, but useful idiot
            Choi Min Soo’s portrayal make this murderer / thug have his own appeal. I have to chuckle whenever O Joo slips into game show host as he panders to the people and press.

            • Beez says:

              It’s strange, as lethal as I know Ohn joo is (or was) it’s almost as if he’d mellowed some (since he killed a young boy’s mother right in front of his face). But that could be a misconception on my part just in comparison, because Judge Cha actually scares me more for some reason. Maybe because On joo can’t hide what he is whereas Judge Cha…

              • Jane Tilly says:

                Oh Joo 📿 mellowed❓⁉️ Maybe a tiny bit, but his murder of Dae Woong was cruel and he can be just as lethal.

                I think you’re right Beez, while Oh Joo 📿 is a force to be reckoned with, you KNOW who he is, but those who hide behind a mask 👺 ARE scarier because of that element of 🎊surprise🎉.

          • Beez says:

            I found myself admiring On joo in one scene though – when Judge Cha’s thugs showed up at the hospital, On joo showed them what a REAL thug can do despite being semi retired from thuggery and older than them by at least 20 years! lol (And it was good seeing him team up with LL.)

            The scene reminded me of Robert Duvall facing down about 5 teenage wannabe thugs in Second Hand Lion, whupping their butts (and he’d just been released from the hospital), and then lining them up and teaching them the meaning of being real men. If you’ve not en Second Hand Lions, see it yesterday! It’s not what you’d think based on the synopsis or the movie poster.

            • showed them what a REAL thug can do despite being semi retired from thuggery and older than them by at least 20 years
              Agreed. O Joo’s bravado, swagger and fighting skills showed those young pup thugs a thing or two!

        • I had not noticed the toe socks. I’ll look for them now! 👣🧦

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