Mystery Queen 2 Episode 15

Mystery Queen 2 Episode 15

Detective Ha’s brother meets Mr. Kim on the roof top. The man turns…it’s Mr. Kang! He says he’s surprised that Detective Ha’s brother reached out to him after avoiding him for so long.

Cue intro…

Min Joo’s body (the falsely accused student) is placed in the ambulance. Her boyfriend and Seol Ok’s fan club president is distraught. Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) is supported by Kyung Mi. She vows to catch the murderer.

The murdering student watches the body taken away. He’s angry it was found so soon. He calls Detective Ha’s brother and demands that he introduce him to Mr. Kim. When he arrives at Detective Ha’s brother’s office, the murdering student rejects the fake Mr. Kim. He says Detective Ha is just like him, they only want to live.

Mr. Hwang, forensics officer, chides Kyung Mi for drawing the site when photographs are more accurate. Profiler Woo and Detective Ha discuss the clues. The murderer left the body without a clear plan and there are tire tracks from the car. Profiler Woo believes the murderer liked looking at the body and didn’t believe it would be found.

Detective Ha’s brother gives his phone to the murdering student. Mr. Kim (Mr. Kang) tells the student he knows who he is and that the body was just discovered. He asks why the murdering student didn’t dispose of the body. The murdering student admits he liked looking at the body. Detective Ha’s brother closes his eyes and recalls telling Mr. Kim/Kang that controlling this murdering student would be tricky.

Profiler Woo tells Seol Ok now the body has been found the murderer will strike again to get his “fix”.

Unit 2 and Seol Ok meets to discuss the evidence. The victim scratched the murderer so DNA evidence will be available. The victim was moved from the murder site via car.

Mr. Hwang tells Profiler Woo the tire tracks are from an expensive car that he should be able to identify. Mr. Hwang guesses that Profiler Woo believes it is a serial murderer.

A man breaks into the someone’s apartment and takes hair, clothes and shoes.

Whose apartment was it? The victims? The boyfriends?

Seol Ok meets with the victim’s boyfriend who vows to catch and kill the murderer. Seol Ok assures him she’ll catch the murderer. She asks him to search the victim’s effects for a diary. He agrees.

He finds a masked man outside the apartment. The man knows his name. He flees and assumes he’s lost the masked man. But he turns his head and sees the masked man attack.

Chief Shin is upset when his daughter tells him she received flowers from a mystery man called Mr. Kim. He orders her to ride with him to and from work. He forbids her to go clubbing.

A friendly game turns into a nightmare for Chief Shin when Mr. Kang warns him not to betray Mr. Kim. Chief Shin realizes that Mr. Kang is Mr. Kim.

Manager Jo and Team Lead Gye are taken aback when Chief Shin orders Unit 1 to take over the murder investigation. Flashback shows Mr.Kang/Kim ordering Chief Shin to do this. Manager Jo suggests the two units work together. Chief Shin approves this.

The murdering student arrives at the police to do volunteer work.

Mr. Hwang is not happy when Kyung Mi finds a hair and he finds the site disturbed. He yells the site has been compromised. Flashback shows a police officer (the masked man that broke in the apartment) planting evidence at the scene the previous evening. Unit 2 arrives and examines the site. Mr. Hwang asks Team Lead Gye why both units are working the case. Team Lead Gye says Chief Shin ordered it.

Unit 1 and 2, Mr. Hwang, Manager Jo meet to discuss the case. Unit 1 isn’t interested in the details.

Seol Ok examines the site. She knows the murderer parked his car and removed the body. She believes he dragged her to the site. Seol Ok believes the victim woke and tried to escape but the murderer caught her and strangled her. Flashbacks of the murder show Seol Ok is correct.  Seol Ok tells Detective Ha that the victim was abducted in the city then brought here. Detective Ha calls Corporal Kong Han Min who report CCTV shows a blue car leaving the suspected abduction area. Seol Ok and Detective Ha walk the abduction area. Corporal Kong calls to report he has a license plate. They arrest the murdering law student.

Mr. Hwang examines the blue car. He tells Kyung Mi it has been wiped clean by a professional. He believes the driver is the murderer.

Detective Ha interrogates the murdering student who seems to have a good idea why the murderer would find a woman that fought more fun than a submissive one. The murdering student claims he’s merely guessing what the killer thought. Detective Ha’s face shows he doesn’t believe him.

Team Lead Gye recalls the murdering student reporting he saw the victim’s boyfriend hitting her in the field. He claims to have tried to stop the fighting but the victim scratched him and told him to go home.

Detective Ha informs Seol Ok that the victim’s boyfriend’s hair and other evidence was found at the scene day two. She tries to call him.

Unit 1 arrives at the victim’s boyfriend’s apartment. He notes the apartment seems groomed for discovery.

Profiler Woo asks the coffee shop owner (Seo Hyun Soo) to work with him on the case. She agrees IF Detective Ha isn’t involved. She regrets not having the strength to stop watching Detective Ha. She knows if the arsonist hadn’t targeted her shop, she and Detective Ha wouldn’t have met again. She wouldn’t have taken the ring. She asks Profiler Woo to let Seo Hyun Soo be dead and allow her to keep her current identity. Profiler Woo agrees. He asks who and where is Mr. Kim.

Detective Ha sees his brother at the police station. He’s surprised when his brother says he’s the murdering student’s attorney. They discuss the case. In flashback we see that the murdering student blackmailed Detective Ha’s brother to be his attorney because of what he did in the past. Detective Ha’s brother tells Detective Ha without an arrest warrant he can take his client from the police station. He tells Detective Ha the real culprit is the victim’s boyfriend. Detective Ha says his brother becomes more like their father every day. Detective Ha’s brother says he’s doing what is best for the family. Detective Ha sighs.

Detective Ha and Seol Ok watch the murdering student leave with Detective Ha’s brother. Detective Ha tells Seol Ok that was the murderer. Seol Ok can’t believe he just walked out of the police station. Detective Ha vows that he’ll return soon with sufficient evidence to convict him.

Unit 2 reviews the volunteers list. Corporal Kong notices the murdering student’s name on the list. Seol Ok wonders if they’ll be able to arrest him as the trench coat stalker. Profiler Woo arrives. They realize that the victim was his first murder and he turned careful (wearing mask and gloves) with the next attack. Profiler Woo declares the murderer will hunt for his next victim soon. The beat cop says there was a recent woman that got away.

Detective Ha and Seol Ok meet with the woman who fled the murdering student and escaped when a police officer interrupted his attack. Kyung Mi finds a bloody fingerprint at the attack site. Seol Ok points out that the murder victim had the murdering student blood and skin under her nails. Seol Ok believes if they can prove the attack occurred in this neighborhood then the murdering student’s story about seeing the boyfriend hitting the victim in the field will be revealed to be false. Corporal Kong shows routes the murdering student used. Seol Ok asks Kyung Mi to find the evidence of the attack. Kyung Mi sputters the area is too large. They wish her well and leave. Kyung Mi isn’t happy.

Kyung Mi searches but finds nothing.

The murdering student visits his grandfather who lives in the area and promises to visit more often. He finds his next victim and attacks. But Corporal Kong reveals himself and Chief Shin’s daughter is the attacked woman. Unfortunately, they lose the murdering student as he ducks into a house in a dead-end street. The murdering student hides his gloves in the old man’s house. He’s startled when Seol Ok and Detective Ha turn their flashlights on him. Seol Ok finds the hidden gloves. The murdering student runs away and right into the waiting Corporal Kong and Chief Shin’s daughter who tackle and cuff him. The murdering student yells he is only a witness that saw the boyfriend attack the victim. Detective Ha and Seol Ok tell him he was caught red handed tonight. Kyung Mi arrives and shows them the evidence she found at the attack site. They return to the station to question the murdering student.

At the police station Team Lead Gye asks why they brought the wrong man in again. Detective Ha informs him the murdering student attack Chief Shin’s daughter. Team Lead Gye wants to know where the victim’s boyfriend is. Detective Ha tells Team Lead Gye that’s not the murderer.

Detective Ha’s brother tells the murdering student he won’t be able to get him out easily. The murdering student comments that Detective Ha’s brother covered his crime up easily enough.

Detective Ha and his brother argue about the case. Detective Ha asks who is fabricating the evidence to frame someone else.

Detective Ha’s brother meets Mr. Kang/Kim. He’s worried that evidence has been fabricated. Mr. Kang/Kim lies he wouldn’t do that. He promises that the case will be unresolved. Detective Ha’s brother worries that the murdering student is a serial murderer. Mr. Kim/Kang tells Detective Ha’s brother he’ll handle all the details.

Mr. Kim/Kang’s “fix it” man calls him. He says the victim’s boyfriend will be found early in the morning. The camera pans to a car with an unconscious victim’s boyfriend behind the wheel. Is his dead? A fire glows nearby. Will the car be burned?

My Thoughts

Another good episode. Writer Lee delivered a murder case we care about and continued to tighten and enlighten on the overarching mysteries of this series.
* Who is Mr. Kim? He is long term friend of Detective Ha and former officer, Mr. Kang. He framed the victim’s boyfriend. I was surprised he revealed himself to Chief Shin.
* Who is the coffee shop owner? Seo Hyun Soo with plastic surgery. She agreed to work with Profiler Woo if Detective Ha wasn’t involved.
* Is the trench coat stalker a serial murderer? He is a serial murderer in the making. He was caught red-handed thanks to the sting operation by Unit 2. He’s the worst kind of murderer. He can’t stop and believes he shouldn’t.
* What is Profiler Woo investigating? He is investigating Mr. Kim. Why is unclear.
* What happened to the ring Detective Ha planned to give Seol Ok? The coffee shop owner (Seo Hyun Soo) has it.
* What is the crime that Detective Ha’s brother committed that puts him in the power of Mr. Kim and the murdering student? The student is so young. How does he have knowledge of something Detective Ha’s brother did long ago?

Detective Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) and his team captured the criminal.  It was satisfying watching the sting operation set-up and catch the murdering student. Detective Ha correct guess that someone was pulling his brother’s strings.

Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) figured out how the murdering student committed the crime. The sting operation caught him red handed trying to murder again.

One episode to go. What’s my wish list for the final episode?
MUST happen: Mr. Kang is revealed to be Mr. Kim. The blackmail he holds over Detective Ha’s brother and Chief Shin is revealed.
MIGHT happen: Seo Hyun Soo is revealed to be the coffee shop owner. Profiler Woo reveals his involvement. If Mr. Kang/Kim killed Seol Ok’s parents, let that be revealed to end that long-ago mystery. Detective Ha and Seol Ok could recognize they should move from friend zone into a romance.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The 8th song of the OST is “On The Way Back” by Jiyeon of T-ara and Park Hyo Joon. The 9th song of the OST is “I Still Love You” Seo In Young:

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11 comments on “Mystery Queen 2 Episode 15
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m very pleased the forensics team recognized that the crime scene had been tampered with … yeah for Kyung Mi 👮‍♀️ and Mr Hwang 🔬❗. It was bad enough for the writer to kill off Mi Joo, but things don’t look so good for her boyfriend, Si Hwan, seems to have been selected as the fall guy for Mi Joo’s murder. ✳️SHAKING MY HEAD IN DISBELIEF✳️

    Who in unit 1 is on Secretary Kim’s side ❓⁉️. I’m leaning towards Sargent Yuk, due to his bad attitude and the fact that I can’t bear the thought that Team Leader Gye being on team evil.

    I was stunned at how ingenious Team Evil was at coming up with lies that explained the circumstantial evidence against Mi Joo’s murderer. I kept thinking about Ji Seung 💼 and what kind of terrible thing(s) he must have done to be blackmailed by the murdering punk. KJT I believe an earlier episode established the murdering punk was the nephew or some relation to Ji Seung’s 💼 old buddy, who wanted to go for drinks 🍺. The punk said that he knew Ji Seung 💼 accidentally killed someone.

    At first I thought Ji Seung 💼 might have been responsible for Seo Hyun Soo/Fancy Cake Lady’s 🍰 injury/presumed death, but no matter how cold-blooded FCL 🍰 seems, I don’t think she could have forced herself to suck up to Ji Seung 💼 to take control of Ha and Jeong’s Trust, if he were her culprit.

    Ji Seung 💼 was very concerned that Secretary Kim would frame someone else for the murdering punk’s deed, it looks like Secretary Kim framed someone else for the crime . . .

    ✳️SCREAMS EUREKA❗✳️ I think Ji Seung 💼 accidentally killed the young lady that Seol Ok’s 🔎 father was framed for in season 1 flashbacks 📸. It seems to me that Ji Seung 💼 is remorseful about the death of the young lady but maybe even more torn up that an innocent man was framed and his wife killed in lieu of Ji Seung 💼 taking responsibility for his actions.

    FYI: When Seol Ok 🔎 was in high school her parents were found dead in her dad’s taxi 🚕 as an apparent murder/suicide with a suicide note, supposedly written by her father, saying he couldn’t live with the guilt of murdering the young lady and some lame excuse about taking his wife with him. Seol Ok 🔎 didn’t buy the frame job for one moment. The writer is wrapping up mysteries from season 1 namely the death/disappearance of Seo Hyun Soo and the deaths of Seol Ok’s 🔎 parents). I find it disappointing the quick flashbacks 📸 from season 1 did not sufficiently inform the viewer of what happened in season 1. Time would have been better spent re-establishing the foundation of season 1 mysteries to be solved in season 2 rather than wasting time on solving the murders of unlikeable victims. Isn’t hindsight 20/20❓⁉️

    That recalcitrant, murdering punk couldn’t control 😱 himself long enough to be cleared of charges and proceeded with his nefarious activities as if he was not under suspicion. Luckily for justice ⚖️ the punk was STUPID, STUPID, STUPID❗ Unit 2 set this punk up to catch him in the act and gathered enough evidence that it looks like they may be able to prosecute him for Mi Joo’s murder as well as the other attempted rapes.

    There IS a difference between the murdering punk and Ji Seung 💼; I think Ji Seung 💼 felt remorse for the death he caused AND for the cover-up that took innocent lives as collateral damage. I think Ji Seung 💼 will either confess his crime or the murdering punk will “out” him out of spite, because we KNOW the punk is going down 👇🏿.

    Throughout the series we have seen secretary Kim’s minion wearing a grey beanie while he carries out the nefarious deeds. We have only seen the bottom half of the minion’s face; I wondered if the minion was Sergeant Yuk . . . but I don’t think it’s him. I kept thinking I had seen someone else in the series, who was identifiable, wearing a gray beanie. . .

    ✳️DREAD AND BILE CREEPING UP MY THROAT✳️. In episode 1 there was a cameo of Wan Seung’s 🕵️ police buddy and Kyung Mi’s👮‍♀️ boyfriend, Team Leader Bae (Ahn Kil Kang) wearing a gray beanie. OMO❗the writer BETTER NOT mess with this pure soul character from season 1. OH NO, YOU BETTER NOT ❗❗❗

    As for KJT’s wish list, I concur that Secretary Kim MUST BE EXPOSED❗ I REALLY WANT Wan Seung 🕵️ and Seol Ok 🔎 to move out of the friend zone. I WOULD LIKE the murder of Seol Ok’s parents resolved. I WOULD LIKE it if Wan Seung 🕵️ could connect to his family but I don’t think it’s going to be possible due to his dad and brother’s deceit and actions. I don’t care what happens to Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 as long as she doesn’t reconnect with Wan Seung 🕵️.


    • pleased the forensics team recognized that the crime scene had been tampered with … yeah for Kyung Mi 👮‍♀️ and Mr Hwang 🔬❗

      I’m leaning towards Sargent Yuk
      We shall see.

      KJT I believe an earlier episode established the murdering punk was the nephew or some relation to Ji Seung’s 💼 old buddy, who wanted to go for drinks 🍺. The punk said that he knew Ji Seung 💼 accidentally killed someone
      Thank you. It made no sense that a young kid would know such things.

      I think Ji Seung 💼 accidentally killed the young lady that Seol Ok’s 🔎 father was framed for in season 1 flashbacks 📸.
      I really want this to spelled out in the final episode. Writer Lee, make this clear!

      time would have been better spent re-establishing the foundation of season 1 mysteries to be solved in season 2 rather than wasting time on solving the murders of unlikeable victims.


    • Beez says:

      “I can’t bear the thought that Team Leader Gye being on team evil” Jane Tilly

      ME EITHER!


    • Beez says:

      “the writer BETTER NOT mess with this pure soul character from season 1. OH NO, YOU BETTER NOT ❗❗❗” Jane Tilly

      I can’t remember, in that cameo, was Kyung Mi in the scene? As in are they still dating in S2? Although, if they were, in sure Seol ok and Kyung Mi would’ve mentioned it at least once. 😦


      • Jane Tilly says:

        A couple of weeks ago I rewatched episode 1 with Team Leader Bae and his scene was only with Wan Seung 🕵️ working on a crime scene and the TL Bae encouraged Wan Seung 🕵️ to 🎵put a on ring 💍 it🎶. I don’t recall any mention of Kyung Mi 👮‍♀️ breaking up with her Bae, I figured she wasn’t able to date while she was at the police academy and then the was no mention of a breakup or dating …

        The writer is leaving it open for ONE of the following:
        🔸to make TL Bae Secretary Kim’s minion . . . NO NO NO❗
        🔸plan to carry over their relationship over to a season 3 . . . SORRY CHARLIE, but I don’t think that will happen with the inconsistent handling of season 2. I am BLOWN AWAY that the same writer as the brilliant season 1, put out different flavored, choppy and inconsistent season 2. I think the lower ratings put a nail in the coffin ⚰️.
        🔸brought in TL Bae in episode 1 as a tie-over from season 1 and then dropped the ball on them dating. You WOULD think Seol Ok 🔎 and Kyung Mi 👮‍♀️ would have mentioned this sweet 🍭 relationship.

        I REALLY HOPE they don’t end up making TL Bae a minion. WHATEVER the choice, it was simply ANOTHER bungle by the writer and/or PD. If the actor was not available for the second season, they should have either broken them up or not had him appear at all if they were going to ignore their relationship. They ended up insulting season 1 fans; you would think they would want to please their carry-over audience. BADLY DONE, BADLY DONE❗


        • Beez says:

          Haha! JT! I’m laughing because usually I’m the one all worked up. lol

          I could’ve handled TL Bae not appearing at all (because actors are sometimes not available) if they had just mentioned “Ki myung, how is your relationship with TL Bae since you can’t see him much right now?” As long as they don’t 1) maked him evil and 2) substitute in another actor. My brain does a disconnect and I can’t get past it. Throughout all of the substitute’s dialogue, I wouldn’t hear a word as I’d be thinking “it’s just not the same *sob*”. lol


  2. Beez says:

    “What is the crime that Detective Ha’s brother committed that puts him in the power of Mr. Kim and the murdering student? The student is so young. How does he have knowledge of something Detective Ha’s brother did long ago?” kjt’s thoughts section

    That’s all that I want to know, too!

    And this was a much better episode than the previous 14.


  3. Beez says:

    “The punk said that he knew Ji Seung 💼 accidentally killed someone.” JT

    I got that IMPRESSION too, but something so big,I’d like to see it revealed a bit more, to have the two brothers deal with it, even if it’s only to discuss it. But ideally, Det. Ha compelling Hyung to confess and deal with the consequences to get Sec. Kim off his back.


  4. Beez says:

    ” I think Ji Seung 💼 accidentally killed the young lady that Seol Ok’s 🔎 father was framed for in season 1…” Jane Tilly

    Thank goodness. JT, I actually started skipping through Season 1 again to see if I could find answeres that would fix why I thought this season was so lacking but thank you for saving me going thru the entire thing.

    The funny thing is, I got interested again in Season 1 and stopped skipping midway thru Ep2. The relationship between Ahjumma and Det. Ha is hilarious, how he manhandles her (not in a misogynistic nor romantic way, but as one of the guys) and she’s just as bad (only lacking the physical strength in her hits) but it’s so funny. It actually feels a thousand times more intimate than S2 where they supposedly know they like each other. *sigh*


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I want to know the details of who Ji Seung 💼 killed to end up in the clutches of Secretary Kim. What did Chief Shin do in exchange for his position❓⁉️ Inspector Woo 🤓 said he was in the same boat ⛵ as Chief Shin, what did Woo 🤓 do❓⁉️

      With ONE episode left and that drop in the quality of writing this season, I don’t hold out hope for much in the way of detail, but some answers would be good.


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