Great Seducer Episodes 25-26

Great Seducer Episode 25

Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) and Eun Tae Hee (Joy) break up because she can’t cope with the shame that her mother was his married father’s lover. Shi Hyun leaves a note on Tae Hee’s door that he will wait for her.

Tae Hee lets her mother have it about the affair and how she couldn’t face Shi Hyun and they broke up.

In a surprising move, Shi Hyun admits to his grandmother that he’s not her son’s biological child. She’s stunned and upset. She urges him to tell no one while she considers what to do.

Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) surprises her mother when she offers to help her achieve her marriage to Shi Hyun’s father (not bio-dad). Her mother tells her to stop driving the car that sat in the garage for 2 years. Soo Ji asks if the car was in accident like the mechanic said.

Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) and his brother get chewed out by his grandfather for fighting in public. His grandfather demands he give up the trio’s hideout. Se Joo refuses reminding him that is a gift from his mother and solely owned by him.

A moment of levity is provided when Park Hye Jung calls Soo Ji’s loser ex-boyfriend a bad fighter and offers to show her mother the viral video. Later Hye Jung tells Tae Hee she won’t marry that loser like her mother hopes. She declares she’ll go to college and marry her secret boyfriend. Tae Hee is supportive of her pupil’s plan.

Soo Ji’s mother learns that Shi Hyun’s father has a tumor on his brain pressing on the optic nerve. Surgery is the option. She checks him into his private room and urges him to rest.

Shi Hyun goes to the hospital and gazes on his father from the hall but doesn’t enter the room. Tae Hee goes to the hospital (which provides her college scholarship) to arrange to move into a dorm room. Tae Hee and Shi Hyun run into each other. They share an awkward cup of tea. Shi Hyun mentions that Soo Ji’s mother was the one that suggested his mother was her hit and run driver two years ago. Later Tae Hee wonders how Soo Ji’s mother would know details about the victim. She wonders if Soo Ji’s mother was at the accident site.

Summary – Tae Hee wondered how Soo Ji’s mother knows accident details.

Great Seducer Episode 26

Se Joo recalls the good times that the trio used to have at the hideout.

Soo Ji calls Shi Hyun to complain about his grandmother’s treatment of her mother which she secretly. Shi Hyun isn’t interested in hearing about it. She reminds him that she needs to find a way to survive when their parents marry. Shi Hyun begs off. Soo Ji send him the recording.

Tae Hee’s memory jarred to the night of the accident with Soo Ji’s mother treats a patient just like she was treated on the side of the road 2 years ago.

Remember more of the night of her accident, Tae Hee confronts Soo Ji’s mother and declares she’s the hit and run driver. Tae Hee is livid that Soo Ji’s mother didn’t come back to help like she promised.  Soo Ji’s mother initially denies it but then claims that she had to save another patient and wasn’t able to help. Tae Hee correctly guesses that the patient was Shi Hyun’s mother. Soo Ji’s mother agrees. She claims that there was a secret reason Shi Hyun’s mother was in the area. Tae Hee says she and Shi Hyun know the reason. Soo Ji’s mother says the whole mess is Tae Hee’s mother’s fault. Tae Hee counters that is a flimsy excuse without merit. Tae can’t believe that Soo Ji’s mother let Shi Hyun believe his mother hit heart. Switching to placating, Soo Ji’s mother offers money to compensate. Tae Hee asks her to admit she was the hit and run driver to the police. She promises not to press charges. This way Soo Ji’s mother will admit the truth, erase Shi Hyun’s guilt, and Tae Hee will accept this actions as recompense.

After Tae Hee leaves, Soo Ji’s mother flashes back to the accident. She was driving trying to find Shi Hyun’s mother while arguing on the phone with Shi Hyun’s father’s assistant about blabbing to Shi Hyun’s mother about her husband’s affair. She didn’t see Tae Hee and hit her.  She tried to help Tae Hee and saw her leg was hurt. Tae Hee told her about the woman in the car. Soo Ji’s mother realizes it is Shi Hyun’s mother and asks her to wait until she returns with help. She finds Shi Hyun’s mother in the car.

Soo Ji sees Tae Hee leave her mother’s office. She finds her mother crying. She asks if Tae Hee is the cause of her mother’s distress. She holds her sobbing mother.

Tae Hee flashes back to her mother at the hospital the night of the accident. She sobs at the memory. She calls Shi Hyun and asks to meet. He agrees.

The medical team helps Soo Ji’s mother. Soo Ji calls Tae Hee. She ignores the call. Soo Ji tries Shi Hyun but he doesn’t answer either.

Shi Hyun meets Tae Hee who tells him his mother wasn’t her hit and run driver, Soo Ji’s mother was. Shi Hyun is shocked. Tae Hee says that Soo Ji’s mother will admit everything soon. She says that Soo Ji’s mother said she was trying to help Shi Hyun’s mother that night. Shi Hyun urges Tae Hee to report Soo Ji’s mother and offers to go to the police with her. Tae Hee doesn’t want to dredge up the past. Shi Hyun reminds her the accident has haunted her for 2 years. Tae Hee believes her mother is the core cause of this mess. Shi Hyun says it is not her fault. Tae Hee agrees but can’t ignore the pain this has caused them. Shi Hyun points out they aren’t at fault for their parent’s actions. Tae Hee notes Shi Hyun is behaving like a mature adult. Shi Hyun asks to drive her home after he visits his father. Tae Hee agrees to wait.

In the parking garage, Soo Ji demands to know what happened between Tae Hee and her mother. Tae Hee declares Soo Ji won’t like the truth. She snaps that Soo Ji should question her mother and leave her alone. Shi Hyun gets between them. He tells Soo Ji to leave Tae Hee alone. He walks away with Tae Hee. Soo Ji calls after him. Shi Hyun tells her they are done and there’s no need for them to talk. He warns Soo Ji to leave them alone and not interfere. Soo Ji can’t believe it.

Shi Hyun walks Tae Hee toward his car. Soo Ji gets in her car and drive toward the couple.

Summary – like mother like daughter, the white car nears Tae Hee again.

My Thoughts

The hit and run driver was revealed. Tae Hee figured out that Soo Ji’s mother was the hit and run driver. She remembered that Soo Ji’s mother promised to return to help her but never did. She boldly confronted Soo Ji’s mother demanding a public admission of guilt. That’s the one thing Soo Ji’s mother won’t give her.

Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) learned his mother didn’t hit Tae Hee. His first concern was Tae Hee and how she was coping with the revelation. He pointed out neither of them were to blame for their parent’s actions. He offered her a ride home. He protected her from Soo Ji. Of course, giving Soo Ji an ultimatum to leave them alone will have the opposite effect. No doubt, Soo Ji will use their bet to batter our couple’s relationship. I was surprised when Shi Hyun told his Grandmother that he wasn’t blood-related.

Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) blamed Tae Hee for upsetting her mother. No one told her the truth. Not her mother, not Tae Hee and not Shi Hyun. In typical Soo Ji fashion she lashed out at the person that hurt her mother, Tae Hee. That is understandable. BUT Soo Ji doesn’t have the whole story and ignored Tae Hee’s warning that the truth would be painful. Shi Hyun taking Tae Hee’s side and telling her to back off was more than she could take. She got in the same car that hit Tae Hee 2 years ago and drove towards our couple.

Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) mourned the trio’s end.  He refused to give up the hideout pointing out it was a gift from his mother. He remembered and missed the happy days the trio spent there.

Eun Tae Hee (Joy) confronted Soo Ji’s mother.  I was impressed how direct and focused Tae Hee was during the confrontation. She recalled Soo Ji’s mother desertion by the side of the road. She demanded Soo Ji’s mother admit her guilt to publicly identify the culprit and erase Shi Hyun’s guilt.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank these episodes as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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20 comments on “Great Seducer Episodes 25-26
  1. Beez says:

    When I referred to Sho ji as a psycho in the last episode’s comment section, I only meant psycho in her ability to find nothing wrong in her actions of manipulating people and ruining their lives on an emotional, relationship, possibly business label (the cancelled dorm room). But boy,I never thought it would go to this level of physical cray cray of speeding toward the couple in her car.

    I’m proud of Shi kyun for FIIIIIINNNNNNAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLY being able to put his girlfriend first and not fall for Shi joo’s past power over him.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Yep, Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 broke the Soo Ji 👸🐝 spell❗.

      Just who is the mother and who is the daughter between Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ and Soo Ji 👸🐝❓⁉️. Soo Ji 👸🐝 seemed to take on the mother role.

      Soo Ji 👸🐝 needs a dose 💊 of the truth of what her mother did to Tae Hee 🏺 and Shi Hyun 🕺🌹. Well . . . on second thought, that probably would not make a difference to cray cray Soo Ji 👸🐝. I concur that the petulant prima donna 👸🐝 has lost it . . . She is even willing to potentially harm the object of her “love” or you could call it obsession. I expect her to blurt 🗣️ out her version of “the bet” to Tae Hee 🏺 at anytime.


  2. Beez says:

    And whyyyyy won’t Shi joo listen to the entire recording of Halmoni and Mi ru? But I am literally squirming in my sweat for Shi hyun you listen to it.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I wonder if Soo Ji 👸🐝 gave Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 the ENTIRE conversation between granny and Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ . . .

      Color🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 confessed his paternity to granny. I’m secretly (well maybe NOT so secretly) hoping this messes with BOTH Seok Woo ✌️❌ AND Mi Ri’s 👩‍⚕️ plans. ✳️LAUGHING MANICALLY✳️

      I’m finding it just a bit difficult to believe that one-track Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ could be so tough in front of Shi Hyun’s granny, crumble to the point of mental breakdown when confronted with the truth about her being the perpetrator of Tae Hee’s 🏺 hit-and-run accident. For pity sake Tae Hee 🏺 even said she would NOT report it to the police. Is she afraid it will ruin her chance with Seok Woo ✌️❌, the goal of her one-track pursuit❓⁉️

      When Tae Hee 🏺 asked Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 when did he become an adult, I was screaming: ✳️WHEN HE CAME OUT FROM UNDER SOO JI’s 👸🐝 SPELL❗✳️


      • Beez says:

        I think Shi joo sent the entire recorded message to Shi hyun because I funny think she had the technical know how to cut out only pay of the message (even though she could pay someone to do it if she really wanted to) but she didn’t think any thing of great importance is on the recording which is why, I guess, she’s not listening to the whole thing. (Although really *rolls eyes* who does that?)

        Several things I still don’t get – Mr. Cheater knew he had the tumor so why did he wait so long to undergo treatment? That’s why I thought it was inoperable and his plan was to die and that that was the reason he decided to drop the bomb on Shin hyun about his DNA now (assuming Mr. C knew about it for quite some time) – so that his non-bio kid wouldn’t inherit.

        I get why Mi ri wants Mr. Cheater – to strengthen her hospital, but why did Mr. C need Mi ri so badly he was willing to marry her? And where did that urgency to marry go once Shi joo told him she wanted to marry Shi hyun? How does that fit together because Mr. C told Mi ri they don’t have to get married now but how could Shi joo marrying the DNA- challenged Shi hyun produce the same result for the companies if Shi hyun’s not the heir? We know Mr. C didn’t suddenly start caring about Shi hyun’s happiness so what’s the deal?


        • Jane Tilly says:

          Good question Beez, why would Seok Woo ✌️❌ suddenly start caring about Shi Hyun’s happiness❓⁉️


        • but why did Mr. C need Mi ri so badly he was willing to marry her?
          He wanted her business skills and the hospital’s pedigree to save his company. He promised Mi Ri that he’d make her prominent in the business with or without marriage. That might be the moment he was “off the hook” in his mind.

          Shi Hyun’s father seems to have softened to Shi Hyun when he drove him back to Seoul and during the hospital visit this episode. I thought the blood relation was crucial but it seems to have lessened. Maybe impending blindness made him see more value in Shi Hyun.


          • Beez says:

            So is Shi hyun’s family’s conglomerate in trouble and did Mr. Cheater cause that? Halmoni didn’t seem concerned so if it is, she must not know about it.


        • Table122000 says:

          SH Dad didn’t know he had cancer brain tumor until they told him at hospital after his accident at TH Mom house. Prior he thought it was just an eye problem that the opthamologist could treat. IIRC he told SH about the DNA test as payback since SH refused to behave, go to college, and do what Dad said, so he say he will not support SH anymore and he throws him out of the house. Just being mean.

          As for SH Dad wanting the marriage with MR. He made bad business decisions and so JK Group in financial trouble. JK Group want to expand into bio tech and pharmaceuticals, but SW screwed up the JK Bio division. They need MR hospital/company expertise in drug making, plus MR hospital developing some miracle stem cell drug which will be $$$ if approved. SW want to redeem himself to his Mom for the past bad decisions. The marriage is way to merge both companies and since MR would be family, she won’t screw JK Group over later on. MR wants marriage #1- she is OBSESSED with SW and has been ever since they were in college together. #2 JK Group gives her hospital prestige and stability-she won’t have to beg for donations anymore. #3- She want the power & $$ of JK Group. her plan is to take over JK Bio and then get lots of shares of JK Group so she will become JK Group VP. In publicity materials, it was mentioned that MR came from a poor family and so worked her way up out of poverty by first getting scholarship to Seoul National University, then star student, then star doctor and marry SJ Dad. Of course, none of this made clear in show. So it makes sense for MR to want the power & $$ over all else-daughter, SJ Dad, etc. This is why she always telling Soo Ji- I do it so you won’t want for anything.

          SW changing mind on marriage: If SH & Soo Ji get married, then families still together so mission accomplished. But he also don’t care if it does not happen. SW told MR that he wanted family relationship because that way she wouldn’t screw over JK Group, but now he knows her better he trusts her to run on her own JK Bio and not screw over JK Group, so marriage not necessary for him anymore since he trust her. MR of course still want wedding because she obsessed with SW.

          Liked by 1 person

      • I’m finding it just a bit difficult to believe that one-track Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ could be so tough in front of Shi Hyun’s granny, crumble to the point of mental breakdown when confronted with the truth about her being the perpetrator of Tae Hee’s 🏺 hit-and-run accident.
        She thinks EVERYTHING will be revealed if this thread is unraveled too. We don’t know the entire story. We believe she lured Shi Hyun’s mother with news of the affair. We believe she followed Shi Hyun’s mother. Did she intend to hurt her? What did Shi Hyun’s Grandmother overhear her tell Shi Hyun’s mother? Was it more than the affair? Was Mi Ri more of a mean girl to Shi Hyun’s mother than we know? Did she have malice and/or murder in her heart?


        • Jane Tilly says:

          I concur that we have not heard the whole story of the interaction between Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ and Shi Hyun’s mom 😷. I want it revealed sooner rather than later.

          I’m also curious to find out if Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ has malice or not.


          • I’m also curious to find out if Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ has malice or not
            Sometimes I feel like she does and sometimes her pain makes me think not. I too want to know is her underlying driver malice?


            • Beez says:

              I’m placing my money on her motivator being coveting Mr. Cheater.

              I was actually surprised at the care Shi joo showed for her mother and by Shin hyuan’s concern for his dad. I know I shouldn’t be because they are family after all, but still…


              • Jane Tilly says:

                I think Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ likes Seok Woo ✌️❌ BESIDES his money/power, but why is the BIG question.

                I concur that Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 was generous towards Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ considering how protective he has been towards his mother 😷.


                • Beez says:

                  You misunderstood me, JT. I hadn’t really considered how Shi hyun was rewards Mi ri.But now that yuh mention it…


  3. Table122000 says:

    This was a great episode. I’m glad that TH remembered that Soo Ji Mom was the hit & run driver and told SH. Now he knows how Soo Ji Mom lied to him and framed his mom for the accident. Soo ji is now off the rails as she actually tried to kill TH & SH. I was quite surprised that SH tell his grandmother the DNA results. I wonder if Grandmother already knew but doesn’t care because SH is the only boy in the family?


    • Agreed this was a terrific episode. I liked Tae Hee’s confrontation with MR and her follow-up conversation with Shi Hyun. She has a way for getting to the point in her conversations. Shi Hyun can now chuck the guilt of his mother’s actions, now they’ve been revealed as nonexistent.


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