Criminal Minds Episode 19 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 19 Recap

Team Lead Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) and Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) meet the Reaper in a coffee shop. He details his sad home live, incarceration at a mental hospital where dreadful things were done to him. He admits he became a devil after escaping by burning the mental hospital down. Team Lead Kang says he understands the Reaper’s pain and notes the Reaper can’t feel pain. The coffee shop is surround by a ton of cops. The Repaper puts a bag on the table and declares it contains he ticket to an easy exit. Hyun Joon slowly unzips the bag.

Team Lead Kang talks to the Chief who says lectures at window that allows the public to understand the Criminal Minds Team.

Team Lead Kang, Hyun Joon, and Professor Lee lecture. Team Lead Kang declines answer a pointed question about the Reaper’s escape from prison and how they will capture him. A fan girl student gets Team Lead Kang to sign a copy of his book and declares she’ll be a profiler one day too.

Yoo Min Young (Lee Sun Bin) and Na Na Hwang (Yoo Sun) miss Sun Woo.

The fan girl student is tasered and taken by a man who was not injured as he pretended to be.

At the crime scene Team Lead Kang realizes the dead student met him just the other day. The police hand him the copy of his signed book found at the abduction point. Hyun Joon tells Team Lead Kang that the girl’s parents received a torture video. The both remember a previous crime with the same methodology.

The mother of the victim shares the body was found a spot that once was important to the family.

The Criminal Minds Team gathers and considers if this is a copycat crime. Team Lead Kang wonders how the copy cat criminal would know about the tie-in of dumping the body in an important spot.

Min Young and Professor Lee go to meet with the reporter that secretly interviewed to Reaper. But the book signing event is cancelled.

Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) is studying case materials when Hyun Joon arrives. He wishes she’d take a vacation. Sun Woo wants to talk about the Reaper and the reporter that disappeared.

A woman is shot by a man in a car. When she pulls over to call for help, he walks to her car and shots her dead.

Good grief! It’s the “great hits crimes” of the series. First the kidnap/torture crime, next the road rage crime.

The Criminal Minds Team realize this is a copycat crime but at a level of detail that is unsettling. The Chief isn’t happy at the back-to-back copycat crimes. The Chief urges Team Lead Kang to solve the crime ASAP.

A man studies the Reaper’s crimes on the “Phantom Club” website.

The Criminal Minds Team examine the road rage crime scene. Professor Lee finds an initial bracelet on the victim from the kidnap/torture victim.

Hyun Joon learns a button was taken from the road rage victim. Professor Lee finds a button in the evidence bag.

Na Hwang and Min Young wonder if the Reaper is behind these two crimes.

Team Lead Kang reviews his old notes. He remembers happy times with his wife (who the Reaper killed). He remembers finding his dead wife.

The man studies the next “greatest hits crime” on Phantom Club” website.

Sun Woo recalls the writing expert saying the notes from crimes were written by different people. Na Hwang meets her and shares she’s found the Phantom Club” website where “greatest hits crimes” are worshiped. She frets that she couldn’t break the final password. Professor Lee arrives and says he may know what the password is. He believes the reporter’s book was written by the Reaper and the current crimes point to the sentence that they can create the password from. Na Hwang deciphers the password. They stare at the unlocked “Phantom Club” website.

Min Young, Hyun Joon, and Team Lead Kang discuss the cases. Professor Lee, Na Hwang arrive and sheepishly bring Sun Woo into the room. Sun Woo declares the dates of the crime are part of the clues. Team Lead Kang reminds Sun Woo she’s been suspended. Na Hwang shares the “Phantom Club” website. Sun Woo notes the dates of the recent crimes are at the bottom of the website pages. Hyun Joon suggests a mastermind plans the murders while a club member performs the crime. As Na Hwang studies the website she realizes the mastermind uploads fan fiction and the club member uses this a blueprint for the crime. She reports the next chapter of fan fiction has been uploaded.

As the team reads the fan fiction chapter we see the crime unfold. We see two men work together to murder the man. Min Young bursts into the room to report the latest crime.

When Criminal Minds Team arrive, reporters ask questions. Hyun Joon and Team Lead Kang view the victim. Hyun Joon confirms this is another copycat case. Team Lead Kang notes differences from the fan fiction. A police officer brings an item (glasses) from another victim found near the current victim.  Hyun Joon realizes the glasses belong to the missing reporter.

Sun Woo and Na Hwang find a clue on the “phantom club” website that leads them to a newspaper.

At the newspaper they find advertisements that indicate the past crimes. The editor says it was a cash payment for the advertisements. Sun Woo calls Team Lead Kang to report the development. Team Lead Kang requests the CCTV from the lecture and the local CCTV feed be compared for similar faces. Team Lead Kang receives a call from an unknown number. It’s the Reaper! He asks if Team Lead Kang likes his presents. Team Lead Kang tells him to stops. The Reaper chuckles as he watches a woman that looks likes Team Lead Kang’s wife. He tells Team Lead Kang he’ll surprise him with the next victim. He declares the fun will really start now. Team Lead Kang knows what this means and is upset. The Reaper hangs up still staring at the woman. The Reaper grabs the woman.

Na Hwang reports 3 men that could belong to the “Phantom Club” that attended the lecture. Team Lead Kang order her to check their background.

The Reaper puts something in the freezer. The abducted woman is in the next room.

The Criminal Minds Team are notified the next fan fiction chapter has been uploaded. The chapter details the crime where a victim is lured to purchase goods from an on-line vendor. Na Hwang reports an advertisement has been purchased. The time for the club meeting is 3:50pm. Team Lead Kang declares they must figure out the crime’s location. Professor Lee realizes a clue is an anagram. Na Hwang narrow the location to three cafes. The police deploy to the three cafes.

Professor Lee realizes the initials on the ring found on the 1st victim is from the originating website’s initials. They go to Na Hwang for help. She finds the first victim was a member of the club. They wonder if she joined to catch the criminals. Team Lead Kang recalls the student that asked the pointed question about the Reaper. Na Hwang confirms there are two members of the Phantom club know. Team Lead Kang tells her to send the information to Hyun Joon.

Sun Woo and Hyun Joon watch the location. One of the Phantom club member gets a phone call that their website was hacked. He leaves. The other Phantom club member walks behind Sun Woo and Hyun Joon then approaches the victim. He tells her the camera is in his car. He offers her a ride. She hesitates then agrees. He glares at Hyun Joon as he walks away with the victim. Hyun Joon gets the information from Na Hwang. He recognizes the man’s face. He tells Sun Woo he’s in the area. The police officers search the area. Hyun Joon runs down the street. The Phantom club member spots him and drives away with the victim. Hyun Joon can’t catch the car on foot. But street traffic makes it so he can catch the car.

It’s a standoff between Hyun Joon and the Phantom club member holding a knife to the victim’s throat. The Reaper watches. When Sun Woo arrives, the Reaper is gone. Hyun Joon puts down his gone as directed by the Phantom club member. He laughs and it appears he’ll use the knife on the victim. Hyun Joon yells no.

My Thoughts

The Reaper returns for the final two episodes.  Writer Hong Seung Hyun finally brings back the most compelling criminal of the series, the Reaper (aka
Kim Yong Chul. Having a Phantom club enact the Reaper’s fan fiction chapter was clever. Having that fan fiction be the “greatest crime hits” of the series was provided a way to reflect on the series’ best crimes. The Reaper has the victim that looks like Team Lead Kang’s wife. Will she live or die?

Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 realized an anagram was the clue to the crime location. Professor Lee definitely contributed with that bit of sleuthing and the password to the Phantom club. I did like the way he surprised Na Hwang and Sun Woo at the coffee shop.

Min Young was a team player.  She did quickly close the blinds when Sun Woo showed up at the office conference room. The Criminal Minds Team was focused and unified this episode.

Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, helped the team find the Phantom website. Given the right parameters, she found two Phantom club members.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) ran and caught one of the Phantom club members in the act. It wouldn’t be a typical episode if we didn’t see Hyun Joon running. This time his legs didn’t catch the Phantom club member but the traffic did.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) went head to head with the Reaper, who had the advantage of knowing all. Team Lead Kang couldn’t dissuade the Reaper but offering himself. Not a surprise, the Reaper is a master mind. He’s already defeated Team Lead Kang once; the Phantom club is the icing on the cake.

Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) was suspended but she never stopped working. Another episode where her dogged determination and focus was a plus. The Criminal Mind Team took her back into fold even though she was on suspension.

One more episode to go. What do I want for the final episode?
* The Reaper caught; dead or alive.
* The Criminal Minds Team smiling and happy at the end of this series.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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3 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 19 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Yikes❗ I hated to see a repeat of the “greatest hits” of the crimes from the series. But it was good to finally get back to the Reaper.

    KJT, you wish list was short, sweet 🍭, and right to the point. I want the Reaper caught, but if the are anticipating another season, he may not be. This has been a difficult to watch series and I REALLY do not want to see another season.

    Here’s hoping for a good ending 🤞 … It’s been long enough since I saw the final episode that I’ll need your recipe remind me❗


    • Jane Tilly says:

      That would be recap, NOT recipe ✳️⭕➗❇️ auto correct


    • Yikes❗ I hated to see a repeat of the “greatest hits” of the crimes from the series. But it was good to finally get back to the Reaper.
      At times during the series I’ve wondered if the implication was Reaper was involved in some of these other crimes that weren’t directly attributed to him. Does the “greatest hits” imply this?

      This has been a difficult to watch series and I REALLY do not want to see another season….Here’s hoping for a good ending 🤞 … It’s been long enough since I saw the final episode that I’ll need your recipe remind me
      It has been a very long wait for the final episode. But I was determined to move this series from the Did Not Finish column. Ditto on NOT wanting another season. The network should follow the “one and done” standard operation procedures on this series.


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