Sketch Episode 7 Recap

Sketch Episode 7 Recap

Sargent Yoo Shi Hyun (Lee Sun Bin) drives to the sketch’s location. Her brother, Prosecutor Yoo, calls her. She apologizes for leaving the safety of the office. Her brother says her life is the most precious thing in his world. Shi Hyun makes the point that he and Chief Moon will never get there on time. She must make the attempt. If the sketch is right and she is killed, that is her fate. She tells her brother she loves him. She asks him to thank Chief Moon for all his has done for her. With tears in her eyes, Shi Hyun hangs up on her brother. He looks at his watch knowing their two hours away and it will all be over by the time they arrive.

Awk! Tears! Shi Hyun is one brave woman!

The evil executive has Detective Kang Dong Soo (Rain) brought into a room where Kim Do Jin (Lee Dong Gun) is tied up. With glee the evil executive play acts how the two men will take revenge on each other. Dong Soo and Do Jin are stone faced. Do Jin declares he’s better off dead than alive. The executive decides to test Do Jin’s words and puts a gun to his head. Do Jin tells him to stop. The executive hopes Do Jin will beg for forgiveness. Instead Do Jin directs the executive to a “gift” in the freezer that he says will shock the executive. There’s a bag in the freezer. The executive doesn’t understand how the bag is there, when he only decided to come to this location 1 hour ago. Do Jin smiles and says someone he knows someone with foresight.

Flashback… Jang Tae Joon (Jung Jin Young) gives Do Jin the bag stating it is the key to the case. Do Jin puts the bag in the freezer.

The executive thinks Do Jin is lying. Do Jin asks what the executive thinks is in the bag. The executive motions for the bag to be opened. IT IS BOMB! It goes OFF! The top floor of the building is riddled with flame. Just before the bomb goes off, Do Jin moves away.

The dust settles. Everyone is alive but shaken. Do Jin is free. He takes out one of the executive’s men and kills him. He walks stone faced to the executive. Dong Soo tries to free himself from his restraints.

The executive tells Do Jin to stop. He promises not to release the drug. Do Jin says he’ll never hurt anyone again. The executive grabs a knife on the floor and attacks Do Jin who quickly dispatches him. Just as Do Jin goes to plunge the knife in the executive. Dong Soo interferes having freed his hands.

Do Jin and Dong Soo circle each other. Dong Soo says that Do Jin doesn’t have the right to determine who lives and who dies. He declares JI Soo was killed so that Do Jin can play this game. Do Jin states one day he’ll pay for everything he’s done and welcomes it. Dong Soo declares that day is today.

Dong Soo makes his move on Do Jin but Shi Hyun interrupts. She tells Dong Soo she won’t allow him to kill while she’s alive. The evil executive rolls and grabs the knife. He attacks Shi Hyun. She defends herself. Dong Soo grabs her gun and goes to shoot Do Jin but he runs and ducks out of the room. Do Jin has to decide, help Shi Hyun or go after Do Jin? Once again, Dong Soo pursues what his heart wants, revenge.

Shi Hyun if forced to fight the executive solo. She gives him a good fight. But she’s frozen when she sees the freezer. Shi Hyun realizes this is the room where the sketch has her dying.

How much would that freak you?

The executive attacks Shi Hyun with the knife. He grabs a wood plank and holds it to her neck. He starts chocking her.

Dong Soo runs after Do Jin. He sees him on the bridge. He stares at the burning top floor. He knows Shi Hyun is up there destined to die. He looks at Do Jin. He looks at the burning building.

Dong Soo, come on, SAVE Shi Hyun!!!!!

Shi Hyun reaches for a wood plank and stabs the executive. He crawls to the gun with Shi Hyun keeping him in a head lock. He grabs the gun and point it at Shi Hyun’s head.

OMG!! I’m so TENSE!!!!

Shi Hyun’s head lock does the trick and the executive passes out. Shi Hyun looks around her. Bodies of the executive’s men are everywhere.

Do Jin walks away. Dong Soo grabs his head and considers what to do.

Shi Hyun stumbles as she tries to escape. She falls to the floor.

Dong Soo knocks a flaming door down. He grabs Shi Hyun. He hauls her to her feet.

Dong Soo, thank you for choosing Shi Hyun over revenge.

The evil executive has the gun and trains it on them.

This guy needs to die!

Shi Hyun steps in front of Dong Soo, ready to accept her fate. The gun goes off.

Shi Hyun’s brother knows it, feels the moment and calls her name.

Young Sim stares at the sketch of Shi Hyun’s death.

The evil executive falls to the ground, a bullet hole in his head.

Dong Soo and Shi Hyun turn. Do Jin is there with the gun trained on them. He walks away. Shi Hyun sags.  Dong Soo pulls her out of the room.

The evil executive lays dead on the floor…just like the sketch.

The evil executive deserved to die. This show has my blood lust up. In this series, we’ve seen true evil without the possibility of reform or redemption.

Dong Soo and Shi Hyun sag in the cool outside air. Shi Hyun can’t believe the sketch changed. Do Jin doesn’t understand why Do Jin saved her. Shi Hyun doesn’t understand why either.

The police arrive. Shi Hyun’s brother rushes to her side. Chief Moon Jae Hyun (Kang Shin Il) nods his thanks to Dong Soo.

I must take a moment and say that was a heck of an opening 20 minutes! I’m untroubled by the evil body count. I’m intrigued that Tae Joon told Do Jin where to plant the bomb. I’ve doubted Tae Joon’s abilities and motives. I still doubt Tae Joon’s motives, but his abilities once again seem valid. But it is the battle that Dong Soo wages with himself over killing Do Jin and saving Shi Hyun that was the centerpiece. He initially left Shi Hyun to fight alone and she nearly died. When Dong Soo let Do Jin go and returned to save her, either one of them could have died, but Shi Hyun accepted her fate and stepped in front of Dong Soo. Then Do Jin the terminator returned and killed the evil executive.

Chief Moon tells Shi Hyun he’s glad she lived.  He doesn’t understand what variable changed that altered her sketch. Shi Hyun says someone with powers stronger than hers, intervened and changed fate. Shi Hyun believes if the person can see a future WITH her sketches, he can change fate. Dong Soo recalls Do Jin stating he knows someone with foresight. Dong Soo states someone is working with Do Jin.

Back at the safe house, Tae Joon asks if Do Jin believes in his abilities now. Do Jin asks why they went to such lengths to save Shi Hyun who can cause problems for them.  Tae Joon states Shi Hyun is a precious person.

What does that mean? Color me intrigued.

Chief Moon, Lieutenant Oh Young Sim (Lim Hwa Young), and Shi Hyun arrive at Ji Soo’s memorial. Dong Soo is touched.

Outside, Dong Soo asks Shi Hyun why she stepped in front of him to take the executive’s gunshot. Shi Hyun jokes she won’t do that next time. Dong Soo states she’s just like Ji Soo.  He says Ji Soo ran after what she thought was right, but in the end left others that cared for her in pain. Dong Soo says Shi Hyun did the same and those that cared for her would have been devasted.  Shi Hyun won’t let him get away with that. She points out he’s destroying his life by focusing on revenge. Dong Soo agrees and walks away.

Dong Soo tells Chief Moon he’s joining their team. Dong Soo declares that Mr. X, then man behind Do Jin, is their target and they need his help to catch him. Chief Moon points out that Dong Soo wants revenge on Do Jin. Dong Soo agrees noting Shi Hyun can help capture Do Jin. Dong Soo vows to be a true-blue cop while he works for Chief Moon. Dong Soo walks away. Chief Moon worries that Dong Soo is a ticking timebomb. Young Sim admits Dong Soo comes off cool considering all the strain he’s under.

Dong Soo holds Ji Soo’s scarf. He smells her scent.

Flashback…Ji Soo steps out in a beautiful wedding gown.

Dong Soo sobs.

Awk! Tears! That wedding gown scene got me!

Shi Hyun listens to Dong Soo sob and cries herself.

Tae Joon considers after writing a name, Baek Woo Jin.

Shi Hyun sketches. Dong Soo, Young Sim, and Chief Moon wait. Dong Soo wonders if one of the sketches involves Dong Soo. Young Sim hasn’t seen one. Chief Moon stares at a sketch. He looks like he recognizes someone in the sketch. He does! It’s Tae Joon and a man has a gun trained on him.

The team examines the sketches. Shi Hyun wants to determine who the man is wants to kill Tae Joon. Chief Moon says Tae Joon has many people that hate him. Young Sim analyzes a login screen sketch. She has a plan to devise more. Dong Soo and Chief Moon bolt leaving the ladies to do the grunt work.

Tae Joon trains in marital arts. Chief Moon arrives at the studio and shows Tae Joon the man in the sketch. Tae Joon claims not to know who the man is. Chief Moon says his life depends on it. Tae Joon asks to see the entire sketch. Chief Moon shows him. Tae Joon states he doesn’t trust Shi Hyun’s ability. He tells Chief Moon he appreciates the concern but he can take his fantasy fate away. He declares his life isn’t affected by a sketch. Chief Moon warns him to be careful for the next 3 days.

Tae Joon’s disbelief is understandable. He believes his power is much greater than Shi Hyun’s. Is it?

The man in the sketch trains with a gun.

Dong Soo stares at a building in one of the sketches.

Young Sim and Shi Hyun don’t have success. Dong Soo returns. Young Sim says he better have something. Dong Soo offers coffee. Young Sim likes that but says they’ve been working so hard, they didn’t have time for lunch. Dong Soo offers donuts. Young Sim smiles and digs in.  Shi Hyun giggles watching Young Sim shovel a donut.

Shi Hyun realizes what the login in name is. Young Sim breaks the password. It’s a computer account where the last activity was 4 years ago. She finds a video. The video is a woman telling a man she has a boyfriend. The man says he doesn’t care. He suggests what he wants will guarantee her a good job. He asks her to take her clothes off. The woman cries but starts to unbutton her blouse. Dong Soo looks down and Young Sim and Shi Hyun cringe.

Tae Joon watches a street performer. Do Jin arrives. Tae Joon says that is his favorite song. TH says he likes cliched emotions lyrics. Do Jin asks why Tae Joon is acting different. TH hands him a photo of the man.

The woman sobs as the perpetrator walks away satisfied. Young Sim notes the office is an education office. She identified the man as the foundation’s chairman’s son. She says the trial found the son not guilty. Shi Hyun says the video will change that. Young Sim says the son went missing 3 months after the trial. Young Sim states the woman committed suicide.

Shi Hyun and Dong Soo visit the woman’s mother.

Flashback…the perpetrator is found innocent. He laughs at the woman and her mother. The woman stands on the edge of a tall building.

Dong Soo asks the mother to look at the sketch of Tae Joon and the man. She doesn’t recognize anyone. She asks them to leave.

Tae Joon walks the street. He stops and turns. He doesn’t see what he senses. The man watches and follows.

Shi Hyun declares the missing perpetrator won’t help them. Dong Soo declares her sketches are road signs along destiny’s path.  He teases she should know that. Ha! Young Sim calls and reports that Shi Hyun’s brother was the prosecutor in the perpetrator’s case.


Prosecutor Yoo sees the Deputy Chief Prosecutor in the lobby and they exchange pleasantries. Another man stops. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor calls him senior. The man mentions something he saw in the paper. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor says it means to watch for what is behind you. The man agrees everyone should remember that. Deputy Chief Prosecutor smiles and agrees. The man stops smiling and walks away. Prosecutor Yoo asks what that was about. Deputy Chief Prosecutor states the new Chief Prosecutor will be announced soon.

Prosecutor Yoo takes a call from Shi Hyun. He asks why she’s asking about that case. Prosecutor Yoo arrives at the office. They show him the sketch. He doesn’t know the man in the sketch. They show him to the other sketches. Prosecutor Yoo knows the man with the scar. He says it is Baek Woo Jin, the police officer in charge of the case in question.

Flashback… the perpetrator is found innocent. He stares at Prosecutor Yoo. He laughs at the woman and her mother. Baek Woo Jin stares at the perpetrator as he exits the court room.

Prosecutor Yoo explains that Baek Woo Jin convinced the victim to go to trial.  Prosecutor Yoo declares Baek Woo Jin died 4 years ago. That surprises the team.

Flashback…Prosecutor Yoo walks to his house. He sees Baek Woo Jin. He’s upset the woman committed suicide. He declares he forced her to go to trial with the promise of a conviction. Prosecutor Yoo says it isn’t his fault. Baek Woo Jin declares Prosecutor Yoo must convict him. Prosecutor Yoo he can’t do anything without a victim. Baek Woo Jin tells him to do something. Prosecutor Yoo asks what Baek Woo Jin will do. Baek Woo Jin vows to find the evidence.

Prosecutor Yoo says that was the last time he saw Baek Woo Jin.

Young Sim states Baek Woo Jin was identified via dental records in his burned-out car. Chief Moon says Baek Woo Jin was drinking. Dong Soo declares two things are possibilities – the sketch is wrong or Baek Woo Jin is alive. Chief Moon agrees. Dong Soo points out the perpetrator went missing the close to time Baek Woo Jin “died”.  The team struggles to believe Baek Woo Jin killed the perpetrator. Chief Moon suggests they exhume the body and check the dental records against the perpetrator.

Shi Hyun tells Dong Soo the exhumed body will be matched against the dental records soon. Dong Soo says finding the man that want to kill Tae Joon is the important puzzle to solve. The mother calls Shi Hyun.

The woman’s mother shows Dong Soo and Shi Hyun her daughter’s necklace that went missing. She says it was delivered to their mailbox. Dong Soo wonders if Baek Woo Jin returned it. She gives the necklace to Dong Soo. Shi Hyun spots the stuffed animal from the sketch in the woman’s bag. She asks about it. The woman hands her the stuffed animal stating she found it at her daughter’s grave. She admits every anniversary someone leaves a similar stuffed animal at the memorial house.

Young Sim reviews the footage but they can’t see the man’s face. Dong Soo states this gets them nowhere. Shi Hyun reminds Dong Soo her sketches are sign posts. Shi Hyun suggests the man who wants to kill Tae Joon is Baek Woo Jin. She points out there is a plastic surgery clinic in one of the sketches. Maybe Baek Woo Jin got plastic surgery. She notices the man in the video and the man in her sketch wear the same watch.

She and Dong Soo leave to check out the plastic surgery theory.

Tae Joon walks steps to the church.

Is that the church we saw him in the first episode?

Flashback…Dong Soo recalls Ji Soo showing him her couples ring.

Shi Hyun tells Dong Soo he’s part of the team and can draw strength from that. Dong Soo appreciates her support. He warns her that taking care of herself is a full-time job. She murmurs he cries when he’s alone. She retracts the statement with a smile.

Cute exchange!

A man with a file spots them and heads in the opposite direction. The enter the plastic surgeon’s office and see the doctor on the floor. Dong Soo realizes the man that did this just left. He pursues the man. It’s Do Jin! He runs and slows Dong Soo with a locked door. Knowing Dong Soo is staring at him, Do Jin turns, removes his hate and stares into Dong Soo’s frustrated face. He walks away.

Silent taunting!

Dong Soo returns to the plastic surgeon’s office and the man confirms he worked on the man in the sketch.

Baek Woo Jin stands outside the church Tae Joon went in.

Back at the task force office, the team grapples with the fact that Baek Woo Jin is alive. Chief Moon returns and confirms the body exhumed is the perpetrator.

Flashback…standing over the perpetrator’s body, Baek Woo Jin finds the victim’s necklace in his drawer. In fact, there are many trophies all tagged with victim’s names. Baek Woo Jin puts the perpetrator’s body in his car and rolls it down a hill where it explodes into flames.

Two drawer’s of victim’s trophies. That guy was scum!

Shi Hyun wonders why Baek Woo Jin wants Tae Joon dead. Chief Moon wonders why Do Jin is looking for Baek Woo Jin. Dong Soo declares once they locate Baek Woo Jin, the answers will be found.

Tae Joon waits in the church. Baek Woo Jin enters and pulls his gun. He searches for Tae Joon. Do Jin enters and gives Tae Joon the file on Baek Woo Jin. Tae Joon burns the file. Do Jin asks where Baek Woo Jin is why he needs to kill him. Do Jin wants details. Tae Joon states 2 years ago the man tried to kill him right here. Tae Joon says the man was his predecessor.


Do Jin is shocked. Tae Joon states before Do Jin, this man worked with him. Tae Joon says they must find Baek Woo Jin before the task force does.

The episode ends with determined looks on Shi Hyun and Dong Soo’s faces.

My Thoughts

Another stellar episode where evil gets theirs just desserts. Writer Kang’s evil characters are horrible people without remorse. My blood lust rises just thinking about the perpetual rapist, the creepy rapist, the evil executive and the chairman’s son that went free. Their deaths made the world a better place. Does that make me side with Tae Joon and his avenging side kick Do Jin? No, they killed Ji Soo and Tae Joon directed Do Jin to kill Dong Soo. I can’t forget that Tae Joon wanted two innocent people dead so he could continue his “work”. However, I don’t disagree with their choice of the evil men targeted and eliminated. I’m enjoying that no one knows about Tae Joon’s ability. I’m enjoying the Tae Joon believes he can beat the sketch. I’m enjoying the concept that Tae Joon’s ability to see the sketches in his future visions allows him to alter fate. I’m enjoying the web that enmeshes the characters; this episode Prosecutor Yoo was the prosecutor in the chairman’s son’s case that Baek Woo Jin was the head detective. In short, I’m digging this show.

Detective Kang Dong Soo (Rain) left Shi Hyun to battle alone…again. He ditched Shi Hyun to go after Do Jin. But when he caught up with Do Jin, he couldn’t leave Shi Hyun to die alone. He returned for Shi Hyun. But in a twist of fate, just as Shi Hyun stepped in front of Dong Soo to take the bullet to the head, Do Jin eliminated the evil executive. Pragmatic and logical Dong Soo wants to know why. He is sure the presumed dead but alive Baek Woo Jin is key. He’s right but will Do Jin eliminate Baek Woo Jin before Dong Soo et all find him? I enjoyed Dong Soo telling Shi Hyun he saw parallels between Ji Soo and her. I enjoyed the bit of bantering between them. I want them to grow their partnership, their trust, and support each other through the maze.

Yoo Shi Hyun (Lee Sun Bin) beat fate because Tae Joon had Do Jin save her. I love her moxy, her determination, her willingness to trust her own sketches. She literally stepped in front of Dong Soo to take the bullet to the head. She fought valiantly against the evil executive but never finished him off. He kept getting up for another round. Maybe next time, she’ll truss the criminal so they can’t keep coming back for more. Her growing relationship with Dong Soo is a treasure of this show. She brings the “good” forward in Dong Soo. Initially he ditched her (again) but he couldn’t continue pursuing Do Jin knowing she was in danger and returned. I liked the moment when Shi Hyun’s brother felt the mortal danger she was in. I loved that Shi Hyun guessed another person with a future power greater than herself altered the fate the sketches foretold.

Kim Do Jin (Lee Dong Gun) killed the evil executive. Good riddance. Do Jin also saved Shi Hyun. I like Do Jin’s steely stare and ability to coolly and effectively get the job done. I like the dueling between Do Jin and Dong Soo. I’d hoped that Dong Soo and Do Jin might join forces to defeat the evil executive. Do Jin didn’t join forces with Dong Soo but he followed Tae Joon’s direction to save Shi Hyun. Finally, Do Jin asks Tae Joon for details instead of providing blind support. Tae Joon’s revelation that Baek Woo Jin was the original terminator had to surprise Do Jin. Is Tae Joon really evil? What it is his purpose for what he does? Will Do Jin try and kill Tae Joon just like Baek Woo Jin?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The second song of the OST, is “Faded” by SunBee. Lyrics are below the video:

Faded and blurred, my story
Covered and hidden, my memory

The pain in my eyes
My voice hoarse from crying out loud

Faded memories from the blooming sunlight
Faded memories remain as pieces that can’t be erased

Faded and blurred, my story
Covered and hidden, my memory

Faded memories from the blooming sunlight
Faded memories remain as pieces that can’t be erased

let it pale let it pale my stories
let it pale let it pale my memories


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41 comments on “Sketch Episode 7 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Holy Smokes❗ What kind of foresight does Tae Joon 🔮 have to be able to set a bomb 💣💢 to go off with such perfect timing❓⁉️ I don’t think Tae Joon’s 🔮 revelations are coming via sketch ✒️.

    I take umbrage at how the PD tried to pull off the “explosion” 💥 as credibile, it was VERY POORLY done. There was a HUGE flash 💢, big enough that a ball of flame shot out of the window, yet the aftermath had only tiny bits of fire 🔥, which were CLEARLY gas burners, on the OUTSKIRTS of the room, and NOT near the origin of the blast, the bomb 💣💥 in the bag, near the fridge. People were thrown down, but NOT MUCH else was thrown askew. Why wasn’t the minion “caught holding the bag” killed, ‘dis-armed’, let alone bloody❓⁉️ I would think if the impact of the explosion 💢 was big enough to blow out windows would have left bloody carnage AND relocated or at least shifted things at the epicenter of the bomb 💣💥. The fridge, which was already ‘in position’ for Shi Hyun’s 📝 sketch ✒️ remained exactly in the SAME spot and position; wouldn’t it have been more credible to have the fridge originally standing upright and then end up in the sketch position after the blast 💢❓⁉️ Why wasn’t everything in the room, including people, incinerated – let alone covered in soot❓⁉️

    It would be freaky for Shi Hyun 📝 to recognize the room from her the sketch ✒️; imagine how surreal it would be to see Nam 💩 in her ‘death position’ on the sketch ✒️. Shi Hyun’s 📝 sketches ✒️ CAN CHANGE❗ Is Dong Soo ⛈️, Do Jin 🎖️, Tae Joon 🔮 or “All of the Above” the variable that changed the sketch ✒️❓⁉️

    I was disappointed Dong Soo ⛈️ initially chose revenge over protecting Shi Hyun 📝. Why didn’t he shoot Nam 💩, at least in the leg, while Nam 💩 was fighting Shi Hyun 📝 with a knife 🗡️ before he ran after Do Jin 🎖️. I was relieved he FINALLY came to his senses and returned to rescue Shi Hyun 📝. Color 🖍️ me 🎊 SURPRISED🎉 that Do Jin 🎖️ returned to eliminate Nam 💩 but passed the opportunity to kill Dong Soo ⛈️. Do Jin 🎖️ is not as blood thirsty as Tae Joon 🔮. Then to find that Tae Joon 🔮 ordered Do Jin 🎖️ to protect Shi Hyun 📝. *️⃣SHAKING MY HEAD IN DISBELIEF*️⃣

    What/who is Shi Hyun 📝 to Tae Joon 🔮❓⁉️ From flashbacks 📸 we saw what must have been Shi Hyun’s 📝 prediction of the death of one or both of her parents that came to fruition. Is Tae Joon 🔮 her uncle or some other relation or what is his connection❓⁉️. How/why does Tae Joon 🔮 consider Shi Hyun 📝 to be precious to him❓⁉️

    “This show has my blood lust up. In this series, we’ve seen true evil without the possibility of reform or redemption.” I hear you KJT, my moral compass (N↗️) is against vigilante justice, but I am not crying 🚫😭 over the termination of these impenitent denizens of Evildom. I wonder if Tae Joon 🔮 running for President of Evildom anytime soon❓⁉️.

    Why does the special task force call themselves Butterfly 🦋 Team❓⁉️ Does Butterfly 🦋 Team consider their purpose to mitigate or instigate the butterfly 🦋 effect on the outcome the sketches ✒️❓⁉️

    After we saw the drawerful of trophies 🏆 the dead perpetrator had kept, I had a feeling Baek Woo Jin was Do Jin’s 🎖️ predecessor, Tae Joon’s 🔮 minion. Was Woo Jin the first “Terminator”❓⁉️. What caused the falling out ❓⁉️ Tae Joon 🔮 must want his previous Terminator dead to protect himself from being terminated AND keep his true identity secret. *️⃣LAMENTING*️⃣ Why couldn’t he have been a contributor to Butterfly 🦋 Team❓⁉️ If I were Do Jin 🎖️, I would want a chat with my predecessor about why he turned on Tae Joon 🔮. Does Do Jin 🎖️ now grasp that he will be hunted in the future if he is disloyal to Tae Joon 🔮❓⁉️

    Like KJT when I observe Tae Joon 🔮 being an unidentified seer and believing he can beat the sketch ✒️ … umm … sketches ✒️ showing a gun pointed on you (Tae Joon 🔮) is a bit easier to overcome than having a bullet in the head (Shi Hyun 📝) … along how the characters’ lives intertwine, it does make good watching. I’m impressed with writer Kang Hyun Sung. I looked up other dramas by writer Kang Hyun Sung and found I have not seen “Hidden Identity” or “Choseon Police season 3, but I’m inclined to add them to my watch 📺 list.

    • What kind of foresight does Tae Joon 🔮 have to be able to set a bomb 💣💢 to go off with such perfect timing❓⁉
      Yes, his power is greater than Shi Hyun’s. And to think I doubted his abilities just 1 episode ago.

      I take umbrage at how the PD tried to pull off the “explosion” 💥 as credibile, it was VERY POORLY done
      Your points are spot on. It was unbelievable and physically impossible.

      Shi Hyun’s 📝 sketches ✒ CAN CHANGE❗ Is Dong Soo ⛈, Do Jin 🎖, Tae Joon 🔮 or “All of the Above” the variable that changed the sketch ✒❓⁉
      The easy answer is Tae Joon, but I believe the force and will of all parties involved contribute. As they say “cause and effect”.

      Is Tae Joon 🔮 her uncle or some other relation or what is his connection❓⁉. How/why does Tae Joon 🔮 consider Shi Hyun 📝 to be precious to him❓⁉
      Excellent questions. Why is Tae Joon dead inside? What is his past?

      but I am not crying 🚫😭 over the termination of these impenitent denizens of Evildom.
      Love your word smithing!

      If I were Do Jin 🎖, I would want a chat with my predecessor about why he turned on Tae Joon 🔮. Does Do Jin 🎖 now grasp that he will be hunted in the future if he is disloyal to Tae Joon 🔮❓⁉
      Knowing I was Terminator 2 would cause me to pause. Tae Joon waited many years before recruiting Do Jin. Will Do Jin hunt Tae Joon one day?

      I’m impressed with writer Kang Hyun Sung. I looked up other dramas by writer Kang Hyun Sung and found I have not seen “Hidden Identity” or “Choseon Police season 3, but I’m inclined to add them to my watch 📺 list.
      Agreed that Writer Kang is doing a stellar job and bears watching. Let me know how his other series are when you watch.

    • Beez says:

      You are right, JT! About this is not being Tae joon’s first merry-go-round. You predicted it last episode.

      As your friend, I would warn you against Hidden Identity. I watched it because it had Kim Bum and i’ve liked him ever since seeing him in East of Eden and he was the only good thing (IMO) in the snoozefest that was That Winter the Wind Blows. His character was the most mature out of all the boys in Boys Over Flowers. He was ethereal and beautiful in Padam Padam. But…

      I watched up to episode 11 of Hidden Identity. I should’ve loved it.

      Undercover stings and capers but it was a struggle to tune in every week (and y’all know I’ll watch a 100-plus episode drama for one of my biases) but I couldn’t finish Hidden Identity. 😥

      Maybe I’ll give it one more try just so my ocd can move it from my incomplete/dropped list.

      my advice,
      Watch Padam Padam instead.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I liked Padam Padam, Kim Bum was ethereal. I’ll watch Hidden Identity eventually as I like what I’m seeing from this writer.

        • Beez says:

          You’ve been forwarned. I think Hidden Identity suffered from the main character, Kim Bum, started out in the midst of tragedy so we never see him upbeat. We only have tragic, depressed Kim Bum. I thought brooding Kim Bum was kind of cool but the supporting actors need to be able to hold your interest since you’re getting no other emotion from Kim Bum, but sadly…

          Whereas in Sketch we saw Rain and Do jin, albiet briefly, in their lives before tragedy so we feel we know who they are before and after and can sympathize. You’ll have to let me know what you think of HD.

  2. Beez says:

    “How much would that freak you?” kjt recap
    A freakin lot! And that’s why I wouldn’t have gone!

    “Shi Hyun believes if the person can see a future WITH her sketches, he can change fate” kjt recap

    I don’t know how i feel about this. If it’s the same power as Sketcher Girl but more powerful, why would the power go from just seeing the future to a sketch being able to CHANGE the future? (I like my sci-fi to build possibilities with rules and stick to them but we’ll see if writer-nim can make this gel.)

    “Dong Soo declares her sketches are road signs along destiny’s path. He teases she should know that.” kjt recap

    This scene literally made my heart slip a beat because Dong soo stepped into her space (he’s done it before but he was being an azzhat then. This time the tone was playful and I had to remind myself not to ship them because it’s too soon after Ji soo’s death. But darn it, it’s Rain and they picked this episode to get rid of his homeless old man loose clothes and his guns were out!

    • If it’s the same power as Sketcher Girl but more powerful, why would the power go from just seeing the future to a sketch being able to CHANGE the future?
      I’m wondering if the future seer has clearer *video in their head” insights versus sketches that have to be interpreted. Is Writer Kang inferring that the future seer’s insights include the sketches, with a clearer interpretation of what the sketches mean, providing an opportunity adjust the outcome?

      This time the tone was playful and I had to remind myself not to ship them because it’s too soon after Ji soo’s death. But darn it, it’s Rain and they picked this episode to get rid of his homeless old man loose clothes and his guns were out!
      Well said. I like this partnership. No, it’s not romantic but it doesn’t need to be to be satisfying. Shi Hyun is helping Dong Soo back from the brink of despair into the land of the living. And yes, Rain looks mighty fine!

      • Beez says:

        I do see shades of “something” but that could be my own intense love of Rain and my girl crush on Sketcher Girl. 😄

    • Jane Tilly says:

      If it is the same type if power, the other seer may be getting the inspiration more frequently, like updates,whereas Shi Hyun 📝 gets one set of sketches ✒️ per event.

      I feel like the viewers are being beguiled about Tae Joon’s 🔮 identity … we’re nearly halfway through the series … ✳️IF YOU CAN’T COME CLEAN ABOUT WHO HE IS, AT LEAST QUIT DECEIVING US✳️

      • Beez says:

        For a change, JT is the one impatient. I’m enjoying the “string me along” build of the story – that is, as long as they do eventually reveal Tae joon’s secrets and connection to Sketcher Girl.

        • Jane Tilly says:

          Ha ha ha, I have lost my patience … Mostly with the deception … it could be a carry-over of my irritation from work: wasting my time with EXTREMELY BORING required meetings during my peak qtrly workload … so many fires 🔥 to put out…

          • Beez says:

            I totally get it, JT. Add this to that list – the fact that we all have lost that Kdrama bloom and now we EXPECT the writers to blow it. Even if the first 15 episodes are phenomenal, they usually find a way to have the ending leave a bitter or stale taste.

            But Sketch is the drama I’m banking all my 2018 bets on. That’s where, if I only get one exceptional, from beginning to end, drama all year – I’ll be happy.

            Lawless Lawyer was in the running but I can see the annoying meaningless situation plot coming so I’m still enjoying the OTP but hold no false hopes for a satisfactory ending.

            • Jane Tilly says:

              I still have hope for decent endings for both of these dramas.

              • Beez says:

                @JT – I can’t help but hold out hope as well. That’s why I keep coming back to Kdrama – for the Chicago Typeswriters, Healers, Trees, Flying Dragons, and the CHUNO!s. For those rare gems that make it worth it. And, I have to admit, even some of the ones that fizzled out just before the final episode – some are great journeys along the way therr. So as cynical as I am, in the words of Jesse Jackson, I too…
                KEEP HOPE ALIVE! 😀

                • Jane Tilly says:

                  Another one that looks PROMISING is next month’s premier “Mr Sunshine” staring Lee Byung Hun with “Goblin” writer AND director. Director also produced “Descendants of the Sun”

                  • I’m looking forward to Mr. Sunshine 🌞 too!

                    • Jane Tilly says:

                      Are you going to recap Mr Sunshine KJT❓⁉️. I’m hoping 🙏 for a ➕ response❗

                    • Beez says:

                      Meeee too!

                    • I will recap Mr. Sunshine. Writer Kim Eun Sook is impressive and I watch whatever she writes.

                    • Beez says:

                      Kim Eun Sook’s Secret Garden was among my firsts.

                      Kjt and JT – what were your first 3-5?

                    • Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, Chuno

                    • Beez says:

                      You started out well! I started with three NJ obscure “Can you Hear My Heart?” (Not to be confused with the popular (but unseen by me) “Can You Hear My Voice?”) And after that “When a Man Loves”.

                    • Jane Tilly says:

                      ‘Faith, Damo, Boys OVer Flowers, Illjimae, Secret Garden

                    • Beez says:

                      @JT – How did you start with a saeguk? Did someone recommend Faith or you stumbled upon it? If it was the latter, what made you think you would like an ancient story set in another country’s past?

                      And then Damo! Just how did you get there?!! I watched it, but only because I had watched Ha Ji won in Secret Garden. (Damo had at least once song from the soundtrack that is AMAZING! Of course, I don’t know the name of the song but I did look it up on YouTube at the time and played it over and over. You guys rarely see me commenting on OST’s because I usually find them at best, distracting, and at, worst, annoying.)

                    • I watched Damo after Chuno because I’d heard good things about the fighting. You know I dig a good fight!

                    • Beez says:

                      Ahhhh. Well you’re in for a treat when you get back to SFD and several characters are competing for the title of “best swordsman of Chosun” (remember Tree With Deep Roots had the character who eventually had that title as the King’s royal guard). Sadly,Yoo Ah in isn’t one of them but it just speaks so much of his acting that he is so intense and intimidating while never drawing his own sword and yet, you never feel he’s a coward who hides behind his guards, even though that’s what he does.

                      Dang! Now I want to rewatch that but no time. No time! Next Kdrama dryspell we should group watch SFD and CHUNO!

                    • Jane Tilly says:

                      Faith and Damo kept coming up on Hulu after I finished watching General Hospital. After a couple of months of watching Kdrama I completely gave up American soap operas and haven’t looked back.

                    • I still pulse General Hospital once in a while but it doesn’t get it done like a good kdrama.

                    • Beez says:

                      Haha! In 1974, when I was 13, my sister got me hooked on General Hospital during the Luke & Laura dynasty of soap opera rule. Somehow I got away from them for a couple of years and when I looked again, so little had progressed until I never felt any urgency after that. I always felt I could come back and not got much would’ve happened. My sister is still watching General Hospital to this day, despite the constant announcements that they’ll be ending the show which never seems to happen. It’s weird when I get a glimpse of the actors which are still on the show in their geriatrics. 🙂

                    • Jane Tilly says:

                      After having watched and enjoyed “Crouching 🐅 Tiger, Hidden Dragon 🐉” and “House of Flying Daggers 🗡️” I was not put off by Saeguks or usual tragic endings, mind you I prefer happy endings.

                      My eonni tracked down and bought the Damo soundtrack. You KNOW your suggestion compelled me to listen 🎶 to the soundtrack tonight. There are two songs I quite like “Song of Sorrow” and “Destiny”. There are multiple versions of each of these.

                    • Agree those are lovely songs from the Damo Soundtrack.🎵

                    • Beez says:

                      I think it was “Destinty”! Thank you. Now that you’ve narrowed it down, I can youtube it!

                    • Beez says:

                      Oops. Not “Destiny”. The song I really liked was sung by a man.

                    • Beez says:

                      It’s Jo Kwan woo, The Last Heaven.

                  • Beez says:

                    I’m looking forward to Mr. Sunshine too!

  3. Beez says:

    “Dong Soo appreciates her support. He warns her that taking care of herself is a full-time job.”
    My subs are totally different. They had Dong soo saying “What you said just warmed my heart but…” [then he leaned in as if to say something gratefully intimate (not romantic but private) but then says in a semi gruff way]”but you should mind your own business”. That’s when Sketcher Girl said “You try to appear tough but you cry when you’re all alone”. zing!

    • That’s when Sketcher Girl said “You try to appear tough but you cry when you’re all alone”. zing!
      Another cute moment proving Dong Soo is engaging in life not just brooding about killing Do Jin.

  4. DreamGirl says:

    Can you please let me know the song that the street singer was singing? The song that Tae Joon says is his favourite. I’ve heard this song somewhere and couldn’t remember it. Please help.

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